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The Betrayer

Started by Barbaryk, March 23, 2018, 04:39:28 PM

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"Get up clanless!" The orc was going to kick him, but stopped midway...it is better not to engage with that lunatic.
He woke up nonetheless, it has been days he is suffering from all that buzzing and nightmares. The days are also not good either. Tension looming in the hot air of Orgrimmar with the rumor of a rebellion. The Warchief and his underlings all are in the drag, preparing for something. It is these wretched Dark Shamans that are ruling the surface. No, he does not like them at all, shamans should be honorable, but these! they brag about honor, but cower behind their element prisoners. He spits on the ground, " What is it now?"
"The Prisoners; it is time clanless" The Kor'kron sneers.
" You know someday I might pull that tongue of yours out all the way and wipe my boots with it...how will your clan save you then?"
"What!!!"  rage flared in his eyes...
" Leave him, he is nothing but a clanless lunatic" a voice came from behind..."After today, we all will be the true horde"
Shamans...he murmurs in disgust..for last few days he is not in his best mood...the voice, its keeping him up all night..."Kill them, kill him" it says all day long...but kill who? it does not answer.
" It is time Scarskull" Shaman grins, " The Warcheif wants to execute the prisoners and throw their bodies on the streets to make an....example."
" The Darkspear filth are coming to fight us, along with all those cowards and honorless  bastards. We need to show them what the TRUE HORDE is, we need to make their worst nightmare true."
"KILL THEM, KILL HIM"....the voice started again.
He looked at the prisoners. Most of them are just kids and old people; families of the envoys and traders, every non orc that could not leave the city in time. There are some dangerous one too, like that hunter sitting at the back.
"They are not fighters, and even if they are I don't have enough time to fight them all one by one."
"To hell with your special code of execution!..this is Warchief's order" The Shaman growled.
"KILL HIM KILL THEM"....ahh that voice again.
The Warhorn howled....They are at the gate...The Iron Juggernaut is engaged...screamed the lookout...
"there is no time...finish them"
"KILL THEM KILL THEM KILL THEM"....he screamed as his head was going to burst...."Kill who?"
"The enemy of Orgrimmar"....finally the voice answered....
Suddenly the Shaman found he can see his body moving ahead...no no it was his  head...severed and flung at the same time...
"CLANLESS!!!!" the guards roared..." we will shred you into pieces BETRAYER!"
He just grinned...murmured.."Kill the enemy of Orgrimmar"
The gate was breached...they found an orc, knee deep in blood and entrails, hiding and  huffing at a corner, holding a tongue in his hand.


Short but sweet! And certainly no faulty English at that, so no need to worry there. :) Nice to see a little bit of crucial insight in Prachanda's past!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Very nice story, gave a good impression of what also happened around that time! Keep them coming!