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Korgarah K'Rosh Ironhide

Started by Scharda, August 30, 2018, 02:38:00 PM

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Name: Korgarah K’Rosh Ironhide
Alias: -
Rank: -

Age: Late twenties
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: FrostWolves
Class: Warrior
Alignment: Chaotic good’ish

Family: Makuhl the Healer (mother, deceased),  Ravagar K’Rosh Rockskull (father), Stryife Ud’uhru Thraka the Black Fang (aunt), Skadé Ud’Uhru Thraka (cousin), Scharda Ud’Uhru Thraka (cousin), Marcus Ud’uhru Thraka (cousin)
Known Friends: -
Known Enemies: Any and all Stunties (dwarves)

Appearance: Broad shouldered and buildt like the tank she is, Korgara tends to carry herself with the posture of a warrior and a confident smirk on her lips. A smirk, in part, enhanced by the old injury to her lip which has left them in a state of a perpetual snarl as the split never fused as it healed.

She proudly carries the marks of battle left on her body, the most obvious of which is a broken fang which has been repaired with a metal cap as well as a rather extensive scarring of the left side of her face which appears to have left her blinded on one eye. Said scarring has resulted in some skin discolouration reminiscent of burn injuries as well as deep tissue damage as if from claws or weapon of some kind.

She keeps her hair braided and away from her face so not to get in her eyes, a few beads carved from bone and wood adorning it, although they appears to be trophies of sorts rather than ornamental in nature. The tattoos on her body, however, are indeed ornamental, although the tribal styled artwork that covers her shoulders, part of her left arm and twists around her left flank, has partially been destroyed by the same kind of injuries which has left her face flawed. The burn-like injuries and criss-crossing paths of deeper scar damage marking parts of her neck, shoulder and extending onto the upper half of her arm.

Personality: Hotheaded, temperamental, (over)confident. But also loyal, passionate, calculating and skilled. Despite her many flaws the red blooded orc has a natural instinct for battle which has made her a valuable warrior. Her seeming lack of fear has also been a contributing factor in her many exploitations, but also likely a factor in adding to the roadmap of scars that covers her body.

Capable of grinning in the face of death and standing her ground even after her knees should’ve buckled, the word “stubborn” doesn’t quite cover it. She’s also a firm believer in leading by example, and will never be found anywhere but on the front lines, willing to risk her own life for those she fight alongside with. After all? What kind of shit orc would do less?

For blood and honour, sure, but also for the thrill of battle itself.

History: Korgarah K’Rosh Ironhide of the Frostwolves, was born the daughter of Makuhl the Healer and Ravagar K’Rosh Rockskull.

Her mother died during child birth after having chosen the life of her unborn child over that of her own when she realized that both would not be able to survive the ordeal. For while a healer, it was by her own hand that her life was forfeit when she cut the child from her womb to save it when it became clear that help would not reach them in time.

When her mate finally did arrive with the shaman he had rushed to get, he found her already having bled out. But the cub, a strong, healthy girl, lay safely cradled in her mother’s arms; protected and loved until the very end.

For that, her father always claimed Makuhl to have been the stronger of the two of them, willing to be the healer and life saver even with her dying breath.


As for Korgara, she grew up strong, and stubborn, taking after her mother in a lot of ways. Although she definitively inherited her battle instincts from her father, as the cub is said to have picked up an ax the moment she could walk. Or well, have dragged it, as it were.

And while healing was not a skill with which she’d ever become very proficient beyond the basics, with an ax and shield, the story was a very different one. The orc joining her first real battle while not yet even a teenager, to fight alongside her father and fellow orcs.

First battle, first blood, first scar.

Countless others have been gained since, earning her name of Ironhide as she would shrug off her injuries and keep fighting even when lesser men might’ve laid down or retreated. However, how could she ever retreat as long as a fellow soldier or orc was left on the battleground? For while incapable of healing as her mother did, she could still honour her memory by protecting those she fought alongside with, as any orc should.

A shield to protect. An ax to destroy. She has always been and will always be, her parents’ daughter; as stubborn and difficult as they come, but loyal and capable as few. It’s just a matter of being able to deal with her attitude, because there is one thing she most certainly is not, and that’s a lady.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Loud mouthed, cocky and blunt, Korgara will speak her mind regardless of who she speaks to.
  • Drinks like a sailor, and seems has the alcohol tolerance of a man twice her size.
  • Believes in leading by example, and will easily be the first on the battlefield and the last off it.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • While she carries her scars with pride, she actually feels their weight as well (both mentally and physically as some scars run a lot deeper than her skin, both literally and figuratively speaking)
  • Cannot conceive due to a previous near fatal injury, meaning her family’s line dies with her. Something which is a great burden she has never shared with anyone.

Memorable Quotes: "Scars of battle are proof you've lived, wear them with pride"

Other Information:
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