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Boot to the head: Duel rolling rules.

Started by Okiba, January 18, 2020, 06:25:42 PM

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Boot to the Head - Duel rules

So, what are ‘Boot to the head’ rules? Simply put, boot to the head is a roll based system used by two players fighting a duel, be it in friendly terms or if you’re inclined to a much more lethal conclusion.

The system is in essence the standard system used by many under the so called ‘brawl tree’ in the valley of honor. That going by the following:

1 - Both players do a /roll, the player with the highest roll gets the ‘initiative’ and attacks first.
2 - the attacking player emotes an ‘attempted’ attack, then does a /roll.
3  - The defending player then also does a /roll, if this is lower than the attacking players roll they are hit, if it’s higher they are not and can then emote how they dodge, parry or such.
4 - It then becomes the defending players turn to attack, repeat the process.
5 - This occurs and repeats until one of the two players run out hp (usually 3 or 5hp). First player to remove all of their opponents' hp, wins!

But there is more to it than that, in ‘boot to the head’ rules, you also get a once per brawl ‘bonus’. This bonus is a +50 to an attack or defensive roll (of your choice). This can either help a lot if you roll a 1, or be completely useless if you roll a 100. While it can be a wild card life saver or ender, it can also be rendered completely useless by pure chance also. So use it wisely!

As a standard, if you intend to use your Bonus, Always state so before you make an attack or defensive roll. This is best done in a party or raid chat. for example…

/emote uses his sword to make several swift cutting strikes
/p I’m going to use my bonus now for this attack
(gets a 26) (Add a +50, end up with 76)

The defending player is on 1HP, and desperate to stay in the fight, so they use their bonus too in this fashion…

/p i’m using my bonus as well
(gets a 55) (Add a +50, end up with 105)
/emote expertly defends themselves, parrying the sword strokes with his axe and blocking with his shield.

Hopefully that all makes sense!


On top of that, there are also some other side rules… namely the following!

1 - Emotes should be no larger than one chat box. Duels by rolls and emotes take long enough as is without people writing war and peace across four chat boxes of text.

2 - Trying to force an outcome or trap the enemy player with impossible to stop or block emotes, is not allowed. The rolls decide the outcome. If at any point someone complains their emote cannot be stopped or they can block anything regardless of the rolls, I will disqualify you instantly, no exceptions.

3 - Emoting attempts to kill the other player during an honorable duel or spar using these rules, will result in instant disqualification. If you’ve planned a kill, inform the referee first… it helps.

4 - Healing and mending in tournaments: during a tournament, you may need to fight several times, and being brutally crippled in the first fight then saying you can’t go on isn’t helpful. Potions and immediate magic healing can, should and will be available. If you want to be hurt and have the results carry on after the tournament for further rp, do it after your last fight. Tournaments will not be stopped, paused or held up because “I need a few weeks to recover”. Drink the damn potion.

And that’s about the long and short of it! Hope you enjoy using this system! Any questions, poke me in game or discord!
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


Is it okay to discuss here? If not I'll delete and take it somewhere else.

I think by and large what you've done up there works really well, although I've only seen it small scale thus far. But I have a question for discussion.

What's Boot to the Head's take on using attacks/abilities that does additional/other things than simply damage? These kinds of character/class flavour helps people like me come around to emote fighting (when we literally RP in a game that has pvp fighting, emote fighting needs to have something to lure us in!).

Some examples:
- a death knight wants to do a "death strike", and actually gain some health back?
- a druid wants to root you in place for a moment?
- a rogue poison you so that if you don't do something about it in your next turn, you might lose more health?
- a pet bites you while I also shoot you for potential 2 hp off?

"Trueblood, Gosh'kar, Brewmaster, The Jade Orc, Transcendent"


I'd say that runs the risk of being too complicated and favouing certain classes over others. The HP isn't a literal health meter like it is in-game, but an arbitrary number of hits you can take. Arguably anything can be done in your attack and defense to add class flavour. If extra damage was on the table for pet-classes, basically only hunters would ever win the fights.

I would argue you could spend your turn trying to heal up, however, exchanging an attack roll for a heal roll. I'd also add an allowance for people to roll for their attack first if they choose, so they can save a flashy finisher for...the actual last blow.


Those are good points both, and while I like what you're saying Revax, this system is meant primarily for a 'fair' basis to run a tournament or competition. In that spirit, it's got to have restrictions and be kept fairly simple so that anyone can do it and everyone's the same. The dice (and to a degree how you use your bonus) decide the fight.

That said, your idea is rather good but I think that belongs between individuals!
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."