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Red Blade Records / Eliff Watersong
August 31, 2020, 01:46:05 PM

Name: Eliff Watersong
Alias: Water warrior
Rank: New Blood

Age: ~30
Gender: Female
Race: Mag'har Orc.
Clan: Mag'har of Garadar
Class: Shaman & Shieldmaiden

Family: Mother: Gara Madheart - Dad: Rarll Primespirit - Brother: Surm. (deceased)
Known Friends: Srelok Grimtide, Jiro the bard, Vixxee Fangslice, Vaskra, Fira & Janec. She likes most of the clan, but still needs to get to know them better!
Known Enemies: None known.

This orc is in the prime of her life, she looks still rather young and proud and it shows.
She's well build only a little bit on the smaller side for an orc, but she makes up for it with her strength and wits.
Her eyes have are clear hazel brown, with long thick lashes.
Her hair is brown and very long with many braids woven into it.
Some feathers and small totems can be found on some of the braids at times.

behind her right ear is a scar but its not quickly visible.
In her left eyebrow sits a scar.
On her right shoulder is a big claw mark.
She has some minor scars crossing her body but not too many.

Eliff knows who she is, how she looks and what she can do.
She's absolutely not shy and likes to show she's there.
She believes everything she does is for a reason and that she will succeed everytime something comes on her path.

She's mostly always in her hum, and almost never grumpy.

The elements/spirits are important to her, and she will always rise to defend them and also her friends and clan members.
She likes challenges and will never say no to one.

She was born in Gardar a few years after it got build.
She grew up with her brother both trained in Shamanisme by her father and fighting the frontlines by her mother.
Her father was one of the menders while her mother was one of the guards.
Her brother died eventually with a new small outbreak of the red pocks.
When becoming of age and been trained enough she turned ressless and eventually set out to travel to aid others with mending and fighting.

She never stayed too long with clans or tribes as she follows where the spirits want her for that time.
Sometimes when things just did not work out and she had to leave sooner but she always found the spirits to be agreeing with her and simply changed the course.

Things you may know about this character:
- She hates to be hold back, sit on the side lines.
- Water is her strongest connection.

Things you may not know about this character:
She has some worries at times but does not voice them, only those close to her will know them.

Memorable Quotes:
See it as still water, just one drop can make a ripple that will change everything.
In the waves of change you will find your true direction.

Other Information:

(Might make some changes along the way!)
The Campfire / Re: Self-doubt and Resolve
December 04, 2017, 06:37:00 PM
damn! Great story ;D
The Campfire / The summon
November 13, 2017, 02:40:34 PM
It was that time again, when Orgrimmar was just to crowded for her tastes.
Realyn went back into the wilds, Snowlight happily sniffling around finding trails on her own.
We hunted and tracked for days, maby even weeks or months.
Out there nothing else matters but surviving, we are on our own, but thats something good at times.

We where tracking an footprint that took snowlights prey.
Snowlight picked up the pace and suddenly came to a stop, growling, then slowly started to walk around a bush.
Our prey had hid in a bush.
“not a smart choice knowing an wolf is following your scent is it?” Realyn snorts amused and grabs an arrow from her back and pulls it tight into her bow, aiming at the bush.
The bush slightly moves, almost like a shudder, quickly after, a knife flew out of it heading straight toward Realyn who just in time moved out of the way evading the knife and then tightens her bow some more and softly tuts “you really want to play it this way? You stole something from us.. now.. this is the time to give in and pay the price” snowlight growls louder, slowly getting closer to the bush.
“You see.. you took the prey of my friend here and she does not like it when unknown people steal her food” Realyn pulls her bow back streching as far as it can, the festhers on the arrow softly carassing het cheeck and says “last chance to show yourself and speak, or this arrow will be the last thing you will ever see”
Two hands slowly make their way out of the bush, softly shaking, shortly after a Goblin steps out of the bush an says “please no! I-I.. I was lost.. hungry.. I-I... I had no choice” Realyn looks at the Goblin slightly narrowing her eyes “why is a Goblin like you out here? Should’nt you be in Orgrimmar selling crap?!” The goblin nods and another shudder goes down his spine noticing Snowlight stood behind him, breathing in his neck and he dropped the rabbit that he was still holding in his hand.
“Please, dont kill me.. I’m sorry, just point me in the right direction and I’ll be on my way” the goblin mutters.
Snowlight instantly grabbed the bunny from the ground and snorted amused and walked over to Realyn, head held high with her pray her eyes full of proudness and pushes her muzzle with the pray against Realyns side.
Realyn slowly lowers her bow and stares at the Goblin for a moment and says “your lucky she just wants her prey back..” She motions the Goblin to start walking heading north.

After a while of silently walking they arrived at the edge of the woods near a road. “From here you should know the way” Realyn says and the Goblin quickly walks on the road while saying “yes yes, thank you for.. not letting me be wolf food”  and he quickly walks off.
Realyn turns around and gets stopped in mid track by Snowlight, her ears low in her neck growling at something behind Realyn.
Realyn quickly turns around and readies her bow, in her back stands an Orc, keeping calm while the bow is aimed straight at his head, he smirks but says nothing and just holds out a letter for Realyn, she looks at it and then back at the Orc, then back at the letter and slowly lowers her bow and takes the letter while motioning to Snowlight to stop growling.
Realyn opens te letter and starts reading it en when she looks up again the Orc had dissapeared already.
She looks at Snowlight who now was playing with her prey and then says “come on girl, its time to head back.. the tribe needs us”
Applications / Re: Application: Realyn
August 31, 2015, 08:04:30 PM
Thanks Sadok!  ;D
Applications / Application: Realyn
August 31, 2015, 06:59:06 PM
Name: Realyn
Class: Hunter
Level: 100
Age: 20

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:

I'm just starting in the RP world, so I have no experience yet.

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character:

My Story:

I have been imprisoned in the Internment  camps for whole my life.
All the fights were made harder and harder in the camps and because I kept fighting with all I had in me, they decided to breake me..
To kill my spirit that was stonger then they've expected.
To do so they took my bow out of the armory only to let me see it burn...
burning the bond, burning the spirit, burning all my faith that I had, only because of the bond with my bow.
After losing all faith and power to fight, I had giving up and just watch the days past by.
Waiting and waiting 'till the end finally frees me from this live.

On the day that Thrall free'd us all, I had no power and no need to follow him or anyone else.
I decided to go to the forrest and sort everything out, to find myself again.
I've wandered the forrest for a long time alone, seeing almost nothing because I simply didnt look.
I was broken and had no will left untill I came out on a spiritfull place.
Untouched by the war, no memories of anything that had happend.
I took this as a sign, that this is the place to forget and rebuild myself.
I lived here for weeks, or maby even months, I could'nt keep track of time.
Living of the forrest arround me and the animals as my new friends, I became stronger.
I was starting to regain my strenght and my hope, I started to trust again.

I had found an ancient tree that was fallen, with the most beautifull wood I had ever seen..
This was the kind of wood  my old bow was, the thought of it stinged me badly, but I knew I needed a new bow if I wanted to survive.
I started carving a new bow out of the fallen tree.
After a while I was done, a beautifful curved brown crystall wooden bow, special made for my own intressed.
I had carved out of the tree special arrows with sharp heads to rush trough almost every object.
I was starting to be myself again, a bow in my hand to make me feel safe and inconrol.
With the biggest perk of all, my new friends on my side for ever.

I was back, I was ''me'' again, even stronger then I ever was and I knew what I had to do.
It was time, to go back to see what has happend in the time I was gone.
Are all the camps really destroyed? who lived and who died?
What had become of the war?
I was so cut off of everything that I really had no idea what had happend
I mounted up and ride off to ogrimmar.

When I arrived, I looked around remembering some stuff and seeing new stuff, but above all I felt out off place.
So used to the oldways and also to the forrest.
Walking around Ogrimmar I picked up chatters, about a group callled the Red Blades that still followed the old ways so I set out to find them.