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The Campfire / Into the Wilds.
May 02, 2018, 09:36:18 PM

Everything packed and leaving in a hurry, Vraxxar rode Nighthowl to the forest. Once by the border, he halted and climbed off.
It was still dark, the calm night after the large battle with the centaur. Nighthowl looked at Vraxxar, clearly not liking his decision. But when he was free from bags and straps, he ran back to Crossroads, leaving the orc.
Vraxxar took a deep breath as he looked into the forest, and started to walk.

The sun was finally peeking through the leaves and branches as Vraxxar walked on. Luckly he had scouted ahead a few days past to know where to walk, and the location. The only difficult part is to make sure the elves didn't know he was there, something in his opinion was a challange itself.

Several hours past by as Vraxxar slithered his way through the vast forest, dodging animals and elf patrols, until he reached his destination.
He quickly started to prepare himself. Hung his bags up in a tree together with his armour and weapons, made a fire and sacrificed a deer to Kavara to bless his hunt.
And then came the hunt..

Another hour went by and no prey yet. Using bushes and trees, Vraxxar had been watching a wolfpack not far from where he made his own camp. The lair of the wolves had them sleep close to eachother. Not surprising considering the other packs around them.
However, there was one bed that stood out, because it was always empty. Yet there were signs of something sleeping there.

More time past, and the darkness had fallen again. Not gotten a sleep for many hours, Vraxxar was now getting tired. A dangerous thing when being this close to the wolves, and he knew this. So he started to make his way back to his own camp, covering his tracks as he did.

Halfway there, Vraxxar stopped. A smell. He lowered himself and looked around. It was the smell of blood.
He quickly made it to a nearby bush and waited, scanning his surroundings. Only a few seconds later, a wolf, smaller than the others, passed by where he walked earlier. It stopped where he stood earlier, and sniffed. A chill went up Vraxxar's spine, longing for his blades. But no, this was a fight where only fang and claw was to be used. He tensed up as he watched the wolf, who now looked up. Blood around it's maw as it looked around, clearly looking for the orc.

Vraxxar pounced, hands stretched out and ready to bite the wolf's neck. But to his surprise, the wolf swiftly dodged away, and then pounced him. Both fell to the ground and the wolf stood on the orc. Before the wolf could attack, Vraxxar shoved it away and the wolf tumbled to the ground  and quickly got up again. Now both were staring at eachother with some distance away, waiting for the other to strike.
Suddenly, when Vraxxar was looking into the wolf's eyes, a strange feeling came to him. He felt as if several memories rushed into his head. Memories not his own. He felt as if he knew the wolf, and the wolf knew him. He shook his head and looked at the wolf again. The wolf made another pounce, and the fight was back on.

Bites, claws, leaps and punches were exchanged as the fight went on. With each blow both got slower, with each wound both got weaker.
The fight had gone on for a while when a pause came. Again they were looking at eachother. It was an even fight, and anyone could win. Someone will fall, and the other will saviour the victory.
With heavy breathing they watched eachother, Vraxxar tried to think of another way to end this. The wolf started to circle Vraxxar. With a wounded leg it walked, knowing it couldn't leap at him again. Vraxxar, with a wounded arm, knew he couldn't make a frontal attack.

The wolf kept circling the orc. Vraxxar finally came up with an idea, and kneeled down. He grabbed a nearby branch, and the wolf stopped. Stared intently at Vraxxar, the wolf tensed up.
Vraxxar threw the branch and the wolf barely dodged it. However, Vraxxar leapt afterwards and crashed into the wolf. They both struggled and blows were again being shared. Vraxxar kneed the wolf in the ribs and it yelped out, and then he went to bite it's neck. His teeth dug deep into the wolf's throat as blood gushed out. The wolf thrashed as hard as it could.

After a short time, the wolf stopped. Still breathing, but no energy to fight anymore. Vraxxar released the bite and stood on his knees, breathing heavy. He wrapped his good arm around the wolf's neck, and with a quiet whisper to Kavara, he snapped the neck. And it was all finally over.
Suddenly, the winds picked up. The tress and bushes rustled loudly, the sound almost deafening.
Vraxxar peered up at the tree tops and around him, feeling an odd warmth stroking against him. As if something walked close to him. And he then felt a certain acomplishment.

He picked up the wolf and made his way back to the camp. Every step and breath created a new wave of pain. And when finally there, he bandaged himself before he started to skin the wolf and make his way back home.
The Campfire / The Call.
November 14, 2017, 09:15:53 PM
"Fall back! Fall back! Leave the wounded!"

The sergeant is panicking. The demons overwhelmed the soldiers and he went silent, up until it was too late..
"Fall back to the main bulk!"
An easy scouting had turned wrong. The demons had caught the plan and attacked before the small group was ready.

"Hey! Wait up! Hel-..."
The shouting turned into gurgling as the grunt caught a spear through the neck. No one tried to help him, or help anyone. Everyone ran in fear towards the camp.
Behind them they could hear the felhounds chasing them. The felguards running close behind. And feel the heat from the eredars fel magic passing them.
Body after body fell, and trampled by their own brothers in arms.

The demons closed in, the soldiers got tired, and soon they were trapped in a dead-end. And in union, all the eredar flung the spells at once, until the screams died out and the rest left for the hounds.

Every night since, nightmare after nightmare, Vraxxar wakes up in sweat. Haunting memories coming back to him after the sun sets, and moon and stars lights the dark.

At least here among the mountains and snow, he's home and safe.
The sun still on the horizon and coming up when there's footsteps behind him.

"Another nightmare."
The old man said plainly as he approached.

"Yes.. The one about the scouting mission again."

The fire dies out slightly just as the shaman sits down next to Nightholw, who still sleeps next to the fire. Vraxxar puts on more wood, trying to save the fire before it dies completely.

"Don't mind the fire. There's reports of dwarves moving in the area, better be cautious."

"Then why are you here? If the dwarves catches you.."

"They won't catch me, or you." The shaman interuppted.
The old shaman eyed Vraxxar a while before turning his gaze to the fire.

"Why are you here?"

"You know why. We need someone to watch the area here, just like the Stormpikes does. Not that I think anyone will do anything."

"No. Why are you here in Alterac?"

Vraxxar stayed silent a while, pondering his answer.
"I can't go back to the Broken Isles, you know that. Even if I wanted to. And Orgrimmar hasn't felt the same ever since Hellscream. Here is the only place I can be."

The shaman raised his eyes to the other orc, then stood up and looked over the view. Seeing mostly trees, snow and a thin path.
"There is one place that is home for you. I can feel it when you speak about them."

Vraxxar looked the old orc. Time had not been kind to him. White hair, the little he had left. His knee getting worse and worse with the passing winter.
"That place is gone. They're all dead. Why else would the link between me and them not work? Why else have I not heard a call for battle from them when the Legion came?"

The old orc finally turned towards Vraxxar, staring him straight in the eye. Then hands him a folded note.
Vraxxar slowly grabs it, and the shaman slowly walks away in complete silence. A sudden wind flies up, ruffling the leaves on the trees and the loose snow whirls up.
Vraxxar shields his eyes for a moment and then glances towards the shaman a final time.
Nothing. Not even footprints.

"Clever bastard." Vraxxar thought, knowing what he did. In a single strong wind, every footprint had been swept away and the fire completely killed. Even waking up Nighthowl from his heavy sleeping.
He looks back to the note and opens it, reading it quickly. He can't help but the grin slightly, but it dies fast.
He settles down on the ground again, and Nighthowl walks up to him to lie down next to him.
The spirit link was broken, he hadn't heard a thing about the others in a long time.
And now this. A call.
Out of nowhere there are signs from the tribe.
Vraxxar quickly packs up, and without a warning to the village, he leaves.
The Campfire / Free
March 01, 2016, 09:16:36 PM
I slowly woke up, still in pain. It never stops. I wonder where I am, all I see is darkness, as always. I don't even know if it's the room that's dark, or I'm wearing a blindfold.... or if I'm blind...
I don't know where I am. I don't know what day it is... How long have I been here? Weeks? Months?.... Years?..

So far I've counted five of them, but no names. Possibly so I won't know who they are.. But what are they afraid of? Me escaping? The thought is to distant...
No! No! I can't think like that! I still breathe, I can still get away! I have to find the others!
The others... The tribe. How long have been away from them? Do they know about me being here?... Are the looking for me?... Maybe they think I'm dead...

Vanara. Srelok. Kargnar. Rhonya. Shit I even miss Siyah'gosh.
I can't even be sure that they're alive... I have find them... warn them...

The pain never stops. And I can't move.. How will I do this?
Maybe if I...Hrrgh!... No... that didn't work.
Wait...that smell. Yeah I know that smell... roasted boar...but where am I?
And why are we traveling all the time?

At least they feed me. So they want me alive. But why the torturing? What are they looking for?
..When aren't fel-users looking something...
So many questions and no answers. And I can't get any here.

..That sound. We're moving again..

"Time to move slave!
Stop making such fuss! You'll just make it worse!
Hrgh! Raah!"


I did it... I killed him... But not a silent one. I need to run!
Grah! My legs.. Every step makes the pain worse.
I have to move, just keep breathing.
The light! Hurts my eyes. I can barely see! But I can see that..


Another dead.. Lucky me the camp wasn't big.. But where am I?

More important.. The tribe..
Red Blade Records / Vraxxar Wildmark
April 25, 2015, 05:55:25 PM

Name: Vraxxar Wildmark
Alias: Vraxxar.
Rank: Varog'Gor.

Age: 50
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Clan: Frostwolf Clan
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Lawful neutral

Family: Tahara Beastgrin (Blood-Daughter) Zonk Ogrebane (Father, deceased). Nakla Icewind (Mother). Grom'Dur Frostwall (Brother, deceased). Srelok Grimtide (Blood-bother). Kargnar Bloodpaw (Blood-brother, deceased).
Known Friends: Red Blade Clan. Vanara Ashveil (Former Mate). Zi'tani Steelstorm (Former Mate).
Known Enemies: All dwarves.

With armor:

His armour is made of hardend leather, fur and bones. Metal pieces on his chest, back, wrists and legs for the extra protection.
A quiver filled with arrows and a bow on his back.
His skinning knife is strapped on to his right boot.
Two larger daggers made of adamantite metal with clefthoof tusk handles, strapped on either side of his thighs.
And a simple slightly curved dagger strapped to his lower back, hilt to the right.

Without armor:

A scar on his back, roundly shaped.
The scar on his chest, goes as a line over his chest.
Most noticeable scars, would be the ritualistic looking scars. Covering his arms and torso.

He has piercings on both nipples, wearing nipple rings.

In general, he wears a necklace with a metal piece shaped into a wolftooth. A necklace with three small bone fragments tied together.
And a necklace known as Necklace of Bonding from the Wor'aggar festival.
On one of his shoulderguards, there's a leather bracelet hanging from a metal ring. (Band of the First Boar)
His body is agile, athletic and strong from his archery.

Loyal. Protective.

Ask IC.

Things you may know about this character:
Used to be in the Horde army.
Once lived in Stranglethorn.

Things you may not know about this character:
Has a fear of heights.
Admires the kaldorei.

Memorable Quotes:
"It was the wind..."

Other Information:
Write here

Spoiler: Gallery • show

Include more pictures of your character here, with IMG tags.

((I will write more when I think of more.))
Applications / Vraxxar Application
February 08, 2015, 11:36:42 PM
Name: Vraxxar
Class: Archer (Hunter)
Level: 100

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
Well, I started my Role-play career in WoW, back at WotLK, just before Cataclysm. Then I switched to Guild Wars 2, played there for two years, maybe more. Since their launch anyway. Now I'm coming back here!
Otherwise my gaming experience is rather spread out. I like to say that my gaming life started at Mario N64 and Duck hunt.

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character:
Vraxxar is born in Draenor but raised in Alterac. Father, mother and brother he has. Archer is what he does. And a little daggers and spear.
He is the agile kind so not really a walking pile of muscles.
His earlier experience is fighting dwarves, a lot. He have also traveled a lot so he's used to Tauren and Trolls.