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The Chieftain

Started by Sadok, April 29, 2015, 02:00:11 AM

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The Chieftain of the Red Blade tribe is, like those of most other clans of old, the appointed leader ultimately responsible for the fate of the tribe.

While the Red Blade tribe has a long history of reigning Chieftains, not all were referred to as such. Following the rule of Kraag, they were generally known as Wolfkings. Some, like Mruthgor, were referred to as Shaman-King instead of Chieftain (usually referred to if descending from the line of Mruthgor, until the rule of Grenth Stonebrow). Others still were referred to as Matriarchs, like Grugna Longhand (usually when the Chieftain was female). Regardless, all of these fulfilled the same purpose as Chieftains usually do, being considered the undisputed leader of the clan or tribe.

The Wolfking:

The Wolfking is traditionally one of the descendants of Kraag the Wolfking's line of leaders of Clan Redblade, fulfilling the same role as Chieftains would with other clans.

The Wolfkings were some of the first Chieftains to have led Clan Redblade in the times of old, the first of which being Kraag. The name "Wolfking" is derived from the hold they were said to have over the pack of wolves that stalked the mountains close to the Redblade settlement, which Kraag had subdued when he tamed the great wolf Magoth.

The Wolfkings were known to have some very specific appearances that would distinguish them from other orcs. For one, they would all wear the great warmask of Kraag, which was made out of Magoth's remains. They often held a black wolf companion along their side as well, said to be descendants from Magoth's line.

The line of the Wolfking was said to end when Gruthgar the Ragged died. This was when the Shaman-Kings took over. Due to missing records, however, it is unclear how the Wolfkings had gotten to be in charge again, as there are tales of reigning Wolfkings leading up to the events of the Rise of the Horde.

When the modern-day Red Blade tribe traveled to the past alternate Draenor, they took inspiration from the legend of Kraag when they warred with the mighty garn. After completing a ritual in which they burnt the remains of a mighty hunt as offerings, a Garn Spirit would come forth and lead them to a long-dormant Shamanstone within the settlement of Kraag'gol, granting them the Might of Magoth, imbuing their strength, vitality and agility.

Under Kozgugore's command, the tribe culled lone wolves straying too far from the garn-pack and painted their faces in their blood. The tribe then approached the pack’s full-blooded Garn Alpha and his mate â€" and put them to a bloody end. With the death of their Alpha, the remainder of the pack seemed to capitulate with booming words from Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye and the display of their Alpha’s head. They soon approached the tribe not as beasts to be subjugated… but as equals.

After the tribe and their new companions had some time to acquaint themselves with one another, they soon solidified their bond in blood with a raid upon a neighboring garn-pack â€" wolf and orc alike were gorged on slaughter as the half-breeds’ garn-like ferocity and the orcs’ mighty resolve won the day for them. As their wolf-allies howled into the night, cries would emerge from the orcs: “For Wolfking Kozgugore!”

Though no blood-kin to the Line of Kraag and making no claim to the title itself, it was clear that in the eyes of his orcs, Feraleye’s uncovering of Kraag’gol, leadership against the Garn Alpha and union with the half-breed pack had made him worthy of the title in his deeds. From that day on, Kozgugore would be known as Wolfking, the first since Grenth Stonebrow.

The Shaman-King

Similar to the Wolfking, the Shaman-King was once one of the many kinds of Chieftains that Clan Redblade has seen in its time. They were usually known for their shamanistic backgrounds, prior to becoming a Shaman-King.

The first Shaman-king came to power when Gruthgar the Ragged was said to have died without an heir. Mruthgor, a shaman who was one of the Chieftain's most trusted elders, was named by the Clan's oracles to rule in the Wolfking's stead. Mruthgor, as well as many of his followers, were said to have been powerful spirit walkers.

It's unclear how long the rule of the Shaman-kings was made to be. Due to uncompleted records, it's yet unknown when the Wolfkings rose to power again, relieving the Shaman-kings of their duties. However, it is believed that the Shaman-Kings instead took over leadership of the Cult of the Wolf, which Mruthgor had founded in his first days, to instead act as the Wolfking's trusted guides on the spiritual path.

The Matriarch:

The Matriarch is considered to be the female variant of the title of Chieftain. Although female leaders were relatively uncommon in Clan Redblade and orc society as a whole, they still managed to leave a lasting mark upon the clan's history as female leaders.

The first female to be given the title of Matriarch was Grugna Longhand. She was the daughter of Hukraz, who died without any male heirs. Although she was originally referred to as a Chieftain as well, she was eventually revered and referred to as a Matriarch after providing a long and peaceful golden age for the clan. Few other cases are known in the history of the Clan, but a new and important name in the line of Matriarch was Akesha Redblade, who founded the tribe after the corruption.

Challenging the Chieftain:

Though Chieftains could previously be challenged by any orc through the rite of Mak'gora, the rules have slightly been adjusted in the Red Blade tribe.

Unless chosen personally as a successor by the reigning Chieftain, an orc may only choose to challenge the ruling Chieftain if at least half of all orcs of the tribe support the orc's claim. Moreover, the orc must at least be of the rank of Rrosh-tul, Thur'ruk, Varog'Gor or High Blade.

Chieftains of Clan Redblade:

Chieftains of the Red Blade Tribe:


A small note is attached to this part of the annals, written in fine, clear italic letters. Yet no signature is present...

QuoteOne small detail of this section requires altering. It is widely known that Varog'gor (regular or Highblade) are Forbidden from challenging the chieftain for leadership of the tribe, it is arguably one of our most fundamental and important laws, yet it is written here otherwise. I would recommend whoever is responsible for up-keep of these pages alters this sooner rather than later.
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