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Started by Claws, July 07, 2015, 06:54:56 PM

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Name: Kei to a very few.

Alias: Claws to most.

Rank: Now True Blood.

Age: Old enough to know of the old Blades.

Gender: Female.

Race: Orc.

Clan: Clan Redblade.

Class: Assassin.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral to the Tribe now more Chaotic Neutral

Farther Nazgrel.
Mother Teku.
Brothers and sisters, The Blades

Known Enemies: Too many to name.


Having been at the front of too many battles for the tribe and within the tribe.
She sees herself now as a quite solitary Orc reflecting on old times now lost to the tribe.
Once quick to anger now she would rather just sit and drink her milk under a fallen tree watching the world go by.
But that anger is always with her ready to boil out whether it is with blade or her renowned barbed tongue.
She is very hard to befriend this is mainly due to losing to many “Friends” in battle.
So she now prefers to keep her distance not wanting the heart ache that goes with loss.
Unless you have shed blood with her for the tribe or proven yourself worthy of wearing the tribal colours she would more than likely just pass you by with a curt bow to the colours not the Orc wearing them.
She will poke fun at any orc she deems worthy of it not meaning any harm or disrespect but rather it is her way of testing the victim’s metal.
Her personal respect has to be earned no matter what the tribal standing you have.
If you are not of the tribe then the task is that much harder.
She has no secrets from the tribe and speaks as she sees fit to all some see this as disrespectful but others see it at as a truth not often voiced.


It is here that my story starts.
Thrall needed to lessen the burden on his self and in powered his personal body guard Nazgrel to aid him in the running in the day to day maters of the now vast Orc Empire.
Nazgrel became trusted and much liked by the Horde and even respected by the Humans for his Honour both on and off the field of battle.
He lived by his own code which was looked upon by some with strange amusement for that of a great warrior.

1.   Be selective in your prey do not kill for the love of killing that only takes you down the path of the berserkers and once again to the doors of the Legion.
2.   Be wary of all whom use the dark arts especially the warlocks for it was these that plunged our kind into the service of the Legion.
3.   Trust is built upon time, trust once and see what develops from that trust.
4.   Never look down on an Orc of lower station we all started there even the greatest of our warriors and leaders.
5.   And above all nether ever take the blood of an Orc unless he is your mortal enemy.

In time Nazgrel took an Orc wife Teku who he had rescued from a Human raiding party among the hills of the Barrens.
Teku was of a wild character which drew Nazgrel to her, not knowing a family and only a handful of trusted friends, she was street wise living in the back alleys of Alliance and Horde town’s coming and going as she liked an Orc of great stealth known to her few friends as Ghost.
The marriage was however short lived as she could not live the life of Nazgrel within the confines of the Horde city.
She left Nazgrel with great reluctance and on good terms and vowed to return to him when she felt she could settle down.
Nazgrel was torn between the Horde nation and his love for his wife but could not leave the Horde but understood his wife’s dilemma has he too had a deep longing for the open tundra again.
He provided for all her needs and gave to her a great wealth so she would not need for anything and also two loyal blade warriors as her personal body guard.
Unbeknown to Nazgrel, Teku was with child when the final day of her departure came and she vowed to herself that she would not revile this to him as it would tear Nazgrel apart having to then decide between the Horde and what would be his extended family.
She made her retainers swear a blood oath not to revile her secret, but in return she had to swear in return to let the knowledge be known to the off spring when he / she came of age of their heritage as well as Nazgrel his self.

And now that brings me to my life.
I was brought up not knowing my heritage.
I was known simply as Claws because of my fast and unyielding way of battle.
(Although this is not my given name).
I was always kept away from others to keep my identity from becoming knowledge to the Humans whom would go to any lengths to get hold of the child of one of their greatest adversaries.
Except for the company of my mother’s retainers whom came to be my tutors and closest friends. They taught me all they could about the way of the blade and bow my only other company were the teachers brought in from around the known world to instruct me in the ways of diplomacy and commerce which even to this day I have little use and time for.

At the coming of age was told by my mother of my heritage which she had sworn to do.
It came as a great shock to me; I had always thought that I was just another unwanted illegitimate child of some noble and not the wanted child of some Great warrior in the personal ranks of the greatest of all warlords Thrall.
After many days of soul searching I went to my mother telling her that I wished to be known to my farther and would go to him in the Horde city which she agreed to as her blood oath had dictated.
On my departure she came to me and gave me two wonders blades both which had belong to Nazgrel himself and would be the proving of my blood line.
She told me of the unwritten code of honour which my farther lived by and which she had endeavoured to live and hoped I would carry this code on.
I later found she had added some of her own

1.   Be selective in your prey do not kill for the love of killing.
2.   Be wary of all whom use the dark arts.
3.   Trust is built upon time, trust once and then see what develops from that trust.
4.   Never look down on an Orc of lower station they are the back bone of us all even the greatest of our warriors and leaders started at the bottom.
5.   And above all nether ever take the blood of an Orc unless he is your mortal enemy.
6.   Remember not all have the luxury of your upbringing and are thrown into their destiny some willing to be, some not so willing but just carried along by circumstance.
7.   Trust in your blade and your own skills do not rely on others to come to your aid.
8.   And keep your identity safe from those whom may show you or your family harm.

                                            I ‘m known as

And yet my life story is not yet done I can often be seen sitting with the elite guards, and even some times Thrall himself.
Many nights she has spent talking of great battles and deeds long forgotten in the history of our great nation but always in the hearts and minds of our great old warriors.
And when sitting there I see in the faces of the warriors the eyes of my father and the longing for once again the simple life.
Things you may know about this character:
Despite all her outward demeanour she has always the utmost respect for the leaders of the tribe in all there un-relentless work they carry out to keep the tribe alive.
She has been there and done it all herself but now takes a back seat having been mentally burnt out with them task’s.
She is full of sorrow and has an empty heart just waiting for the day she too will be with old and forgotten brothers and sisters again God’s willing.

Memorable Quotes:
Trust your Blade it will not stab you in the back.
Remember the journey is not the final destination it's just another chapter.

Spoiler: Story from Kei's Journal • show

Out on patrol again it was always Kei’s lot to take out the young ones to patrol the nearby villages.
It was an early spring morning they had just got outside the gates to Orgrimmar when Kei noticed a tatty old leather bond book lying in the dirt.
Picking it up she opened it and was amused to find it was a journal which belong to one of the gate wardens Kelg.
A lot of the pages had been ripped out and used for purposes she did not wish to think about and others were totally unreadable.

“This should be entertaining and maybe I might even find some information which could be of use to me” she quietly snickered to herself.

“Oy Orcs carry on I will catch you up along the road and maybe I surprise ya so be alert and ready” she shouted to the patrol she was leading, “Grim take the lead and think of it as ah test for ya”.

She made her way to an out crop of rocks and climbed into the middle of them out of sight of any that may pass.

She laid down placing one arm behind her head for support and started to read the journal.

Day 231
I’m on main gate again sure the captain got it in for me since I got caught with his daughter.
Nothing going on just the normal coming and going with the exception of our Lord Thrall went out at sun up with a patrol of them elite Orcs he keeps around him.
They get all the best grub and armour and stuff, when will it be my turn I can fight as well as any of dem.

Day 235
A lot of them flappy types came through the gates today they say there our brothers in arms, don’t trust um they up to no good I say.
Always looking down there long faces at us, whose land is this any ways should string um all up by their ears for the buzzards ta eat.
Got in ta bit of bother with the captain again ta day not my fault did not see the little gobo trying ta get in ta the city as I opened the gate should not of been standing behind it.
Took me ages ta clean up the mess, never thought that much could come out of a little squashed gobo.

Day 236
Some things up lot of me brothers and sisters fighting outside da city practice they tell me for the big push.
We Orcs like ta fight with them Troll types they easy ta smash.
Had a close call today one of them zep thing err ma jigs crashed and got stuck in the front entrance had ta burn it out to get it moved should of told the gobo engineers ta move out first I fink but shit happens.

Day 237
Seen dat she orc again today made me go weak at me knees the way she wears her armour does not leave much to me fin-kings should not be allowed still it did brighten up me day, all dat flesh squashed into that armour, bah better go take a quick dip in the river.

Day 238
Been given ah 2 day pass caught me a hummey trying ta sneak in da gate.
Would have got in as well if I had not been so alert.
Well alert and ah bit lucky was doing what comes naturally after a night out with me mates and 15 mugs of dat dolfs ale, did not know he was hiding in the corner till he screamed out not sure if he screamed because of what he saw or that he was wizzed on, lucky for him it was not a hour earlier or he would have been a bit more messy opps here comes the captain.

Day 240
Ahh me poor ead it urts.

Day 241
It seems dat hummey I caught waz ah spy and that after he talked due to threat of being sat in da wizz barrel told the bosses the hummeys where coming so we have all been given new shinny weapons, got me ah big axe.

Day 242
Da hummeys came today at sun rise waz not worth getting out of me bed for did not last long.
Got into trouble again for throwing me new axe away it was no good it bent when I whacked me first hummey bet it was made by one of them flappys they got no idea how to make ah good axe.
Did better with me bare fist oh and ah hummey leg fink I might keep it to hang over me bed just in case they try to give me another one of the flappy axes.

The journal jumped a few pages which had been removed.

Day 263
Me Lord Thrall is back came in da gate shouting out his orders ta call out the guard glad I was on gate duty or I would be on me way to what they call da Outlands with the rest of them being ah gate Walden does have is good points after all.
The captain did not look to happy, saw him turn back to me with ah face like ah slapped hog as he marched down da road with the rest of them.
Perhaps a visit to the captain’s daughter is in order tonight.

Day 264
Bah honest it not my Orcling he got wrong colour hair now I know why da Captain been given me funny looks and hard time.
Always knew she was ah bad one.

Day 265
Saw da Red Blade tribe ride out of da gates ta night like they were being chased by a dragon.
Now dats ah tribe ta be part of strong and honourable.
Lead by a big hunter I fink cause he had one of deem big wolves ruing with him and pig sticker strapped to his back.
Last one out was ah she Orc who just laughed at me would not like ta cross that one that’s for sure.
A Sly smirk spread across Kei faces as she carried on reading from the journal.
When me days are done with da city guard I going ta see what it takes to join that tribe.

Day 266
Dem stinky Trolls from the empire of some thing or other stirring up trouble again they need ta be told whose place dis is.
What with them thieves also showing their faces in the drag again about time they were all frown out the city.
Give the city back to us Orc I say, well may be the cow men and ladies can come in but not them others, get feed up picking up bones and things that keep dropping of them dead ones.

Day 267
Spoke to one of them Orcs from the Red Blades today asked what I need ta do ta join them told to seek out some Orc called Kozzey or some think like that.

Kei stretched out her arms and let out a long yawn looking up to the sky she saw the sun was already past its midday point in the sky.
“Bah have ta finish this later”, she stuffed the journal into her pack and in one move was sitting astride her war mount.
“Now which way did that lot go?”

True Blood
Once a Blade Always a Blade.

Retired Right hand of the Blades.
Lived enough to be older and wiser then many pup's

Remember a journey is not a final destination.