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Started by Barbaryk, August 05, 2018, 05:58:46 AM

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He opened his eyes. His head was aching like hell. It was a small hut; probably at Crossroads or Razor Hill, he could not recognize. What am i doing here? What time is it? Heck I can't even tell which day it is, He murmured.

"Hmm, finally you woke up. And here I was thinking how am I going to dig such a big hole, drag your body and bury you."

He sneers. He knew him. Of all the healers in the world, why him? why this guy?
"How long have I been here?" he asked.

" First you should say Thank you."  the priest grinned. But without lips, only his teeth shined like a set of knives.

His eyes flashed in rage for a moment. But finally he murmured "Thank you whatever"

"That's good enough. See you may be the most uncivilized even among the orcs, but here we try to be polite and respect courtesies." The priest sat on the chair beside his bed. " You have been unconscious for 2 weeks. You had multiple wounds, on head, shoulder, chest, legs. But the best thing was those dangling intestines. It was a miracle that your flappy lion brought you back in one piece."

"Grimwing! how is he?"

"Relax, that thing is fine. I had to rent a whole stable to keep that wyvern calm. Brightpurse will charge a large sum for that though. but you did bring the goods.  So nothing to worry."

He can remember everything now.  This wretched priest, Necrostrider, may be the worst even among the forsakens, but he definitely  is a good healer. He was on a mission to bring something from Desolace.

"Ambereye basilisk tongues, wings of Carrion  horror, beaks of Dread ripper, Thunder lizard hide. Damn, no wonder you returned as a meatbag. Ears of a Centaur! who buys all these? This may be where you got shredded."

" Nine pairs of centaur ears. Took a whole week to track and get those." He drinks the potion handed to him.

" Had I not stapled my jaws last week, they would drop on the floor now. Nine centaurs!"

" Where are my goods?"

" Well they are taken care of. Your contact came here earlier, paid in full. Even left some incentives for you."  He pointed towards the big bags at the corner. "He could not wait for you to wake up. There is a war going on."

"War? what war? "

"Oh, our so great  Queen Banshee, (hope she dies soon)
Burned down the World tree."

"Why do you think I am here taking care of you, leaving all the profit up there?"

Prachanda sighs. He knew Necrostrider. He is special, one of the few who can ignore her calling. But he is a survivor, he knows when to speak and when to obey. It is the same voice that troubles him helped Necrostrider keeping control over her grasp on him. If he is here instead of profiting from the war, then it must be bad. But he needs to go, he swore to follow his clan not long ago and they must be fighting in the war.

" Hey where do you think you are going?" The priest stopped him.

" Do not interfere puss-bag! I have my duties."

"DO NOT TEST ME." Prachanda  felt his blood getting cold. The Priest got up straight, his eyes  got purple, dark fumes coming from his mouth, his whole body got enveloped in a weird purple haze. "YOU WILL GO WHEN I SAY SO."

He sat down.

" You will join your clan soon. But you are no good  to them like this. I had to perform fifteen surgeries on you. You must recover first. Also, 'HE' has some other task for you to do. Now drink this and have some rest." The priest left the hut.

Prachanda lies on the bed. It has been a long time since he left to work.  Who knows when he can return. And who is this 'HE'? What tasks? Why him?

"Bah. I can't think that much." He closed his eyes.

[Sorry I can't come to RP for a long time due to IRL reasons. So I tried to write something to avoid the boot. My English is not good so please bear with me. Thanks :) ]