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The Varog'Gor

Started by Sadok, April 29, 2015, 12:20:43 AM

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The Varog'Gor (or Wolf Claws) share the same kind of secrecy the Thur'ruk do when it comes to their inner tasks. For the outside world, however, the Varog'Gor's tasks mostly revolve around being the Chieftain's personal bodyguards and the tribe's most respected and exemplary warriors. In the Chieftain's absence, they often take it upon themselves to lead the tribe, and practically offer themselves to devote their life to the well-being of the tribe, as they have always done.


The line of Kraag ended when the last of his kin, Gruthgar the Ragged, died without an heir. The elders of the Clan gathered and consulted the Thur-Ruk Oracles to ask the spirits of the ancestors who should lead them now. The oracles named Mruthgor, a shaman of the tribe who had been one of the old Chieftain's most trusted elders and so he became chieftain and a new dynasty began. Mruthgor was the first of the Shaman-kings and each of his successors was in their turn a powerful spiritwalker.

It was in the reign of Mruthgor that the Cult of the Wolf came into being. These orcs began to sacrifice to the spirit of the Wolfking. They called on the Wolfking to grant them strength in battle and to steal away the hearts of their enemies. These orcs gained a reputation as berserkers, fierce fighters and ravagers. Some said that they would enter a trance before battle and that the spirit of the wolf would take over their bodies, transforming them into half-orc, half-beast warriors. They became known as the Wolf Claws, the Varog'Gor in the language of the Redblades.

The Varog'Gor's fearsome reputation was matched only by their terrible appearance. These berserk orcs would wear armour adorned with spikes and claws, long cloaks of thick leather or fur and on their heads they wore masks shaped like the heads of ravening wolves. Some would train mountain wargs to fight beside them and it was even said that some could take on the shapes of wolves and would run along with their brethren growling and howling like beasts.

Mruthgor encouraged this new cult and made the Varog'Gor the heart of his army. The orcs of the clan began to regard them with a mixture of great respect and more than a little fear. Warriors of the Nag'Ogar would compete for the honour of being chosen by the Varog'Gor to join their pack, but the Varog'Gor would only choose a few to join them. It was not enough to be the strongest or bravest, the Varog'Gor chose only those with the right character, the right kind of spirit to become one with the wolf.

During Akesha Redblade's reign, the Varog'Gor's responsibilities could be compared to those of the Red Guard instead, until Clan Redblade's old records were uncovered and Kozgugore Feraleye took over leadership of the tribe.

Tribe History:

Within the tribe, the Varog'Gor's forebears were the Red Guard. Once the shield of the tribe, in battle they formed the Matriarch’s personal guard and protected her from any threat. At other times, when the Red Blades gathered to meet, the Red Guard watched over the meeting place and ensured the safety of the leaders of the tribe. Only the most loyal, disciplined and efficient fighters could join the guards.

The Red Guards were led often by a captain of the guard. It was he who decided who were to be allowed into the circle of guards or not. Guards were ordered to safeguard the Matriarch at all times, flanking her during important events and battles, or watching the surrounding area during meetings. They were most commonly recognised by their red cloaks and helmets. They held a considerable amount of power over other orcs, being some of the strongest of the tribe, and some even questioned whether the Red Guard had too much individual power by themselves.

The Red Guards were been abolished after the Matriarch stepped down from her ruling position, and were replaced by the current-day Varog'Gor, whose task is similar in the way that they function as the bodyguards of the Chieftain.


Having made it to either the rank of Oathbound or any of the Senior or Elder ranks, and completing all of the tasks given to them by the Chieftain himself, as well as having become trusted enough to be able to stand next to the Chieftain. Any orc of any rank may be drafted into the ranks of the Varog'Gor, nullifying any other training over the importance of that of the Varog'Gor.

Varog'Gor of the Tribe:

See Also: Blood of the Varog'Gor