Orcs of the Red Blade

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Author Topic: The Rrosh-tul  (Read 3204 times)


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The Rrosh-tul
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:09:56 PM »
Whether a master tactician or a renowned fighter and leader, the Rrosh-tul (or Blood Guard) are expected to be all of this, and more. The Elder rank of the Path of Strength, they are the tribe's experts on all matters of warfare, and lead as well as train the Nag'Ogar as a subordinate to the Chieftain himself.

Like the centurions of the Horde, they may have the privilege to take the Nag'Ogar under their own command at their own leisure to form small war bands and, for example, go out on a hunt, raid, train orcs or carry out the Chieftain's main orders in the field of battle.


The orcish race is no stranger to war, and neither was Clan Redblade when it still resided on an unscathed Draenor. As offspring of dangerous mercenaries, the clan had to ensure its future was secured by many more generations of able warriors to come. Although the Nag'Ogar formed the backbone of the clan, it wasn't martial skill alone that decided the outcome of the battlefield. These warriors would require guidance, leadership and inspiration. This is where the Rrosh-tul, the Blood Guard, came in.

As the numbers within Clan Redblade grew, so too did their army. With the increasing amount of Nag'Ogar, the need arose to train more of these orcs, as well as to guide them in the field of battle. Inspired by the legendary warriors of old, the Rrosh-tul rose up to be the link between the Chieftain and the Nag'Ogar on the battlefield. Carrying out his exact orders, they would make sure the warriors ended up where they were meant to be, and cut their way through the enemy's ranks under the Rrosh-tul's watchful guidance.

Tribe History:

Within the Red Blade tribe, the Overlord rank may be considered an antecedent of the Rrosh-tul. The Overlord was once considered a position of great privilege and respect within the tribe's structure. Standing on equal position to the High Blades, the Overlord was expected to lead the tribe in times of war.

Akesha Redblade, realizing that there were others with far more experience leading orcs in battle, opted to pass control of the tribe onto her Overlord in times of combat. Since Akesha's disappearance, the Chieftain of the tribe has assumed the majority of the duties of the Overlord.

Past Overlords included Azuril, Kad the Bear, Kozgugore Feraleye and Rehbande.


Those wishing to become Rrosh-tul must have served the tribe for a proper deal of time as Nag'Ogar (or in rare cases Gul'thauk), and shown both exceptional strength and honour in the field and within the tribe.

Rrosh-tul of the Tribe:

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