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Balance of Zorammarsh

Started by Razaron, March 21, 2018, 02:17:21 PM

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Balance of Zorammarsh

To the south of Tanaan Jungle was Zorammarsh, it was a savage habitat that was abundant with life. The continuous chirp from the smallest insect to the largest bird could be heard night and day, the damp marshlands produced a rich earthly essence in the air, that with the aroma from the never-ending exotic plants it was quite a pleasant experience on the nose. Yet your nose can fool you, venomous man-eating spiders hid in the twisted weeping trees, twenty-foot long swamp pythons resided in the the shallow murky waters and agile scaleclaw raptors hunted within the bog. Poisonous plants that would produce toxic vapors were all too common and carnivorous plants that would use their sticky glandular leaves to lure and trap their unexpected prey. Zorammarsh was just as deadly as Tanaan Jungle, perhaps even more and this was a common place for the Bleeding Hollow clan to hunt.

Gorgush had taken his cub Razaron on his first hunt, he was a budding six years old and probably still too young to be taken on such trips but Gorgush didn’t think so. In the darker side of Gorgush’s mind he would love to see his only child be killed by the dangers that lurked within the marsh, he has never gotten over the fact that in his mind Razaron killed his love, his beloved mate. That mindset would change as he looked closer at Razaron, he observed his features and they would remind him of his dearly departed, his relationship with his son was a love hate affair.

“Father!” Razaron took the courage to speak up, “What was that?” Gorgush was kneeling over some dead remains. “This would be an older scaleclaw male raptor, to preserve our hunting grounds we hunt in different locations in different seasons to ensure that they remain prosperous.” Gorgush pulled out his knife and started slash away at the recently deceased. “We kill the older males and leave the females alone, we let them reproduce so we can take vast amounts of eggs. The scales of the male raptors are skinned, the meat is smoked and dried to use for food all year round. The bones can be used for trinkets or for stews and the blood is drained in to vials for the shaman to use for their every desire.” Gorgush looked at Razaron with a piercing stare, “You will remember all of this, this is how we survive, this is balance. ” Razaron nervously nodded a few times and began to help his father prepare the raptor for the long travel home.

Gorgush walked close to his son on the way back to Heartblood and whispered in his ear, “Change is on the horizon, you will need to learn quickly or be left behind.” Razaron was thrown off guard, he didn’t understand what his father meant but he would remember his words and was thankful for the forewarning. “Father, I will do my best-best.” Razaron stuttered. Gorgush frowned at his son noticing the stammer and shook his head disapprovingly. “Come little pup, hurry up! We must preserve this meat before it goes off, by Deadeye you wouldn’t want to eat this otherwise!” Gorgush grunted. “It would turn your guts inside out and you would vomit blood till you would eventually die an agonizing death!” Razaron looked uneasy at the thought and duly hastened his footing.


An interesting insight!

Fingers crossed we get to learn more about our mad-eyed dancing shaman  ;)
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Quote from: Okiba / Krogon on March 21, 2018, 07:05:27 PM
An interesting insight!

Fingers crossed we get to learn more about our mad-eyed dancing shaman  ;)

We're getting there, Razaron's stammer and double word has started now. Also you can see why he choose to hunt a raptor at his Om'riggor :)

P.S The next story is called The Last Dance. ;)


More crazy stories from Tanaan! Love it! :D
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