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A Explosive Revelation

Started by Bamm, April 07, 2020, 08:25:20 PM

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A explosive revelation

Gulls cried in the scorching heat of Booty Bay, the waves lapped gently at the dock, shanties sung out front the bar. All manner of life’s little noises from the arguments and profanity riddled conversation of dock workers and traders to passengers disembarking the ship. Sitting at the edge of one of the upper boardwalk a Young Orc sat barely 17, tinkering as he always did this mornings tinkering involved a small sail regulating gizmo for a local goblin airship, he sat absentmindedly tinkering when a explosion rocked the boardwalk a large hole blasted though the roof building behind him plaster, wood and tile launched into the air. The young Orc winced he knew what was coming

A hoarse Goblin roared coughing and spluttering emerging from the Building’s smoking enterence

Bamm put down his tools, stood up dusted down his overalls and turned to face the Goblin

His mentor and teacher Gearoid Sivershaft was a one armed, no legged rotund elderly fellow of a Goblin no mean feat old age was not really something many Goblin’s experienced. His mechanical legs whirred and spluttered as he hobbled up to Bamm whacking him in the arm with mechano cane

“Every damn time boy”. The goblin hollered “every fel damn time that profit sucking robo hound monster of yours is left unattended in my shop it gets into something and BOOM
That’s two roofs, four tables, six arc spanners and 3 walls you owe me now Boy You gonna be working for me till your hundred, whats your mother gonna say when she gets back?”

Bamm rubbed his whacked arm and shrugged “it was in standby mode, it doesnt have sentience it has no mind of its own unless I plug into it, most of the time. Its sync servos are ionising as of late and….”

The goblin wiped his wrinkled brow with a greasy rag in frustration
Boy I tell you what if that damn robo hound thing of yours does it again I’ll plug it into to I tell you what and you wont like where I plug it shit fire boy I cant get a minutes piece you know we gots that Airship parts to service and you fel damn tinkering about out here shiiit, I am gonna get a fel damn drink and you better shit damned better get this shop dang well tidied by the time I get back.

Gearoid launched his mechano cane again at Bamm cracking him on the side of his head. Gearoid’s mechanical arm extending and then grabbing the cane before it fell, spun on his robotic legs and hobbled down the boardwalk off into the distance.

Bamm watched his mentor leave, rubbing his head, shrugged and went to check the damage inside.

Carnage awaited him inside, timbers and metal workshop parts littered the floor walls and what was left of the roof. Bamm lifted a timber and discovered his masterwork, his lifes goal and focus, his robotic hound. The hound was upside down his legs gyrated and shuddered in error.
“You Ok Boomer?” He asked resetting the hounds controls, Bamm flipped a few switches on interface attached to his wrist and pressed a button on his goggles.
“Lets see the damage eh Boomer?”  Bamm began to run a diagnostic “ No real damage, I see a few gyros out of alignment again, I need to create a stronger flux casing for those..”

Hours may have passed as Bamm sat among the wreckage tinkering with Boomer the mechohound Time he found always stopped when he was tinkering

“Bamm“ a unfamiliar voice echoed  “Bamm? Boy look at me”
Bamm unlinked from his hound and turned to face the voice tightly gripping a wrench as he did. Another one of Gearoid’s loansharks coming a calling
What Bamm saw though was a middle aged Orc familiar as if looking into a future version of himself the orc was dressed oddly fancy tailoring, a fancy sigil on his clothing

“Bamm my son the Orc explained, its time we talk…”
“My name is Arkail Blastblade and we don’t have much time, I am your father. The orc was short to the point unemotional, This may be a shock, yes indeed but do try to keep attention I see you enjoy the pursuit of the intellectual too. Interesting indeed hmm quite I should think”

Bamm scratched his head with his wrench sat down dumbfounded and listened to the Orc he did always enjoy stories

Arkail explained who he was how he found and learned of his existence, how he met his mother and what he wanted over the next few hours

Bamm my boy I am hunted by Kirin tor mage hunters, there was an incident, the details don’t matter, time is short.  you need to know your hertitge your place your people, this life you lead though it seems to have born some fruits and you seem to have learned a craft you deem rewarding. I spent too long among others that where not my own. Ten years I spent in Undercity, You years among these Goblins. I belong… or did to a group of Orcs… Theyre called to the Red Blade. You would benefit from them, I sense your curious. Say my name, prove yourself useful to them and the rewards are great family, tribe belonging a life of purpose and adventure.

Bamm and Arkail talked and discuused things long into the night. In the morning Bamm awoke to find Arkail was gone leaving only directions on how to find the red blade.

“Ask the tavern keepers in Durotar and follow the ‘chaos’ they leave”

Bamm crumpled the note and packed his things, tools equipment, plugged into Boomer the mechano hound. He left a iou note for Gearoid  and walked out of Booty Bay at the gates to the town he stopped looked back on the place and shrugged

may as well he thought why not chaos and adventure sounds fun, he nodded at his mechano hound and said

“OK boomer lets go, find these red blades”