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The Campfire / What Comes After
« Last post by Rhonya on September 21, 2021, 04:51:46 PM »
Rhonya’s eyes moved to gaze over the sleeping faces in the hut, one by one taking in their appearances, listening to their slow breathing. Her lips parted slightly into a small smile as she watched them all.
She had begun building a few smaller huts right next to the big one. Sukeenah already had her own tent, but the cubs were growing so fast, the hut was certainly rather crowded. It was hard work, but she did it gladly.
The clan had moved on without her once more, but this time it had been by her own choice to remain behind. They would be fine without her, she was sure. Even so, a soft sigh escaped Rhonya and she shifted to stand up and move outside, the light breeze playing a little with the long tunic she was wearing.
It was dark, but out in the Barrens the stars were always there to lighten the night sky, so she could see well enough. Rhonya didn’t go far, merely a dozen meters or so before she sat down on a fallen log at the edge of the harpy woods.
The clan had been her life for many years now. Orcs lost, loved, found again, lost even more… At times the pain was almost too much to bear, but she’d always managed. Now however…
There was no one left for her to care about. Besides the Chieftain, her bloodbrother, she wasn’t that close anymore with any of the Orcs. Oh, some of it was her own fault, the past years actually her having been scared to bond again, as most of the times those bonds were ever so painfully ripped apart once more in one way or another.
Right here, she had everything. Her mate, her children, both her own blood and not.
Her memories of those she had loved and lost. Her herb garden and the people out in the Barrens here that came to her hut often enough with hurts or problems that she could aid with. Maybe it was time to settle down entirely, dig in her roots and grow.
Rhonya would visit, of course. Razor Hill wasn’t that far away, and hopefully the clan would keep using it as their anchor point for some relaxation.
But her path in the clan was over. As much as it hurt her.
The soft breeze blew through her long, long black hair, almost like a warm, calming caress over her cheek. She wasn’t alone. The spirits were with her, and she knew they were with the clan as well.
They’d be alright.

Crashing through the undergrowth came two grey feet, followed by the soft padding of a number of paws. One flash of orange and black, another of a muddy golden brown on the other side.
Breathe in, breathe out. Thundering down the hill in a billowing cloud of earth and foliage slapping her in the face, came Kyrazha, followed in her wake by a large but slender wolf and an enormous tiger. She doubled over for a moment after reaching the bottom of the hill, catching her breath. There was a wide grin on her sweaty face though, an almost unnatural blue-ish glint in her eyes.
“Let’s take a break, guys. Just a short drink.” she said softly before seating herself near a bush. Timur curled up around her back, his head resting on her lap. Vesa however, disappeared into a nearby bush, the rustling of the leaves betraying he was moving further away. He’d be back, she knew.
Taking a swig from her waterskin, Kyrazha closed her eyes a short moment.

This is what we were born to do, Stalker. Our pack. Our hunt.

I know, Striker. It feels good. Like home. But the clan…

You mean your oaths. They might conflict. But you are what you are, and you can’t fight it forever.

Kyrazha exhaled through her nose, opening her eyes again. Was this what was meant with the curse of the Varog’gor? Had it finally caught up with her, after years of serving the Chieftain faithfully, protecting him, willing to give her life for him? It should feel like failure. Like she broke her oaths to him.
But for some reason, she only felt something welling in her chest. A need for freedom, a need to go. There was no room for guilt. Only the feeling of the pack nearby. Her daughter, knowing she was safe and close by. Her bloodbrother and sister, she'd always be able to find them if needed. It was good, like this. She was home.
Timur made a soft, rumbling noise, almost as if he agreed with her in his own way.

Focus. Open your eyes and see. Feel. Hear.
Meri opened her eyes and kept her calm. She was standing barefoot on cold, grey rock. Around her rose ancient walls in a dome, the roof missing. Mist was creeping in, but it didn’t bother her. Her eyes looked almost entirely white, giving her an otherworldly, creepy look. At that point, she almost looked like a spirit herself, clad in white, her skin the ever pale grey color, her white mass of curly hair like a halo around her head. Behind her was an imposing figure of a Draenei, clad in long, flowing robes. His shape moved with the mist however, making it very clear he wasn’t a fully corporeal being.
Yet, he was there and he was visible.
Meri looked around with the white eyes. Arkaan was behind her, his presence like a burning in her back, a shining light in the corner of her vision. There were others. She was pulling them here, calling on them, hopefully able to finally grand at least a few of them peace.
She’d been training the past months with Arkaan, after making her will known to Nakobu. Meri wanted to learn more from the Draenei spirit, and she was only able to do so here, in the ruins of Auchindoun.
At this point she was no use to the Clan either way. Too uncertain, not able enough in her ways to safely help them and the spirits they might run into. Never had she been a center piece and never would she want to be. Her place was at Nakobu’s side, the only one who truly knew her and loved her, despite her shortcomings and mistakes.
And that feeling was mutual.
Slowly they gathered around her, blocking her from sight of anyone that might linger nearby, the mists thickening in the center of the ruins.
She’d set them free, one by one, as was the duty she put upon herself. As was in the power Arkaan was entrusting her with.
Deathspeaker, Spiritspeaker, Soulwarden, Soulwalker, Lightuser, Pale one… It didn’t matter how they called her. Meri would learn. And she would help them. She would help Nakobu find his place, wherever that may be. She would stay with him, and all would be well.

The mist closed. All was silent, all was white, all was still.
The Campfire / Re: Letters to Home
« Last post by Bamm on August 14, 2021, 03:10:29 PM »
Letters home


How are y'all doing Boss?? Shitfire it been a while! :)

Its your favourite student BAMM, that is BAMM IRONSPARK!!!
Yep, i got me a creation name like you! Well sorta Orcs are different like y'all said buts we's the same in many thangs! They hunt for the their name y'all build it! SAME THANG! Y'all have cartels they gots clans. Soon as folk see our similarities rather than our differences man i tell you what we gonna get on real well like!? :) :)

Anywho what was i writing about oh YEAH!! :)
I am doing real swell like like, i gots some nice folk around me and we gets into all kinds of fun! Like that time me and you got stuck on the zepplin full of naked half burnt dwarves? That was some FUN i tell you what!  I am well treated, not paid, well they pay me in kindness and respo.. respsonso... repsonobilililites. i tell you what that's almost as shiny

Yeah SO i want thank ya for passing on my half of our royalties these last few months. I have done built me a Gryocopter! not from scratch persee i stole it from some 'romancers in Northrend, then i crashed it into a vrykul village there cause a talking dragon shot me and a pal down!..... SO MUCH FUN.. but yeah i done rebuilt it and can fly it real well now
I call it the JITTERBUG!

Love ya PAL always man shitfire!

your bestest student and friend BAMM :) <3

ps. Boomer says hi
Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
« Last post by Nakobu on June 14, 2021, 12:57:33 AM »
Hi there Dharra,

Apologies for the late reply to you on here - not too many check the site that often! You've not done anything wrong at all, please do try again to get in contact with one of us in-game if you are still interested in joining. A /who Orcs of the Red Blade should hopefully help you in getting hold of someone. Alternatively, feel free to add me on Discord (seki#3082) and I can help you from there.

Hopefully we get to hear from / see you soon!
Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
« Last post by phantomfruit on May 31, 2021, 07:45:58 PM »
Hi guys! A bit of a follow up to our correspondance.

I tried to contact you in the game right away. I whispered each member I found on the AA list 9-10pm server time, but the system threw back my messages with "No player named XY is playing at the moment". A day later I wrote you an in-game mail but no response so far. I even scanned the map and cruised around in Kalimdor and Outland (haha), with no success.

Please let me know what to do, or if I did anything wrong. Thank you.
Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
« Last post by phantomfruit on May 22, 2021, 07:15:10 PM »
Thank you for the swift and exhaustive reply! :O

Yeah, this age thing is something I understand, but it's very difficult to wrap my head around it, hence the weird description. Sorry for the confusion!

This is very exciting! I'll try to get a hold of someone soon. Thank you once again!
Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
« Last post by Vraxxar on May 22, 2021, 11:09:21 AM »
Hello there, Dharra!
First of all, thank you for applying for the guild! I am Vraxxar, one of the officers in the guild. I've read through everything and I'll try to reply to everything you wrote. So I hope you'll be satisfy with my answer.

We have had other members who have been new to RP, and we're happy to help you to grow and answer any question!
You don't need to worry about being slow with typing or struggling with keeping up when there are a lot of people around. Several among us, me being one, have the same or similar struggles. I'm a slow reader, which makes slow in replying during RP.  :P

As for your ideas and knowing lore, you don't need to worry about that either. We welcome and encourage people to come with ideas! Lore, do's and don'ts are things we can handle afterwards, but in the end we'd still try and make that idea work. One way or another.

Now, your character.

I can't see anything that would be bad, wrong or cause any problems. I will just point out a couple of things that might help you.

Your character can definitely been a part of the Earthen Ring. So no worries there!
I saw you wrote that she has reached adulthood by human standards. I just want to make it clear that humans are adults around 18 years old, while orcs are considered adults around 12 years old. Orcs mature faster.

Other than all this, I can't think of anything else that needs to be said. So consider your application approved! ^^
Next step is to contact a member in-game for an invite to the Guild, the OOC Community chat, and Discord! Most guild members can do this so just poke anyone!
I look forward to see on discord! :)
Applications / Application: Dharra
« Last post by phantomfruit on May 22, 2021, 02:21:44 AM »
I'm aware that it is not officially required to post an application here anymore, but since I'm new to in-game RP and generally shy, I would like to get some feedback on my character before taking this further. I wouldn't like to mess up anyone's experience nor waste the guild's time with a bad or undesirable concept.

Name: Dharra (Dharrah on AD)
Level: 53 (Still struggling to find the motivation to reach max lvl, but getting there.)

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
I have been playing for a couple of years, in various fandoms and platforms BUT I'm new to ingame RP. My friends gave me a bit of an addon and socializing tutorial and I have participated in a couple of events, that's all.

Known issues: It's a bit difficult to follow things when there are a lot of people around (even with Listener) and I'm generally slow, as I'm used to being able to take my time and just type away long, long paragraphs... Another thing is that my ideas usually come faster than my free time to read lore, which got me in trouble A LOT. I'm working on this now though! I read the most important orcish history and cultural notes both on wowpedia and the clan specific things here as well, so now I'm definitely more confident than during my previous trials.

And finally, please write a short story and/or (IC) introduction about your character:

"We are leaving" grunted the hunter and placed his enormous hand on his little sister's shoulder, who was still staring at the marching orcs in the distance. So few left against the overwhelming threat... they had no chance. "It is Hellscream's order." Her reply was just a harsh movement that tore her shoulder away from his hand. "I said we are leaving. They won't be able to keep the gate up for long."

"Go if you want to. I'm staying" she said in an uncharacteristically somber tone. Her cheerful and optimistic demeanor was gone for good, and this made the hunter even more desperate. Not turning her gaze away from her adored Warchief, she fixed her gear, called her wolf Frostbite, and began to walk in the opposite direction of the gate that led the Mag'har to their survival.

"I said WE ARE GOING!" The hunter stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder once more. Dharra responded quickly: she spun and launched her fist at Draghar's jaw.

A brawl of despair began between the siblings, while the small pack of wolves they called their family started to circle around. Draghar tried to grapple his sister, attempting to immobilise her, but she fought with teeth and claw against him, so it wasn't an easy task. She empowered her attacks with fire and ice, wounding her brother at multiple places, who was still trying not to cause any harm.

"You coward!"

"It's an order! We have to leave!"

"Mother and father would stay!"

"They are dead! They would want you to live!"

"You have no right to tell me what to do!"

"I won't watch you die for a lost cause! I made a promise...!"

"I don't care!"

Eventually, as a last resort, the hunter grabbed the orcess and headbutted her hard enough for her to lose consciousness. Frostbite was ready to jump at the man, but his wolves, among them the alpha of their little pack, disciplined the animal.

"I'm sorry, Pup" he muttered to his sister as he took the girl's belongings from the ground. With his sister and their entire life on his shoulders, the hunter saluted to the orcs in the distance, then turned to join the rest of the refugees through the portal.


She was born and brought up on AU Draenor after Gul'dan's defeat. She is one of that last generation that reached adulthood (by human standards), and one of those last shamans who went through the entire training and every traditional ritual.

When the orcs had to leave Draenor, the siblings were enlisted to the army in the war against the Alliance, but the chaotic nature of the elements on Azeroth proved difficult to control for the inexperienced shaman, posing a threat to both factions in combat, and so, by her brother's will and through connections, she left the army and joined the Earthen Ring for further training.

...but one can only learn so much by staying isolated. The wounds she received in her homeland are still fresh, she cannot stand the smell of the Draenei. While staying losely affiliated with them, she left their areas of operation to seek a sense of belonging and an environment that allows her to practice and cultivate traditions. She left without informing her brother.

(Important note: I'm not sure about the Earthen Ring bit, since wowpedia says it's a group of the most powerful shamans, but I don't know where else she would be directed when facing this particular problem with the elements, so I thought, given the Mag'har orcs situation, this might work. I accept if you disagree and I'm open for suggestions!)

My vision:
An intense, inexperienced, but deeply spiritual wisewoman-in-training who always has a smile to offer to allies while her blood is being boiled by the hatred against those who ruined her homeland. At the moment she can only perform tasks that allow a longer time to attune to the elements, such as healing and cleansing, which is becoming her specialty, while she needs to be re-trained for combat.

Thank you for reading! :)
The Campfire / Letters to Home
« Last post by Bamm on April 11, 2021, 11:50:42 AM »


ITS YOUR SON BAMM!!!!!!!!! <3

"What in fel tarnation i can hear you say?"

Well shitfire 'member how i told y'all before bout how these Red blade folk Arkail was telling me about to join and learn about Orc life and how y'all said it sounded like a good idea, but not to get too carried away? You remember dad right? well y'all said he was like real smart and charming and could talk his way into and outta more trouble than it was worth and spoke purdy like? Well he is nuttier than marmot shit now i tell you what.... rambling and raving nonsense. i am looking after him dont worry i am a good boy like you raised me to be! :)

Anyhow what was i saying? Oh yeah I am BAMM IRONSPARK now! I took part in a Om'riggor and i killed talbulk real smart like using a trap! I was naked as the day i was born at the time but that aint important. Yeah so i did that and gave me a name and i swore an oath to the demi gods they follow nice folk we had to go to the afterlife to rescue one recently he is nice!!

What was i saying oh yeah :)
Uh yeah i am adult now you're lil fella all grown up. I even started training in a part of the clan called Nag'ogar which is like the shield of the group. I am gonna protect them cause they my friends but its also like leadership and bringing hope in bad times and taking respsonibility for yourself and others conduct! You and gearoid always said that was important. So i doing as you taught me!

If ya see gearoid say howdy from his bestest student BAMM IRONSPARK. i hope his robo legs aintseizeing up too much!

How are things with y'all hope the captain is treating you right and y'all are sailing well and getting into fun adventures?

Making you proud i hopes
your ever loving son


p.s Boomer says hi!

Red Blade Records / Thiama
« Last post by Thiama on April 06, 2021, 05:27:43 PM »

Name: Thiama
Alias: Lady Woodchuck/Stormeye
Rank: New blood

Age: Exact unknown – between 19-24
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: Unknown/none
Class: Hunter
Alignment: Lawful neutral

Family: Hrigna Stormclaw – Grimtotem mercenary (adoptive mother) - deceased
Known Friends: Sootskin, Ratha, Verzan
Known Enemies: Chancer Goret – vulpera mage/merchant caravan owner

A tall orc with pale green skin: Thiama is a striking figure.  Long, dark aqua hair; badly cut and braided; scruffily frames her broad features and dusky red eyes. Her tusks are large and ears sharply pointed, adorned with numerous fang based piercings. Dark red, almost war paint like tattoos cover her face and flow down over her right shoulder, accenting the curves of her muscular form. Around her right bicep is the crushed and twisted barrel of a rifle; while encasing the lower part of her left arm is a mechanical frame that ends in a half metallic gauntlet.

Her clothing and armour are both well-worn and maintained; mainly of Horde military issue, with a handful of more unusual parts. Each emblem upon the Horde gear has been removed and the red colouration shifted to blue tones.
Distinct parts of her attire include: a wide horned helm, the faceplate of which is etched into the stylized image of a talbuk; a tauren necklace that serves as her belt and a large, roughly braided leather strap that hangs around her neck.

Weaponry - A large bow, adorned with bones and feathers and wears a quiver upon her hip when carrying it. Strapped to her thigh is an axe that seems to be made from the stock of a rifle.

Thia comes across as quiet, watchful; a bit of a towering wallflower at times. She is proud, slow to trust and blunt but always willing to lend a hand. Her loyalty, once earned is unbreakable.

The circumstances of her birth and bloodline are a mystery to her. Raised by a tauren mercenary/courier; she quickly learnt how to be self-sufficient, bartering and learning more skills to make herself more ‘worthy’ and how to distrust.
Before even reaching maturity, Thiama, alongside her adoptive mother was part of the logistics bringing supplies into Northrend for the Horde. Tragedy struck and the young orc was left to fend for herself; leaving her to survive from only the kindness of whomever would take her in. She eventually ended up in the care of another tauren; a windrider master. Remaining by his side, she grew up training the beasts and heading out with the Horde to Pandaria. She stayed there for a few years; deciding to take on her own path after her experiences there. She was accompanied by her tiger companion, Sen and now lacking part of her left arm.
With some contacts in the Horde, Thiama managed to make a living as a courier and supply caravan escort. One such caravan was travelling through Tanaris, toward Cenarion Hold when the great sword destroyed Silithus. Sen was lost in the chaos and Thiama gained a bond with a nightsaber she would later call Zhargara.
She remained within the Horde forces until after Sylvanus’ betrayal; where, disillusioned, she decided to become fully mercenary.
Thiama joined the Red Blades on a whim after her employment with a vulpera went sour. What destiny follows is yet to be decided.

Things you may know about this character:
She is clueless about orc culture and speaks Orkish without the knowledge or inflections of a native speaker.
She has more of a bond with animals than people.
Her demeanour is clearly tauren influenced, as are her choice of tattoos.
She dislikes spirits and elementals.
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
« Last post by Zakarah on March 25, 2021, 03:22:00 PM »

 I am Nrak of the Dragonmaw. For my hunt, I slayed an Elekk.

My father once slew a Rylak in lands now gone. There are no Rylaks, and no wyrms like in the Highlands. I decided to hunt the biggest thin' I could find.

Grm. Many beasts roam here. Talbuk, those scrawny birds, Clefthood. Fair game. But I'd shame m' ancestors if that's all I went for. I saw an Elekk in t' distance. A big bastard o' a bull. It slowly grazed towards a tree.

 I snuck alon' t' grass like, climbed t' tree an'... waited. Took t' lumberin' Elekk 'bout fifteen to twenty minutes t' get near enough..

I leapt from t' brances, axe in hand an' I drove my it down it's thick skull! There I was, a top t' Elekk, my axe lodged in it's noggin'. It trashed an' threw me off, I slammed into t' ground. It lifted me wit' it's tusk an' flung me trough t' air.

I tried liftin' my left arm an' failed, I tried runnin' but my legs refused. I stood m' ground. Fel damn me if I was goin' ter let that son o' a bitch get t' better o' me.

It charged at me. With everythin' I had left I dipped to the side, an' grabbed its hide. I poured all m' might into holdin' on. Barely managin' t' get back on its head.. There I grabbed by axe by the hilt. The beast recoiled in pain.

In it's pain it slammed into t' very tree I jumped from. That was t' moment I needed, to live, to kill. I lodged m' axe from it's skull and brought down t' killin' blow. My axe split it's skull, tore open it's skin. Ended it's life.. That was m' hunt.

Name given: the Slayer
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