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Author Topic: High Blade & True Blood  (Read 6384 times)


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High Blade & True Blood
« on: April 30, 2015, 03:00:03 PM »
High Blade and True Blood are Elder ranks in the tribe, but unique in the sense that they modify the ranks of Rrosh-tul, Thur'ruk and Varog'Gor, rather than entirely replace their duties.

High Blade

The High Blade is one of the oldest ranks in the the tribe that is still in existence to this day. The High Blades serve the reigning Chieftain as their second in command, and take over the tribe's daily leadership in his absence. At present day, there can only be three High Blades at once, namely one for the Rrosh-tul, Thur'ruk and Varog'Gor each.

The High Blades serve as the second-in-command. These orcs have constantly devoted their lives to the tribe by organizing events, showing responsibility and showing the ability to take over leadership whenever their Chieftain required them to.

To become High Blade, an orc must have made it to either the rank of Rrosh-tul, Thur'ruk or Varog'Gor, have shown a lifetime of service to the tribe, and have proven oneself able to lead fellow orcs in daily tribal matters.

High Blades of the Tribe:

True Blood

The True Blood is strictly a rank of privilege and respect within the tribe's structure. An orc who has been named True Blood is considered to have been an officer of great importance in his own time, and is presently considered to have retired from that position.

The True Blood are the orcs who have shown the tribe they were prepared to devote their entire life to the well-being of the tribe for a great deal of time, but have now chosen to step back from their duties and further serve the tribe as a regular member. Although they do not perform any more particular duties, they are expected to be treated with the equal amount of honour as they would have been in their time of service.

To become eligible for the position of True Blood, an orc must have been a Rrosh-tul, Thur'ruk, Varog'Gor or High Blade for a proper amount of time and performed a great deal of service to the tribe. Orcs who lose their rank due to dishonorable conduct or neglect of their duties are generally not given this title.

Recent True Blood of the Tribe:
  • Claws [Assassin]
  • Gruulg Steelbrow [Rrosh-tul]
  • Karak Stormsong [Rrosh-tul]
  • Vezara Wolfheart [Thur'ruk]
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