Orcs of the Red Blade

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Author Topic: The Gul'thauk  (Read 4456 times)


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The Gul'thauk
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:46:03 PM »
Cunning, deception and subterfuge: the Dark Knives, or Gul'thauk in archaic orcish, are most at home in the shadows. Coming from the fringe of orcish society, they are a closely-knit band of sneaks, sorcerors and other outcasts who ply their unusual trades in service of the tribe. As the first step on the Path of Cunning, this strange breed is watched closely by Varog’Gor, to whom they directly answer to.

The Gul'thauk's duties are numerous. Though orcs typically place great value in honour and honesty, subterfuge is sometimes a necessary evil to get things done. In concert with the Varog'Gor, the Gul'thauk discreetly ensure the tribe's safety through scouting, gathering intelligence and research. Whether poring through ancient tomes or interrogating the enemy, the Gul'thauk must use all their cunning to win the day both on and off the battlefield.


The newest rank of the Red Blades, the Gul'thauk have a recent but complicated history. First proposed by High Blade Sharptongue, with the backing of Matriarch Feralheart, the Gul'thauk were intended to be an avenue for the arcanists, warlocks and necrolytes who fit poorly in the ranks of Nag'Ogar and Gosh'kar. When Kozgugore reclaimed the mantle of Chieftain after his Kor'kron imprisonment, he began to train Crothu Bloodletter and Dabina Skullsunder as the first Dark Knives. Their training, and the rank of Gul'thauk itself, found itself waylaid when Rargnasha became Chieftain.

Eventually, Varog'Gor Devilstep would make the idea his own, training a handful of prospects with a new curriculum that emphasised subterfuge and cunning over magical knowledge and dark arts. The first Gul'thauk promoted were a broad church of rogues and spellcasters, and they have since become the natural first step on the path to Varog'Gor.

Tribe History:

The Gul'thauk are preceded by the earlier Assassins from Akesha Redblade's days. The Assassins were once the eyes and ears of the tribe. It was their task to seek out information and scout locations, then feed this back to the leaders of the Red Blades. In battle, they were a fearsome weapon. They hit hard and fast behind enemy lines, taking down enemy leaders and other key targets. They answered to the First Assassin, who for the majority of their existence was Claws.

The Assassins were abolished after their roles were slowly taken over by the more common rogues of the tribe, who were uncommon among the tribe as it was, considering how many orcs preferred to value honour in the field above working in the shadows. It remained this way until the Gul'thauk were established years later.


Those wishing to become Gul'thauk must take the Oath of Blood and accept training from the Varog’Gor. They are typically sworn into secrecy as they train in a range of more unorthodox techniques, and if successful, are at last sworn into the ways of the Gul’thauk.

Gul'thauk of the Tribe:

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