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Off Topic / Re: New arrival says hello!
Last post by Kozgugore - December 03, 2023, 07:08:48 PM
Hai there! I wouldn't necessarily say alive as we mostly use our Discord server for all guild-related matters and discussions, but I certainly still keep an eye on it! If you want to check out the Discord and have a talk with us, feel free to join us at the link:
Off Topic / Re: New arrival says hello!
Last post by SteakKaralynne - December 02, 2023, 12:42:09 PM
Is this forum still alive?   :-[
Red Blade Records / Re: Razaron Madeye
Last post by Razaron - June 07, 2022, 10:53:18 PM
Updated personality and added history.

History will be used as a quick recap of Razaron's past rather then having to read all his stories.
The Campfire / Home again
Last post by Bamm - April 28, 2022, 10:26:53 PM
Home again

A storm raged though booty bay almost typhoon level of wind and rain battered the small coastal port, lightning cracked the sky illuminating a small hut high in the scaffolded dwellings a hastily repaired roof, machinery parts strewn about the roof and leaning against walls.


A crash of a door, one repaired one too many times flung open and off its hinges, flat into a wall opposite, it creaked and slid down till it clattered against the floor, A mechanical blurr burst though, its metal claws struggling to find purchase upon the ground, it slammed into the same wall that door had just done and howled a happy mechanical wail, spinning on the spot off into a burnt, chewed and heavily damaged corner of the hut and curled up to chew on some rebar, then followed by a equally eager if somewhat soaking wet young orc, nearly loosing his footing as he too barrelled in, spinning on his heel and happily yelling a loud sound of mirth and joy.

Man shitfire boss it done raining sideways! man its like dang old Teeeeeeeeeeee-rential, i tell you what!"

A low dishearted grumbled came from a small goblinoid figure sitting at it work bench, and it seemed to worked his powertools harder to emit a loud whirrling and drilling sound from them.

"GOOD TALK BOSS! That's what i likes bout ya!" The young orc said earnestly, he panted and smiled sub consioucly scratching the soft bearded fuzz growing on his cheeks.

"PA! hey PA!

Arkail! hey hey hey , you awake hey PA! its me BAMM, HEY!"  The young seemed to talking to the singular dark corner of the hut the shape of a bed with bundeled bedding upon it.

Another dishearted and almost defeated grumble came from the figure working at his bench and the keen of ear would swear the powertool's whine got louder as if to drown out any other... distratcion

A gnarled emaciatted thin clawed hand heavily tattooed reached from the bedding and from it followed the frail frame of orc, wild unkempt hair matted, near every inch of his skin now covered in runic tattoos, one eye half battle damaged close.  a rasped breath followed by a singular statement

"D---d---dala.... taught you know... ran ... i dalaran...sword, yes?"

The young orc cheered and jumped clicking his heels as he did, landing with an ungracefull thud bellowing loudly

"Yeah BLASTBLADE YEAH! i gots it right where you said .. left at the yes! past the i taught at dalaran! and then straight on past the have you seen my sword hmmm!"
the young orc produced a small collection of tomes and books of various types and subjects and placed them upon the bed. all except one which he thumbed though tilting his head left and right at it with excitement.

A tome labelled  "Demons: A bestiary grimore of the ilk of known included in the ranks of the burning legion and beyond" by Gashuk felhand

"Lookie here pa!" Bamm the young orc proclaimed. Lookie at this one here ha! looks like a dang ol dog wearing a octopus for a hat, a felhound?.... felllllll houuuuuund shitfire. Bamm showed the open tome to Arkail who only wheezed in repsonse a... yes

Bamm chuckled and plonked himself down on the bed reading the tome and examining it with great detail.

"These them thangs that ensalved us..... Hoooo'eee them thar sucubussis and incbusus?... Shitfire pa is it incubiisisss or incubussys? HA! Its incubi and sucubi! PA I dont reckon i'd mind none i tell you what" Bamm nudged and laughed loudly winking at Arkail as someone with little to know experience in such matters would. Arkail didnt in anyway respond, however the power tool noise did seem to suddenly get louder.

Arkail had been flicking though a thick iron bound tome the others he had discarded, its pages blank, untill he touched the page, a small runic tattoo inside his bicep glowy briefly, lettering would appear until his hand lifted from the page.

"Have you seeen... have you yes hmmm, in dalaran i sword... I yes taught in d...d...dalaran hmm Have you have you?" Arkail rambled, not so much looking at Bamm but though him.

Bamm chuckled and scratched his cheek again. "UH yeah sure pa you can say that again, i tell you what. But uh what if you 'sword' in 'didnt you know  yes, dalaran and taught?" Bamm's eyes flashed open and wide. for which arkail only rambled nonsense again.

Bamm smiled and briefly touched arkail's hand as he flicked though pages.

I gots ya pa. Boomer me and even Durashaft there will looks after ya! wont we

Boomer BOOFED a happy BOOF
Arkail cheered and clapped loudly.
The small goblinoid figured stoppped his work the tools falling it slient spining round in his chair...
"IT'S GEAROID DURASHAFT  you dang pup i tell you what man shiiitfire are you gonna do somethang useful i got this induction manifold to reconfigure and you got re submit your pattent for a non gryoscoptic copter to submit to the cartel by the end of month. get to work! and dang it boy how many time you gotta fix that door before you learn how to open one?"  Several goblin curses mainly involing somekind of suffering well though his curse came from the goblin before the power tools began to whine and whirr again.

"You gots it BOSS Bamm hooted" he smiled at Arkail, his head buried in a book. Bamm picked up the door and slammed it into place

The wind howled and rain battered the small scaffold hut high in Booty bay. But all was good and great in this moment
Off Topic / Re: Home page news
Last post by Kozgugore - April 01, 2022, 01:25:05 AM
Orcs of the Red Blade Enter the Metaverse!

Orcs of the Red Blade has always striven to be at the forefront of the newest developments in the world of roleplay. Now, on April 1st 2022, we are pleased to announce our next step to help propel WoW RP into the future: Straight into the Metaverse!

As of today, ORB is embracing Web 3.0 technology by introducing its own cryptocurrency: The Shrewdcoin! Based on the clan’s most illustrious canine, the Shrewdcoin opens the door to a slew of possibilities that will benefit not only ORB’s stakeholders and other GMs who stand to gain from a monetized roleplaying experience, but also the roleplayers themselves in experiencing a new era of self-expression and self-idolization!

Along with Shrewdcoins, we will be introducing our very own non-fungible tokens: The Nominal Orcish Proprietary Effect! NOPEs will be obtainable exclusively with Shrewdcoins and for its first drop will allow you to own your very own piece of Red Blade history in the form of a representation of Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye’s iconic costumes from throughout the years! These Chieftain avatars, acutely nicknamed “Kozzitars”, will sell for .0666 Shrewdcoins ($0.0009 at the time of writing), plus transaction fees.

For our first release, we will be selling 250 NOPEs in our first drop for a collection that will ultimately reach no less than 500,000 NOPEs. Those who purchase multiple NOPEs will have a chance to win exclusive prizes, such as being featured in the guild’s Message of the Day or becoming the guild’s GM (Chieftain) for a day.

In a first reaction, ORB’s GM Kozgugore had this to say:
Quote“I truly believe NOPEs and Shrewdcoins will set off a new era of IP creation, community development and roleplay monetization. Shrewdcoins will be a revolutionary way to introduce the “play to earn” concept that people have become so excited for into more households, while NOPEs will be the ultimate form of self-expression.

I believe that these new technologies and concepts will provide us with numerous opportunities to enrich people’s lives through digital entertainment, which is at the core of our guild. We remain committed to creating, developing, and providing world-class content, and we will contribute to the happiness of society and its people by offering new forms of excitement. With Shrewdcoins and NOPEs, I truly feel we are one step closer to fulfilling our original mission of enriching the Metaverse with the introduction of more Orcish customs and practices.”
The future is very meta, the future is very verse! Stay tuned for more announcements as Shrewdcoins and NOPEs will branch out for guild ranks, ancestral favours, two-second GIFs from our guild trailers, Verzan Skywise’s first ever Tweet, digital spots around the campfire and much more!
Off Topic / Re: Home page news
Last post by Kozgugore - February 21, 2022, 10:47:33 PM
Spreading the Word: Our Own Twitter Page

Throughout the 16 years that Orcs of the Red Blade has been around, a lot has changed not only in World of Warcraft, but on the internet itself as well. One such things is how people stay in touch with one another and how social media can help keep people informed. Unfortunately, our trusty, old website has seen less traffic and updates over the years despite the guild remaining alive and well, primarily due to platforms such as Twitter and Discord taking over the role of old-fashioned forums.

To stick with the times, Orcs of the Red Blade now has its own, "official" Twitter channel upon which regular updates will be shared about events, artwork or other shenanigans and hijinks involving our orcs!

Keep up with our adventures at https://twitter.com/VerzanSkywise!
The Campfire / Bamm's Booty Bay Bedtime Bonan...
Last post by Bamm - January 30, 2022, 04:11:46 PM
Evening was drawing in Booty bay the gulls where cawing on the evening sea breeze. The hustle and bustle of sailors, merchants, smugglers and pirates was drawing from the docks to the Tavern and small dwellings of the town. A top a wooden platform with rickety gangway planks sat a hastily built or rebuilt hut parts of a gyrocopter sticking halfway though its roof, echoing bangs a loud muffled "noise" coming from its interior.


"Shitfire maaan i tell you what this is dang ol great i tell you what!"
Bamm proclaimed his voice imitating from inside a self made diving helmet as he stomped and marched around the workshop in heavy diving boots.

"Maaaan making it pump air into it as i walk was innnnssspired if id do say so myself i tell you what HooooooeeeeEEE!"

A defeated sigh came from Gearoid the goblin. Bamm's mentor, teacher, friend, subject of abuse to his very presence and adoptive guardian from the time his mother left him there to go to sea.

Gearoid scuttled across the workshop to tinker with something, his metallic crab like legs clinking, his eyes glowing blue, his face palid green devoid of life.

"Bamm the ones that sleep in deep dark blue of the sea can hear you. Grrmm"

SHITFIRE! I could find them thar fellas with this helmet and say howdy! imagine meeting a deep dark fella.  AWESOME! I have been told i  am a very tall dark and handsome myself! hoooeeeeEEE! Imagine that Gearoid! Gearoid! can you hear me?

Another defeated sigh came from Gearoid as the goblin peered at the ceiling.

"Son dang it when, when are you gonna fix that thar roof! and.... another thing" Gearoid said pinching his nose with his one remaining flesh and bone hand it doesnt count when its your own mother who says your handso... shitffire you what it dont matter none... just, just fix the dang roof.


hey, hey boss what do you think of this i made it up as i was a walking here"

Bamm produced his banjo and began to play loudly in tune with his stomps of heavy diving boots, the helmet's viewing window only showing the briefest flash of a wide grin. Boomer vocalising with a metallic off key Awooo!

Off Topic / Re: Home page news
Last post by Kozgugore - December 24, 2021, 06:05:50 PM
A Tribute to Kulgha

It is with great sadness on this Christmas day that we need to share the news that one of our members, Kulgha (also known as Karhla), has passed away last week on the 17th of December.

Kulgha had been battling with her illness for some time now, but her optimistic and helpful nature was an inspiration to all of us. She was warm, kind and always giving, and even when she felt poorly, she led events at the Kosh’harg. It’s no surprise, then, that she made many great friendships both in our community as well as outside of it. Which is why I feel we had to share this news a little more publicly as well.

Many of us had a plethora of treasured memories from our RP with Kulgha, who was always fully committed to something once she had a great idea, such as being the clan’s wolf handler. Out of character, too, she had a massive heart and was truly a great person to be around. Several times, she reached out to me when I was in a rather bad spot myself, and I know I’m not the only one for whom she did so for that matter. She truly cared for people, even when barely knowing them and having far worse things on her own mind what with everything that life threw at her.

Aka’Magosh to a wonderful person. You will be sadly missed, Kulgha. The world and Azeroth will be a poorer place now that you’re not in it.

Many thanks to Durgrol for sharing this news with us.
The Campfire / Beyond and Back
Last post by Razaron - December 18, 2021, 11:11:17 PM

Beyond and Back

The sky had ripped open over Northrend and the Shadowlands began to bleed in to Azeroth, if things weren’t bad enough the clan’s patron spirits were in grave peril! The Red Blades gathered in a circle in the dark reaches of Icecrown at Sindragosa’s Fall, they planned to aid them in the lands beyond. Enrah, a death walker was casting a ritual and only with the necromantic powers of someone so skilled would they be able traverse to the other side! Varog’Gor Razaron Madeye was there standing side by side with his fellow orcs but soon he knew one way or another he wouldn’t be! Well, that would depend if his chaotic scheme would work? He had planned for this day since his first death in Nazmir, he saw glimpses of a darkness that he couldn’t possibly fathom but it was enough to scare the Varog’Gor in to making contingency plans. One year previous the Red Blades had aided him in a trip across the desolate wastes of Hellfire Peninsula, he promised them the reward for helping him would be an item of great of importance, in the end he acquired a stick and jar with an eye in it. Needless to say some of the orcs weren’t best pleased they had risked their lives for such sentimental trinkets that offered no meaningful value, but Madeye knew they were more than that just mere trinkets.

Razaron had dressed for the weather in Northrend, he hated it! He despised wearing heavy furs and thick armor, not only did he feel less close to the elements but they negated his movement. How could he possibly dance in all this claptrap? But he had to wear it, they were in Northrend after all and if he didn’t wear it he would be more than close to the elements, he’d be frozen to the core! Madeye did ponder the idea of asking the spirits of fire for the gift of flame again, last time however it nearly ended up in their zeppelin journey finishing in a fiery ball of death. Publicly he still blamed Nakobu for the incident when inside he knew it was his fault, well he was Varog’Gor was he not? He couldn’t been seen to be the one who caused such uproar, what would it do for the structure of the clan? He grunted, a sly smirk appeared on his face. It didn’t last long, the ritual was complete and it was time.

One after another the orcs stepped through the gateway and now it was Razaron’s turn, he grasped the trinkets under his fur cloak that he acquired in Hellfire. One was a jar with the eye of his father inside, Gorgush. The other was not just a stick, it was the staff of his grandmother, the Matron Razara. Razaron closed his eyes and walked through the gateway, his body twisted about, portal magic had become more commonplace in Azeroth but it still wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. He’d much prefer his wolf, hell, even a boat and that’s saying something for a Red Blade. He felt the presence of his clan mates disappearing away, something was pulling him in? What was it? Was it the darkness he felt before or was it what he hoped? It all went black! Razaron eyes opened, he was on the floor of a grassy plain. Mulgore? Nagrand? He thought to himself, he looked around some more, no this was something different! As got to his feet he overheard a familiar voice. “You made it, well you took your time!” It was his grandmother! He had made it through the dark beyond to his ancestral plain!

Days turned in to weeks, weeks then turned in to months. Razaron spent this time catching up with his grandmother, helping other fellow orcs in the endless hunt and dancing with them till the late hours of the day. It was a simple tribal life, like the times before the Dark Portal. He had longed for such days without the endless misery life could bring with it and Razara could see he was getting too comfortable. “Razaron..” She said bluntly, Madeye looked up at his grandmother, he was preparing for yet another hunt. “We all thank you for your help but you know you don’t belong here?” Razaron changed the subject, “What happened to my mother and father, are they here?” he replied continuing with his work. “They are around but it’s not time for that reunion yet cub, now LISTEN to ME!” She scolded as Madeye shot up straight, her words still had an effect on him. “This place, this world, you don’t belong here! You must honour your word, you must go back to your clan!” Razaron sighed, “But, this is all I ever wanted! I’m fed up of the grief and mourning I now have in life..” Razara shook her head, “Grief is but one of the prices we pay for love young one!” She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “It’s not your time, you’ve seen your first death, now go live your second life!” Madeye welled up, he looked up at his grandmother, “I don’t want to go..” He said, he knew she was right. The Matron was one of the wisest and most loved orcs Razaron had ever known, “..I will return..” He said. “I know you will but hopefully not for a long time yet!” She smirked as Razaron smirked back, their smirks soon turned in to laughter.

The Brokers, a humanoid race of energy beings that harbor a interest through many of the realms of the Shadowlands had struck a deal with Razara, they would safe passage Madeye to Oribos. He would find his way back home to his other family in the living and uphold his oath.

The Campfire / What Comes After
Last post by Rhonya - September 21, 2021, 04:51:46 PM
Rhonya’s eyes moved to gaze over the sleeping faces in the hut, one by one taking in their appearances, listening to their slow breathing. Her lips parted slightly into a small smile as she watched them all.
She had begun building a few smaller huts right next to the big one. Sukeenah already had her own tent, but the cubs were growing so fast, the hut was certainly rather crowded. It was hard work, but she did it gladly.
The clan had moved on without her once more, but this time it had been by her own choice to remain behind. They would be fine without her, she was sure. Even so, a soft sigh escaped Rhonya and she shifted to stand up and move outside, the light breeze playing a little with the long tunic she was wearing.
It was dark, but out in the Barrens the stars were always there to lighten the night sky, so she could see well enough. Rhonya didn’t go far, merely a dozen meters or so before she sat down on a fallen log at the edge of the harpy woods.
The clan had been her life for many years now. Orcs lost, loved, found again, lost even more… At times the pain was almost too much to bear, but she’d always managed. Now however…
There was no one left for her to care about. Besides the Chieftain, her bloodbrother, she wasn’t that close anymore with any of the Orcs. Oh, some of it was her own fault, the past years actually her having been scared to bond again, as most of the times those bonds were ever so painfully ripped apart once more in one way or another.
Right here, she had everything. Her mate, her children, both her own blood and not.
Her memories of those she had loved and lost. Her herb garden and the people out in the Barrens here that came to her hut often enough with hurts or problems that she could aid with. Maybe it was time to settle down entirely, dig in her roots and grow.
Rhonya would visit, of course. Razor Hill wasn’t that far away, and hopefully the clan would keep using it as their anchor point for some relaxation.
But her path in the clan was over. As much as it hurt her.
The soft breeze blew through her long, long black hair, almost like a warm, calming caress over her cheek. She wasn’t alone. The spirits were with her, and she knew they were with the clan as well.
They’d be alright.

Crashing through the undergrowth came two grey feet, followed by the soft padding of a number of paws. One flash of orange and black, another of a muddy golden brown on the other side.
Breathe in, breathe out. Thundering down the hill in a billowing cloud of earth and foliage slapping her in the face, came Kyrazha, followed in her wake by a large but slender wolf and an enormous tiger. She doubled over for a moment after reaching the bottom of the hill, catching her breath. There was a wide grin on her sweaty face though, an almost unnatural blue-ish glint in her eyes.
“Let’s take a break, guys. Just a short drink.” she said softly before seating herself near a bush. Timur curled up around her back, his head resting on her lap. Vesa however, disappeared into a nearby bush, the rustling of the leaves betraying he was moving further away. He’d be back, she knew.
Taking a swig from her waterskin, Kyrazha closed her eyes a short moment.

This is what we were born to do, Stalker. Our pack. Our hunt.

I know, Striker. It feels good. Like home. But the clan…

You mean your oaths. They might conflict. But you are what you are, and you can’t fight it forever.

Kyrazha exhaled through her nose, opening her eyes again. Was this what was meant with the curse of the Varog’gor? Had it finally caught up with her, after years of serving the Chieftain faithfully, protecting him, willing to give her life for him? It should feel like failure. Like she broke her oaths to him.
But for some reason, she only felt something welling in her chest. A need for freedom, a need to go. There was no room for guilt. Only the feeling of the pack nearby. Her daughter, knowing she was safe and close by. Her bloodbrother and sister, she'd always be able to find them if needed. It was good, like this. She was home.
Timur made a soft, rumbling noise, almost as if he agreed with her in his own way.

Focus. Open your eyes and see. Feel. Hear.
Meri opened her eyes and kept her calm. She was standing barefoot on cold, grey rock. Around her rose ancient walls in a dome, the roof missing. Mist was creeping in, but it didn’t bother her. Her eyes looked almost entirely white, giving her an otherworldly, creepy look. At that point, she almost looked like a spirit herself, clad in white, her skin the ever pale grey color, her white mass of curly hair like a halo around her head. Behind her was an imposing figure of a Draenei, clad in long, flowing robes. His shape moved with the mist however, making it very clear he wasn’t a fully corporeal being.
Yet, he was there and he was visible.
Meri looked around with the white eyes. Arkaan was behind her, his presence like a burning in her back, a shining light in the corner of her vision. There were others. She was pulling them here, calling on them, hopefully able to finally grand at least a few of them peace.
She’d been training the past months with Arkaan, after making her will known to Nakobu. Meri wanted to learn more from the Draenei spirit, and she was only able to do so here, in the ruins of Auchindoun.
At this point she was no use to the Clan either way. Too uncertain, not able enough in her ways to safely help them and the spirits they might run into. Never had she been a center piece and never would she want to be. Her place was at Nakobu’s side, the only one who truly knew her and loved her, despite her shortcomings and mistakes.
And that feeling was mutual.
Slowly they gathered around her, blocking her from sight of anyone that might linger nearby, the mists thickening in the center of the ruins.
She’d set them free, one by one, as was the duty she put upon herself. As was in the power Arkaan was entrusting her with.
Deathspeaker, Spiritspeaker, Soulwarden, Soulwalker, Lightuser, Pale one… It didn’t matter how they called her. Meri would learn. And she would help them. She would help Nakobu find his place, wherever that may be. She would stay with him, and all would be well.

The mist closed. All was silent, all was white, all was still.