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Orcish dictionary

Started by Kozgugore, December 10, 2007, 09:47:29 PM

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Here you will find a compiled list of all orcish words and sentences that are commonly used throughout the Warcraft universe. With the exception of the first list, keep in mind that the translations might not be completely precise as there is no official source for translations.

  • Aka'Magosh - A blessing on you and yours.
  • Amaukwa - Breath of Moon.
  • Bin mog g'thazag cha - I will protect you.
  • Dabu - I obey.
  • Dae'mon - Twisted soul/Demon.
  • Dranosh - Heart of Draenor.
  • Garona - Cursed.
  • Garrosh - Warrior's Heart.
  • Gar'mak - Anguish.
  • Gol'Kosh - By my axe.
  • Grombolar - Bowels of the giant.
  • Grommash - Giant's Heart.
  • Kagh! - Run!
  • Kosh'harg - A bi-annual orcish celebration.
  • Lak'tuk - Suffering.
  • Lo'Gosh - Ghost Wolf.
  • Lohn'goron - Hero's Sojourn.
  • Lok-Narash - Arm yourselves (alternatively: Lok-Narosh).
  • Lok-Regar - Ready for orders.
  • Lok-Tar! - Victory! (A war cry as well as a greeting)
  • Lok-Tar ogar! - Victory or Death! (war cry)
  • Lok'amon - Traditional orcish song sung about starting a family.
  • Lok'tra - Traditional orcish song sung about a battle.
  • Lok'vadnod - Traditional orcish song sung about the life of a hero.
  • Mag'har - Uncorrupted.
  • Mak'gora - Duel of honor. A challenge for leadership of a group. Under Thrall, the duel is generally a non-lethal combat, but under the old ways, it was to the death.
  • Mak'Rogahn - Duel of will. An honorable duel between two fighters when one's honor has been questioned. So long as the loser does not surrender, and fights until passing out or the bell is rung, both fighters are considered winners and get to drink the rest of the night. If the loser does surrender, s/he was traditionally exiled from the clan.
  • Mok'nathal - The Sons of Nath.
  • Mok'ra - Greetings.
  • Mok-thorin ka! - Engage the enemy!
  • Nagrand - Land of the Winds.
  • Nelghor - Loyal beasts.
  • Nelghor-shomash - Cry of the Beasts.
  • Nok-Karosh - Warrior's Death.
  • Om'riggor - Orcish rite of adulthood.
  • Oshu'Gun - Mountain of Spirits.
  • Swobu - As you command.
  • Throm-ka - Well met (alternatively: Throm'ka).
  • Trk'hsk - Bloodshed in battle. (Some orcs in the Durnholde area use the word with a different meaning, namely "that sacrificed to the earth in order to make crops grow")
  • Ur'gora - "Not-honor". Considered the worst possible insult an orc can use.
  • Wachook - Female incapacitated by pregnancy.
  • Wor'gol - Wolf Home.
  • Zug-zug - Acknowledgement and agreement; roughly the equivalent of "okay".

The following words and sentences are speculative. No official translation or use has been given on them, though they may be commonly used here and there.

  • Kor'kron - Sons of the Horde.
  • Lok-Regar no'gall / on-dabu - Ready for orders.
  • Mok-thorin ka! - Battle cry.
  • Thrall-Hall - Thrall's Honour.

The following words are commonly used by the clan and are most usually seen as words derived from the Red Blade dialect.

  • Gosh'kar - Disciples of the Totem.
  • Gug'ye - Farewell.
  • Gul'thauk - Dark Knives.
  • Kosh'mahar Ravash - Take what they owe.
  • Kra-Maggar - Summer games.
  • Nag'Ogar - Iron Warriors.
  • Rrosh'ka Valokh - Blood for our blades.
  • Rrosh-tul - Blood Guard.
  • Shok, Arash, Vrashaa - Free, strong, proud.
  • Thur'ruk - Spirit Speakers.
  • Varog'Gor - Wolf Claws.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Da'bu - 'onward'
Glok'tar - thank you
Grom'ka - a greeting
Lok'gredar Logar - formal farewell
Lok'regan Ogal - 'let's move out'
Sho'bu - affirmative

Something i found on a forum, did not see them here yet so i posted them.
''I can smell your fear''



* "Aka'magosh." = "A blessing on you and yours."
* "Bin mog g'thazag cha!" = "I will protect you!"
* "Dae'mon" = "Twisted soul"/"Demon"
* "Dranosh" = "Heart of Draenor"
* "Gar'mak" = "Anguish" (One of Overlord Agmar's pet wolves)
* "Gol'kosh!" = "By my axe!"
* "Grombolar" = "Bowels of the giant"
* "Grommash" = "Giant's Heart" (Source: Inscription on the Monument to Grom Hellscream in Ashenvale; also mentioned in the Harvest Festival quest "Honoring A Hero")
* "Kagh!" = "Run!"
* "Lak'tuk" = "Suffering" (One of Overlord Agmar's pet wolves)
* "Lo'Gosh" = "Ghost Wolf"
* "Mag'har" = "Uncorrupted" (In context; brown-skinned orcs)
* "Mok'nathal" = "The Sons of Nath" (honorable title)
* "Nagrand" = "Land of Winds"
* "Oshu'gun" = "Mountain of Spirits"
* "Trk'hsk" = "Bloodshed in battle" (some orcs in the Durnholde area use the word with a different meaning, namely "that sacrificed to the earth in order to make crops grow")
* "Zug-zug." = Acknowledgement and agreement; roughly the equivalent of "okay".


* "Mok'ra" = An untranslated greeting. ("Hello"?)
* "Thrall-Hall!" = "Honor Thrall!"
* "Throm-Ka." = "Well met."


* "Dabu." = "I obey"
* "Lok-Narash!" = "Arm yourselves!"
* "Lok-Regar!" = "Ready for orders!"
* "Lok-Tar!" = "Victory!" (A war cry. Also a greeting while in combat.)
* "Lok-Tar Ogar!" = "Victory or Death!" (A war cry.)
* "Swobu." = "As you command."

Orcish traditions

* "Kosh'harg" = A gathering of orcish clans held in the shadow of Oshu'gun.
* "Lok'amon" = Traditional orcish song sung about starting a family.
* "Lok'tra" = Traditional orcish song sung about a battle.
* "Lok'vadnod" = Traditional orcish song sung about the life of a hero.
* "Mak'gora" = A challenge to combat (to defend ones honor).
* "Om'riggor" = The orcish rite of adulthood

Perhaps you can add a couple of these, Kozgugore.


Now, now.. i've gone ahead and become completely upset with orcish culture and rituals.. so i've done some homework and dug up even more phrases, and i strongely encourage anyone else too keep on looking. Would be nice too see more orcish phrases in, in-game roleplay. :)

Heres a few i found:
Logre'gard Noe Kal - A question. "Where do you want me" Saying this is essentialy asking for an ordre, i suppose. Put in a sentence fx: "Aka'magosh, chieftain! Logre'gard Noe kal?"

Lok'Naroche - "Look out" or "Too arms". put in a sentence, fx a Rrosh'tul like Rarg might wanna use this. "Lok'naroche, lok'tar ogar!"

Glor'du - Another greeting, more of a mix between, Throm'ka, Mok'ra and Grom'ka. And it is, well too my experince at least a way of saying. "Have we met?" A greeting too a stranger, but also more of a sort of question. Put in a sentence most likely something like:, "Glor'du, Mok'ra, orc" or so would Grogona say it.. :)

Fit'chure - Fire, a command.

Lo'gosh - Ghost wolf, put in a sentence and considering that a Ghost wolf is something quite too be reckoned with an orc would say "Aka'magosh, Lo'gosk mok'ra" Meaning roughly translated Thank you, ghost wolf, good evening"

Lak'tuk - Suffering. Put in a sentence: "Your Lak'tuk, let me mend your wounds"
Nothing comes easy, and besides nothing easy is worth having.


Found another, not sure when we'd use it, but it's there:

Lohn'goron - Hero's Sojourn

Didn't see it up there.


Keep an eye on the previous posts. Some of these have been mentioned already! Nonetheless, feel quite free to keep the inspiration flowing!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Groggles, It's Lok'narash which is already up there, and Lok'regar Ogal or something along those lines ^^


Nope, lok-Narash means arm yourselfs while lok'naroche means look out, two different phrases. :)
Nothing comes easy, and besides nothing easy is worth having.


I was scanning the posts for ages and I was sure I couln't find the ones I put up. Anyway, Hopefully the activity on the 'recent posts' list'll at least get people to take a look. Oh, and I'll get rid of the ones already up.


Updated the main post with all the known sentences thus far. If you think any of them are missing, feel free to add them here and, if possible, please post a source of said word/sentence!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Updated with all the newly added orcish words and phrases of which the translations are known.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade