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Archer's duty

Started by Tagrok, January 08, 2017, 01:21:42 AM

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I guess this topic will serve as an anthology of stories about Tagrok - should there be more. Without further ado, here it goes.

Rain - Not just now, the whole day. It kept raining ever since he arrived in this swamp, tracking the Red Blade all the way to the distant outpost of Zabra'jin in the Zangarmarsh. The tribe had moved ahead a few days ago, leaving him in Garadar to sort himself out. As he moved towards the gates of the outpost he remembered the days he spent seperated from them.

Even though he had never stepped into Nagrand before the orcs there were very forthcoming - as long as he pulled his own weight. He went on several hunts, restocking the food supplies with the other hunters and helping with menial tasks around the village. Some of the nights were spent in the watch towers, his eyes scanning the horizon for threats. The orc snorted as he recalled the day after their arrival, being chewed out by Beastbane for sleeping in one of the towers.

Everything went rather smoothly until two nights ago. The moon had already risen far overhead and he was sitting at the central bonfire, watching the mag'har orcs and occassionally conversing with them. Most of the time however, was spent staring into the fire and thinking back over the choices he had made the past weeks.

He had followed the Red Blade on nothing but a whim. Petty dreams about living in a tribe, of being connected to something else but life on the frontlines. Not that he escaped battles for long as he stuck with them - But he got a taste of kinship, even though he still barely understood any of them. And those he did start to understand were struggling with their own problems, keeping to themselves and seldom appearing at the bonfire as they did on most days.

A rasping voice interrupted his reverie: "Tagrok the archer, I presume?"

The orc turned his head to look over his shoulder, frowning as he spotted the owner of the voice. There, outside of the circle of orcs, stood a member of the Forsaken. Most of his face below the nose was covered in a black bandana, the necromantic glow in his eyes flickering from time to time. The undead was clad in nondescript leather armour, which failed to cover the jutting out bones and receeding flesh. The only other discernible item on his person was a messenger's bag, slung over his right shoulder, strap crossing his gaunt chest.

With a snort the orc answered: "That would be me. Who's asking?"

Inclining his head ever so slightly, the Forsken kept his eyes on the orc as he spoke again: "Corbinian Valford, Attaché to the Deathstalkers stationed on the Broken Isles." After he finished Valford pulled a scroll from his bag - A purple wax seal covered the parchment.

Tagrok's eyes widened for a moment before he looked at the broken sky and gave a grim nod. "So... Time to head back then?"

Gul'Thauk Tagrok Valorwind

Wornag (Kronnor)

Nice one, I expect more stories about Tagrok. And did you hint that Kronnor is struggling with his problems? He is not struggling with them, he's mostly running from them. ;D


Nice one Tagrok :) More stories! And Kronnor, I do believe there are more Orcs with problems in the tribe than just you.
"Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Let the Alliance hear your cries for battle! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"

Kogra Windwatcher

Isn't having problems one of the requirements to join the tribe in the first place?
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"


Quote from: Kogra Windwatcher on January 08, 2017, 01:24:51 PM
Isn't having problems one of the requirements to join the tribe in the first place?

One day someone will come along with a character that is TOTALLY CHILL BRO. One day.

Wornag (Kronnor)

Quote from: Makaroth on January 08, 2017, 03:40:21 PM
Quote from: Kogra Windwatcher on January 08, 2017, 01:24:51 PM
Isn't having problems one of the requirements to join the tribe in the first place?

One day someone will come along with a character that is TOTALLY CHILL BRO. One day.

Since when do we accept pothead trolls in the guild?


I'd like to have an orc in the tribe that has living family members. I mean its been 30+ years since camps and we could have a totally normal regular orc from the heretical alt universe its only childhood trauma being not getting the Stormsnout, Cairne and Thrall action figure set they wanted as a cub.

All sarcasm aside, nice lil insight of his character Tagrok, once i get my rp mojo back Arkail will no doubt be hovering about you for ic'ly insights


Quote from: Kronnor on January 08, 2017, 12:11:29 PM
... did you hint that Kronnor is struggling with his problems?

Nope, he didn't even cross my mind when I wrote that sentence.
Thank you for your kind words by the way. It's encouraging since I thought this was quite lacking.
Gul'Thauk Tagrok Valorwind


As he watched Ironclaw move away from the bonfire with his bundle in hand, Tagrok took a look to his left. Facebreaker and Silverlight were already engaged in deep conversation about a warlock and the Elder. He cocked an eyebrow and moved towards the Inn to tend to his wounds. The makeshift troll hut could hardly be called an Inn but at least it was sheltering him from the ever-present rain of Zangarmarsh.

He took a seat near the eastern balcony, threw his chainmail onto one of the hammocks and placed his weapon next to him on the ground. He pulled out several bandages, a rather clean rag and a small container from his backpack. Eventually he called out to the "Innkeeper" and asked for a basin of clean water. The troll complied and soon Tagrok was dabbing at the claw marks on his neck with slow and tender movements.

As he got used to the stinging sensation, his mind drifted towards the task at hand. He would set out to Shattrath this very night, find a portal to Orgrimmar and - if lucky - catch the next boat that would ship out a fresh regiment to the isles.

Eventually he tossed the rag into the basin and opened the small container, revealing a salve. He couldn't even remember who handed it to him. Was it Steelheart or Windwatcher? Perhaps Silverlight? It didn't matter, it was a gift from an ally and he made good use of it. He sighed to himself - As much as he felt disconnected from the orcs and elf the past weeks, all the more did leaving them behind sting him.

As he was bandaging his neck he caught a glimpse of the letter he had received a while ago. The purple wax seal had been broken, but it was still clinging to the parchment.

"Scout Tagrok,
Your services are required in the latest operation of the Horde's campaign on the Broken Isles. Our forces are about to head into Suramar, ancient capital of Elven civilization and current Legion stronghold. All able-bodied soldiers are hereby being recalled to the isles. Report to Orgrimmar on the 21st day of this month, there will be several ships waiting to move the troops.

Victory or death
under orders of the Warchief,
Forsaken High Command"

The orc was now getting dressed and from his position near the balcony could spot the other two still talking near the bonfire. He gathered up his furs, put on his armour and stuffed his belongings into his backpack. Bow slung over one shoulder and axe in hand, Tagrok vaulted over the railing and left Zabra'jin - and the Red Blade - under the cover of night.
Gul'Thauk Tagrok Valorwind


Maaan he shoulda come and said proper bye XD Rashka and Neree was busy all night though cleaning up and talking. But now I feel bad, we should of accompanied him in the inn before he left Dx
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


Don't be, Tag is just too thickheaded to ask someone to come with him! It gave me a reason to sit and write this little thing that everybody can have a look at rather than just saying bye to three people all in all.
Gul'Thauk Tagrok Valorwind

Wornag (Kronnor)

Wish I could have stayed more last night so we could have had a little more rp before you left. But it was pretty late already and I had to work in the morning. Anyway, hope to see you soon. o7


A good read just like the last one :) I'm expecting some action-packed Broken Isles war stories!
"Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Let the Alliance hear your cries for battle! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"


Seconding nosh here  good read but I am going too need stories from the front.


- Day 1 -
I arrived in Orgrimmar without problems , if a bit late. The trip to Shattrath took longer than expected, had to make my way past several wayward bog lords. Eventually arrived in Shattrath and was able to secure a portal from a Shattered Sun magus.Damn things still make my stomach churn. Barely had time for rest before I had to head to Bladefist Bay. Quite the fleet, hopefully we won't lose most of it again. We'll set anchor near Stormheim where the bulk of Forsaken forces are, then move south-west towards Suramar.

- Day 2 -
Stormheim is as I left it, for the most part. Weather's mostly the same, gray, dull and wet. The mutts are still engaged in deadlock with the Forsaken. At least the vrykul and their fel masters lost much of their momentum in the area. We set out from Dreadwake's Landing and moved around Hrydshal - still occupied by vrykul - towards the pass leading into Suramar proper. Minor ambush by Legion forces, mostly fel bats.

- Day 3 -
Suramar. I still remember catching glimpses of it from the tall mountains of Stormheim. It reminds me of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms somehow. Not the same... Enchanted beauty as the Vale, but something very similiar. Me and several scouts have moved ahead to assess the situation. The vrykul village to the east is under siege by the Naga - unchanged situation from what one of my companions tells me. Legion and Nightborne loyalist presence is heavy, especially right outside Suramar city. Currently surveiling one of their camps. Fel-corrupted elves around, several demons. They seem to have their attention on the northern pass - likely anticipating our forces. We remain hidden for no-... *The handwriting cuts off with a sharp-line midsentence*
Gul'Thauk Tagrok Valorwind