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Moment of Truth

Started by Lanii, December 10, 2007, 12:20:16 PM

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((Just reposting my story..))

((I had to write something, so here is a little story.. So atleast you know now why Lanii is little bit depressed nowadays..))

"So.. You are back again Lanii?" An orc male stated when he saw Lanii coming to the Cleft of Shadows.
   "Well ye are bright one again Gest" Lanii answered and jumped of from her wolf and then tied him to the pole.
"Still singing the same old song my friend? Gest said and laughed a bit, then he continued:
"Comeon here, I am sure you got many stories to tell me!"
   Lanii nodded and walked to Ghest and he guided her to sit down.
   After sometime of talking, Ghest asked:
"Lanii.. Have you ever thought about your parents? What clan they used to be in? It could easier your pains of the past if you find that out."
   Lanii raised up and stated: "Ye be right! That be the least me can do for it. Me start right now! What is yer advice?"
Ghest thought about the question a little and then he answered: "I think you should start from here and the Drag. I also have a little feeling, that your parents could have been part of the Shattered Hand clan. And as you might know, the New Horde's, Shattered Hand also works here. So I think you could start asking questions from them.. And oh. I am one of them too."
   Lanii pondered this and then answered: "Okay, lets waste no time! So, where should me start.."
   When Lanii finished questioning the persons of the new Shattered Hand in Orgrimmar, it was almost night already, but no, Lanii wasn't tired. No, she was ready to take the next step, and that would be the library. Only library --or bookroom, as Lanii says it-- that she knows, is in Silvermoon City.
   Lanii ran to the zeppelin pad and she arrived just in time, when the last zeppelin to Undercity was leaving. She jumped aboard and so she was flying to Undercity.

The trip lasted for tree days and when the zeppelin arrived at it's destination, Lanii hurried to the teleporation orb.
   The line of passengers before the orb, was quickly pushed away and Lanii demanded that she can pass. The weak pinky had no strenght to resist her, and so he let Lanii get in and in a blink, she was in Silvermoon City.
   Lanii hurried to the "bookroom" and started to throw worthless books away, just trying to find books telling about orc clans. The blood elfs in the room watched her but didnt want to interupt.
   When the sun was falling and most of the workers in the library have gone home, Lanii found what she was looking for, a book so big, that it could smash Lanii inside it.
She hided behind the towers of books when the last night guard came to check the place, and when he was gone, Lanii started to read that book. As you might quess, Lanii isn't so good reader, but she understanded enough.
   When the sun arose, Lanii was almost finished with the book. She has found some bad evidence about her history. Well. Good things first.. Lanii found many similarities with the Shattered Hand clan, but the bad news were, that there were also many evidences, that Lanii's roots could be in the cannibalistic Bonechewer clan. But only way to find out is to go to the distant lands of Draenor and there for Hellfire Peninsula.
   Again, Lanii wasted no time and soon, she was with a wyvern, flying towards the Dark Portal.

Almost half of a week and tree changes of her wyvern, she reached the Portal. Lanii introduced herself to the guards, who granted the passage throught it.
   Lanii quickly ran thought the Dark Portal and soon she materialized in Draenor.
She then hurried to another wyvern breeder and bought a flight to Thrallmar.
   When she arrived there, she want to the barracks and asked Nazgrel to give her directions where she could find both, Bonechewer - and fallen Shattered Hand orcs.
Soon she was running towards a broken catapult, where the Bonechewer were last seen.
And there they were! Lanii stealthed and sneaked towards them and saw that they were not in a hurry so she first went to study on the Shattered Hand orcs.
   When she reached their camp, Lanii picked up an invidual and assasinated him. She studied the body and when she was done, she dragged it into the shadows.
She stayed in the camp for couple of hours, and when she were certain that Shattered Hand wasn't her clan, she went back to the Bonechewers.
   They were still scavenging the broken catapult.
Lanii sneaked towards them, but she didn't see a branch near her foot and so she stepped on it and ti broke, making a loud sound.
   The nearest Bonechewer instantly charged towards exposed Lanii who reacted quickly and threw some sand to the face of the orc.
Lanii backed more further from the orc who were blinded for a second or two. When Lanii watched that orc, she saw some similiarities with her. The eyes, noce and ears were looking just like Lanii's
   She found some other things that were looking the same as Lanii's comparable.
But she didn't have any more time to think about it because the orc got the sand out of her eyes and he rushed towards Lanii.
   The well trained assasin instantly found a weakness from the orc's charge. Lanii tackled the orc's foot and the orc felt down, Lanii positioned her over the back of the heorc and severed it's throat open.
Lanii jumped up and watched the dead body, but when she was watching, flashes came up to her mind, showing an orc couple hiding in bushes, trying to keep Lanii away from the sights of others.
Soon the couple was dragged away and Lanii was left alone in the bushes and soon she was found by raging orcs.
   When the flashes ended, Lanii watched the dead body with tears in her eyes..
"Dis.. Cannot be.. True.." She whispered to herself and roared to the gods.
   Her soul was slain when she dragged the dead body of her father to the side of a cleft.
"See ye in better place fader.." Lanii whispered to the ear of the fel orc. Then she took a necklace from her neck and broke it in two pieces, giving the antoher one to her father.
   "When this necklace is agen one.. We will be together for ever fader.." Those were the last words Lanii said before pushing the body down to the darknes of the clefts.

Tonight Lanii carries the title of a Bloodchewer clan member.
   Even she is now a Red Blade, she stills carries her title with honor for her ancestor.
Lanii has also started wearing white colours, that is a symbol that she never want's to become one of the fel orcs.. Doomed to die, just like her father..

((Hope ye liked it!))