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Game Related / Re: BfA - Screenshot comeptition!
February 20, 2019, 06:49:32 PM
Harsh times, the orcs lost at sea and then stranding on Kul'tiras made for quite a challenge of tenacity, not giving up. Some unlikely aid came in the form of one of the very known pirates, that most knew as Clem.
And thus, one evening it so happened to be that they found themselves in one of the Horde camps. Friends or foes, at this point? No one could tell. It had been decided Captain Clem would be presented as their prisoner, so he wouldn't be killed in cold blood by the Horde forces.
So his 'honor guard' protected him, Kyrazha Throatrender at the front, taking charge over him. Yet, she never noticed the somewhat awkward positions that were happening behind her in this tense moment...

((Horrible, I know, but I found it too funny of a screenshot to pass on. xD))
The Campfire / Re: Everything Good Comes To An End
January 17, 2019, 03:21:32 PM
Normally I was too stubborn to let myself be carried when injured. Normally I never would’ve asked for the massive Tauren to lift me up and carry me downstairs. But I think he felt it, that this time I couldn’t bring up the strength to endure both the pain of my injuries added to the pain I felt, knowing what we were going to do.
So I asked him to carry me and he did so, without any question, without any complaint. Arhnum was very careful, gentle. He had to be, because those massive arms could crush me in an instance, compared to him I was the size of a child.
I led him to the right place. Lian was there, lying below one of the trees, eyes only half open. I could feel that he knew what we were here to do. I felt the sadness, the acceptance, the underlying pain. But most important of all, I felt that he agreed.

Arhnum placed me down, gently, offering me his arm to lean on and together we walked towards the tiger up ahead.

“Here, sit. Hmm-hrm,” Arhnum said, his deep voice comforting. I did so, sitting down next to Lian while Arhnum greeted the tiger.
“Ah, hello Lian,” he spoke. Lian acknowledged him, setting his eyes on the druid that towered over him. Lian looked bad, his fur dirty, his eyes somewhat unfocused and bloodshot. He made a gentle growl in the back of his throat to me when he felt the pain of my wounds as well. Even at this time, comforting me, worrying.
Arhnum sat down as well, his massive bulk dwarfing both Lian and I, casting a shadow over us both.
My voice trembled as I spoke. “I just-.. can’t look at dis anymore. ‘Im sufferin’. In pain.” 
Understanding, Arhnum gave a slow nod. “Do you wish to speak to him a little while first? I can wait to one side.”

I thought about this, but then realised… there was nothing more to say. Nothing that Lian didn’t know yet, nothing that he could not feel already. The bond we had was stronger than ever, feelings and even pain shared between us, but also the understanding that this was a new road we’d both be going into, without one another, in a way. But such a bond could never be broken, not even through death. So I shook my head in answer while I reached my hand to softly stroke the orange and black fur on Lians side.
He closed his eyes, lowering his head. He knew. Oh, he knew, really well.
“’E knows. I ‘ave not’in’ more ta say. ‘E knows it all already.”

Arhnum stood. With a flash of light, his form started to twist and change, slowly taking the shape of a large cat. Even now, he was large. Though where Lian was striped and orange, Arhnum was an earthy brown colour, more resembling a lion.
After giving my best friend a last hug, I leaned back a little.

It was time.

I watched them both, not saying a word. My throat was clenched shut, I couldn’t speak, even if I had wanted to.
Arhnum seemed to hesitate a moment, but then his nose twitched and he took a more confident stance. The large lion-like cat very gently rubbed the side of his head against that of Lian, a sort of re-assurance. Lian accepted it. He just seemed to be waiting, lying still.

The ways of nature are cruel. We learn this early in our years. Perhaps family members that die, perhaps a companion or a pet. No matter how much it happens though, no matter how resilient we think we have become to this, it always hurts more than we remember from earlier times. When Arhnum placed his massive jaws around Lians neck, it was as I could feel them on the back of my own neck as well. When the loud crack sounded through the empty clearing like a gunshot, it was as if someone had forced a hot poker down my spine. I thought I’d been prepared. I thought I could handle it. I had been wrong.

Lians form fell lifelessly to the ground. The light in his eyes was gone, snuffed out. But so was the tension in his body, the waves of pain that had come from him the past weeks. My trembling hand reached out and for the last time I stroked his still warm body, placing my hand on a leg that now belonged to an empty, soulless husk.

I hadn’t even noticed that the Arhnum-lion had stepped back, hanging his head down low. I heard him inhale before he started to growl. Rumbling roars, the sound carrying far, resonating through my chest as well.
“Ya rest now, dear one.. We’ll meet again, someday.” My voice was soft, broken.

Arhnum stepped from behind the tree, back in his normal Tauren form. He looked as sad as I felt. I suddenly realised what I had asked of him to do. What I hadn’t been able to do, what I had been to weak for. Finally the tears came, streaming down my face while Arhnum spoke in a deep and comforting tone.
“Hm… We all return to the Earthmother eventually. It is the order of all things.”

I looked up at him. “T’ank ya… I’m sorry I ‘ad ta ask dat of ya.” I felt an odd feeling of shame coming over me and suddenly I was very glad I hadn’t asked anyone else to come here. I’d never let any of the clan see me like this, besides Trakmar. It did show how much I trusted Arhnum and as I realised this myself as well, I also fell a huge wave of gratitude for the massive Tauren being there.

He spoke again. “It is… my honor. And my burden.” Arhnum nodded before continuing. “Hmm-hrm… do you wish a burial? A pyre?” He paused a short moment. “I could… give him to the Earthmother.”

I hadn’t even thought about that yet. I sighed, my hand still resting on the soft fur of the body in front of me. “’Ow would dat go?” I asked, not knowing that much of that side of druidic magic.

“Hmm, his body would be â€" changed, given to the life around him. The trees, the earth. The birds, the beasts. Returned to the balance. He would be part of it again, and still.” Arhnum nodded.

“I’d like dat, I t’ink..”

“You’ve said your final farewells?”

“One moment..” I suddenly realised, I wanted to have something. Something physical, even if it had nothing of his soul anymore. It had still been a part of him, part of the being I’d loved with all my heart. So I leaned in and gently pulled one of his last large canines loose, clenching my fist around it.

The Tauren next to me started speaking, standing next to me. His presence was comforting, very welcome, his voice soothing and washing over me almost like a blanket of a sort. I realised he wasn’t speaking to me, but in some sort of prayer.

“Great Earthmother. She who breathes life into all, tonight we return to you your son Lian. He was born, lived and passed as part of your great balance, a true son of the wilds…
May the light of An’she and shadow of Mu’sha neither blind nor obscure his spirit, may it live on as part of all life.”

Arhnum raised his hand in the air. I remained quiet, somewhat subdued by my grief.

“May he run forever in pursuit of the prey, may the prey now be sustained by the gift given unto the verdant wilds… May the cycle repeat ever, lived on… Earthmother! Grant this son your blessing and guidance into your embrace!”

At those words, he raised his other hand as well, before moving them down again quickly. Instantly, a bright light started to shine. I watched in wonder as I realised what was happening. Lians body was changing in that light. Withering, disappearing as if taken into the earth. Slowly it turned to dust entirely, until there was nothing left.
But the earth around him was changing too. An odd green shimmer surrounded us, life blooming up, green sprouting from the earth where Lians body had been.

“Hm-hrm.. Earthmother be praised.” Arhnums voice brought me back to the moment and I sniffed lightly, my hand clenched around the only part I still had of Lian now, his tooth.
The Tauren pressed a hand to his heart and his forehead, before looking down at me. The light around us was fading again, the magic disappearing.

“Do you wish to return to the others?”

Did I..? I didn’t think I did. Not yet.
“I’ll-.. stay ‘ere a moment, if ya dun mind. I’ll walk back later.”
A massive, furry hand patted my shoulder at that answer.

“Take care of yourself, my friend. If you ever need me, I am only a letter away.”
And with those words, his form shimmered once again. But this time, it was the familiar massive bear that looked down on me with kind eyes, his nose lightly sniffing me before he turned to lumber away with heavy steps.
I looked back to the empty spot in front of me. The feeling of the hot poker was still there. In my chest. It overshadowed the feeling of the pain of my burn wounds. Alone now, I finally gave in to the crushing pain and sadness, curling up on the spot. I couldn’t even cry, I could only gasp for air, my breath coming in rasping fits.
Something large and warm lay down beside me, a soft whine sounding close to my ear.
Timur, giving his comfort, keeping watch, while I felt like I was dying.

I wasn’t alone. I had others. Trakmar, Timur, Cera, my clan… Yet, this pain was my own. I’d carry it. Treasure it. For it was for my best friend, piece of my soul, piece of my heart. As he would always be.

The Campfire / Everything Good Comes To An End
January 15, 2019, 01:47:56 PM

Everything Good Comes To An End

Running paws behind me. A dangerous low growl sounded and urged me to keep running. Keeping still now could mean my death, his nose worked far better than mine. Trickles of sweat ran down my neck and back, making lines in the dark brown mud that covered most of my skin. I was in my element, this was my life. The jungle was alive around me, huge colourful birds squawking in indignity as I chased them from their hiding place by running through the bush they were in. As I rounded a sharp corner around a tree, I was suddenly grabbed by the back of my neck and part of my hair, sharp fingernails digging into my skin uncomfortably. I let out a surprised gasp.

“’Oo ‘a. ‘A nee’  ‘a’efu’, ‘ii’e ‘oo.” A deep voice sounded above me, speaking in such bad Orcish that he garbled all the words.
Yet, seven year old me understood them perfectly.
“I was bein’ careful, pap! And dun call me little, I be seven already!” I pouted up at him as he was still lifting me in the air, but on his face was nothing but amusement, a large, wide grin visible around his long tusks.
Behind me, something small, orange and black came tumbling from the bush, growling in a very threatening way. As threatening as a few months old tiger cub could be, that was.
My ‘pap’ lifted up the squirming tiger cub in his other hand and without another word, started to carry us both back to our little home. He wasn’t much of a talker, my dear Qa’ajn. He was a slender, wiry Troll with very spiky hair going everywhere. His power could be felt though if you were nearby him. His connection with the living things around him. I’d seen him do his magic many times, life and death, the entire circle of life that he served. I looked nothing like him, of course. My skin was grey, my hair red. And the biggest difference, I was an orc and not a Troll. It didn’t seem to matter to him though, he had taken me in as his own child all the same.

We reached our little hut without any incident, both me and the cub sulking all the way, not happy to have been interrupted in our play hunting. Qa’ajn placed us down on the wooden floorboard inside and gave us both a little piece of raw meat before he turned around again and went to work on the herb garden outside the hut.
My anger forgotten, I focused on my food instead, snuggling close to the little warm tiger body that was beside me. “Ya nearly ‘ad me dere, Lian.” I snickered before stuffing my face with meat. My speech was a lot better than Qa’ajns. He actually did teach me to pronounce things mainly right, he just didn’t care to do it himself much. Even though that meant he also taught me a very heavy accent.
Lian only responded with some loud and messy eating noises, but I could feel his affection towards me. We’d been together a few months now, after Qa’ajn had found him as a newborn, sleeping next to his mothers corpse and had brought him home to me.

Now, more than twenty years later, I was sitting against the huge bulk of the same tiger body. The scenery was different, not a warm humid jungle but a forest. I was different. A grown woman now, nearing thirty years if I had kept my counting right, part of a Clan of Orcs. So much had changed during that time, so much had happened. But he’d always been there at my side. My protector, my best friend, a piece of my heart. And now he was dying.
The years had taken a heavy toll on him. His breathing was laboured, his eyes closed. My hand moved to gently stroke the ever so soft fur of his ears and they twitched in response, but he didn’t wake up.
“O’, Lian… It be a cruel t’in’, time… We didn’t ‘ave enoug’ of it toget’er, ya and me. But it be time, no? I ‘ave ta let ya go..” The words were thick with pain, tears streaming down my cheeks. I wasn’t ready to let him go. But he was declining fast. He couldn’t hunt anymore. He nearly only slept and he was in pain. It wasn’t a life I wished for him, it wasn’t worthy of the strong proud tiger he’d been through his life.
My hands trembled as I grabbed a little piece of paper and some coal from my bag and started to write. I wasn’t good at writing and my trembling only made it all the worse, but I was sure Arhnum would understand the meaning of the words, even if they were all garbled up and smeared out.

A few days. Maybe. A few days to say goodbye to the one who’d been there from the start. A few days to say goodbye to part of myself. It wasn’t enough. But I didn’t have a choice.

Because I knew all good things have to come to an end sometime.

Off Topic / Re: Art Section and creations!
September 17, 2018, 07:14:39 PM

Contact Us / Re: Will you be accepting Mag'har?
August 11, 2018, 11:11:49 AM
You're very welcome. :) A lot of us are doing the same thing, many of us have been playing Mag'har for several years already and will be racechanging to the allied race whenever they come out. So you certainly won't be alone in that. ^^
Something one of the officers will tell you too in response to your application most likely though is that with the coming of BFA we'll go on a two week event break (Our last event for now is tomorrow) due to people leveling. But after that rp and events and a new storyline should be in full swing again. ;)
Hope to see you ingame too!
Contact Us / Re: Will you be accepting Mag'har?
August 11, 2018, 10:48:43 AM
Hey hello!

An orc is an orc! We're accepting main universe Mag'har, alternate universe Mag'har (we have quite a few of both actually! ) and even accepting half humans, half ogres and half draenei, as long as they function on the Horde side of things of course and use the orc model ingame.
So you're free to choose, as long as your background story follows the lore accurately. :) (There is a timeline here on this forum which might be able to help you out if you need some help with what happened when:,2438.0.html )
The Campfire / Re: The Five Elemental Forces
June 27, 2018, 11:31:51 PM

Part Two: Fire

Passion, the flame, warmth and a guiding light. Destruction, but not leaving an emptiness, but fertile ground. Anger, recklessness, an endless hunger for more.

Fire was for Rhonya one of the easiest elements to commune with, but it was always like treading on a very narrow path. One wrong step and that endless hunger would consume you as well.
Yet, she’d woken up on the scorched earth in Stonetalon, completely soaked for some reason. Next to her, the core of the water elemental that she had to return to Trakmar. She felt stronger, the thirst was gone and her wounds were nearly gone as well. She didn’t have much time to wonder about what had happened though, seeing a heat from nearby made her look up. A fire elemental. Larger than the water one had been. The scorching heat came off it in burning waves, making her lean back slightly.
Their conversation had been short but passionate, the elemental acting as Rhonya was used to from Fire by now. Angry, proud, not impressed easily. She knew how to handle it though. Not back down, don’t show any fear. Be firm but not disrespectful. He’d given her the next task after he realised who she was and why she was there. By that time he’d insulted her a few times already, but she let that slide. It was in his nature.

And so she had set out again, this time following another tiny elemental. Fire, of course. This one had the annoying tendency to flare up whenever it passed anything that could burn and set it alight. Rhonya had taken a moment to stock up on water again. Not to sustain the elemental this time, but to actually be able to douse the flames whenever it had started a fire again, even though she kept watchful eye on it and tried to prevent it from happening. The she-orc was also carrying small logs of wood now and twigs found along the way, that she fed the fire with that the elemental consisted of while making her way out of Stonetalon once more. This time though she took the northern exit, into the dark humid woods of Ashenvale.

There, the dry air changed drastically and rain began to pour down not long after she’d stepped between the large trees that blocked out most light. Now started the hard part of the journey.
“Right..” Rhonya spoke, turning towards the tiny fire elemental. “Listen. You probably won’t be able to start many fires here, with everything being so damp. But we need to move through the woods. Partly to keep you as dry as possible, and because the paths are just not safe. I know your big brother said he’d keep watch over us, but you… stand out. And elves really won’t be happy with me bringing fire into their woods.”
She wondered why she was even talking out loud, because while she’d been speaking, the little flame had moved away and actually tried to set one of the trees nearby on fire, not even paying attention to anything she said.
With a deep sigh she moved to pick it up. The heat didn’t burn her, but she knew not to hold on to it too long, for then she would be scorched. Rhonya set the little thing down next to her again, trying to shield it slightly from the droplets falling down. “Come on then…”

The trip was slow. It was difficult finding her way through the forest, especially because she kept being distracted by the little flame. It took most of the remaining day and night to even get halfway of where they had to be. In that time Rhonya had burned her own fingers from trying to get the elemental to stop running away from her, she’d taken several breaks under low hanging branches to fuel the fire that was the elemental, she’d fallen over several times and had nearly been attacked by a bunch of bears. Though she had managed to chase them off by dropping a handful of dry wood onto the elemental, making it flare up bigger and brighter than ever. Downside, the heat was actually a bit too much for her as well, so she wrapped some soaked garments around her face to be able to withstand it.

As if by miracle, she didn’t run into any elves. Maybe the large Fire Elemental had kept its word and distracted them from finding her.
Exhausted again, they reached the border of Darkshore. Not having slept, hardly having eaten something aside from what she could stuff into her face while walking. At least there was no shortage of water now with the rain, but she had to keep a very close eye on that she kept the elemental burning brightly enough. Darkshore added even more difficulty to that fact, seeing it was close to the sea and the forest was less dense.
Rhonya went on though. She was soaked to the bone, but her pack was dry and filled with wood. She’d wrapped a large, cured leather skin over the top of her pack, something she always carried with her supplies. It kept most of her things dry in times like this.

She felt the place they needed to be before she saw it. Corruption, the large fire elemental had said. She smaller one felt it too, because it suddenly picked up the pace and Rhonya had to run to keep up with it. As they reached the edge of the corruption though, Rhonya bend down to empty all the wood she had in her pack and ‘feed’ it to the elemental. As she did so however, her mind suddenly felt.. foggy.

There was no need to be scared. The she-orc relaxed entirely, something tugging on her consciousness to pull her further into the woods. On her back she felt the rune tattoo flare up in warning, but that was alright too. She didn’t need to heed that. It was fine, all would be fine…
The next thing she knew, she was standing at the centre of the corruption. The fire elemental was gone, she couldn’t see it anymore. But it didn’t matter.
A claw cupped her chin. Sharp, long nails dug into her skin and a shadow fell over her. Something massive was standing in front of her, looking down at her.
A deep, masculine voice sounded, coated in honey. It was the most beautiful voice she’d ever heard.

“What is this? A gift, so willingly walking into my domain? An orc, no less… I had not expected any of your kind to come this far.”

Red eyes looked down into hers. Somewhere deep inside Rhonya knew she was in danger, but something else kept pushing that away. It felt good, being here. There was no danger.
“Well, I am not one to turn those away that get stuck in my web. Let’s see what I caught, then…” the voice continued. Rhonya drank in every word, enthralled. The creature stepped even closer and looking up, she could see two majestic horns growing from his head, curling backwards over his head. His other claw moved to grasp the back of her head, his sharp nails combing through her hair. His eyes started to flare up slightly more, as did his claw..

“RETH RETH RETH!” A sudden noise came from Rhonya’s left and within seconds, a blaze of heat washed over her as the fire elemental made its way through the trees. It was huge now and randomly started to burn down everything around them.
The claws released her and a curse sounded in a language she didn’t speak. Rhonya felt herself dropping to the ground as the shadow moved away from her, the two red eyes disappearing.

What happened next was just a blur in her memories. The heat remained, but for some reason it didn’t harm her. Eventually she heard a scream and the stink of burning hair and flesh forced itself into her nostrils. Everything was burning. Rhonya closed her eyes and gave herself to the safety of the flames.

When the orc woke up again, she was alone. Alone in a large circle of blackened earth once more. No strange being, no fire elemental, nothing. She felt strangely clear of mind and realised she must’ve ran into the satyr that had corrupted this patch of the forest. She’d foolishly got caught into his enchantment.  Grumbling to herself, Rhonya stood up.
“Fool… Such an idiot. He had warned me about a Satyr,” she said, more to herself than to anything around her, seeing there was nothing left anymore. Aside from one little thing that she noticed now, lying at her feet. A red, shiny core, still somewhat hot to the touch.
The little elemental…

“Guess we succeeded then…” Rhonya sighed.
Rhonya waited a little while longer, but as nothing else happened, she decided to start her trip back towards Razor Hill. She could do with a good night’s sleep. She’d find the nearest Horde outpost and request a wyvern to fly her back, even though she hated flying. Rhonya knew this wasn’t the end of the task yet, she’d only helped two out of five so far.
But for now…time to return home.
The Campfire / The Five Elemental Forces
June 26, 2018, 06:29:57 PM

Part one: Water

Giver of life, the water which is the blood of all creatures. Cleanser, washer of doubt. Do not anger, because the currents that hold so much life, can also take it in a heartbeat.

All ways to describe the element of Water. Yet, looking at the blue shape that once again moved away from her, Rhonya couldn’t help but be somewhat annoyed. They should’ve added: curious, a danger to itself, has a strong own will, stubborn, doesn’t listen.
The She-orc sighed as once again she ran after the little blob of water that she had to protect. It was shaped like a droplet, with two little arms and a head. It even had two little eyes made of water, which right now curiously looked over the edge of the chasm in the Barrens, not even noticing that it was steaming due to the heat that the lava below was causing to rise up into the air.
For a thing without legs, the elemental was surprisingly fast.

“Oh come on, little one! Look, you’ve just lost half of yourself. Do you â€"want- to disappear?” Rhonya spoke, while trying to urge the small thing further back from the edge, back onto the cooler plains of the Barren land. Thankfully it followed, though reluctantly. The little thing didn’t speak, but it appeared to understand Rhonya’s words now and again. Or perhaps it felt her emotions more, she couldn’t really tell.
Rhonya decided to take a little break. She and the little thing had walked all night and morning already past the Crossroads, only taking a few hours for some sleep. Rhonya didn’t really dare to sleep longer, afraid the tiny elemental would go off on its own and leave her behind. With a soft grunt she sat down on a rock in the shade. As the waveling moved in front of her, she opened her waterskin and poured it empty over the tiny thing. The change was immediate, the waveling grew visibly and actually appeared to enjoy the shower, its form oddly shifting for a moment as it absorbed the added water.
Not able to help herself, Rhonya chuckled softly at the happy elemental. “There, much better, isn’t it?“
Rhonya took some food for herself, sitting on the rock. As she chewed, she counted the waterskins she had left. Apparently she had greatly misjudged how much she’d needed to take with her. Her pack was mainly filled with waterskins, as much as she could’ve carried, but more than half was already gone. And she still had a long way to go…

Later they finally reached the end of the lava chasm. Rhonya had taken a short detour towards the Forgotten pools, but didn’t dare linger long or fill all of her waterskins in the lake there, she didn’t feel safe at all, alone out there. So she only filled a few and continued on.

They could’ve been faster, if it hadn’t been for the elemental which literally took every opportunity to curiously approach things it didn’t know yet. Including predators. Rhonya now sported a few open claw marks on her arms. She had bandaged them, because when she’d tried to call on waters aid to mend herself… it hadn’t answered. Typical. Here she was escorting one of theirs, but they refused to help her in turn. It had made her be even more careful though. She’d been lucky that the lion that had attacked the elemental and her had been an old one and she actually managed to kill it by tricking it and having it fall off the edge of the lava nearby. Not a very honourable end. She’d just muttered a small prayer to Fire to apologize and accept her ‘offering’ … and left it at that.
Rhonya wasn’t a fighter, she had trouble enough already with small prey, let alone a fully grown lion.

The she-orc turned to look at the small elemental, which was now bobbing up and down, circling her legs. It did that at times, mainly when she was standing or sitting still, as if it just couldn’t stop moving. With a soft sigh she poured another of the waterskins over the tiny creature, watching it grow slightly again as she did so. “You need more than I thought… And we’re not even past the worst part yet.” Saying that, she looked towards the small edge they would need to cross to get into Stonetalon. It went right past the heat of the lava far below. The water orb that was still following her as well floated somewhere behind her, unphased by anything. It didn’t get smaller. It just hung there and followed her.

Her back had started to hurt from carrying so much water. She was dusty and tired and thirsty, as she only had taken a few sips of the precious water herself so far. Maybe she could stock up in one of the towns in Stonetalon, but she rather avoided any settlements in fear of losing sight of the elemental. It already happened a few times that she thought she’d lost it when closing her eyes for only a few moments, losing it in a town might as well mean its end. No towns, she decided.
“Right.. Let’s go. No use in delaying. The sooner we get there, the sooner I can get some sleep. I don’t even dare lose sight of you anymore.” She said, while standing up.

It took them another while to actually get past the worst heat. Rhonya had been forced to stop a few times to pour some more water over the elemental before they could continue. As night started to fall again, they entered the slightly more cool Stonetalon Mountains. Exhaustion pressed heavily on the female now, but she didn’t want to stop. She only had a few waterskins left to get her and the waveling to their destination. Her throat was dry and her voice raspy as she spoke.
“Just a bit further, little one…”
Rhonya’s pace was slower now, her feet slightly dragging as she stubbornly continued. Almost as if feeling her exhaustion and that they were nearly there, the waveling kept close to her. Yet it took her another few hours to cross some of the mountains and finally, when she reached the top of one, she could look down on where they were headed.

The forest below them was burning. She could feel the heat from here, rising up into the air. The ground was blackened and cracked, trees fallen over. Rhonya frowned. The Elemental that had given her task had mentioned a fire spirit going wild, but she hadn’t expected it to be this bad. The heavy smoke was making her cough, so she backed off a little to take a rough cloth shawl from her pack to wrap it around her head. Normally she would’ve made it wet, but… There was only one waterskin left. Without hesitation she poured it over the tiny elemental instead.
“That’s all I have..” Even the few words made her cough again, not from smoke but because her throat was so dry. She hadn’t drank anything for hours now. Her legs and hands were shaking and her head felt like it was about to explode any moment, but she didn’t give up.
Slowly she started her way down towards the blackened, burned ground. The closer she got, the more weakened she felt, as if the heat was also sapping her life energy away. Looking down beside her she noticed the waveling shrinking slowly, but steadily. Damnit. They were so close…

Shielding the elemental with her own body as much as she could, Rhonya continued down. Almost there! She could feel her lips burst of dryness and heat, the sharp tinge and taste of blood filling her mouth. Suddenly she tripped, her foot catching on a loose rock. With a cry she tried to grasp something to hold on to, but it was all sand and loose, hot rocks. In a cloud of dust and ashes she disappeared until she smacked hard on the ground down below.

The last thing she saw before the black spots took over her vision was the tiny waveling bobbing around her once before it disappeared into the flames, followed by the watery blob that had been behind them all this time.
And then the world went black.

Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
June 18, 2018, 01:36:43 AM

I am not a tracker, I am no hunter, so I decided to screw the planning, any sneaking...and just head on down south, see what I could find. What I could kill! After some time had passed, I...had not seen anything, not a scorpion, not a boar, nothing. I sat down by the riverbed, confused, and tired, also worried! But, as father always said, stop worrying, thinking and just do stuff. So I sat there waiting for a beast to come wandering. But as I was enjoying my time there, this...terrible sound started ringing in my ear. A darn cicada... I could hear it, not see it, it was driving me mad, just....those sounds, all those...noises! I had to find it... And wouldn't you know, the bloody thing jumps out of the grass onto a rock right next to me. I did the only natural thing. I tried to smash it! But...alas. Too fast, too quick. Sprang away it did, jumped. Tried to smack it no avail, jumped away. I got up on my feet, started chasing it, started with a walk, then a jog, then full spring, by the spirits, this thing was fast! Not saying I’m a natural sprinter, but...sure outran me.
I was catching up however...then suddenly. A frog. A FROG, had stolen my prey. Eaten it up. Gobbled it. It was gone. I was of course not very happy with this, I needed to get it back, it had annoyed me, and I had chosen it as my prey. The frog stared at me for only a moment, until it saw the fire in my eyes. It too leaped! Ran, jumped! I sprinted after it, even let out a few roars, I was not happy... But luckily, I was catching up! Frogs are not perfect beings it seems, yes, I too was surprised learning this. And we were coming around the riverbed, out of the grass... A CROCOLISK! ...My prey, lost, deeper, swallowed whole, not once, but twice! My PREY! Now, a cicada, might run from you, a frog might run... A Crocolisk? It doesn't run. So...when I started chasing it... I actually...caught it.
As some of you might know, I am not fond of beasts, I am in fact terrified of many of them. So, even though I wanted to reclaim my cicada price, I was not too happy to find myself embracing a darned river beast. It started spinning in the water, it's huge maw, biting, trying to get a grip, tear out my throat, tear me to bits! I am not nimble, I am not quick, i am fat and heavy, we sank. I grabbed something in the water, heavy, solid, a rock. Started bashing the thing, as I wrapped my cloak around its maw. Our fight must have lasted for minutes!
Until it finally stopped moving, well for a moment, until it lashed out one last time, almost leaving me with eight toes! I bashed it once more, knowing I had a great task ahead of me, I wasted no time. Sat down, started sharpening the rock I had used to kill it, I needed to cut into the beast, to reclaim my price. And so I did, I sharpened the rock, for a fairly long time, probably why I was the last one to arrive! Then I gutted the beast, reclaimed the frog, squashed the frog, and found my cicada. Then I brought it here, and painted my face with what little blood I could find. If...only I could have found and fought a beast more worthy than a cicada... But that was the tale, honoured chief.

Name given: Ironwill
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June 18, 2018, 01:29:27 AM

I present the pelt of a feral riding wolf. I will admit, I had not any particular beast in mind when I set out on my task. In my mind, the Spirits would provide as I moved west. As I crossed the Southfury Watershed I noticed a large pool of blood by the riverside trailing into the barrens. It was a good start, a fair start. I tracked it to the corpse of a large, dead kodo, feeding at it was this large wolf, a mangled and aged saddle still affixed to its back, riddled with a few broken arrow shafts and scars matting its fur. The beast saw me a mile away. It fled, almost immediately. I figured it had been wounded in the fight and tracked it to the Forbidden Pools. The beasts Den was there and I hadn’t realised, in my overconfidence I ran right where it wanted me. It lept from the brush and attcked me out of nowhere, blindingly fast. I jabbed my dagger into its neck, I hit an artery but the beast didnt bleed near fast enough. It thrashed me around a bit, I knew I was in a bad place. It howled and lunged at me. In my panic I rammed my fist down the beasts open maw, up to my shoulder. The breast thrashed around, ripped my arm up, eventually it choked out. I finished it with my blade, gave thanks for the life I had taken and skinned the beast. That is the tale.

Name given: Wolfmane
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June 18, 2018, 01:22:15 AM

Seems Ashenvale likes to change an orc's plans, as I had originally planned to hunt one of the large wolves that prowl there. I had heard a rumour that they are often seen around a particular Moonwell, so I headed out to look for myself. When I got there it was silent. Nothing around. I decided to hide by the Moonwell and wait to see if anything decided to show up. Eventually, something did. This thing. Seems my skills at hiding are worth squat, as the thing almost instantly noticed me by the well. I stepped up onto the well as it roared out and came crashing into it. It may have been an elder bear, but it was both wise and still strong. It's crashing into the well's waters served as a good distraction, allowing it a few good solid swipes with those claws of his. I returned a few blows to its body, but it didn't seem to faze the thing at all. I can tell you I missed the ability to harness my chi right then. I staggered from the well into somewhere more open, awaiting its next move. It quickly followed, roaring in fury. Hmph! My blows did nothing but anger the thing. If body blows were not going to work, I had to go for somewhat of a weak point. Namely the head and neck. Of course, aiming for such a place is not easy. It has both its claws and that maw to attack you with, neither of which I exactly wanted to meet my flesh. I watched as it rushed towards me, raising its front paws to maul me. I raised my staff in turn to block it, but the sheer weight of the thing knocked me to the ground. Winded, I freed a hand and swung at its head, managing to land a blow on its temple. With it disorientated I managed to stand to my feet, following up the blow with multiple hits with my staff. The bear roared out at my attacks, raising its paws up in an attempt to knock me down once more. Luckily my little attempt at goading it had worked. I was expecting it this time. I managed dodge the attack, swinging my staff up to meet its jaw as it descended. The crack it made was so loud I was sure I broke my bloody staff in two! In any case, it went down and didn't get back up. I have to say, getting the paw off the thing was a challenge, didn't exactly have anything sharp on me. Ended up using a sharp stone to cut the bear paw off, but it worked out.

Name given: Strongarm
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June 18, 2018, 01:15:17 AM

I bring with me, the trophy of my kill, the bloodied feathers of a Hippogryph. My hunt took me to Ashenvale, originally I planned to hunt a Nightsaber, a creature known for his cunning and stealth. But as I hunted my prey a came across a sight, a peon camp laid to waste, the bodies of those gathering wood, torn open and left to rot. As I examined the camp a shadow appeared over me, the Hippogryph charged at me, knocking me to the ground, before I could react. However as I was tossed to the ground, I heard a cry, one of the peons had not died, but the Hippogryph also noticed and turned its attention to him. It's carried him off and I was force to give chase. The creature was cruel, it tossed the peon while in the air and caught it in its claws, slowly ripping the peon apart, until the peon slipped...and impaled himself on a tree. The Hippogryph then kept to the air, where I could not I had to scale a tree, high enough to reach the beast. All while avoiding it's notice. Once it was low enough I leap from the tree onto the creature's back trying to force it to the ground, in order to try and shack it, it began throwing itself though the tree, hoping the thickness of their leaves and branches would knock him off. But I managed to hold on long enough to draw my weapon, and with a swing, I managed to slice though one of its wings. We both plummeted to the ground, as you can see, I did not die...however I did break a rib or two. But sadly...neither was the Hippogryph, wounded and maddened it likely would of slain me in a fair fight. However I played dead, allow the creature to think I had died in the fall as it drew closer to inspect my corpse... I trusted the blade into its neck, ending it once and for all.

Title given: Claw of Vrull
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June 18, 2018, 01:08:44 AM

My spear, and I... Ran west, to the northern barrens. There I felt the pull of the oasis, south west of the crossroads. I knew many warped beasts stalked the area around the Wailing caverns, and I was not disappointed. I happened upon the carcass of a turtle, and upon inspection found it had been pulled apart--only for the predator to worm it's way out of the water and attack me also. A hydra, not huge, but deadly. Three headed lunged at me, it's three heads snapping, biting... darting in and out at me. The middle head spat poisonous acid which i ducked under, it felled a tree by melting the trunk. Then all three heads grabbed my spear as i tried to deflect it's maws... and it pulled and pushed in unison, snapping the weapon. Thrown to the ground, and disarmed, I had to evade and roll to stay alive-- eventually grabbing what was left of the spear-head, and slashing at its necks. As I slash the first, the second bit into my arm--But through the pain I continued hacking, and felled all three heads. the wound is cleansed, and the skulls will be attached to my new nag'ogar weapon. I smeared myself in its dark blood and return here now, before you all.

Name given: Spearbreaker
Kyrazha Throatrender

Self view:
Kyrazha sees herself in a way better light than a few years ago. Her time in the clan has been a chaotic one, but she's grown a lot along the way. Not much remains of her first mainly Trollish nature aside from a few odd quirks and a light accent that she can easily hide by now, though she never really does so.
Kyrazha is proud of herself now that she made it to Varog'gor. To have the trust of the Chieftain in her and her ways like that made her really humble. Yet she also fears the future a bit. Though she acts confident in herself and her abilities, there is this constant state of alertness now she has to be in. She also isn't used to stepping up and telling orcs off or ordering them around, which she already had to do a few times since her promotion. It makes her uncomfortable still, but perhaps she'll learn.

Beneath that laughing face always lurks her serious side though. While she is easy to get along with, it's sometimes also a mask for her to hide behind, so others don't pay that much attention to her and her simple ways. She'll step forward in her serious and ruthless and outright harsh behaviour if she really has to, a side not many see often, a side that only started to lurk even closer to the surface after becoming Varog'gor. She's trying to control herself, at least.

Views of others:

Trakmar Beastbane
Spoiler: show
How things have gone up and down with this male. A few years ago she would've killed him without even thinking twice about it after he mauled her face open and hurt her mate back then. But the last few years actually showed her he was right all along and she'd just been a total fool, lead astray by feelings she shouldn't have entirely trusted. The scars will always be there between the two of them, mentally and physically in her case, but Kyrazha is thankful that he granted her a second chance. Somehow the hurt between them also brought them to a closer understanding of one another, made them able to be completely at ease together but also be fine during longer times apart. Kyrazha loves him dearly, though she'd probably not say that quickly out loud. She's sure he knows it, though. She's gotten a little scared recently though with his talk about getting old, weaker. When he came back to her covered in new scars and wounds and spoke about his feelings, a deep black rock of worry buried itself in her stomach. Normally she wouldn't mind him being away longer times, but now every time she doesn't see him a few days, she's afraid something happened. She's not ready to let him go anytime soon.
Her new rank also complicates things a little, though Trakmar knows very well what she promised to the Chieftain and he agreed with it, it doesn't make it easier.

Kozgugore Feraleye
Spoiler: show
Her Chieftain, her friend in her eyes, her example and her tutor. She feels incredibly honored by the trust he's putting in her, though it also scares her a little, not entirely sure she's worth this trust. Even now, after the ritual, she's afraid to disappoint him, but keeps her chin high. Kozgugore for her means stability, someone worth following and giving her life for, should it be asked of her.

Kogra Windwatcher
Spoiler: show
A usually happy and present she-orc. Knows a lot of mumbo jumbo about spirits and uses difficult words and long sentences, something that often goes straight over Kyra's head, but she respects Kogra all the same. Being blind doesn't seem to affect her much in daily life as it doesn't show as a weakness, which Kyrazha can approve of.

Nosh'marak Ironclaw
Spoiler: show
He's fun! A good leader when needed, but he doesn't let this come in the way of more lighthearted banter. Kyrazha feels she can trust him to not lead them astray in the field and she'll gladly follow him. He moved his attention from Lian to Timur now, though every time Kyra sees him interact with the young wolf, she's reminded of how he used to play with Lian. The memory stings. But seeing that's not Nosh'maraks fault at all, she's happy at least he's still feeling comfortable enough with her and her companions to come seek them out, even after Lians death.

Spoiler: show
Crazy. Which keeps things very interesting, whenever Razaron is around. Now they share the same rank, the same burden, her respect for him went up a few notches! Some things can only be shared with those you have similar experiences with and she feels closer now to Razaron than before, more connected in a way.

Spoiler: show
This she-orc needs to be more loose at times. Kyrazha wants to know more about her! What drives her. Who is that person lurking under the surface? There is so much unsaid yet, but Kyra isn't sure how to try and get Atarka to open up to her more without pushing her away. Willing to make an effort, at least!

Karnna Blackfeather
Spoiler: show
Hmm. This one needs to be watched, very very closely. Already a danger once, Kyrazha feels Karnna does not see the danger she is in. Or perhaps refuses to see it, not only a danger to herself but also to the clan if she keeps going the way she's taking now. Kyrazha will not hesitate to take her out, if needed. Enough warnings have been given.

Rhonya Steelheart
Spoiler: show
Not much to say about this one. Kyrazha and Rhonya have had a weird past together, and not a very positive one mainly. She might be close to Trakmar, but this doesn't change Kyrazha's feelings for this she-orc. Maybe it's old grudges standing in the way between them, but Kyrazha doesn't see much reason to get rid of said grudges. She'll avoid Rhonya, as much as she can.

Vraxxar Wildmark
Spoiler: show
 Another sort of 'brother in rank' now to her. She's actually somewhat proud of him! Together with her they faced the tasks and kept on going even while time went on. They never lost sight of their goals. They actually make a pretty good team together, Kyrazha is hoping she'll get to work more with him in the field too. Maybe bond a little more.

Spoiler: show
Useful. That's all there is about him, in Kyrazha's eyes. Usually serious, someone she doesn't really mind talking to, but the things he's done recently and made Kogra and Rhonya do, rubbed her the wrong way. She'll go to him if needed and more treat him as she used to do, a fellow Gul'thauk of old more so than a friend.

Nar'thak Strongarm
Spoiler: show
Oh so much fun Kyra has with this one! Trained by the pandaren, he's very much like them. Calm, easy going and a little strange. She utterly loves pulling his strings here and there and tell him little secrets, though usually only half of them so he still has no clue what to make of it. He's a good addition to the clan though in her eyes, a well needed voice of reason at times.

Spoiler: show
 A fun one! Not too certain about herself, but who can blame her after being in the state that Kyra found her. Memory loss, perhaps a family she left behind? Kyrazha kept her eyes and ears open, but couldn't figure out much about her past so far, besides what Urzoga herself has dreamt at times. Kyrazha has a little bit of a distance between her and the she-orc, giving her some space to figure things out. She'll be there if needed, she's grown to admire the orcs perseverance  and the will to go on despite being in an entirely unknown enviroment.

Spoiler: show
 Outcast. Shunned. Yet, this only drew Kyrazha in more towards him, some sort of weird urge rising in her to fiercely protect him and prove he's really not as bad as all the Mag'har seem to thing. He's young, curious. And Kyra is also curious about him. While it's also her duty to keep a close eye on him and the orcs disliking him, she also sees it as something she does out of her own free will, because she's just really interested in this young orcs story and very curious what he will do in the clan.

Spoiler: show
 Oh how Kyrazha likes this one! So alike herself when she just joined the clan, Kyrazha views Yena as a somewhat kindred spirit. Even though the she-orc is a bit awkward at times, Kyrazha really appriciates her. She knows many in the clan view the female as dumb, strange, perhaps even weak. Yet this only makes Kyrazha more determined to become Yena's friend. Or an even better friend, perhaps, for she already sees the female as someone coming closer to her than what others have managed over the years. A talk is needed soon...

Spoiler: show
 Another newblood Kyrazha has gotten very fond of in a short time! Zi'tani is funny to tease, easy to pull pranks on. Which Kyrazha makes full use of, of course. There is a sort of easy going friendship starting between the two in Kyra's eyes, they can talk, Zi'tani trusts Kyrazha's advice and totally amazing bandaging skills. Clearly a female she wants to hang out with more!

Spoiler: show
 A very, very painful memory still. Her love for him has only grown stronger now he's gone, because she realises now how much he really meant to her. She's thankful to Arhnum for giving Lian the farewel that he deserved, but feels weak and shamed that she couldn't do it herself. Lian will always be a part of her.

Spoiler: show
 Now an adult wolf, Timur is showing his true colors. He's an absolute wimp. Curious, playful, but utterly submissive and a spine made of rubber. Yet, Kyrazha loves him dearly. He's her little runt, her wuss. He still protects her whenever needed and she does the same for him. It's an easy bond with him, yet nearly nowhere as deep as she had with Lian. Maybe in time, when Timur gets a little older.

Seeing the former one is somewhat outdated, let's start anew with the recent people!

This thread is for fun, writing a character view. How would your character view themselves, and others of the clan that are close to them in one way or another? Of course you don't need to join in, no one will force you. ;)
But it's fun to see either way! Views can of course be both positive and negative, keep in mind this is an IC character view and nothing OOC!

As I did in the former topic too, I'll start off with my own character!

Rhonya Steelheart

Self view:

Rhonya has grown. Not only to others their eyes perhaps, but also to her own. Her oldest son is nearing seven years, a stark reminder of how long she's been with the clan as well, as he was born not too long after she started to travel with them.
She finds herself a little lost though between all the new faces in the clan now. So many treat her as if she's allknowing, which makes her proud to see but also very unsure. She, the oathbreaker, the rule breaker, almost taking up the same role of advicer as before. Rhonya isn't entirely sure she wants that.
Her bond with the elements keeps growing at least, something she likes. But it also makes her feel a little more distant from the others. A bit of a crossroads at this point, not sure whether she should step forwards again or is happy on the place she is right now, rankwise.

Rhonya's view on others:

Spoiler: "Kozgugore Feraleye" • show
A lot happened between Rhonya and Kozgugore through the years. Their bond, so strong, once broken but remade again. One of the things Rhonya is most happy about, looking back on the past year. Even though she doesn't get to talk to him much recently, with him distancing himself from the clan a lot, she values him greatly. Yet she worries about him too, as always. The weight of command on his shoulders for such a long time already, can't be easy.

Spoiler: "Gashuk Soulfury" • show
Bloodbrother once, then dead. Then Rhonya risked her entire life in the clan to get him back, to save his soul. And in doing that, she actually also partly saved her own. Gashuk was like a missing piece of a puzzle in her life, filling that spot perfectly and without effort now. She'd die for him, without any hesitation. Her mate for a while already now, he keeps her upright, grounded. Even though she's not too happy with his lust for magic sources still, it's a lot better than when he still used to be addicted to fel. 

Spoiler: "Kogra Windwatcher" • show
Her bloodsister. The one that stood by Rhonya through happy times and hardships, one of her biggest supports the past years. They're like two peas in a pod, almost always agree and disagree on the same things, work together without any effort. Even after being seperated for a while, they picked right up where they'd left as if no time had been in between. Rhonya loves her dearly and would do everything to see her remain happy and healthy. It's not even awkward to Rhonya that her once student is now above her, rankwise. It didn't change anything between them, the respect and unity is still there, stronger than ever. 

Spoiler: "Srelok Grimtide" • show
It took quite a while for Rhonya to warm up to Srelok, due to their past together. As her cousin, he kept reminding her a lot of his father, the one who raised Rhonya. However, through the years and times spent together, a deep bond of trust has grown between them both. He has the uncanny ability to always feel and know how she's feeling and how she's doing, though he doesn't do it on purpose, it annoys her at times. Nothing much that can be kept secret from Srelok. She's very proud of the effort and care he's shown to the others of the clan, though she also worries he might've given a bit too much of himself up for others. He keeps his distance now and that only adds to these worries. She misses him. Srelok is also somewhat like a father for Rhonya's cubs and those not hers that she cares for, watching over them a lot of times.

Spoiler: "Trakmar Beastbane" • show
An unlikely bloodbrother. She didn't expect this to happen, but it did, and now Rhonya is actually glad about it. Trakmar has always been a pillar for Rhonya in the clan. Albeit not always one she could lean on, but he was there through hard times and good times, a familiar face, someone with a hard outer shell but once she got to know him, she saw the softer side of him. A side he doesn't show much in public, but she's happy that he trusted her enough to show it to her in private. Also once a student, now Rhonya's tutor. What worries her now is his visible decline. He's started to mean even more to her, she does not want to lose him so soon after finally getting to know him better.

Spoiler: "Noshmarak Ironclaw" • show
Once an enemy and prisoner, now a Rrosh'tul and commander. He reminds Rhonya a little of Gridish, they both share a certain kind of humour when things are calm in camp, but can be utterly ruthless and serious when time calls for it. He's a good leader, the orcs follow him well. 

Spoiler: "Vraxxar Wildmark" • show
Rhonya has seen a lot more of Vraxxar recently, though she still feels she doesn't really know him that well. Helping him with a piece left of his past recently made her glad. He looks on his place. Varog'gor suits him, though Rhonya thinks he'll need to harden his heart a bit more to fully be able to carry what will be asked of him in his current position. He is too nice to some orcs in her eyes, not firm enough. It may come to bite him in the ass eventually.

Spoiler: "Kyrazha Throatrender" • show
Rhonya doesn't like Kyrazha very much. She still thinks Kyra is angry at her for the choices she and Sadok made a few years ago. Plus the fact Rhonya is now taking care of Kyra's and Sadoks children, which Kyrazha doesn't want anything to do with. Kyrazha acts bitter to her, often simply outright ignoring her when they do happen to run into one another. Rhonya's afraid the female will become angry when pushed too hard about these matters though, so she doesn't discuss them. Instead she just tells Trakmar about it, he knows better how to handle his mate.

Spoiler: "Atarka" • show
A strong but silent personality, as far as Rhonya has seen at least. Atar'ka comes across as intelligent, though more one to watch a while first before giving her opinion on anything. Rhonya is curious about her, what drives her, what brought her to the clan and what happened to her before she joined them? She will not push the matter though, Rhonya is patient enough to wait and observe a bit more and slowly prod Atar'ka at times for some more details, if she's willing to share them.

Spoiler: "Karnna Blackfeather" • show
Rhonya lost her trust for this female after she brought the clan in danger in several ways, plus the effort Rhonya had gone through before to have her cleansed with Light. Her warnings about the Shadow were thrown into the wind and came back to bite the entire clan in the ass, so Rhonya is certainly keeping an eye on Karnna now, not trusting her shadow magics and affinity with humans.

Spoiler: "Okiba" • show
Someone who made his way quickly in the clan, and in Rhonya's eyes a good addition. His ways are somewhat strange, but that's always been such with those taught in the ways of the pandaren. He's not scared to take up tasks himself and teach others, which Rhonya is happy about. She feels a little guilty still though that he got hurt and she couldn't mend him properly, which meant he left for quite a long time to seek help with the pandaren menders instead. Rhonya is certainly somewhat intrigued by him though and appriciates his company and advice.

Spoiler: "Narthak Strongarm" • show
A good friend, is one of the first things Rhonya thinks when she's asked about Nar'thak. She doesn't know him very well, but would love to learn more of his past and present. He's her fellow mender and she's actually really proud of him and the way he made himself useful and needed in the clan from the first day onwards. She feels she can safely let him mend the others as well, that he won't mess up. They have a pretty good teamwork going on as well when working on something together, she can do things with her shamanism that he can't do with his chi, and visa versa. He's very well on his way in the clan in her eyes, making himself trusted more and more.

Spoiler: "Razaron" • show
The most unlikely Varog'gor she's ever seen. Rhonya isn't entirely sure she trusts him in that position. But she trusts Kozgugore in not picking his Varog'gor wrongly, so she's willing to see where this is going with him. Rhonya likes Razaron, he does make her laugh and brings some well needed lighter hearted moments in the clan as well. And who knows, he might surprise her, knowing how ruthless he can also be sometimes.

Spoiler: "Tahara" • show
Rhonya hasn't spoken to this one that much yet. Somewhat standing out a little though as not your typical orc, but that's something Rhonya can admire, actually. Especially as she chose the path of Wisdom while probably everyone expected the she-orc to choose Strength. 

Spoiler: "Urzoga" • show
A tragic story, this one. Rhonya really felt for the woman when she heard what happened and how she found herself with the clan all of a sudden. Yet Rhonya isn't entirely sure what kind of support she can be for Urzoga, because the she-orc doesn't seem entirely certain herself which direction she wants to go. This makes Rhonya a bit uncertain about approaching her as well, not wanting to chase her away or make things even more complicated for Urzoga. But should she ever come to Rhonya for advice or just for a talk, she's very willing to offer a listening ear or even a shoulder to cry on.

Spoiler: "Grarshak" • show
Someone Rhon thought of pretty highly at first. He came across as knowning what he wanted, certain of his ways, those of the blademaster. But after she helped him getinto contact with Krogon, he only appeared to have lost his way all of a sudden. She kind of avoids him now a bit, he's only gotten mad at her the past times they spoke, mainly because of his very close minded view on Nakobu and how the clan treats him and his inability to see past what happened in the past. She's lost a big chunk of respect for him.

Spoiler: "Kargnar" • show
Her cousins Bloodbrother. Rhonya can't say she really knows much about Kargnar. He doesn't really strike her as the kind of orc that wishes to tell a lot about himself. To her, he kind of blends into the background, which isn't a bad thing perse, but for a Rrosh'tul, he doesn't really come across to her as a leader figure. Especially because he nearly killed another clanmember in a simple spar not too long ago, going for lethal blows and then came asking Rhonya if she could mend the dying orc. This really hit a wrong note in her eyes, even more so when he insisted one of the she-orcs was his lifemate, broke up with her the week after and got bonded with an other one not even a few weeks after that. Her respect for him has gotten quite low after those recent events, but she's willing to keep an open mind and see where he goes from here, now having his rank back again.

Spoiler: "Gaarthok" • show
So far Gaar'thok strikes Rhonya as someone she can talk to and trust to a degree. He's very interested in learning about the clan and its ways, the spirits and everything, which is a good thing in her eyes!

Spoiler: "Nakobu" • show
Her newblood. Reminds her so much of herself years ago. Starting on the wrong foot in the clan, being looked at with disgust and mistrust. She's taken him under her wing and will be there for him when needed, he's eager to learn at least!

People outside the clan:

Spoiler: "Belthran" • show
A very unlikely friend that Rhonya didn't expect would be able to get so close to her. She doesn't see him as often as she'd like, but she's fond of him. Belthran has given her some advice and insights from a very unique perspective and point of view, seeing he's a Forsaken and not part of the clan. Often he's hit the mark a bit too well for her liking, striking true on some pretty sensitive topics. He is the only Forsaken in all those years she's learned to trust, which is even more a very rare feat because he's a shadow priest, the thing Rhonya used to fear and dislike a lot.