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The Campfire / An Orc in Wolf's Clothing
April 11, 2020, 01:23:15 PM

"Please. Do not play games with me. It's belittling. I'm not stupid - I can spot a wolf in sheep's clothing when I see one -  and your claw's are showing." - Shadowmoon Farseer.

It was perfect. The swirling blue skies of Nagrand always gave Gashuk a sense of peace. Even the odd floating rocks and islands brought on by Outland's shattering had become the norm, a staple part of the landscape to be enjoyed and admired. Kosh'harg was around the corner and soon the closest thing the Clan had to a home would be littered with all the races of the Horde who travelled every year to embrace the festivities and learn of what it means to be an Orc. Now, more than ever Gashuk thought, Kosh'harg was especially important to celebrate. It brought peace, if only for a mere week or two, and peace was something that no coin could purchase.

“Ghrm, it's a pity I won't be around to enjoy it myself...”

Kosh'harg was a perfect opportunity for one to slip away unnoticed. The festival itself had a busy schedule and the crowds it brought in from Azeroth could easily mask one Orc's absence. Archery Tournaments, songs around a campfire, the fabled Challenge of the Wyvern. Who would care to miss the Orc that spends most of his time in his tent buried in a book regardless?

“No, no. Now is the time. Mustn't waste it...”

Gashuk scurried around his tent gathering what he would need. Simple linen clothing. A sharpened knife. Some herbs. It was all quite simple really as long as it went to plan. The Varog'gor had tasked him to hunt a Worg and take it's pelt for his own; to fashion it into armour suitable for the Gul'thauk and any missions that may lay ahead under the guise of a “Dark Knife”. Typically the Shadowmoon would have liked to travel to his Ancestral Lands of the Valley and hunt under it's dark thickets with the stars above him for guidance; but alas, those lands had long since been suitable for any ritual hunts far too saturated by the Fel Magicks that corrupted the Valley beyond any redemption.

“Off we go then...”

And with a parting kiss to a sleeping Rhonya, Gashuk left in the early morning quiet. He took the eastern gate and followed the winding road until it forked north-east, continuing along into the thickets aptly named Windyreed Pass through into the Marshlands. Did Zangarmarsh always smell this foul? Signage pointed him in the direction of the Forests, dimly lit and ominous as always. Only the sight of Shattrath overseeing the land like a protective titan brought the Orc some sense of comfort but he knew that wouldn't last.

“Star's guide me, Black Fur protect me...”

Tearing from the safety of the roads, dashing into the wilds, stalking like a savage. Teromoths, Spiders, Basilisks thought to be able to turn you to stone with a single gaze. Terrokar was certainly no Kosh'harg picnic. Yet as the hours slipped by and the already darkened forests turned darker, the prey became more active. Wolves.

“Easy does it Bloodmoon...”

Gashuk's plan was simple. Any Orc could hunt and skin a Wolf. He wanted more. He wanted to understand how the Worg's ticked, how they hunted and how they protected one another. The Gul'thauk follow three essential virtues; Devotion, Protection and Subtlety. Each of these tenants were mirrored in the way the Wolf lives. To understand this, Gashuk thought the only course of action was to become one. Simple.

“Here wolfie wolfie wolfie...”

The transfiguration was less simple. To become one of the Pack, Gashuk had to replace one of the Pack. He needed to mimic not only their appearance, but their scent and pheromones. He had to make his ritual kill first, and then take the time needed to learn from the Pack, and so he waited. He waited until the moon was at it's highest and even the spiders had scurried to their rest and found his target. A Pack always has an odd one out. One who sleeps alone, one who gets the left-overs and dry-bone after a hunt. Nature is cruel in that way, but tonight, Gashuk was going to be crueller. He taunted the runt to rouse from his slumber and sent out a probing incantation to calm the beast from any potential rage, clouding it's mind in hypnosis. Closer and closer the Worg walked towards it's death, transfixed by the Sorcerer's magic until a knife found it's way into the runt's throat.


The wolf pelt and the heart. That was all the Sorcerer needed to take upon the wolf-shape. The ritual would not be pretty, but then again, rarely was anything pretty when blood-magic was involved. Perhaps this is what the Varog'gor of old did to become true Wolf Claws. He skinned the beast whole, through the early hours as carefully as he could, gutted and removed the warm now-still heart from it's chamber, and discarded the rest of the carcass for the wilds to consume. It was time. Gashuk stripped himself as bare as when he was born, tore a chunk of meaty sacrificial heart, staining his beard with blood  and consumed the worg's essence. In a daze he chanted his incantation praying to Shar'guul for his blessing and clambered onto all fours. He placed his arms into the wolf's forelegs and his legs into the hind before placing the bloodied snout upon his brow. As he incanted agony struck. The pelt begun to take life contorting Gashuk's orcish form into it's own, binding and stitching itself up at the back as limb by limb the Orc transformed until he inevitably passed out.

An Orc in Wolf's Clothing.
Off Topic / Re: Reminiscing!
August 07, 2019, 05:31:49 PM
Morgeth is scary. :(
Gashuk Bloodmoon

Self View:

Gashuk prides himself two things; his resourceful ability to empower himself via any mystical means that he puts his mind to, and his loyalty to his family and Clan. He has always wore the mantle of being an Orc that occasionally does the wrong things, but always for the right reasons, and that still resonates to this day.

Gashuk is very sure of himself. Some may see that as cockiness better suited to a younger Orc, but the old Sorcerer has experience on his side. He doesn't often place faith in anything that he cannot control and that has proven fruitful throughout his life.

Gashuk is fully aware of his faults. He has spent the majority of his life indebted to the Fel Magicks that powered him - and that dedication has left it's mark. He has an almost palpable power vacuum inside of him, a physical and mental disorder to always be strong - an addiction.

It's thanks to the Clan's acceptance, and Rhonya's love, that he has found ways to sate that addiction without using the powers that most Orc's shun.

View of Others:

Rhonya Steelheart
Spoiler: show
Rhonya is the love of Gashuk's life. The She-Wolf that keeps him on the straight and narrow whilst supporting him, and accepting his faults. He has always loved her, from the first moment they met in Garadar all those moons ago, and now they have a life together. Gashuk only wishes that he had more time to spend with her and will do anything within his power to ensure that he makes the most of the time has has.

Kozgugore Feraleye
Spoiler: show
Kozgugore is a sly old Wolf and that doesn't go amiss with Gashuk. He has alot of respect for the Wolf-King and does not envy the responsibility that he has to shoulder. Yet he does wish that the Chieftain had a more active role in the day-to-day life of the Clan.

Kogra Windwatcher
Spoiler: show
Gashuk considers Kogra to be that of a sister; a She Orc that he respects, loves and continues to support as she travels her own journey. She may be a Thur'ruk "Elder" to most, but Gashuk still sees the young, inexperienced Farseer-to-be and Gashuk intends to watch her flourish further.

Srelok Grimtide
Spoiler: show
As the Cousin of his beloved; Gashuk has a strong friendship with Srelok born from their mutual adoration of Rhonya. He may be a grumpy old peg-leg, but Gashuk knows that Srelok has the spirit of a Wolf inside him and is capable of greatness.

Trakmar Beastbane
Spoiler: show
Gashuk and Trakmar have a very unique relationship. Some could call them frienemies, some could call them out-right foes. Gashuk doesn't really see it either way. Whilst their paths may clash substantially, they both want what is best for the Clan and deepdown, Gashuk believes they both know that.

Nosh'marak Ironclaw
Spoiler: show
Nosh'marak is the future of the Red Blade Clan. Gashuk sees his strength and believes that the Rrosh'tul is a firm, but fair, leader that the Clan is in desperate need of whilst the Chieftain is absent. Gashuk would follow Ironclaw's word with no hesitation.

Vraxxar Wildmark
Spoiler: show
Gashuk is extremely fond of Wildmark. The Orc is kin to him. They have never truly disagreed or argued and continue to rely on each other's guile. As Varog'gor, Gashuk hopes that Vraxxar will remain true to himself, as ultimately, that is what got him the honour in the first place.

Kyrazha Throatrender
Spoiler: show
Gashuk and Kyrazha are not the closest. Kyrazha is an oddity unto herself; but her dedication to the Clan is unquestioned. It's through that, that Gashuk and her rub shoulders to continue to protect those that they care about.

Karnna Blackfeather
Spoiler: show
Blackfeather is an Orc that Gashuk does not entirely trust. He can often sense the black magic that she channels but has never had a real discussion with her about it. As a result, Gashuk wearily keeps his eye on her to this day.

Okiba Spearbreaker
Spoiler: show
Okiba is another Orc who Gashuk believes is the future of Clan Redblade's hierarchy. The Orc may have had a background steeped in the Kor'kron, but he has since made every effort to progress forward past that. Gashuk respects Okiba's reverence of Pandaren Culture and expects great things from him.

Nar'thak Strongarm
Spoiler: show
Gashuk enjoys Nar'thak's company; believing the Orc to have a very wise head on his shoulders. Nar'thak is reliable, honest, understanding and a credit to the Clan in Gashuk's eyes.

Razaron Madeye
Spoiler: show
Gashuk has always appreciated Razaron's presence. As a strong Shaman who also has ties to Blood Magic from his Bleeding Hollow culture. In more recent times, Madeye has grown into a more pivotal role in Gashuk's life as the Varog'gor who discovered the Spirit Shar'guul and helped introduce Him into the Clan. Through Shar'guul and Razaron, the Path of Cunning has been brought back from the dead and Gashuk finally has his home again.

Kargnar Bloodpaw
Spoiler: show
Gashuk views Kargnar with respect. After all, Kargnar is one of the two Rrosh'tul. Yet Gashuk does think Kargnar is a little soft - He secretly wishes that the Orc would strengthen his resolve against the Nag'ogar that question him.

Spoiler: show
Nakobu is an oddity; Gashuk has absolutely nothing against the powers that he wields, but he does often come at odds with the Orc's ties to draenic culture. He knows that the Orc feels very fondly of Skint; and appreciates the steps that he has taken to attempt to safe-guard her, but does genuinely believe the plans that he has put into motion are utterly fruitless. What will be, will be.

Zul'garr Firefist
Spoiler: show
An echo of Mal'garr; yet entirely different. He shares his kin's sharp tongue, but has no reliance on the Fel Magic that Mal'garr was crippled by. He is yet unsure of his real intentions regarding the Clan, and that troubles him, but whilst he develops alongside the Clan, Gashuk will keep supporting him with friendly insults and banter. Oh, and he is totally a closet Shaman. Gashuk has no doubts that the "Lady" that he worships is some form of Elemental Water Spirit.

Spoiler: show
Gashuk's first student since becoming Oathbound once more. Gashuk is still on a journey to discover much about her, as the pale skinned Orc is quite the enigma, but nevertheless, Gashuk has a fondness for her. He knows of her pact with the Loa of Death and does not fear the Magic she wields as a result; but he does believe that she should honour the pact made, irregardless of the foul results. Perhaps one day, she will learn to accept that fate.

Zi'tani Steelstorm
Spoiler: show
A promising Newblood. A strong Shaman. Gashuk has no real opinion of Zi'tani, but is more than willing to develop one. Her involvement in the bloodmoon ritual has shone a bright light on her; definitely an Orcess to watch grow.

Spoiler: show
Another promising addition to the Clan; despite her difficulties, Gashuk believes Tahara has a strong character and hopes she has the perseverance to continue to develop herself with the Clan's support.

Spoiler: show
A third promising addition to the Clan. She may come across as quiet and shy; but Gashuk has seen her on the field of battle and knows that occasionally it's the quiet ones you have to look out for.

If I have missed you, feel free to poke me.
The Campfire / Re: Welcome to the jungle!
November 30, 2018, 09:06:36 PM
GASP! Srelok is going to Nazmir before Gashuk gets there. Bring me back a baby Crawg please!
The Campfire / Re: [Story] Soldier
November 20, 2018, 01:52:17 PM
Quote from: Okiba on November 18, 2018, 11:26:20 PM
In every direction a shape that used to be a Tauren, a Dwarf or a Duman was falling, gargling on their own lungs, flesh turning green and departing from bone.

Whut is a Duman? :o

The Campfire / Re: [Story] Soldier
November 08, 2018, 03:51:22 PM

Pinned to the Clan Redblade noticeboard, wherever they may be, reads the following;

The Code of Clan Redblade regarding Warlockry and the Fel

Application of Fel

Orcs may not;

- Steal the soul of either friend or foe.
- Prematurely age either friend or foe.
- Drain life to sustain oneself from an unwilling party.
- Dishonour the Wilds by corrupting it with Fel saturation.
- May not hunt using Fel Magic as the means to kill.
- Counteract their own death via the means of a Soulstone.

Orcs must;

- Take extreme care when practicing Fel Magic of any kind and only do so under the circumstances suitable.
- Be subject to dishonourable execution if required.
- Be subject to review by an Elder if seen to be acting out of the ordinary.

Orcs may;

- Study Fel Magic in theory in public.
- Draw pentagrams and perform other methods of practice without evoking them.
- Wear items of clothing and use weaponry of an enchanted Fel nature without repercussion.

Application of Demonology

Orcs may not;

- Worship Demons or submit themselves to them or their magic and practices.
- Attempt to summon or bind Greater Demons such as Annihilan, Nathrezim or Man’ari.
- Summon or commune with any Demon outside of the field of battle.
- Rely on a Demon for transport or support outside of the field of battle.
- Create nor use an infernal stone under any circumstances.

Orcs may;

- Prepare rituals and cantrips to aid the process of summoning on the field of battle beforehand.
- Summon Demons under the supervision of an Elder for demonstrative purposes outside of the field of battle.
- Only summon and control the following list of Demons and their variations; Imps, Felhounds, Succubi, Voidwalkers, Observers, Felguard and Doomguard.
- Expect others of the Clan to -not- harm, or impede their summoned Demons unless said Demon acts outside of the Code.

Application of Entropic Felfire

Orcs may not;

- Apply entropic fel-fire on anyone other than a foe of the Clan.
- Create excessive infernos of fel-fire that become out of control.
- Light a hearth or bonfire with fel-fire.
- Burn trees, grass-plains, jungles or forests with fel-fire.

Orcs must;

- Direct and control fel-fire upon an enemy on the field of battle.
- Immediately extinguish fel-fire once the enemy is defeated.

Application of Curses

Orcs may not;

- Curse anyone who has pledged allegiance to the Horde.
- Apply Curses of unnecessary pro-longed inhumane pain.
- Apply Curses as a method of torture.

Orcs may;

-Apply Curses on the field of battle to debilitate and harm enemies of the Clan.
Off Topic / Re: Last Post Wins: Revengeance
February 03, 2018, 05:51:59 PM
Rhonya: She's thicc.

The Campfire / Re: [Letter] Clan!
February 01, 2018, 07:26:30 PM
Omnom Sausages. Good to hear from the ol'Monk!
The Campfire / Power: Big things, small packages.
January 25, 2018, 05:38:00 PM
"Power without abuse loses it's charm". - Acolyte of the Black Harvest

Wrapped tightly in linen, linen warded with runes written in dark orcish blood, tucked tightly inside of the Shadowmoon's ritual robes lay two shards of ore. To the blind eye the ore was nothing special. It shone in the light slightly more than usual, but had nothing out of the ordinary about it aesthetically. Yet this ore was certainly nothing to ignore. Even those with barely any affinity to magic could sense the energy emitting from it. It shone in more ways than one and the warded linen helped dim that from outsiders.

Gashuk, through no efforts of his own, had managed to acquire two shards of the ore in a matter of a week. The first had come from Karnna, a pilfering Nag'ogar with enough curiosity to kill a hundred cats. Picked from the Horde caravan that the Clan had been protecting when they were ambushed by the Alliance earlier that week. The second had come from Zouyo Rainclaw; a wandering Pandaren who returned from the deep south unconscious on the back of his Cloud Serpent; poisoned by the Alliance, clutching his shard tightly in his paw. Gashuk had simply been in the right place at the right time.

At first, in fear of the political repercussions, Gashuk had sought out the Chieftain, Wolfking Feraleye, and explained the situation and what he had found. The Chieftain had given him mandate to continue to study the ore and present his findings. Something Gashuk honestly hadn't expected given his current social status. It did dawn on him however that none left in the Clan had the ability to analyse what they had found aside from him, but the trust meant a lot regardless. The energies the ore emitted were not spiritual, they had no ties to any particular element, this was definitely not work for a Shaman. Gashuk, the Pariah, was the best the Clan had.

Almost immediately Gashuk went to work. His nights laying with Rhonya under the stars turned into nights experimenting with the ore into the early hours. He had deduced a few innate properties; firstly, the energy it emitted was definitely arcane in nature. The fear many had given it's location, is that the ore may have been a product of the mountainous sword that pierced Silithus. If it had been, it would have been cosmically fel without doubt. The name was rarely mentioned, but everyone knew who they saw in the sky; Sargeras, and nothing He created would be anything but. Secondly, Gashuk deduced that the ore was a-kin to blood in it's meta-properties. The way it held energy, the way that energy could be manipulated and tapped into. It felt very much like other blood weaving that the Ritualist had done in the past which for something as physical as ore, was an odd thing to attribute towards it.

Yet this wasn't the first time something as solid as stone had turned out to be blood. Rhonya had drawn the comparison to Saronite. An ore found in the reaches of Northrend, an ore that had turned those who mined it insane with crazed whispers. The blood of an Old God.

The comparison was well made; yet Gashuk's concern wasn't that the ore could be blood, but more that if it was, whose blood was it? That had yet to be answered.

Nevertheless, Gashuk continued to pry into the meta-physical nature of the ore, his notes growing ever so messy and disjointed as he got closer and closer to a discovery only to fall flat with pure assumption over any sound conclusion. It was important to get this right. After all, twice now, had the Alliance split blood over it. Twice now, had people he held dear, nearly lost their lives. Yet the closer Gashuk got to an answer, the more personal the quest became.

A long time ago when the Clan was still a Tribe, Gashuk had made a promise to himself. In the wake of the Siege upon Orgrimmar. In the presence of his new-found family, the Red Blades, he had promised to relinquish using Fel Magic, a promise that he found himself unable to keep. Years of dabbling in that Magic had it's toll. Sacrifice, life, fuelled it and Gashuk had made many sacrifices. It was innately corruptive and whilst Gashuk had the willpower to fight against it; his skin, like the rest of his race, had turned green and the Orc was rendered infertile by his continuous flirting with the Fel. Hailing back to his ritualistic roots; the Orc regularly casted his spellcraft with his own blood spilt as the catalyst and that over many years had it's toll. He may not have protruding horns or scaled hide, but Gashuk, was about as disfigured by the Fel as you could be, without falling into it's metamorphosis.

Gashuk decided then that enough was enough; he had first turned to the Spirits. Whilst they may never see eye-to-eye, Gashuk still remained faithful to them deep down. In his eyes they had been the reason he turned to Fel in the first place, perhaps they would be able to help him turn away from it. It worked, for a while, but it became apparent over time that the solution wasn't permanent. One of the consequences of using Fel for so long is that once abandoned, it left a power vacuum within Gashuk's psyche. The Spirits, ever fickle, filled that vacuum like a broken tap; dripping water into a sink that yearned to be filled to the brim. It had potential of course, the Spirits could if they so pleased empower a Shaman into realms of almost god-like nature, but such occurrences were rare and out of the Shaman's immediate control. As a result Gashuk felt de-powered by them. He found himself at the time surrounded by the alternate Shadowmoon Clan of Draenor and felt engulfed by their culture; one so close to his youth, yet so different. The Void was their tool and in time Gashuk learnt to associate that Void with the Spirits; in essence, by using the Void, he fixed the dripping tap and had the water flowing into the sink at a much faster rate. It was the Tribe that taught him how wrong he was by doing so, how close that was to Dark Shamanism and for the ever full of himself Orc, he eventually took their advice to heart and swore never to meddle with the Spirits in such a fashion again.

Then came the Burning Legion. Assaulting Azeroth on a scale never before seen. It was all too easy, and all too required of him, for Gashuk to fall back into his old habits. Fight fire with fire. And he did so, throughout the War since won, that blaze was extingushed; the Legion fell, and once again Gashuk is in a position to fill the power vacuum left behind when he consciously shuns the Magic that made him who he is.

To Gashuk, the shards of ore in front of him didn't just represent power for the Horde or the Alliance; but for himself. It represented freedom. It represented a future for him with Rhonya, a future without the shadow of his past hanging over him. A future without Fel. A big thing, in a very small package, if only he could learn what it really was.

He had enough rest in the Soulstone; it was time to go to work.
The Campfire / Re: The Life of a Pariah
January 23, 2018, 01:39:01 PM
Hi Dekuul!

I suppose it does require some background reading to understand fully; but such is the nature of stories that dive in and out of actual ingame events!

Put simply, Gashuk died on the Broken Shore yet had a counter-measure in place. A Soulstone that he had portioned some of his Spirit away into prior. That Soulstone found it's way to Rhonya through some orchestration and Gashuk eventually reached out to her through it. They communed for some time before deciding to try and perform the ritual required to bring Gashuk back to life, and Rhonya managed to get Kogra involved to aid. The ritual itself was a success, but naturally, the Clan was none too happy about the unnatural process and it's affront to the Spirits. As a result, all three of them were punished in different ways to make up for their actions!

I hope that answers your questions, but if you do have anything further to ask, feel free!
The Campfire / Divination: Ripped Sky
January 17, 2018, 12:10:47 AM
"Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.” - Shadowmoon Starcaller

Being an outcast had it's benefits. Solitude was easy enough to come by and none bar his mate-to-be ever came to find and bother him. Gashuk enjoyed that; the shadow cast by his hooded shape was enough to turn anyone's head away from him, he could come and go as he pleased and was rarely approached. It was lonely at times, but he had Rhonya to turn to and she was more than enough for him. Days had been spent around the Crossroads, the bustling town had come a long way since the Legion had first invaded and besieged it. If anything War did bring commerce. Partially destroyed buildings had to be rebuilt and the Crossroads held all the travellers who wanted to lend a hand throughout the Barrens. Plainswind, the Tauren who owned the Inn, must have made a fortune. Well deserved too, after all the locals had been through. The nights were spent outside of the town; Gashuk and Rhonya had found an enclave across a mountain-face to the west, the area was close enough to the town to be rarely frequented by wildlife, but far enough to away to be undisturbed should anyone feel the need to seek the pair out; something that never happened.

Peace came easily now. Gashuk's mind was at ease at long last. Even the prophecy of Akashok hadn't perturbed the Shadowmoon, although he knew Rhonya was anxious about it. "When the currents have changed course and the skies have turned blue, the heart of one close to your own will cease to beat by your own hand. It shall be then, that the debt of life shall be considered repaid in full." -  the words echoed in his head as Rhonya repeated the Patron Spirit's judgement. It was a clear portent; the Spirits were warning that Rhonya would have to kill someone close to her in reparation of what she did to bring Gashuk back. Eye for an eye. Gashuk knew that part of Shamanism particularly well, in some respects it showed their parallel to the Fel. Sacrifice bought power, no matter the source, but Gashuk also knew that the Shaman of the Clan would never see things that way. There was no use causing more distrust and anger by pressing the point either.

As a Shadowmoon, Gashuk was brought up gazing at the stars. His Clan was deeply spiritual, known as the most peaceful amongst all the Clans on Draenor and their Shamanism was deeply ingrained into their culture. They even created the festival Kosh'harg which is honoured still to this day as a time of peace and prosperity. Astrology was a key factor to their faith; they believed that they could glean the future from stellar movements and Gashuk's youth was full of recording the patterns of the stars and interpreting them. Now he had a time of peace, he enjoyed having the time to properly return to that craft.

Through the Stars, Gashuk saw an alternative to what Akashok had said. Gashuk saw all the possible alternatives. After all the Stars were not a book with ink-stained upon the pages to be read, but ever changing with every night sky that gave them birth. Gashuk knew that terms such as fate, prophecy and destiny were fluid. As a Warlock who had defied death he knew more than most that his life was in his own hands, as was Rhonya's. No fickle Spirit could change that.

It was the Stars that Gashuk looked to now. Rhonya was out with the Clan and the sky was free of the pollution of daylight; it was a perfect night to scry them, to track the constellations and divine their nature. He started by finding a suitable spot to sit and from within his robes drew a scroll used to mark the movements he was looking for. He shut his eyes and allowed himself to breath deeply, inward then outward, regulating his heartbeat as a Monk would whilst meditating and after a few moments opened his eyes with his head pointing towards the night's sky; the image was fresh, the stars burnt bright and left impressions in Gashuk's mind. It was like a tapestry woven to perfection and was absolutely breathtaking.

Gashuk quickly found the constellations he tracked; one called the Lady, or occasionally, the Lover. A cluster of stars that changes with each night but always remains in the rough figure of an hour-glass shape with a smaller cluster of stars within it; representing the heart. They had moved somewhat but remained on the right course, a smile crept to his lips as he saw that; it meant a lot to him. Hours passed as he continued to track and note the movement of the stars, and inevitably he slowly drifted to a slumber; one full of vision and fortune.

As he slept, Argus continued to shade the sky with a green-hue above him; a bad omen to most, but Gashuk had paid it no heed. He could feel the rift even now as he slept, pulsing behind him with immense energy. The nature of the rift taught Gashuk that Argus was not truly in the sky he read, but was merely an image of the planet much, much further away connected to Azeroth through a portal of such powerful magic surely only a titan would be capable of it, yet nevertheless it was understandable in theory at the very least.

Suddenly the green was replaced with red; Gashuk woke with a start and spun around, his scroll flying to the side as he re-focused his gaze on the rift containing the fel-ridden planet. It was closing. The power radiating from the rift was immeasurable, Argus' green had been completely overpowered by the deep red of a figure; a figure so titanic that Gashuk could make out details of the features of his face, and the image burned itself into his eyes. His heart knew who this was, but his head couldn't compute it. It felt so real but this had to be a vision granted by the Stars. Gashuk watched in utter terror for what seemed like hours; the figure was being pulled back, defeated but had a look of pure defiance on his face. A sword the size of a mountain, no even bigger, was grasped in his hand and he plunged with it - From Gashuk's perspective, it looked as if the sword was coming directly for him, but it missed. As it struck into the planet he felt a cataclysmic quake and as the figure was finally dragged away and the rift slammed shut on itself, the Shadowmoon Orc passed out and the sky was left as black as ink with no Argus to be seen.

The stars screamed in agony as the sky was ripped apart and no one was there to hear them.
The Campfire / The Life of a Pariah
January 13, 2018, 03:41:27 PM
"Forbidden love is always the strongest".

It had been over a week since he had returned. A long eventful week that shook the very foundations of the Clan. Blood-oaths had been absolved, honour had been stripped and yet amongst all of the strife; love had blossomed. Shadowmoon Valley suddenly felt like a very long time ago.

At first Gashuk had been confused. The Soulstone had rendered his Spirit incomplete and that had temporarily affected his memory. Three Orcs stood around him but he knew none of them. Each of them wary, each of them suspicious. At first all Gashuk had wanted was his Mother and Father, his inner child screaming out, but it became apparent that they were not coming. With each aching minute his brain felt assaulted by memories flooding back in, years of his life that whilst lived, felt as if they hadn't happened. Not to him at least. He became angry and lashed out at one of the Orcs; the male one. Peering at the night sky of his homeland Gashuk ripped energy from the stars, from the Nether beyond them, and knocked him clean out. It was like second nature. Yet nothing about him felt natural. His hands were aged, scarred and green. His reflection was not one that he recognised but deep down, he knew it was him. The two females had pleaded, begged with him, one in particular tried to get him to remember her, but the pain was too much. He knew everything, but at the same time, knew nothing.

All of a sudden something clicked. Gashuk started to list names. Orcs he couldn't picture the faces of, but Orcs he knew that he cared for. It felt like literal word-vomit and with every name uttered, he felt some relief. Eventually the pain started to subside and he finally recognised the Orcs in front of him. Steelheart, Windwatcher, the Son of Knulk. His Family.

He felt guilty for that now. Sarguk didn't deserve to be blasted aside like a ragdoll, and quite frankly, Gashuk felt the apology he gave him wasn't really accepted. The Blackrock had kept his distance since returning to Orgimmar, likely planning his next steps as he always did. It wasn't truly his fault though; Gashuk had warned them that he may be disorientated when he came back. In truth, Gashuk hadn't really known what the consequences might have been. It was lucky to have gone as smooth as it did. Especially when nothing at all had gone smoothly since.

He hadn't expected his return to the Clan to be easy. He expected the funny looks, the poisonous remarks. After all, quite a few of the Orcs hadn't even liked him beforehand, so why would they now? Trakmar, Groshnok, Nosh'marak. None of them ever appreciated having a Warlock in their midst anyway and now he was even more of an abomination in their eyes. He had however expected them to be more forgiving towards his accomplices. Both of them were Shaman that had contributed more to the Clan's well-being than any other, but even they felt the sting of disapproval from Orcs who had once relied on them to save their lives on multiple occasions. The fact that he had created that distrust pained Gashuk, but what had been done, was done.

The trial was ruthless. Surrounded by an angry biased jury of his kin. Out of the three of them, Kogra had got off lightly with only a slap on the wrist and an order to repent to the Spirits. Gashuk himself got exactly what he had expected; a life of a Pariah. Yet Rhonya had it worse. Not only was she stripped of title and honour, but she had her blood-brother publicly humiliate her by cutting all ties and absolving their blood-bond. Kozgugore had struck her where he knew it would hurt and whilst Gashuk had every intention to boil the Wolfking's blood from within for his actions, he had refrained from doing so. What good would it have done?

Since the Trial, he kept himself to himself. Kozgugore had tried to punish Rhonya for choosing Gashuk over him, but all he had done is push them closer together. The only Orc he found himself spending anytime with was his blood-sister; and after a long time of soft forget-me-nots, the pair finally started to show some affection to one another. A development of their relationship that had started long before Gashuk died, and had only grown stronger as they spoke through the power of the Soulstone.

Rhonya and Gashuk had a complicated relationship. They had known each other for years; both saved the other's life, and whilst one was a Shaman and the other a Warlock, they had more in common than any could imagine, they had a fondness for each other that couldn't be questioned and over time, stargazing long into the night until they fell asleep in each other's arms, that fondness was found to be love.

Quick kisses turned to passionate ones. Gazing at the stars transitioned into gazing into each other's eyes. Evenings asleep in each other's arms became evenings doing anything but sleeping.

The Clan wouldn't see eye-to-eye with the pair, they both knew that. There would be more arguments to come, more poisonous looks and whispered curses. Gashuk was condemned to the life of a Pariah, and some within the Clan felt obliged to remind him of that at every opportunity, yet oddly he had never felt more content and accepted in his entire life. He had Rhonya to thank for that.
Through the power of social media, I can confirm Krogon's consent! With a reminder that Krogon's deepest tenant regarded duty and serving the clan above all, rather than personal honour or glory.

So go ahead!

Also he is back in May, not April. :)
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In addition to what Rhonya has said, it's worth noting that Krogon the character sadly passed away during Warlords of Draenor. So that may be worth taking into consideration if you wanted a teacher/student relationship with him.