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Started by Srelok, July 28, 2015, 11:57:52 PM

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I woke with a start. My broken wrist and twisted ankle hadn't been treated, And throbbed dully. What bothered me more was the silence. I could no longer hear the elements, nor sense emotions. Everything had been stripped from me, and I was dressed only in torn shorts. Even the prayer beads Devilstep had given me, and the dagger that was a gift from Bloodpaw. I felt a collar atached to my neck, and remembered it being forced onto me. After that, only silence.
And I was in a cage. A tiny one. If I could stand, I wouldn't be able to.

"awake, eh? Good, then we can begin." My eyes focussed on the figure in front of the cage, a Bleeding Hollow orc in a kilt, bone piercings and skullpaint resplendent on his broad figure.
"You will tell me about your war party. And then you will fuel our magics." I was still too battered and groggy from my fall and capture to really respond.
"Think you won't? Oh trust me, we have our ways..." The orc grinned nastily, then threw open the cage and dragged me out toward a hut.

When I woke again I was back in the hut. Many fresh wounds were left untreated but I distinctly remembered not given them anything, even in my groggy and unbalanced state. They knew their craft, most wounds were made to hurt, but weren't life-threatening. I muttered a prayer to the spirits to heal me, but to no avail. They were being completely blocked out...
I looked out of the cage, but could only see endless jungles and the spiny architecture of Zeth'gol. Not encouraging if I were to get out. I inspected a broken finger, courtesy of my host. If they were going to keep this up until they broke me mentally I'd be here a long time... They should be able to tell from the many scars I already bore that I was stronger-willed then that..

No orc came to fetch me that night. No idea how long I'd been here by now. I stared at the stars, seeing the green flashes to the east. Something was going on there... I decided I may as well gather what intelligence I could while I was there... Starting with the number of orcs and their activities in Zeth'gol.

I awoke again, this time tied to a slab of stone, no memory of how I got there. Several orcs were gathered around me, many armed and looking ready to strike me down. Was I such a threat to them..? I looked one in the eye. He looked hungry.
Hungry for glory. Hungry for bragging rights, to be able to say he killed me. It was all just another hunt to them...

Once more, I awoke in the cage. My memory seemed disjointed and fractional, as if they'd done something with it..
"Are you going to talk yet? You can't hold out much longer.."
I looked at the female sitting next to the cage. She seemed concerned, but without my gift it was hard to tell...
"They'll stop going easy on you soon, you should just tell them what they want to know, save yourself." When I didn't answer, she continued.
"Are they really worth your life..? Why won't you just talk?"
"I won't tell you anything. I have no reason. Just kill me already." At that her face hardened.
"Fine, have yourself chopped up. Your blood will tell us everything we wish to know." With that, she left me alone again.

Days passed. Nobody came, only to feed me and give me water. No orc said anything. Guess this was the next phase. The silent treatment.

"If you could pour pain into a mold of an orc and then cut off its foot to piss it off, you’d get Srelok." Gulrok Ragehowl


Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


-Gashuk, Son of Garrak-
"When the ashes fall and the green winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."


Oh! Awesome stuff Ed! More!
Sinami Swifthowl
- Huntress of the Redblade Clan - Mate of Kozgugore Feraleye - Devotee of Akala and Kavara -

Wornag (Kronnor)

Someone just go and save that poor orc. But if we do that then we don't get anymore cool stories. Eh, better just leave it like that.
P.S: We demand more!


"You're worthless." The silent grumble had me look up in surprise, straight into Kozgugore Feraleye's gaze. He stood by my cage, arms folded. Shrewd was beside him, snarling softly. I held his gaze for a moment, then looked down. I understood crystal-clear what he meant.
"Apologies for landing myself in this situation, wolfking. Please release me an-"
"No. You deserve to be where you are. I wash my hands of you." And saying no more, he left. I was left behind in the cage, feeling absolutely stunned.

I woke to the sensation of eyes boring into me. I looked up, but the one looking at me was in the shadows of the cave. All I could see was two faintly glowing eyes, radiating a mocking glee. From around the figure a raven cawed.
And just like that, both the eyes and the presence disappeared.

"Grimtide, you stupid idiot!" I recognised the voice, but refused to look at my blood brother, for fear of what I'd see.
"You just had to get your stupid ass shot down, didn't you? What, you think it would get you glory? A chance to prove you were as tough as me?" Kargnar Bloodpaw stared at me as I lay there, huddled and injured.
"Well, guess you fucked up badly, didn't you." He growled, and aimed a kick at the cage, which shuddered at the impact.
"I'm done looking out for you. Fix your own gromdamned mess, Srelok." And he too, left me alone in that Grom-forsaken cage....

Next time I awoke, I felt a hand stroking my hair, and looked up into Swifthowl's odd eyes.
"there you are. For a second there I thought you were already dead. Can't have that, can we?" Her face was set in a strange expression. There was something... feral about her.
"It's not like you've suffered enough by a long shot..." Only then did I notice the blade gleaming in her hand, the same dagger Bloodpaw had given me in Durotar...

Once again I jolted awake, this time into scorching heat. My eyes roamed the cave, catching sight of a small female standing in the flames, unharmed. A white hot rage burned in her eyes.
"You disappoint everyone with this behaviour, Srelok. We thought you'd have gotten away by yourself by now. apperently you just don't care about us, do you? You're nice and comfortable here, locked away and screened off from everything around you. This must be perfect for you."
I tried to respond, but the heat was too much, and my throat was parched.
"So, not even a word for your only relative? Tch, you really are a waste of breath..." And with that, she launched a wall of fire at the cage, burning everything to a crisp...

"If you could pour pain into a mold of an orc and then cut off its foot to piss it off, you’d get Srelok." Gulrok Ragehowl


Mindfuckery galore! Nice bit of reading! \o/
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade