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15 Year Anniversary Tribute Thread

Started by Kozgugore, October 09, 2020, 07:55:29 PM

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Here you will find a collection of all our members' comments and testimonials on the guild's 15 year anniversary. Since the guild's community has primarily shifted to its Discord channel for ease of use, this forum thread serves to preserve the comments given for future reviewing.


I figured I may as well break the ice here and get started! Suffice to say that ORB has meant a whole lot to me over the years. In fact, it feels like I've pretty much grown up alongside ORB, given that I spent the latter half of my teenage years with it as well, in addition to all my twenties. It's pretty much become a part of my life. And as a result, the people in it have become a huge influence on me and who I am. I consider myself a richer person for it, as the people that I've shared this guild with are truly some of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet. In fact, the majority of people that I call friends nowadays all come from ORB. Even people who have long since moved on from the guild and the game.

Of course, there have been times that even I needed my breaks from the game - some longer than others. But every time that I have managed to recharge my batteries or my RL woes have been dealt with, the guild has always been there when I return. And when I do, it very quickly tends to feel like I've barely even been away. Like an old, trusty shoe, the guild always fits perfectly. And its members welcome you back like you haven't even been gone in the first place.

In fact, for all its many strengths, I would dare say that is in fact the greatest strength of this guild: Its incredibly welcoming, committed, social, mature, yet playful, tolerant and talented community. No guild lasts as long as it does without an adequate amount of core members keeping it alive and well. Frankly, there's no gaming community that I have enjoyed being a part of more than this one. So thank you, to ever single one of you, for being here and for being you. <3 You are all wonderful people. And I'm happy to call you all friends of mine.

And now, as for my favourite screenshot, this is what came out after sifting through a screenshots folder worth 3082 screenshots (yes, I counted) over the course of the past 15 years. And with that many to choose from, I'm going to just go ahead and be a bit lenient on my own rule and choose two at the very least instead!

First screenshot was taken during our final confrontation with the AU version of Akesh the Poisoner during our final WoD campaign. Good times were had all in all in general, but Sadok in particular hosted a great event (who else to perfectly act as Akesh?), with as its highlight a spell that turned half of the orcs against us. I managed to resist the spell, then went on to knock out three orcs who specifically came at me through the power of amazingly lucky rolls. It was as hilarious as it was epic, with all the banter that went on in RedOrc. Here's Kargnar and Therak floored by Koz, with another one yet to follow.

My second screenshot was taken during a Tribe Meeting (because that's what they were still called back then) back in TBC, when Akesha decided to step down and officially offer Kozgugore the title of Chieftain. We had of course discussed the matter OOC before that, but it still felt like an overwhelming moment, being the foolish, inexperienced 17 year old that I was at the time (with a very questionable sense of shoulder pad fashion, but hey, this was TBC which didn't exactly offer much in terms of pretty armour). I still remember my heart pounding, being set in the spotlight like that. No way I would have believed you if you told me that I'd still be around in such a position 13 years later, but here we are.

Rhonya / Kyrazha / Meri

Oh gosh. I already wrote one of these before, only that's somewhere on the forum I think, for.. the 10th anniversary..? Or the hiatus? I don't even remember.  ;D
Either way, 15 years is looooong, and it surprises me even more that I've been here nearly 10 of those 15 years. Only few still rp right now from around the time I joined, people went away, others joined. Many friends were made over time <3 And many of my IRL friends are in here as well, which makes it extra special because I can enjoy some time with all of you online even though we live pretty far away from one another.
I joined by accident, the tribe as it was back then saving Rhonya's ass from a Forsaken in Silvermoon (the coincidences and luck involved there, hah) and travelled along a while before being forced to join, ic story wise.
The only real long break I took from the guild was during the hiatus, besides that I can't remember ever being gone for more than a few weeks or a month. And that's thanks to the people here as well, so.. thank you, everyone who made events in the past, who gave me random rp, who listened to my stories during storynights, who suffered through my newblood/Gosh'kar/Gul'thauk trainings, etc etc. <3

There's way too many good times for me to call out here really. xD But I suppose I could name a few of the obvious ones. The day I joined officially of course! The moment I became a proper Gosh'kar (In the past you did your tasks before you earned the rank), and later became Thur'ruk on Rhonya.
Some rp moments like bloodbrother and sister bonds, relationships being build in rp, some plotlines I still remember vividly like our 'back from hiatus' campaign (Still one of my most favorites!)

I'm sad to say I lost most my old screenshots though.
But here's one of my first campaign with the tribe, and the first orcs I connected with! Yay for crappy old models. xD

And a second one then... Our first foray into Pandaria when it came out! Which of course we crashed into. Rhonya is .. on the left. With short hair, yes, cause she lost her hair in a ritual before. xD It was a multiguild thing and pandaria was beautiful to rp in.

The thing I most appreciate here though is the way we stand together even through tough times (when we moved to AD for example) and the community is just a very strong thing, which I hope will stay around for a long time still! <3 Ya'll great.

Eliff / Realyn

I joined about 5 years ago, completely new to everything in World of Warcraft thanks to a CERTAIN person never stopping yapping about the game and rp in many train rides home from work, and then eventually more people joined in to talking me into it...
Make an orc they said! So I did and rather quickly joined the tribe back then and there started my adventure with Realyn.
Being so new to everything and being in a guild this big and amazing I was always very afraid of doing something wrong and just remained quiet and on the background, even though I knew none would hold it against me.

I was very intimidated at the beginning because everyone was soooo amazing with their rp and then there was me... :3
But being that new to it all and having not rp'd ever before I disappear often, then appeard again, only to disappear again.

But having so many friends within the guild, and others too, always asking when I would come back, always warmed my heart!
Even on my undead I was always welcome to tag along, and gosh that where great times as well!
It always felt like coming home, and no one ever blamed me for leaving for a while again.
But now that I have a lot more experience, and my new char it's a big difference.
I'm where I should be, with all of you crazies, those I know IRL but also those only online, you are all amazing, and cant wait for many more years with all of you. <3

I lost tons of old screenies thanks to a motherboard dying on me, so lets do this one;
A screentshot from the first campaign after the hiatus, which was amazing. <3


Me and my brother rolled on Defias Brotherhood after we heard about this amazing new server type being introduced, RP-PVP! Before that we played on the US servers, our first characters on Defias were actually alliance toons. I made a human warrior and he made Nina, a female dwarf paladin, we joined and then Nina lead a guild called Crimson Gauntlet. Back then we use to do all the vanilla and TBC raids. You’ll see this a lot during my post, I had a loyalty to playing with my brother. Whilst Ragnaros and co we’re being downed weekly I would make a orc shaman, I always wanted to play an orc, I was a massive fan. The only thing that kept me playing him more was Crimson Gauntlet. When the guild took a hiatus in TBC I played my orc more, my brother then choose to make a tauren druid, funny enough that was his favourite class combination too. We also heard about the Orcs of the Red Blade, we knew they were highly respected on Defias. I always kept a eye on what they were doing but I knew I would never be able to join as that would mean I would be in a separate guild to my brother. Because he was a Tauren.

Years went by and my brother would go back and forth playing the game, it was then I took the plunge 10 years ago to join the Red Blades. I wasn’t disappointed, I remember meeting up with Morgeth and having a interview. Instantly I knew my past feelings towards the guild was well founded, I really enjoyed my short stay back then with the guild but it didn’t last. My brother came back and again I was torn, I choose to leave the guild and play with my brother. I still regret that decision to this day, I missed out on a lot and seeing all your old pictures makes me even more green then Raz already is. Over the years I always followed what the Orcs of the Red Blade were doing, so highly was my respect for the guild that when I saw them leave for Argent Dawn I too transferred my characters. The Red Blades would never know that was the main reason for my server transfer but I held the guild in such esteem that if they were leaving then there must of been a good reason.

I don’t know how long ago I rejoined the Red Blades, I think it’s maybe 5 years now? It’s something like that and before I rejoined I had the same question. Do I leave the guild I was in with my brother or join the Red Blades? This time after years of regret I told my brother I was moving to the Orcs of the Red Blade, I felt sad in doing in but in the end it was the right decision. I still play with my brother when he’s active, but now I have my roleplay with the Orcs of the Red Blade too. You guys aren’t just my roleplay bit on the side, your my online family. No matter what happens to the World of Warcraft in the future, I will remain in this community forever, thus is the blood bond in-game and out.

Now some of my favorite characters I’ve met in the guild? I think you’re all amazing but I will highlight a few that are important to me.

First would have to be Morgeth, she doesn’t even know who I am as she left before I rejoined. But like I previously said, it was when I met her in-character I knew everything I thought about the Red Blades was true.

Then we have the chief himself, Kozgugore, there’s something about this orc that just demands respect. If it’s not his ability to talk his way through a clan gathering with an elegant silver tongue, it’s also his charm and wit in his responses to all the diplomats that come to his door. Shrewd’s not half bad either. ;)

Rhonya’s is a massive part of what I like to call, the heart of the guild. This goes IC and OOC. Always approachable, making everyone feel at home. Rhon has always given me that winter cottage feeling, it’s snowing out side but you’re all tucked up in the warm, throwing another log on the fire. She’s the Denmother!

Nakobu, I think first met you in the crossroads with Rhonya a few years ago? You were playing Nar’thak and ever since then I knew you were golden. You actually remind me of my brother a lot, you have that same sort of persona. I really enjoyed the banter our characters have shared on either of your toons, I actually really liked Nar’thak so it was a surprise to me when you made another character. But it’s amazing what you’ve done with Nakobu, I love his back story with the draenei and you roleplay him very well. Long may it continue Exarch Nakobu!

There’s many other characters I’d love to mention but I’ll leave it there. I think you’re all awesome and I love roleplaying with you all.

My favorite events has to be the big campaign that the guild does, I especially love the granduer of Koz’s campaigns and I’m looking forward to participating in more in the future! There’s also the Kosh’harg, it’s amazing how we all come together and make it work for the entire server! Special shout out to Nosh’s Challenge of the Wyvern, it’s genius!

I think some of my favorite moments in the guild was my character achieving what he first set out to do, to be respected. Despite being an oddball Razaron has always wanted to prove himself to the clan, when Kozgugore himself made Razaron a Varog’Gor I can’t tell you how happy I was. Then there’s my first big campaign that was inspired by Koz’s work, I tried to make Whispers of the Shadows as epic as I could. Not only did we bring back the Path of Cunning but we also made a new greater spirit! Raz then died early on and got resurrected right at the end. Over the months I worked with Kogra to make Sharguul come to life (Kogs did it all!) and I was a massive advocate for bringing the Path of Cunning back. Then having to write out a whole path of the guild, re-imagining it whilst try to keep to some of the old ways, I just hope I’ve done it justice for you all? In fact the whole ordeal made me take a few months break after, I was exhausted and stressed, I wanted to make it as perfect as possible.

Here’s some screenshots of Razaron dying in the Whispers of the Shadow campaign and being promoted to Varog'Gor. Also a sneak shot of Razaron in the Ten Years Strong video, 1:02 Raz was cooking for everyone.

RIP Razaron's spider armour chest piece that was only made to be destroyed by Glub the crawg that impaled him.


Many of you probably heard the story because I am fond of retelling but I've arrived at the guild through a series of events. I never RP'd before, only had one good DnD session with my friends because all but one of them were grade A tier normies. The decision to come to Argent Dawn was after a bad string of raids and experiences in a semi-cesspool guild at the tail end of WoD. Me and two other people wanted to start over after falling out with the previous guild leader and so I just followed the two of them to Argent Dawn. I did not plan to RP, just to have fun with two people that I befriended over the past several months. They both quit within two weeks of us being on AD and so I was left alone with my orc hunter, farming nodes and making my way to 110.

Being left alone meant that I could try out stuff - like RP, something the "die hard" PvErs wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. I bounced onto the forums, had a look at several guilds. I don't know why I chose Red Blade, I guess it sounded the most "non-military" of the lot. There were many Vanguards, but I was afraid my inexperience and possible holes in knowledge would come to bite me in the arse - so I went to Razor Hill one day. I can't quite remember if I met Kargnar and Kronnor back then immediately, but I ended up almost crashing the guild meet and was politely whispered to stay away. So I just sat there, dork that I am and listened to them. It didn't take long for me to join and that was that, for the time being.
I was pulled into a string of events covering ashenvale, dustvallow marsh (kogra shatterspine LOL) and the (in)famous campaign spanning from Tanaris to Silithus, fighting demons and getting to know people better - especially a CERTAIN SOMEONE, who surprised me with the depth characters can have - something I did not expect back then. I will always remember these first few months very fondly, they were integral to me being who I am.

Things took a turn a few months after the campaign while we were in outland, with reduced activity, certain OOC gripes I had, the everpresent quest for money as a student and I eventually quit. I came back again during the revival campaign and enjoyed myself greatly, beleiving I would definitely stay this time. No cigar, even after Kargnar was so nice as to buy me a month of gametime. I think there was also the whole being conscripted into the army thing, but eh. Fast forward to last july-ish where I off-handedly decided to try BFA with my shiny new laptop - and my surprise of still being in the guild. It took a lot of prodding from you guys to get me back but I've been here for the better part of the last year.
I've had fun. Lots of fun, with most of you. You people are crazy and unbelievable at times, so forgiving and friendly and loving - it just blows my mind. I've been through quite a few guilds in my 15 years in this game and none have reached the level of humanity you lot did. I've been in guilds where tight-knit groups existed. The officers eventually turned on us. I've been to guilds that were run by families and claimed to treat each other like family. Bull@$&^. This community is one of a kind and I would not trade it for any other, even if I complain and you have to drag me screaming to events. Koz and everyone here, you've build something unique.

This post is a shoutout to all of you. To Kyra for showing me the the depth and joy of RP. To Nosh and Vrax and Kogra for just being plain awesome IC and OCC. To Nakobu for his laid-back personality and bothering to deal with my shenanigans and Tahara for making me iterate on a character I all but abandoned. I don't list all of you because I'd be typing for a while, but you know who you are.
I don't have any old memory of a screenshot to share, so you'll have to do with the tasty two.


Alright, time for me to toss my lot in to the ring as well. I joined this guild in 2015, almost exactly five years ago, and it's possibly been one of the biggest and most concrete parts of my life despite all the ups and downs it's brought with it. I've had many late nights (or rather early mornings) of RP on campaign days, staying up until the sun went up and occassionally even when it went down again. Is that healthy? Probably not tbh, but it's been so much bloody fun.

I recall joining during a time of rest in Stranglethorn, and I'm quite frankly still a little embarrassed from those days. I was 13, only just started RPing frequently and there was a whole new guild I needed to make an impression on. Honestly? I think that impression was a bit shit to begin with, which is hilarious; I was stubborn, edgy, blissfully unaware of what "adult" social norms even meant, and above all young and dumb. I tried my best to fit in but... a guild filled with many people well in to their 20s is hard to interact with when you've only just gotten in to puberty. ;D

Regardless, after I made Nosh'marak my main character and he had a worthy introduction I feel like I was really on my feet. There were times I flat out said I would quit, times where I did actually disappear for a few days or weeks at a time but something kept pulling me back and honestly I never knew what that thing was until I grew up. It was everyone who made up the guild, from the ones who came and went over the course of a few weeks to the old veterans who had been there almost as long as I'd been alive, and now that I'm older and (hopefully) wiser I've realized there's no other guild I'd rather have stuck with. You people literally shaped my teens, helped me grow up, and made me a better person. <3
As for people I wanna thank... Boy oh boy that's a big list, but I'll go with a select few that have REALLY impacted me. First of all, @Azolg, Lewis my dear dear friend. You've always been there to sort of guide my hand to do what's right; you were the first to vouch for me as an officer and you really heightened my self esteem in tough times. With time I've come to love you like a brother even if you're not around as much anymore. <3

@Rhonya and @Srelok, you two have always played a monumental role in ensuring that I've felt welcome and understood. But you've also granted me the wisdom of telling me when it's time to STFU - which is absolutely invaluable.

@Elder Koz, Kogra, Vraxxar, Razaron, Verzan, Za'karah, Nakobu, and Trakmar for having been the best officer team I could have ever imagined. We've all always been good friends despite internal disputes, and honestly? When I finally leave for the military I KNOW I'm leaving the guild in good hands. I trust you all to the maximum, and I love you for the work you put in.

@Tagrok - I shouldn't even have to say anything. You made me cry on the train (I hate you for that) when I passed my military assessments because you truly made me realize the extent of your support to me; it's been unending support and love, and I don't think anything can ever change that. You're one of the few people in life that I strive to make proud.

Finally @Magrahra. A gentle guiding hand where it's needed, you've been like a wonderful concoction of all the positives above. I never thought anyone could put up with playing Nosh'marak's mate IC, but here we are and honestly it's been the most fun trip I could have ever imagined. Late nights of doodling, timewalking, PvP, or simply just nattering about the night's awkward RP have probably played the biggest part in keeping me sane during current events.
Of course I love you all unconditionally. It doesn't matter who might accidentally get on my nerves, who might say something that upsets me or who might quite frankly dislike me. I'm far from perfect, but the one thing I feel like I've really got a grasp on here in life is my love for you. The guild that's helped me grow, helped shape me in to the man I am today, and been the cause of a few late assignment turn-ins or late attendance marks in school. Just a few. I love y'all, and I leave you with my all-time favourite screenshot, from an event in the reboot campaign where I truly felt at home. Love you long time, I'll make sure to do my darndest to be back after my military training!

Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



I joinedORB way back when in 2012, with very few breaks up until the hiatus and the time after.
After that much time here, I can genuinely say the the guild is the best I've been in (The other officers told me to say that while they may or may not have held me at gunpoint, send help).

Trakmar's time in the guild has been a turbulent one, going from being a rather friendly and outgoing orc to being the grumpy, short-fused killjoy that he is today and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Now, I don't have any screenshots to share because I hardly ever make any screenshots, so I'll settle for some honorary mentions instead, as the man of few words that I am.

@Kozgugore, for being an outstanding guildleader and just a generally good fellow for the whole time I've been in this guild. He's always been a solid guy who I enjoyed talking with, IC or OOC. When he approached me to be an officer during the hiatus I was surprised, slightly reluctant but also very happy that he put that faith in me. He also told me to mention he would pay me well for praising him, and who can deny a good offer from a solid guy like that?

@Elder The officer team, a bunch of good folk with whom we have shared laughs, long discussions and a tiny sprinkle of frustrations at times, I'm sure. Though I haven't been the most active officer as of late, the time I've spend talking with them and planning things has been great!

@Azolg For being an all around good chap. For those that don't know, this guy played Keishara, Trak's first mate who was murdered during the rebellion. The time that Trak had to cross half of Pandaria to find her is a great memory, still as if it was fresh.

@Rhonya for being simply just a good friend for the time I've been in this guild. An absolute chad.

@Srelok Tagging you just to be a dick and I wanna annoy you. Come at me, m8. Even though he is a great guy.


My journey with the Blades begun many years ago. Not as an Orc, but a Human and a Dwarf. On Defias where RP-PvP campaigns held their own as some of the most anticipated events of the season, I distinctly remember seeing (and fearing) the wolfbound Orcs of the Red Blade led by Kozgugore as the Alliance forces were led by Seiken (Krogon). Ironically, it was Krogon that convinced me to join years later roughly in 2013 during the Siege of Orgrimmar Patch of MoP. I still remember making a fresh Warlock and being praised for power levelling it so quickly even Rhonya would've been proud of me. I remember early roleplay scenes in Garadar, (where I still attest Gashuk fell inlove with a certain Shaman even if it took them years (and two mates later) to get together. In the years since, Gashuk has grown alot as the guild has too.

I admit during the hiatus I fell out of love with many things in WoW. When you don't have a home, a community, a family, the MMO suddenly becomes very lonely. Thankfully, as families do, we pulled through <3

Notable mentions!

Firstly, to a few that aren't with us. Sadok Sharptongue. Aside from the fact I stole his mate (huehue). That man during his stint was a literal miracle worker. I miss his character dearly. Krogon Devilstep. For all the many many valid reasons he is no longer with us, he is and remains to be a dear friend and a big part of my life to-date with the guild. He got me to join, and he was a big part for many years.

To those who are thankfully with us! @Rhonya - The Denmother. Gashuk's Wolf. How could I not mention her. It's self explanatory really. She's a legend that will go down in the Annals for all time. Always friendly, easy to talk with, and a darn good Rper!

@Trakmar - A thorn in Gashuk's side, a guy you love to hate. For all the disagreements we have IC, you're a big part of Gashuk's story.

@Elder - You're all amazing, you're doing a fantastic job and I love you all.

Orcs of the Red Blade is more than a guild-tag in a video game. It's a family, a community that supports each other through thick and through thin. It's your best friends sharing your favourite hobby. It's your agony aunts with an open ear to hear your worries. It's your boost of encouragement when you need that final push. 15 years doesn't just create amazing role-playing campaigns and character depth; it creates an established environment where you can feel safe, where you can feel wanted, no matter how much or how little you contribute. It's one in a million. Thank you OotRB. For the Blood!

Nakobu / Nar'thak

Time for me to post! The guild is a funny and special thing. Before this guild I really didn't 'get' online communities. I didn't understand the sort of bonds and friendships that can be made, and I certainly didn't understand those bonds and friendships even eventually extend to real life for some. I've always stuck with my real life friends when it came to online games and especially WoW, and I was fine with that from Wrath to the end of Legion.
It was that end point of Legion that I actually looked into RP despite having been on an RP realm since mid-WoD thanks to my friends wanting to be on a higher pop realm (an obligatory rest in peace for my home-realm of Eonar </3). I made a character and joined an orc guild rather on whim and out of boredom one day, after finding them interesting from what I saw while spying. I stayed in that orc guild for two or so months until it went into hiatus and eventually disbanded, and despite the strange rules on attendance and community interactions they had, that time only furthered my interest in RP and especially orc RP!

I'd already heard of the Red Blade when I left that guild, with them being only of the only guilds that my former guildmates didn't talk ill of.  So, after debating with myself on if I wanted to make and try another orc or to make and try a pandaren, I decided to instead make an orc monk - being Nar'thak! I remember fondly my time making my application for the guild on the site, and I remember being especially happy when dear @Kozgugore complimented me on it despite my complete lack of creative writing skills! Soon came the day where I came along for my IC interview, where I ICly had Nar'thak ride Feng from Orgrimmar. Where I then realised Feng did not have a name, so... he was thus called Feng on the spot!

I remember rolling up to Crossroads and having my interview with Koz, and me being hyper nervous over it all. Despite my nervous though, it all went swimmingly and Nar'thak was a New Blood! Only I now had to find a tutor. On my own. Oh dear. I was nervous, worried, afraid of messing it all up - something perhaps many and feel for from their own early days! But those feelings didn't last very long. Because a couple minutes after my interview with dear Kozzy I saw @Rhonya as Rhon sitting on a slight hill, along with @Vraxxar standing nearby, if my memory is not wrong! The conversation they had back then really helped me become comfortable with the guild and my current task of getting a tutor. @Razaron was of course there along with us too - I don't think I could forget the confusing and insane sight of a half naked orc suddenly dancing in front of a spiritual fire on my first day!

Rhon became Nar's tutor after a couple days of meeting orcs (though I'd already chosen from their first meeting to be completely honest!), and from there he began his New Blood tasks, all while being thrown into a centaur campaign that I had no clue about. Despite knowing nothing, it was fun, and Nar'thak got his face in a banner of the event Koz made. So I was very happy!
After that, it was just fun night after fun night of RP. Campaign to campaign! I eventually even ran my own campaign with the guild with Nar'thak showing 'the good old days' during and pre the First War. Not too long after that, I even volunteered to become an officer of the guild. Which is honestly rather insane, thinking back on it. From not understanding online communities and not understanding RP, to being an officer. And the reason all that understanding came to me, is because of all of you! You all made me feel at home, created such great fun each evening and showed me just how special the bonds and friendships we make online between each other can be. You're all honestly irreplaceable and I honestly feel blessed to have found you all. <3

Tahara / Suhaan

I’ll pop in a few screenshots.


Well hey all. Some really touching and deep things here. <3 I feel a bit underwhelming with mine as I've only just joined but I'll throw a couple words here, since I have known of ORB a long time.

Back when RP on Defias existed, I was around some time, mainly late into WotLK onwards. I dabbled a bit in a couple of guilds, my first RP one being SGE - Second Gurubashi Empire. (I will refuse to name my characters because I was so new to RP and awkward. xD)

Defias Brotherhood had a wide variety of guilds, with most to my memory tending to be race-specific. SGE was Troll only, ORB of course for the Orcs. But even Alliance had Nature's Grasp and Dwarven Rifle Squad. I also dabbled for a time in Winterblades, but I will be very surprised if people were in here, or maybe even know of them ^^

RP-PvP was something I absolutely adored, even as I struggled to get myself leveled up (ugh, leveling..). There was just something about the possibility of bumping into other guilds or players. And hell, even some of the OOC'ers that would attack you were still something I enjoyed, when you had that moment of switching out of your RP gear and destroying them, there was a great satisfaction and justice to it.

The nostalgia and mystery to the other faction was a thing, even if it was in the days you could just have an Alliance alt. Discord wasn't a thing, nor elixir of tongues, or even battle tag. And yet, when RP-PvP happened there was a great maturity and community feel. If I was to guess, I would probably go by the fact that when the rp-pvp is without restrictions, you don't get the occasional drama of 'X is AOE'ing, or Y is stunning' that sometimes crops up in RP-PvP on AD.

Sadly many, many laptop changes have happened between then and now and have demolished the screenies I had of those times/days. And as much as I loved DB, I moved to AD when a fair few friends did to start fresh, around mid Cata time I think.
I did briefly come back to DB around MoP, but it just wasn't the same for me and I stayed with AD since. But I will say it's nice that ORB is still going strong, and even if it isn't a 'tribe' anymore, or the same server. Seeing the tag (and now being in it) still brings back some fond times and fonder years. :3

So thank you all for keeping the guild going strong!

Also, Siame, Ting, Wassa. ;)


So yeah, old fucker time. DISCLAIMER: Screenshots and I do not agree, so don't expect any.

I started RP in late Cata, on DB because a friend of ours was RPing a forsaken there. So, Kyra and I decided fuck it, let's give this RP thing a shot. As Forsaken. In my case, Forsaken DK. Mistakes were made. ;)

At this time OotRB was a big name on the server and I was terrified of this group of badasses who hosted these big PVP events and shit.

Then ofcourse Kyra joined on Rhon and while I was by then having fun in SGE as a troll mon, I made the leap in late MoP and joined on this kinda grumpy, reclusive empath who just so happened to be Rhonya's cousin. The rest, as they say, is history.

I did some time as officer, and while I miss it some times, I just don't have the time for it anymore and I don't think I could add anything to the Elder team we have atm, as they're doing a brilliant job <3
Ofcourse, I've had my ups and downs and people I didn't agree with, but the true strength of this little family we have here is that even if things aren't great, everyone here has a support network in place in this community and for that I can only be thankful. I've had a few breaks in the meantime, some mental health related, others forced (hiatus), but there was always someone from the guild who was there for derpy old me. I'm not doing shoutouts (@Trakmar) but you all know who you are that keep me coming back.

And I love you all. <3
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



Some of my favourite memories of my 7ish years of red blade are generally daft campfire shenanigans, lewd typos or silly campaigns.

Far too many to really recall in no particular order. From Sadoks zany reserection, to the thunder king campaign, Gashuks demonology lessons. From being told to dig snow caves with hellbrew and then proceeding to get drunk. And all the vison quests, charging the dark portal in WoD. Kyras introduction to the red blade and Sadok's god awful attempts at flirting with her.  The times on db where a simple campfire chat could turn into a pvp extravaganza. The stealth noise still makes me flinch and of course all the kosh'hargs. Arkail's insistant questions for trakmar and debates on what it means to be an orc. Lots and lots of great memories and people too many to list.   Thank you all for putting up with my goofy and strange characters.


Well.. When I first heard of this guild I was a bit unsure about you guys! I mean, I play a half-orc and I was prone of getting so many negative views towards me, people wishing to kill my character, seeing the forums making crude posts about people who roleplay half-breeds. All that elitist shenanigans.

Though I was no newbie to WoW themed rp (first roleplaying through tumblr embarassingly enough), it has been an ongoing journey of personal growth to myself and my two half-orc characters! Them being my first rp characters in WoW itself.
But the thing is, I got disappointed a lot the past few months, but when I joined the OoRB, I felt so welcomed by everyone! I was so nervous when I came to talk to you about a possibility of joining. And now you guys are helping me have Ragnar grow in his spiritual journey! Myself included even!

I am very glad to be part of this guild, and I am glad that I am joining you guys commemorate this guild's anniversary! <3


While I'm not exactly active in OotRB any more, my time in the guild is one I value highly and I have so many fond memories that I still cherish. I have always played night elves since vanilla but back near the end of Mists of Pandaria, a couple of months before WoD's release, I was convinced by Rargnasha to level an orc and check out orc RP. She was, and still is, a bit weird for an orc, with likely a couple of more elven-like traits that carried over from my days of RPing a night elven hunter. I remember being so scared and nervous when I was about to introduce my blind little she-orc to the giants of orc RP back on Defias Brotherhood. But then I encountered @Kogra, @Rhonya, @Therak and @Trakmar and the four of them took me under their wings and taught me all they knew and gradually introduced me to the guild as a whole. It took a long time for Sinami to join the guild properly and I enjoyed every moment of exploring her storyline, her reluctance to join the tribe and her suspicion of other orcs in general.
I still vividly remember the day Sinami worked up the courage to ask Kogra to become her bloodsister, or when Rhonya's troll Mayabi granted Sinami temporary sight for the first time and she and Kogra went down into the Swamp of Sorrows so Sinami could see the sea. I remember Sadok taking on Sinami as his newblood and assigning her tasks that she twisted around to work with her limitations (the task of duelling three orcs, for example, that she turned into snowball fight duels since that would work to her advantage, whereas close melee combat would not). I remember when we did war training back in Swamp of Sorrows and Koz came and yelled at Sinami, Kogra and Oguur for lagging behind the rest when Kogra and Oguur were just staying with Sinami since she was injured, but determined to finish the training anyway since she thought she had to.
I remember Sinami and Koz's initial, and rather spectacular, arguments that eventually grew into mutual love and respect and I remember how I was close to crying the day Sinami underwent her Om'riggor and received her official second name. I also remember Sinami's last new blood task together with Therak and Trakmar, where they managed to bring down a giant rylak...and then, of course, the story involving Frostfang and his sacrifice. To this day I still wish I had saved the logs from all the moments that led up to that beautifully awful ceremony. It was a wonderfully epic storyline that Rhonya created for me and I am so deeply grateful for that and for all the people that were involved.
I could go on for ages and list all the moments that stand out from my time RPing Sinami together with and within the Red Blade, but that would take forever. But so much love and thanks to @Kogra, @Rhonya, @Trakmar, @Therak, Sadok, @Srelok, @Kozgugore, @Vraxxar, @Nosh'marak and all you other wonderful orcs that I have met or have yet to meet. Perhaps I will return to Sinami a bit more fully one day, who knows? But know that the two-three years I spent actively RPing with the guild has meant a lot to me and I am so deeply grateful for the friendships I've made, the love I've found and the great community that surrounds this guild.


Hrm what I can say about the Blades? It been one of the guilds I've had the pleasure of being part of for, at least five years now? I remember when I first joined as an exiled Dragonmaw who knew nothing about the Horde as I had just started orc RP, and then returning as an orc shaman for awhile under Rarg's rule, and finally joining as my favourite character, Karnna as the guild reformed again under Koz, I have had many ups and downs here, some privately others very public, however I am hoping when I return in Pre-patch to mend old bridges. As despite everything I do enjoy many of the characters here, From @Kulgha and Karg, to the Skywise sisiters @Verzan @Rykana and @Gulrok and @Nakobu .

Things I've enjoyed in the guild have been getting to run my own events, and seeing everyone's reaction to the horror elements. The False Hydra story I enjoyed working on even the twist ending of it I did not even see coming. In RP I've always enjoyed how Karnna is likely one of the only neutral evil characters in the guild and some of the way she butts heads with others and how some befriended her despite it and start helping her consider rethinking her ideals....only then to have someone else send her right back into it again by claiming she going to betray the clan. Though I admit I am hesitant to return.

I look forward to seeing how things play out for the Red Blades.

Korgarah / Scharda

First joined way way way way back in the day! Like, I have to go find my application to see how long ago, buuut I can't find it. But i found posts from back in 2010, so I've been around for a while! A bit on and off mind you. But in the end, this is the one and only guild i've come back to.
And mind you, didn't ever leave in the first place, just didn't play WoW actively for periods of time. But when I did log in again, yeah, OotRB was the first place I'd go. Which to me says a lot about the guild <3

Karak / Siyah'gosh

Oh gosh I've beenheer 15 years. That's...literally half my life.
Not active as much now 'cos I'm busy but i'll be back one day. Lemme fine my Karak pics dump. No context allowed.

Typical comvo with Karak and Sadok

What's more tragic than sadok dying is Karak's choice of pants.

Don't know what Trakmar is doing there.



I remember Siyah badmouthing everyone all funeral. Lel
Arkail and his snuggle-skeleton being stepped on by Kogra?

Siyah saves the day in World PvP

Mazgha makes a friend

Vraxxar wonders where it all went wrong

The horrifying truth about Arkail

Sadok Dies [Again]

Karak bullies a small child with Noshmarak

Old Guy MArries Karak's crush and gets creeped on

Red blades take a nice boat ride for more than 5 minutes

Raz curses his enemies

...aand... the rest are just gameplay pics or the landscapes of the tribe in bug events, which no doubt have been posted before. Thanks for the memories guys <3
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



Orcs of the Red Blade has been a super welcoming and warm community to me from the day I met them at the Kosh'harg festival of spring 2019. Of all guilds on our realm, this is quite possibly the one with the most rich and deep guild culture. When I unexpectedly had nothing to do for 3 weeks, they let me tag along on their well-written Nazmir guild campaign despite the fact I was low level, wanted to remain guildless, and didn't ask until the day of departure itself. Thank you to every single member, and congrats on your monumental anniversary achievement!

Zakarah / Bashul

I’ve been in the discord for over 2 years now (yes, I’m a great lurker) and in the guild for about a year.

I’ve been in wow Rp for over 9 years now (yeah, a long while if you think about it). I even had my own guild for a while and after that I kind of fell in a hiatus myself for about a year. Struggling with my mental illness has kept me from re-trying to get back into Rp.

Until @Rhonya came on my path. After a bunch of chatting after her drawing my parent’s doggo, she dragged me into larp first. She introduced me to her hubby @Srelok, who I found to be terrifying upon first Irl meet, but discovered he’s a nice bean shortly after.

Needless to say, things started rolling.
It didn’t take long until I was introduced to this bunch of misfits by rhon, and I was welcomed with open arms.
I lurked in the discord for about a year before I finally made the step to give wow Rp a try again.. And what an experience that was!
I was mortified to get an interview to get into the guild (but it turned out to be nothing like all the guilds I've been in before) and there I was. On my shroom and herb addicted Za’karah. My first rp event I joined, she almost died and got saved by @Zasa , who was the only one actually paid attention. (whoops) And I was afraid that would set the tone for the time to come, but no.
I was enveloped in a bubble of safety within the guild. Even my mental health issues seemed understood by others, and everyone tried (and still do) their very best to help me keep my demons at bay..

I even met some of you at Castlefest what made me secretly even more excited to get -really- into rp again..and it was a magical experience to meet all the people behind their characters.

Until I crossed the threshold of liking wow RP again. And what a marvelous time it was. All the events, the Kosh’harg, and many more random rp moments sparked something within me that I lost for such a long time. In a safe, happy environment as well! Everyone was and is so friendly, accepting and I couldn’t ask for a happier place to be in virtual space.

I met @Gulrok and he quickly became one of my good friends in and outside the guild. I dragged my best friend @Tahi/Zelyr  into this chaos aswell, and soon another dear friend of mine @Grakaz followed.
I also found some dear friends in @Nosh'marak @Tagrok @Verzan @Ordok @Draz'gul and a whole heap of others that I treasure as true friends. (I won’t tag all of you, because that would be a whole list, but you guys know you who are!)

And now I joined the @Elders to help to keep all you misfits at bay. And even if I still have a way to go, I couldn’t be happier that I am working with my fellow elders to make WoW a better place, one event at a time.

I’m so grateful to be in this guild, and I can’t wait to spend more many magical years among it.
Now, some of my favourite moments..

The Kosh’harg drinking circle! It started as a silly thing with me and Srelok..and suddenly we got epic speeches about dirty elves. It was phenomenal!

The last Kosh’harg, hosting events for so many people! That’s truly a milestone for me after not daring it for a long time. It did spark my confidence to pick up more events in the future.

My first event on Bashul, and getting thrown in the deep right away to save Akala and Kavara! This was so much fun, but hella intense.

And last but definitely not least.
The Herd of the Red blade facing the halls of Antorus together! For the famous "Not a bear-mask ic"!


So I've not been in this guild long and thus don't have any memorable RP moments to share, but I'd feel bad if I didn't compliment the atmosphere this guild has fostered. This is a very open, welcoming community. I posted in #negativity_and_ranting last week and the kind and sweet responses made all teary eyed. Also channels like #positivity_and_appreciation or the adorable photos in #photo_and_image_channel really add to the wholesome vibes. In-game I feel like there's this chill and caring atmosphere as well. I often have anxiety about the quality of my RP but the encouragement of people when I voice those doubts help dismiss them. Also just little things like someone /whispering me to ignore that one salty troll I beat at the Kosh'harg Brawl'gar.
I feel safe and welcome in this guild in a way I've not felt in a long time. <3


I'm so new here I barely feel that I should comment but I can honestly say that I have not felt so welcome, encouraged and understood more in years. People so willing to lift others and help; to offer honest critique rather than snaps or negativity; to just be a family both IC and OOC. In my short time here it has been a confidence boost and a spur to get me back into doing the RP I love so much.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this guild, this family and I hope it will continue for many more years to come.


I still haven't written in here how much this guild means to me. But to be honest, I can't put it into words. If I could I'd give @Vezara a big hug for showing me the guild just before WoD launch. Since then there have been a lot of people I'd like to give my thanks and love to for various reasons. One of them is @Vanara, one only a few here knows who it is I can imagine. But Vanara became special to Vraxxar, and one of the first guildies I started to play other games with, like Smite. Yes Kogra you were there as well. :p
Then we have @Targoth and @Srelok for making my life better with constant teasing and jokes, along with becoming Vraxxar's brothers. You guys are the reason why Talador will always be special for me.
Now to @Therak and Krogon, I'd like to give a thank you because they are the reason why I became a sneaky rogue! And most likely had me love the Path of Cunning. These two showed me the great way of sneaking around and scaring people.
And a thank you to @Karnna for being an inspiration for various things when it comes to Vraxxar.
I also want to say a giant thank you and love hug to @Rhonya @Kozgugore @Tahara @Tagrok @Gashuk @Azolg for making all the years in the guild, every year in the guild, really special to me for one reason or another. You guys have played large parts to my own and Vraxxar's development, IC and/or OOC.
And ofc, I have to say a thank you to @Zi'tani for being able to handle both mine and Vrax's shenanigans! You are a silly and Vrax would've been dead without you.
Lastly I of course want to give the @Elder a large thank you and a hug. Not only have you guys withstood my fails and mistakes, but you have also helped me to get to know myself better. I love working with you guys, and I look forward to more years of doing so!
I hit the limit. So.
I love all of you! You're all great, beautiful and you all will go to special hall in Assgard. Because butts.
I swear I forgot someone and I'll hate it.

I forgot the screenshot part. But I don't have any good one with a lot of people, so have a Koz with flowers.


I’ve been playing wow since it launched, Been part of many different RP guilds over the years and different servers too (started on AD - went to DB - came back to AD) I’ve gotten to know people through wow, and one of my closest friends I met in wow almost 16 years ago. And then it started to fade - people had lives - moved on. I just played the game, to play the game, with my friends popping in at the start of expansions and looking to play, so RP took a back seat for me for a long while.
Then I decided to try an orc,  it was kind of a big step for me, as I didn’t have anyone playing the game at the time, so I was jumping in solo into a guild that had been around forever
I have to say I felt a bit intimidated.
But I didn’t need to.

While this guild has a lot of history and a lot of stories and their own mythology - that never gets in the way. When I joined and did the ‘sitting around people being awkward’ thing, I was drawn into what was going on around me, I was told the stories and got to smile and laugh at what had happened and got involved in what was going on. I got to tell my stories and people wanted to be involved!
Coming here on the discord I found that this place is more than just a guild. This is a place where acceptance and understanding rules. This is a place that made me feel welcome and part of who they were. I get to make jokes and laugh and be laughed at but never in a mean spirited way. Where if I need a break or if things are too much, I know that everyone here just understands and there’s no judgement. This is a Family.

There’s such a strong sense of community here, and this has been so important (this year more than most)
So many people I’ve connected with in game and on discord.. but to name a few:
@Zakarah (I don’t know why you haven’t killed me yet IRL <3)
@Tahi (For all the laughs and chats)
@Kulgha (love my in-game Sis so much)
@Rhonya (you frighten me and make me laugh so much)
@Rykana (the good looking one)
@Verzan (the other one)
@Tagrok (why won’t you love me!)
@Tahara (Why won’t you love Tag!)

And so many more..You guys are all amazing, and I’m sorry to say but you’re stuck with me now.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



For the longest time I played Alliance. To be exact, I played Alliance since the end of WotLK! From Aedenn to Berethen Greatmoor, my forever favourite Dwarf Galvrin Stormheart, "The Collector" and his funny businesses... All great characters, an amazing amount of fun. But when I disbanded the Order of the Eastweald back in the last week of 2019, I knew I needed a change of scenery. My buddy Tarvahk had often spoken of his time with guilds like Irontusk, fondly speaking of the Orc community, and this sparked my interest. So I came back to an old concept I had for over a year: Ordok. First named steelgrip, I felt he needed to be a wholly different char with a similar backstory. So Axebite was born, and he was a warrior nearing his twilight years. I had of course played Horde before, with Zen'Tezaki in the Frozen Paw Clan. But he had never grown beyond being a very fun and passionate side-project. Things were different for Ordok though, because I knew I had to join Red Blade from the moment I joined up with you guys on the road to Kosh'harg in the spring. This community is unlike anything I've ever seen, in all my years on the server. It was my interactions with people like @Gul'rok, @Razaron, @Vraxxar, @Verzan, @Rhonya, @Tahara and so many more (Could list you all, but a man must choose a few to keep it tight!) which sealed the deal. Sadly this was at the start of a time when my focus was once more needed on Alliance, and you have been lovely about it. Now I'm here again as a Newblood, learning the lore and the history of this guild and its people. And you know what? It brings joy to my heart to see so many so dedicated to this all. While I remain split between Alliance and Horde, my focus has grown more and more towards Ordok: and once my time on Alliance is done, this shall probably be my final home on the server.

Much love to you all, I can't wait to see what comes next <3

Draz'gul / Nrak

I contemplated not really writing anything because I'm weird about stuff and because I honestly haven't been around very long. Still though. I've been in contact/'around' the clan since my time on Defias (Defias Forever.gif) I've had a few stints here in the years. Member Tarkresh? No, you shouldn't. I only RPed him once or twice and I think most of the folks that interacted with him during RP arent here anymore. Except Koz and Rhon, they are eternal after all.

I couldn't really manage RPing mulitple characters at the time so I stuck with my trusted Troll zealot Oba, enjoying my time in being Mags' Troll Empress' doormat. Defias was a blast. Eventually I tried to make aaaanother character work. In fact two more to be precise. I can't tell which was first, Khrugh the mok'nathal or Okram the Frostwolf seer. Sadly I never really got into it due to a bunch of IRL stuff so I never managed to stick around. I'll be honest, I didn't think the clan was the place for me during that time. I felt that my RP wasn't good enough and at the time I also didn't feel liked, that's not because of how people were, in fact everyone was always tremendously nice. I was just completely in my own head, in fact I still am but I've gotten a  lot better at ignoring it.

So here we are now I suppose. I eventually decided to give it another go and joined on Draz, and when my PC died like two months after joining it felt like my RP journey with you guys was going in an eerily similar fashion to my previous stints. Maybe the discords availability prevented it but I got really into it upon coming back and now you'll all never get rid of me even if you'd want to. Thanks for making me feel welcome and happy anniversay I guess! I don't really know how to end thingie.


Not really sure I'd should put anything in here since I've only been with you lovely bunch for a few months now but then I thought bugger it and wanted to let this guild know how much I've come to love it and it getting me back into the RP spirit once again after a real long hiatus. My first rp char was a troll over on Scarsheild Legion was part of a fun guild there but one day all the rp on the sever just vanished so I made the trip on over to Argent Dawn.

Thronk was my first and still to this day my main Horde char and was with the the first guild I joined for years and I loved it but as times change I made the choice to leave that guild and kind of dropped on and off of WoW for sometime it was thanks to two great friends I met on this sever @Verzan and @Rykana that I first heard of the Red Blade and even took part in a campaign the guild was holding after it's own hiatus though I would again disappear from WoW for some time, though after coming back into the game and learning more about the guilds from my friends I decide to take the plunge and I have to say I don't regret it.

First member of the guild I spoke to was @Vraxxar, who gave me the interview over whisper chat and I found myself apart of a new guild smack bang on in the middle of bad void times and every last one of you folks were good and welcoming to me and that made getting back into the groove of rp better. The only thing left to say is that I am grateful to everyone for all the good times and laughs we've had both in character and out and I can not wait for more with the lot of you <3


I remember encountering the guild on several occasions before I joined. First time (and the only time I recall properly) was seeing Morgeth and @Kozgugore RPing in the horde inn of Dalaran during Wotlk. They'd sit there and talk/argue for quite a while, and I ended up sitting outside and reading, it was enjoyable to me. I had tried a bit of RP before this point, during mid and late TBC, but it was very casual and only a handful of times and I never felt like I was good at it. xD So reading the conversations of these two "masters of RP" as they were in my eyes, talking with fancy accents about things, was quite special. I ended up catching them there a few times actually, if memory serves.

Thanks to this, as well as their cool guild name that I thought was badass, I decided to see if the guild has a website. And they did! I read through stuff there and felt inspired, yet scared as heck of these RP pros. xD I wanted badly to apply but I felt too intimidated at that point so I didn't. But I did race change my troll male shaman into Vez (and then spent ages coming up with her name) because I knew I wanted an orc at this point, and I knew I wanted to possibly apply in the future.

Then at some point a friend of mine who had recently joined the guild (he quit years ago) convinced me to come along for an event in Wetlands to meet everyone. So I did, and I discovered that, while it was intimidating as heck to be around actual RPers, I enjoyed it and it wasn't as scary as I thought. I also encountered Orgash in Storm Peaks a few weeks or months later while I was leveling there, we teamed up for quests and he told me to apply as well. So in the end I did.
Sometime during May 2010, I wrote a terrible and short application on the forums, and were super worried and terrified about how judged I would be, and that they would certainly reject me. I was again invited by my friend to another event, this time in Hellfire Peninsula, while my application was pending. Rargnasha spoke to me a few times in whisper while the event was going, telling me he read my application and that it was quite lacking in information and that my character had no real motive for joining. So I went back and edited/added to it as best I could, to a point where it was less shitty and slightly more informative. x)

If I remember correctly, I was accepted sometime during that event, and after it was over, Rarg interviewed me IC. The interview went "well" for the most part, aside from me being nervous as hell and just replying whatever I thought would be the "right" answers, cause I just didn't want to be rejected and was scared of pissing him off. xD I remember in particular he asked Vez something along the lines of "If your chieftain tells you to burn a village, completely destroying it and killing everyone, even women and children, would you do it?" and ofc as the dumbass I was, only wanting to answer the right thing, I said "Yes, of course!" to which Rarg gave her a lecture, haha.
But yeah, that's the story of how I joined at least, the short version that is! Over the years I met and befriended a lot of people and made some amazing memories with them, some are still here today, and some are gone, sadly. I rather not start tagging and talking about individuals now, cause then I'd never finish, but know that I love this guild and the people a lot, and it/you mean a lot to me. As I said a few weeks ago, while I may not be super active anymore I still appreciate being part of this guild and being able to talk to you all whenever I can. And I'm so glad to have been part of this for so long and to have had so many fun times and made so many memories. I can't imagine ever joining some other guild with Vez, so hopefully I can stick around for as long as the guild exists. Thanks to everyone who made my stay for the past 10 years such a positive experience, helped me become a less shitty RPer, and thanks to everyone past and present who's helped make the guild what it is. <3 You're all great people and I appreciate you.

Taken during an event in Northrend! Garashna's wolf died, we tried to use a campfire and pig as visuals for us burning it. And we failed quite hard at the campfire placements. ;D

A screenshot of a sleeping Vez, and a Rarg sitting on the floor. I think this was also during the northrend campaign that year. Which was during the first few weeks after I joined I think. You can see in chat there that even then I realized I picked the right guild. :F

This was some casual RP I did with the other orc gals from the "She-orc hut" as we called it. ;D We went to crossroads for supplies. Was shortly after we returned from Northrend.

Vez asked Krogon to look into her family and find out of her brother Varekk was indeed her brother, and this is what he told after returning from his mission!

Nag'ogar training with Gnash!


Well I guess I will offer my own meager testimony because I also just joined and also say that The Orcs of the Red Blade are actually the reason I transferred Grokkar from Earthen Ring to Argent Dawn.
It all started when I saw the Red Blade thread on the AD forums and then I followed it to the website where I read up on the guild.

ER, especially horde side is pretty dead RP wise, and I had been wanting to try more Horde RP after playing roleplaying in Alliance since vanilla WoW so I transferred over, but then my anxiety struck and stopped me from making any contact, the thought of sending a application seeming a unsurmountable obstacle for me.

So I wandered around in AD, once again just doing pve stuff and watching others roleplaying until recently I checked the forums and saw the guild recruitment faire event and decided to just walk around and watch...
I go to the Valley of honour, I spot the Red Blade position and approach to watch, but I wandered too close into range and aggroed Noshmarak, who asks if i'm interested in joining. First I  freeze but as i've recently been trying then went "Screw it, there's nothing to lose!" and here I am.

Of course since joining it's been a bit of a whirlwind of events, people being very busy and still a bit of lingering anxiety not letting me talk a lot, but I have really enjoyed what i've been a part of and I hope to continue be a part of a very cool guild and from what I see on Discord a very nice bunch of people!


I originally met ORB as an officer of Sin Belore, back when SB was still active. It was really nice to meet the guild then, but I would never have believed in a million years that I would grow to like orcs enough to try one out, thanks to the guidance of poor @Vraxxar who had to put up with my constant questioning so I could get the lore right.

A thank you to Kargnar for inviting me to join the guild, and thank you to everyone who has taken part in shaping my experience with ORB. From @Rhonya to @Nosh'marak for taking me on as his student and making adjustments for my IC stupidity, to @Gul'rok, to @Razaron, to @Srelok, and many others who have interacted with me. Thank you to Ragnar for trusting in me to be your mentor (We will be sorting out your first lesson I'm so sorry. Q.Q).

And to be perfectly honest, my biggest gratitude is to @Vraxxar for not only helping to develop Zi further and being awesome IC, but for listening to me when I wavered regarding the guild and making the effort to not only provide me with opportunities to join in, but also to push me through my anxiety to join in once again. Thank you for being my friend. <3

(And also @Kozgugore really should fight me IC.)
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Kulgha / Karhla

Would just like to add that I think the blades are awesome have met some great people who I love to rp with from @Ghul'rok i love kul's big brother to bits and have had so many laughs with you and great chats with also @Karnna Kul's so misunderstood sister who she will never give up on love you lots Kar miss you even poor @Kozgugorel who has to put up with Kul's crazy letters once a month @Zasa for all the fun rp along with so many to name thanks to you all and big thanks to Kargnar for introducing me to such a great guild.


I have been summoned and directed to this thread by the magnificent @Rhonya. It's amazing to see so many people posting such wonderful things in here. There's a lot to go through and i'd be here all day listing everyone I cherish. You all know who you are. But I just wanted to say @Trakmar - Thanks for the kind words. I always felt I let you down, and I always felt there was some disappointment from you to me (And with good reason i'd say.) but i'm .. Glad thats not the case. For what it's worth, it was an amazing time RPing Keishara with you even if she was a massive derp of a character sometimes. Rokarna still lives on through you.

As for the guild? What can I say that you all don't already know. You all are here for a reason, whether because you enjoy it, you have good friends, or this has just become your online home. Whatever the case - ORB remains strong, and a wonderful place to spend your time online because of this community, and it probably will do until WoW itself shuts down.

Thanks for putting up with my various mental breakdowns over the years. Thanks for always letting me back in. Thanks for just being decent, wonderful people who always saw the best in me. Thanks @Sadok for saving my life that one day I needed you to. I miss you buddy. I hope you're doing okay <3

You all da' best.
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Sorry I missed this post and not sure if I should add it on to the end but here goes.

15 years now I do feel old.

Been here for 14 years and 8 months and still here.
Had my best internet gaming times with this game and the motley crew old and (some) new.
(I would hate to work out how much time and money in total).
I have rubbed a lot of different people up the wrong way in my time at the top of the Guild and the bottom and would if I could take a lot of it back but insight is a wonderful thing.
Because I’m really an Orc!  a grumpy old git and after all the time I spend in the shadows of this group, I would find it imposable to just walk away.
So, I keep myself to myself and listen in and mix in when nobody sees or hears me much to the relief of Koz and co.  :-*      :-X  :-X  :-X
I cannot even start to name names there have been literary hundreds of different people here who just popped in for a look and stayed so the group must have been doing something right.
Much of it owed to the founders of the group Akesha, Kad, Oznack, Rehbande, Vargukha, to name but a few.
I like so many am not sure how this game will finally die out but I think I will still be here holding the door.

Love to you all Claws .....Carol.
True Blood
Once a Blade Always a Blade.

Retired Right hand of the Blades.
Lived enough to be older and wiser then many pup's

Remember a journey is not a final destination.


You're always welcome to pitch in, Claws! Gladly in fact, because where would the guild be without its resident stalker in the bushes? ;)

The reason you probably missed the post previously was because most of the guild's communications happen on our Discord nowadays, which is a separate chat program. You're welcome to join it if you like really, but it might be a tad overwhelming with all the youngsters running about, who knows. :D
(Though having said that, the community's average age is probably quite a bit higher nowadays too - we're all getting old!)

In any case, great as always to hear from you Claws!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Me and my dear wife (Vargukha) were just sitting and remembering the good old days in WoW when I decided to see if the tribe is still alive. It sure seems to be!

It sure is amazing to read your stories and that the tribe is still going strong, more than 15 years later. We used to be a part of it a loooong time ago, when the world was young and the orcs were an unruly bunch that just loved to get in a fight. I joined the Red Blades when Akesha and Kad were looking for new orcs to join the tribe.

Koz and the others, you are amazing! You have developed a great community that has survived for a very long time. I just wish I had time to play again and be the old relic from the past.

Stay strong!


Well that's just some great timing, to come pay us a visit during an anniversary like this! :D Always great to hear from you and Varg, Reh! You were a great influence on the guild back in the day that impressed myself as well, so it's always fun to see your name pop up!

The guild's forums may be quiet (it mostly serves for archival purposes than anything else at this rate), but our Discord's alive and kicking. A link can be found elsewhere on the forum somewhere, but any one of your oldies are always welcome to pop by should you ever dare risk dip your toes back into it!
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