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Author Topic: Northrend Report  (Read 2114 times)


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Northrend Report
« on: October 11, 2015, 06:52:56 PM »
((June-July 2014))

*The following faded parchment can be found wedged in the Tribe's Annals, from a bygone campaign in the Frozen North.

FAO Chieftain Bloodmark — Northrend Report (covering the period 15/6 - 8/7 inclusive)

Important events:
— Chieftain falls into deep sleep after Tribe Meeting, attempts to ease his pain, provide sustenance and discover origin of malaise;
— Forsaken arrive at camp minutes after Chieftain’s sleep, seeking resolution of the Grulda—Daeyna issue;
— Scouting the northern wastes of the Borean Tundra for Scourge presence and other local problems;
— Rite of the Ancestors to ward against unholy energies and seek blessings of the spirits;
— Aiding the Tuskarr of Kaskala with basic supplies;
— Assault on Talramas, the Shattered Necropolis;
— Assault upon the Temple City of En’kilah, followed by offensive on Naxxanar, domain of Lich-Lord Blaine Winterfell;
— Rite of Om’riggor undertaken by Gashuk (tribal name: Soulfury) and Rajza (tribal name: Ripscale);
—Travel to the Sholazar Basin, and the Nesingwary Hunting Encampment;
— Hunting beasts to resupply stocks of meat, hides and scales;
— Scouting excursions throughout the Basin;
— Assault upon wasp hive headed by Nag’Ogar Gorewrath;
— Assault and sabotage of Venture Trading Company mining encampment;
— Trakmar Bearclaw’s Vision Quest
— Scouting of cultist encampment led by Alpha Gul’thauk Duskstalker
— Investigating the fallen Lifeblood Pillar, assault upon the Avalanche and destruction of Blaine Winterfell’s phylactery;


— Oathbound Nograx Blackspine — managed to hold his temper and obey orders with Forsaken in camp (even I was surprised); participated in nearly every offensive and excursion; led two hunting parties, including one to retrieve proto-drake eggs;

— Thur’ruk Rhonya Steelheart — tirelessly watched and cared for sleeping Bloodmark, being responsible for his recovery and sustenance; along with helping organise a rite and a Vision Quest;

— Alpha Gul’thauk Therak Duskstalker — played key role in nearly every offensive and excursion; has helped train Gul’thauk aspirants in the absence of Varog’Gor; gathered intelligence on Blaine Winterfell and the Cult of the Damned; led scouting excursion to cultist camp;

— Nag’Ogar Gashuk Soulfury — has set aside fel for delving into shadowmancy; underwent Om’riggor; mended several orcs; has accepted Gul’thauk training from Therak Duskstalker; personally destroyed Blaine Winterfell’s phylactery;

— Oathbound Rashka Facebreaker — led small hunt in Sholazar Basin;

— Oathbound Trakmar Bearclaw — participated in nearly every offensive and excursion; had key role in Ritual of the Ancestors; underwent Vision Quest, completing Gosh’kar training;

— New Blood Threknal — has already distinguished himself ahead of fellow New Bloods, winning a Mark for his efforts hunting with the pack;


— New Blood Kradak — repeated sexual advances on Thur’ruk Steelheart, purported plot to murder Therak to steal her (along with trying to lure him out for a solo hunt), attempting to harass Abulos Sunwing, gifting hardcore pornography to Thur’ruk Sharptongue.

— Oathbound Tazok Drakebane — confrontational attitude, set Alpha Gul’thauk Duskstalker on fire after an argument, burning him badly; stormed out of camp and claimed he would break his Oath; was stripped of the Nag’Ogar rank, and has not been seen since.

— Rrosh-tul Grogona Marshfang — refused to sleep or leave Bloodmark’s side, arguing with Thur’ruk Steelheart; has not performed Rrosh-tul duties since then, neither leading nor even participating in a single offensive until Bloodmark awoke.

— Rrosh-tul Gridish Rimeweaver — limited engagement with Rrosh-tul duties, participating in a handful of offensives but being increasingly scarce as of late;

— Nag’Ogar Groshnok Gorewrath — sat idly while Alpha Gul’thauk Duskstalker was immolated; botched assault on wasps which nearly set large portions of the jungle on fire; blaming others when the offensive he led backfired.

Other notes:

— Threkna the Oathbreaker returned, begging to be readmitted to the tribe. After hearing her reasons for breaking the Oath and wishing to mend fences, has been readmitted as New Blood on a trial basis, until Chieftain Bloodmark can deliberate on her fate.

— Siyah-Gosh the mystic has sought the tribe but not joined its ranks. A scryer, he claims that he has a vested interest in the continued survival of certain key tribesorcs.

— Oguur has returned to the tribe after an absence of several months.


Thur’ruk Sadok Sharptongue

Thur’ruk Rhonya Steelheart

*Postscript: in a different handwriting.*

Added merit by Rhonya:

-- Thur'ruk Sharptongue led the tribe in the time Bloodmark was unavailable. He acted as was expected of him, taking lead and keeping the orcs out of harms way, making sure everyone survived. Sharptongue lead almost every assault that had to do with Blaine Winterfell, including his downfall, where we were saved by the Ancestors due to a ritual Sharptongue had us partaking in earlier. He stepped up without being asked to, keeping us all together.