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Swedish Pagans?
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Started by Sadok, May 15, 2016, 04:10:13 PM

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No I mean, if that image is suppose to show how the world parts were before the shattering, should not the turtle been small? I somewhat doubt he was fully grown 10.000 years ago.
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


Its a picture of azeroth as we know it now, just not everything we can see in game


To be honest, I think it's a pretty awesome map... At any rate, I actually got a knife in a CS case. It's a crap Flip Knife Urban Masked (battle scarred), but hey I'm proud of it. xD
"Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Let the Alliance hear your cries for battle! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"


Ugh urban is so ugly
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


With regards to that map i'm still amazed that Kul'tiras still isn't ingame.


I have a feeling that's where Jaina has teleported off to and we'll see them as an alliance faction next xpac


Is not Kul Tiras part of the Tol Barad? That Prison Island thingy?
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


Kul Tiras is meant to be the islands next to Tol Barad, just a little bit higher up I think.

I feel like I'm the only sane one in this Tribe. And I have four elementals living in my skull!


At this point of life I think I have a chronical depression :|
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


If you even think you have depression, visit a doctor right away, get diagnosed and get lot's of pills to eat.
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


See a doctor at least, not all depressions are handled with medicine.
Seriously, if you think you have a depression you should see a doctor, can make a massive difference in your life. For the better.
Think, assess, act.



Make a change in your life style, find what is making you unhappy and simply change it. If you maintain the same monotonous schedule, day in and day out, or keep yourself locked into the same relationship that isn't working (due to distance or whatever it may be) and sit at home guzzling anti-depressants like popcorn, you are never going to resolve the issues that are causing you to become depressed.  

Happiness is a decision you make. Change is scary but can do wonders.
-Gashuk, Son of Garrak-
"When the ashes fall and the green winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."


Whilst I agree in the most part Gashuk, there are also depressions caused by chemical imbalance in the brain with evidence some genetic connection (on a purely anecdotal level, every single woman in my family for four generations has suffered from depression of varying forms, - I drew the Bipolar straw and threw a fluke in the mix - which has to be medicated)

Mess can be a good stop-gap/safety net while you fix things, and for some it won't help without the medication.

I tend to think of two types of depression:
All in your head
Shit life syndrome.

Either it's your mind making everything seem awful, or something is awful, so fix it!
*climbs off soapbox*
We're going to have a Grown up Party! It's just like a kids party, but with more crying....


Sakinra, I completely get where you're coming from and I really didn't mean to badmouth mental illness or depreciate the staggering effects it can have on people's lives. I simply meant that for the most part, if you keep looking for happiness to "happen" and never attempt to attain it for yourself, you'll never be happy and if you find yourself unhappy and things remain the same, you really should try and address the situation yourself rather than resorting to medicine.
-Gashuk, Son of Garrak-
"When the ashes fall and the green winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."


No good psychiatrist will write meds without therapy for a depression. It's treatable. Just not by medicine. Meds just keep you going.
If it's a chronical depression it isn't which makes them horrible. Then meds will help by hopefully balancing out (even if treatment is still adviced).

But, yes, as said.
Go get time with a psychiatrist, or several. If needed shop around until you get one you're comfortable around.

And Gashuk, you're missing one of the biggest issues with depressions. You simply lack the motivation to go out and DO what you just said. You're to tired to go meet up with friends and have fun. Etc.
It's one of the biggest problems around talk and perception with depression. The "Just make a change" line of talk. Since for some people it's quite easy. For others they need meds that balance out their brain chemistry and therapy to find potentially deep seated issues to correct them. Either memories or behavioral.
Most places in Europe don't act like American Psychiatry. In Sweden if you say you don't want meds for your depression but want to try it without and just therapy. They will respect it.

-From a depressed person, who needs meds to function, trying to treat said depression (which the meds don't do).
Muzjhath got Iced by Sadok, after Marogg got Stabbed.

-The orc formerly known as Muzjhath formerly known as Marogg