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Event chain feedback

Started by Kogra Windwatcher, December 04, 2016, 04:09:31 PM

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Kogra Windwatcher

As you might have noticed, the next few weeks are filled with events. These events are not our own though, instead we will be joining the Irontusk vanguard in their campaign along with some other guilds. The guilds that are known to us are Fel Hunt, Blood Howl, and the Hand of Agony.

For this campaign, since we are joining their campaign, we are using Irontusk Vanguards roll system.

If you don’t like it, don’t worry, the campaign only lasts from 4-17th of December, that is 14 days in total. 3 of these days are resting days and one of them is travel, that leaves us with a grand total of 9 days in total.
The system that they use includes HP, healing, and modifiers. The latter is something we won’t use that often.


For the coming campaign, there will be a lot of people and we’re marching to drive back the demons from the southern parts of Kalimdor. To show the attrition aspect of these kinds of fights, the Irontusk Vanguard and co wished for us to use hp much like you would have in WoW itself.

The hp would be based on the rank what you currently are (This was not our idea but theirs, don’t blame us). So to just make this short, this is the hp that you will receive based on your rank.

  • New Blood, Oathbreaker, and tag-alongs: 7 hp

  • Oathbound & Seeker: 8 hp.  

  • Proven & Chosen: 10 hp

  • Alpha: 12 hp

  • True Blood: 14 hp.

  • Elder: 15 hp.

  • Chieftain: 16 hp.
  • Those of military background / path of strength feel free to add +1/+2
  • Those not approving, feel free to downgrade yourself

The Hp should be mentioned in the currently / other information, or whatever kind of box you have on your specific RP-Addon

Reaching 0

reaching 0 hp means you are out of combat. you are knocked out and SUFFER a penalty of -10 to your rolls for the next day. On the resting days this “debuff” is “dispelled”. Some people want to roll with: "if I reach 0 my char is dead icly and I reroll a new one". This is not required, it is an option which we ourselves do not encourage. If people want to have their chars die, tell the DM before it happens. It is your own choice and the officers do discourage it. The intention is not there to kill off people’s characters. If they want to kill of their characters, then they are free to do so and won’t be stopped.

Healing in combat
Within the system there is some combat healing. There are limits placed upon them to make sure that people won’t be healing all the time, the reason for this is also that people are getting exhausted by performing this healing.

The idea is that all magical healers (You know who you are) are given 2 charges of healing and these charges will reset after a night’s rest for the next battle or mission to come, but this is for (combat) only.

When you perform a combat heal, you first and foremost forfeit the next Attack roll and, you must state it to the DM that you wish for such a roll. and the DM will post this for those that wish to heal only this roll.  (Healing roll during combat: 1-19: 1 hp || 20-39: 2 hp || 40-59: 3 hp || 60-79: 4 hp || 80-95: 5 hp || 96-100: 6 hp.  Emote!)

The DM is to then say "X and Y ONLY" since you are the ones asking for healing permission make sure to whisper the DM and get a reply from them so they know it

Healing outside of combat

Wounds can be treated outside of combat, which they should to avoid infections or excessive loss of blood.

  • Stitching/sewing wound: +2 hp.
  • Salving wound: + 2hp.
  • Bandage wound: +2 HP.  
  • Magic healing: Full HP
  • Resting over night: +1 hp.

Keep in mind that you don’t just walk around and spam heals on everyone and then all are healed up; realism is expected. Healers -will- be worn out when they heal with magical healing. Emotes are expected for this, not just two lines and done; you should bring proper emotes.


There are various objectives throughout the campaign. Being successful at these will reward supplies and potions to be used at other occasions.

Potions In combat heal 2 hp and outside combat they heal 4 hp.

During the events there will be various objectives. We will need to get our supplies as well. So, there are wagons or packed Kodo/mounts that are meant to carry our necessary supplies and so forth. They will need protection. Gadgetzan is our main base of operations. which means that most of our supplies will originate from there.


Those who will be hosting the events will try to the best of their ability to tailor RP situations in the events.  Meaning that instead of just wave after wave and then win, they will try to encourage people’s creativity to alter the outcomes of such things.

The DM will set up options for you to react on and then free emoting will be possible. Such events will possibly be for smaller raid group so there won’t be too many people waiting. A DM will still need to read through it all and see who is making which choice etc. They themselves are going to experiment with some new stuff so there is a request to be patient with them. Naturally, rolls will sometimes help determine things. The idea of this campaign is to bring forth a setting and give people enough material to enjoy RP with.

Random Events

Outside of normal events, during the day or afterwards, It is allowed for each guild to gather some random folks and make a small event where they travel back to Gadgetzan and retrieve supplies and even some main events can be about a group is doing the same while the rest keeps fighting on. The request has been made to keep the small events like these outside of main events (before they happen), so that there is no “overkill” to the amount of events (which it already is sort off). Remember that there is -always- danger and you may even fail and must retreat.


This campaign has been made to encourage inter-guild RP and to provide more RP in general. We (including the other officer teams from other guilds) wish for you all to have a great time and for us to strengthen the ties with the other guilds.

If this sort of rp is not your cup of tea, do not worry for you are not obliged to partake in any events. We will resume our own rp after this campaign.

"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"

Kogra Windwatcher



Since we are using the Irontusks' system and they make use of modifiers in the form of "stances". These stances are optional and offer a small bonus to certain situations. Once you have picked a stance, you are not allowed to revert it or take another for the remainder of the campaign. You can only pick one stance. In order for other people to see that you make use of these, place them under the section where you also keep track of the HP you've been given.

The following list is available to everyone

  • Offensive stance + 3 to  attack rolls.
  • Defensive stance + 3 to Def rolls
  • Berserker stance + 7 to attack  and -15 to defensive.
  • Guard stance + 7 to defensive rolls and -7 to attack rolls.

The following list is available to those of the path of strength and Chosen or above.

  • Hybrid stance: +7 to attack rolls.  +5 to defensive stance.
  • Commander stance: + 5 attack rolls.  +10 defensive rolls.
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"

Kogra Windwatcher

For those that are planning to make excursions or scouting efforts, a map has been provided by our hosts to show what you can find.


For some reason I can't add it to the post, so it'll be here as a link instead
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"


This is actually very interesting, maybe I can make a comeback on Rashka once I'm home.
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


True Blood
Once a Blade Always a Blade.

Retired Right hand of the Blades.
Lived enough to be older and wiser then many pup's

Remember a journey is not a final destination.

Kogra Windwatcher

Be happy you don't have to abide by those rules, Claws ;)
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"


Hot damn, now this is an interesting rolling system! Might return evenings I'm done study instead of January for this!


We've already done one week of this now, it takes a bit long due to the numbers, but it's fun enough! Just one more week left though, so if you want to join in still, better hurry. ;)
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

Kogra Windwatcher

"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"

Kogra Windwatcher

The legion has been banished from the southern side of Kalimdor, the soul engine destroyed, a few orcs banished from their warband, but finally there is rest.

I certainly hope that you have all enjoyed yourself during this campaign. Some may not have had, but you cannot please all of the populace, this is something I've learned myself the last few weeks.

What I want is for everyone to give a bit of feedback in their own time on this thread. What did you like, what didn't you like, what could be better and how would you fix it. That kind of stuff. This way people can learn from what has transpired and implement in their own campaigns if they ever come to make one.
"Never leave an enemy to die alone in the cold. Warriors should die with hot blood on their hands, not with ice in their veins"

Wornag (Kronnor)

The first part of the campaign was nice, having smaller groups for different tasks. Great way to deal with so many people.
But the last event was just a cluster fuck and also had that confusing -15 policy which was really not necessary. Especially that it did not give a strong reason for that except for "you feel the fel around the place affecting you". They did not take in consideration that some of the people around might have warding spells to deal with that, such as Siyahgosh (I know he told some time ago that he has a warding spell on his mind, I assume it would've worked against that aura) or even Kronnor's runic tattoos that fights against corruption aimed at him (the stuff in Gadgetzan was different because his mind did not let the tattoos fight the fel infection). Also, what about warlocks? They use fel and being there would've given them quite a boost to their powers, wouldn't it?
That's just what I have to say without starting a war here. ;D 


I agree fully with Kronnor. A lot of it was great, but equally as much was messy and confusing. I guess I understand as it was a pretty massive campaign, but really, last night's event I went afk waiting for people to emote. I went to the toilet, had a snack, and got a drink, and when I came back it still wasn't done. Overall, I guess it was alright! 5/10.
"Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Let the Alliance hear your cries for battle! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"