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Path of Conquest: Conqueror's Journal

Started by Gnash, July 25, 2011, 01:29:02 PM

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Entry #16
Kargathia Keep hasn't fallen. The Alliance has thrown everything at us they possibly could, but still we stand, still we hold our ground. After this last desperate attack of the Alliance, our forces have left Ashenvale via Azshara. I expect this stalemate to last for months at least, so there is no reason to keep warriors stationed there. Instead, we shall reinforce our position in the Southern Barrens and the Stonetalon Mountains. As our resources swell, so will our army's numbers. In time, we shall march to Ashenvale in even bigger numbers. And then, the Alliance will be trampled under our charge. But for now we shall have to bide our time...

Entry #15
Despite our grand victory at the Silverwind Refuge, the razing of Raynewood Retreat proved to be more difficult than we had expected. After we had secured a large portion of the Retreat, Alliance reinforcements arrived. Ill-prepared for their vast numbers, we were eventually pushed back and forced to advance in a different direction. Now, we amass at Kargathia Keep, as the Warsong Lumber Camp is expected to be attacked next. We cannot afford to lose it. We will not lose it.

Entry #14
[This entry has become illegible as a large piece of paper has been ripped out]

Entry #13
The resistance we faced at the Talondeep Pass was greater than expected. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to breach the Alliance's fortified position. Therefor, other arrangements have been made. The Warchief's airfleet has been picking up our forces at the Unearthed Grounds. From there, they are being brought to Azshara, where the border of Ashenvale is not as heavily protected. Let us hope we can arrive to Silverwind Refuge in time.

Entry #12
We're prepared for the conquest of Ashenvale. With the help of a treacherous draenei, we've been able to sabotage the Alliance's sniper's nest in the Windshear Crag. This plateau was being used to shoot at our warriors from afar with high precision cannons. Now, only debris and corpses remain. With that hurdle out of the way, nothing keeps us from marching into Ashenvale.


Entry #11
Tal' darah burns. The Alliance - although unyielding in its attempt to halt our advance - had proven to be no match for the might of the Horde: their presence is destroyed, their morale shattered. Like the Southern Barrens before it, the Stonetalon Mountains have been claimed in name of our Warchief. A celebration ensued in Sunrock Retreat. The calm before the storm, as soon we will make our last move...

Entry #10
As our scouts had reported, the Alliance had its eyes set on the Sludgewerks. Due to our quick reaction, we were able to fend off the assault, and secure the oil rig. The oil has been transfered to the front in Battlescar Valley, where it shall be used to fuel our demolishers. With these engines of war, we will be able to break the Alliance's defensive line with ease. At dawn, the Stonetalon Mountains will be under the Horde's rule once again.

Entry #9
The Deep Reaches proved to be too hostile to fend of the Alliance. With dwarves as our adversaries - tunnel bred and wayward in these narrow corridors - we were not able to claim the large mine for Horde's war effort. Instead, its iron now is forged into blades for the Alliance. As our warriors were pushed out, a rumble was felt that shook the foundation of Krom'gar Fortress: the entrance of the Deep Reaches had collapsed! Surely by the hands of those blasted dwarves!

Entry #8
Nights earlier, some of our scouts went missing in the Overgrowth. Among them were the commander of the Sin Belore forces, Kristeas Sunbinder, and the revered elder shaman of the Red Blade tribe, Mazguul Sharpeye. A plan was devised to free these captives. As the sun went down, several battles erupted at the Stonetalon border. During the turmoil of battle, an infiltrator managed to free and evacuate the prisoners. The Horde marches on to Krom'gar Fortress.

Entry #7
The air is dry and the sun scorches relentlessly as the plans for our conquest of the Stonetalon Mountains unfold. The hammer bangs with firm beat on the plate. The blades glint as they are sharpened and their shimmers dance on the soil. The Horde prepares for war. Hunter's Hill is not aptly named. It be the Hill of Warriors, the Hill of the Brave and Valorous. Our Hill.


Entry # 6
Today, a blow has been dealt to that smudge south of the homeland. Theramore was crippled as the might of the Horde trampled across it's Highway to the Southern Barrens. Siege engines, catapults and watchtowers have been set ablaze in a glorious pyre in name of the Warchief! And to the North, our Warchief's eyes are already upon those other lost lands -- the Stonetalon Mountains with its lumber and riches. The army assembles once again...

Entry #5
Outside, the men drink and feast. No more clatter of steel tonight. No more bloodshed. No, now we can only celebrate. We've successfully defeated the Alliance: a crushing victory that will be passed on in legend! With the tail between their legs, they now make a hasty retreat. The Southern Barrens are finally the Horde's to claim!

Entry #4
Today the Horde has suffered its first loss. Its proud warriors were unable to lay claim on the three watchtowers that overlook the Barrens' plains. Without this tactical advantage, it may prove difficult to be victorious in the Battlescar. There, the fate of the Southern Barrens shall finally be decided. Low morale torments the troops. The scorching heat and the many dead and wounded have taken their toll. Despite this, they know: failure is not an option.

Entry #3
Though stalled by heavy Alliance resistance, the Horde forces have finally reached the Southern Barrens. After a huge clash inside Northwatch Hold, the brave warriors were finally pushed back. Due to the efforts of the Coppergut Collector Co. sappers, however, they could eventually continue their advance and breach into the Overgrowth. Some say the loud explosion could be heard in Mulgore! The Horde marches on to Vendetta Point.

Entry #2
The course of the Barrens' campaign has been outlined and final preparations are being made. Despite some minor setbacks -- couriers that haven't arrived; night elves snooping outside the gates; the path around Northwatch Hold being blocked off by a caved in wall -- I am confident that tomorrow the Horde will be glorious in its victory. Our advance will prove to be swift and relentless.


Entry #1
Across the length and breadth of Azeroth, preparations are being made for the war that is to come. Couriers have been send across the Great Sea, to instruct our allies in the Eastern Kingdoms of our plans. Soon, Kalimdor will belong to the Horde and the Alliance shall be left crippled. Victory or death!


Sorry for not updating this for a couple of days! Fixed now!