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Started by Srelok, January 17, 2018, 02:38:28 AM

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I buckled on my gauntlets. It was a suit of armour I hadn’t worn since the Legion invasion started, one Kargnar had crafted for me. The boots hid my prosthetic well, and allowed me free enough range of movement in a fight. The gauntlets and pauldrons had been set in with emeralds and the whole armour was edged in brass. It was a good suit, it fit my body well and it offered good protection.
Azguh was beside me, eyeing my preparations. She had a skeptical look in her eye, but she radiated worry.
“Sure about this? It could turn out to be absolutely n-“
“It’s not nothing. The world has been in distress since that green monster appeared in the heavens. That’s why we were in Silithus in the first place remember?”
“You promised her you’d stay behind for her.” That was a low blow, and I sighed, placing my wolfmask back on the floor.
“Steelheart is a tough one. She will understand that I have to go.”
“Do you? What is powerful enough to cause the planet itself to go into distress? And what the fel are you going to do against it?” An edge of anger crept into her aura now, a desperation. Who knew, Azguh would actually fear losing me? I almost grinned even though the desperation of the moment was as real as they came.
“I don’t know my love… But I have to do â€"something-. I can’t just sit idly by. I still remember the Cataclysm, and the pain I sensed in the world then. Can you imagine, a world actually crying out in pain?” I picked the mask back up and placed it on my head. There, now I looked like a warrior. If only I could feel like it…
“If you’re going to your death I’m right beside you. But I think we should warn the others.”
My jaw sets at the mention of the others, the outrage at their treatment of my bloodkin still fresh. Even if her actions were against the spirits, against the balance… This was Rhonya, for Grom’s sake. How many times had she set bones, sewn them back up, guided them through the hellholes of Draenor and beyond… And she makes one mistake, just the one.. And she’s treated with scorn, derision, distrust… I could sense their disapproval still, cloaking the Crossroads.
“I’m sure they can think for thems-”
A loud scream was heard and it took me a moment to realize it was me. A huge sense of fear was radiating from the ground itself, and it had driven me to my knees. I looked up at Argus, and sensed more then saw that the planet was receding from the heavens. Some floodgate of unholy energy had opened, and even as I looked I was gripped by a sense of…. Holiness, I guess. Like the light itself was bathing me and Azeroth in its energies. I’d never sensed anything like it…

Just then, something new hove into view. A face, crowned with horns and fire. A sense of pure hatred and rage flooded me, so strong even one not gifted as I was should have felt it.
It grew in the sky until the image filled the heavens themselves and blocked out the Light. The creature had something in his hand. For lack of a better word, a sword, if swords were made the size of a mountain.
The blade plunged down toward the earth, so massive I felt it was about to hit me. As it kept plunging down it started to flare up in flames of hatred, so fierce I was driven down even further.
The impact felt like it cracked the earth itself, dust blowing up and the very earth screamed in agony, a cry I joined. It was driven ever deeper, into the planet, and into me.

The last thing I felt as the darkness of the void engulfed me was the pain of being stabbed in the heart.
So this was what death felt like…

"If you could pour pain into a mold of an orc and then cut off its foot to piss it off, you’d get Srelok." Gulrok Ragehowl


(( Huh,  so this is Srelok's IC death ?  ._.  ))


He better not be dead!  :-[
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


Has anyone tried finding Sre since the Sword came down?  ;)

((He's not dead, no.))

"If you could pour pain into a mold of an orc and then cut off its foot to piss it off, you’d get Srelok." Gulrok Ragehowl