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Red Blade Calendar

Started by Kozgugore, March 01, 2019, 02:55:22 AM

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Water's Tide
Water's Tide, or Kor'batar, marks the beginning of a new year. Traditionally known as the time of shifting tides of Draenor's seas, it is also a time of new beginnings, endings and transitions. Guided by the element of Water, Kor'batar is known for particularly strong currents and an ideal time to commune with the elements of water. It also offers a fresh start to those orcs who seek one, often accompanied by sober eating habits and meditation.

The First Light
Vosha'gur, or 'the First Light', marks the end of the Long Night and the beginning of the sun's ascension in the sky. Though few orcs traditionally practice the cultivation of crops, the first signs of Spring are instead observed in the movement (and herding) of animals in preparation for birthing. It is also a traditional time for the making of new pledges and dedications for the coming year.

Serenity's End
A paradoxical month, Karoshgoth, Serenity's End, marks both the time of the first bi-annual Kosh'harg festival - an essential time of peace for all clans - but also the beginning of new military campaigns as Spring brings with it mild enough conditions to start new wars or resume any outstanding wars. At the very least, the Kosh'harg often provided an opportunity for feuding clans to use the festival as a last chance to prevent any conflicts if at all possible... or a time to offer their respects to the enemy clan, knowing full well it would be their last time among one another as friends.

Echoes of Magor
As the first buds open to bloom and the wild animals begin to emerge from their dens, Ish'Magor, or 'Echoes of Magor', is primarily known as the month of the element of the Wilds. In addition to the energies of the Wild flowing most vigorously in this period, it is also a time of wisdom and knowledge for those orcs inclined towards matters of the mind. Many of the clan sages would take this opportunity to venture out on self-imposed pilgrimages in order to pursue new knowledge and insights. In the Red Blade Clan, this makes it the favoured month for those who revere the aspect of Magor.

Akala's Breath
Guided by the element of air, Akal'ha, or 'Akala's Breath', named after Akala for her connection to fertility, ushers in vast amounts of positive energy. The coming of Akal'ha often marked the beginning of the spring festivals for the orcish clans as they would celebrate the coming of fertility and growth and venture to new hunting grounds. Through the breezes and tides, Akal'ha carries with it a season of spiritual growth as well as a time in which to celebrate life and the new season.

Mor'vaul, or 'Midyear', marks the beginning of Summer and the hunting season that follows in its wake. With the first half of the year passed, Mor'vaul offers a time to reflect on what has been and what is yet to come in this year. Goals that have not yet been met should be re-evaluated, so that any dormant ambitions may be reawakened once more. In addition to striving for vitality and fertility for the hunts that are to come, steps should be made to strive for that which was previously too high an accomplishment.

Fire's Heart
Named in honor of the element of fire, Gorosh, Fire's Heart, marks the warmest time of year when the sun reaches its highest point. In addition to Gorosh being the month in which the element of fire is at its strongest, it is also the month in which animal spirits begin to appear more freely and may become more common to encounter. The season would additionally be an ideal time to set out into the wide world, nurturing adventure, wildness and freedom.

The Month of Stars
Kil'gund, the Month of Stars, is the month when the skies of the orcs' Old World would be the clearest of the entire year. This made it an ideal time for seers and shamans to read the stars and foretell what events will unfold in the coming years. Furthermore, it is a time when traditionally many competitions would be held, a chance to gain pride and honor in times of peace.

Earth's Gift
Dha'karth, Earth's Gift, is a month of offering and receiving. With winter approaching, clans that rely on the gifts of the earth such as fruits and seeds take this chance to give thanks to the element of earth to secure its blessing and to harvest as many supplies for the winter months to come. It is also the month of the autumnal equinox, traditionally the date of the second Kosh'harg festival of the year.

Blessing of Vrull
Aka'Vrull, War's Blessing or Blessing of Vrull, marks the end of the agricultural season for those few clans who actively practice the art of cultivating land. More importantly to most other clans however, it also marks the traditional end of military campaigns as the weather grows too unfavourable to maintain active military efforts. As a result, tribute is paid to any spirits or patrons of war for the victories won that year. This is often done by sacrificing animals or trophies of the defeated enemies. Or, aeons ago, sacrificing captives of the enemies themselves...

The Ancestor's Grace
Ankathar, the Ancestor's Grace, is the first month of the dark months of the year. As an opposite to the time of light and fertility in the first half of the year, death and darkness play a key role in Ankathar. The ancestors are remembered and honoured, and preparations for the coming winter are made.

The Long Night
Nath'lok, the Long Night in the traditional orcish tongue, marks the end of the year and the centre of the winter season. A great emphasis lies upon the reflection of the past year and the preparation for the next, as orcs are ritually cleansed of their deeds from the previous months and make offerings to the spirits for a prosperous year to come. Among some clans, it was once the month when some of the most ancient (and sometimes most taboo) rites and traditions would be practiced, such as the worship of the Pale Lady in the sky.

Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade