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Some Dreams Do Come True- Skint

Started by Rhonya, April 10, 2020, 12:51:18 AM

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Sitting on the pier was a slender figure. White of skin, white of hair, sticking out like a sore thumb in her surroundings. Even though she wore a light garb of green clothes, she almost shone in the light of the moons shining down on her. Almost ethereal, almost looking like a spirit herself.
Meri had taken some distance from Nakobu for now, while she was working on a few beads and small trophies to add to the necklace she made for him before. Things made from the talbuk they hunted yesterday. Together.

To Meri’s surprise, they’d both actually come out of the hunt mainly unhurt. Nakobu had a nasty bruise on his shoulder from a hoof hitting him, but that was all. Meri herself hadn’t been hurt at all.
Thinking back on it made her smile, her hand holding a knife, carving away at a piece of bone. They’d actually done it. So many clan orcs worried they wouldn’t manage, that they’d get hurt, Tagrok even saying he’d stay awake so they could call for him if needed.
And it hadn’t been needed. Meri and Nakobu had shown the clan and the spirits, they could hunt together, without any magic, bringing down their chosen prey.

Once, her former clan also thought Meri would never find someone. Would never do a hunt. They didn’t even allow her an om’riggor.
Meri winced a little at remembering this, looking out over the pond she was sitting at, down into the water, at her own reflection…

“Hah! So here you’re hiding, Skint! Mother was asking for you. Why she still does, no one knows.” The voice cut through the silence like a knife. Meri turned her head. She’d been washing some clothes in the river next to her clans camp, but apparently her brother had found her. Not that he acknowledged he was related to her. The shame.
She turned to see a large, brown skinned male in his prime. He was some five years older than her eight years at the time, muscle upon muscle, the pride of the family, the rising champion of the clan. Like her father now. His son was his pride and joy, his everything.
Hotur came striding towards her, his skin glistening a little from the sweat caused by the midday sun beaming down on his back.
Meri stood up, the wet shirt she was washing in her small hands. “I’ll b-be t-there soon, H-Hotur..” she said in a small voice, shrinking back a little as he came even closer.
“You better, she needs help with the beast we just hunted.” Hotur looked down on her, eyes narrowed as he looked down at her. His beady eyes moved to something hanging around her neck, a pretty, multicoloured shell she had found earlier that day on the beach, crafted into a necklace for her by her mother.
“What in spirits name are you wearing, Skint? Who did you steal that from?”
“W-what..? No one! I f-found it…” she protested, dropping the shirt and moving her hands to cover the shell. She started to tremble a little.
Hotur snorted. His hand moved. Meri didn’t even get time to respond before the back of his hand hit her face with a crack and she smacked on the ground, nearly ending up in the water. With a whimper she curled up, a hand on her cheek.
Hotur stomped towards her, leaning down. His hot breath tickled her ear as he spoke. “Liar. Always a liar, pale orc. You don’t deserve something so pretty.” His hand closed around the shell and ripped the necklace from her neck, turning it in his hand to inspect it.
“I’m sure Saggah will like this. A good gift for a strong mate. She’ll be mine one day.” Hotur turned around, starting to walk away.
“Not like you’ll ever know how that is. A mate. Phah! Who’d ever even lay eyes on â€"you-! A curse, that’s what you are. A curse on this family.”
And with those words, Hotur left her alone, her necklace in his hand.
Meri didn’t cry. She didn’t tell anyone what happened, even her mother who clearly saw the enormous bruise on her cheek when Meri eventually came to help her. She only smeared some salve on it and gave the small girl a hug before setting her to work.
Meri never asked about mates. About the customs. The hunt, the rituals. She wasn’t worth it, her entire clan always said. Who could love an abomination?

Meri blinked some of the tears away that now rolled over her cheek, her carving paused for a short moment. That had been her life, not even too long ago.
She looked over her shoulder, watching Nakobu move around the small abandoned village, busy with his own things. Meri couldn’t suppress a smile now, looking at him.
There was someone who had laid eyes on her, the first day he met her. Who had given her hope, a chance, and his trust. And eventually, he’d given her his heart.
Hotur was long dead. Her father and mother, dead. They’d never see their Skint getting mated to someone.
The only one she mourned for, was her mother. It would ‘ve been nice if she could’ve been here…
Meri wiped her arm over her eyes as Nakobu looked her way, worry on his face. She merely gave him a wide smile and a wave. It seemed to have eased his worries, for he waved back and continued carrying meat into the other hut, to smoke it.

Just a few days. Just a few  more days and she’d be mated to the one love she never thought she’d find.
Sometimes dreams do come true.
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."