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....Is high, but absolutely worth it.

Started by Rórir, March 31, 2013, 08:19:54 PM

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DONE!!!!!!! (I bet you are crying right now cuz it's over....) But anyways, wont be spamming the campfire anymore. Hope you enjoy, and PLEASE give feedback! Love from an orc from Finland :)

Part 1: http://orcsoftheredblade.com/forum/index.php?topic=3223.0
Part2 : http://orcsoftheredblade.com/forum/index.php?topic=3227.0
Part 3 : http://orcsoftheredblade.com/forum/index.php?topic=3228.0

Enjoy! <-----(That just might be wishful thinking)

Ã"qhara wasn't very happy at the moment. Not at all.
She was just inches away from being crushed by a crazy flower-growing wood spirit, and if she escaped, with a flower mind you, her only reward was going to be directions on where to go.
Angu raised his hands, which began to glow with a green fire as if to hit her, and she winced, when he suddenly stopped and looked as if he'd just bitten on something distasteful. The fire quenched with a little cheery "poof!", and he put down his hands.
"Oh" He uttered bluntly.
"What do you mean "oh"?"
He stared at her like she was something he really wanted to slap in the face, and sighed.
"It seems Kal'lir took some kind of liking to you, as her blessing prevents me form damaging you directly."
Considering the mess she was in, óqhara didnt feel very blessed.
"But no matter" he waved it away with a flick of his hand. "This forest is filled with creatures that are completely under my command, so i can just have them kill you"
Yeah, deffinently not feeling blessed.
Angu put his fingers in his mouth and emitted a shrill whistle, and then disappeared into a cloud of rose petals, which didn't exactly reflect his personality-
Nothing seemed to happen, and Ã"qhara was just about to ask out loud what the whistle was before when a huge bark shook the forest.
She swallowed. She really hoped it wasnt a giant -
Something green and absolutely enormous flashed into view between the trees and crashed into her, knocking her to the ground.
A big wet  tongue swept over her face, and Angu's voice echoed dissapointed trough the clearing.
Sparky! Bad dog. Bad, BAD dog!
Yes, it was a dog the size of an Elekk, made completely out of wood and wildflowers, how nice.
Considering Ã"qharas experiences today, she wasn't too surprised.
A childish voice echoed trough her mind.
Hi, funny green orc girl. I'm Sparky, and you smell funny. Can you play with me?
Sparky wagged his tail excitedly.
No Sparky Angu boomed Kill funny orc girl, not play with her
Sparky put his giant tail between his legs and whined.
But master! She nice. She smell like  wolf. Sparky likes wolves.
No, KILL!!!!
Sparky looked apologetically  at óqhara and licked his nose.
Master says i have to kill you, funny green orc girl. Sorry.
Ã"qhara thought the creature was so cute she was on the verge of forgiving him, when his ears flattened against his back and he started growling. The petals on the flowers fell off and where replaced by thorns oozing with some steaming purple liquid.
Hope you taste good, funny green orc girl
And then he lunged.
óqhara barely managed to get out of the way in time and draw her two hunting-hatchets with the wolfhead-shaped blades, the only things she hadn't emptied into the pond, before Sparky lunged again.
She rolled and brought down her hatchets just as sparky shot by.
A heavy thud was heard when his tails hit the ground.
Sparky roared.
You no funny green orc girl. You EVIL green orc girl!
Sparky snarled and leaped at her again.
Again she manged to dodge and strike with her hatchet, but the hatchet got stuck and she was dragged with him. Sparky turned around trying to bite her, but he couldnt reach so he ended up running in a circle.
STOP! He cried
óqhara's grip loosened and she slipped, sending her flying to the edge of the pond.
"Ooof!" She said as she hit the ground. "Bad dog!"
Sparky whined again but kept chasing her.
"Spirits aid me" She mumbled, but she felt no response and had to roll away agin.
The spirits cant reach you here. This is a sanctum of mine, whre only i hold power Angu's voice echoed
Oh great.
Suddeny Sparky stopped.
You fast. Sparky cant catch you. stand still!
óqhara was about to  ignore it when something happened. She couldnt move.
Sparkys seemingly simple mind suddenly assaulted hers. sending her to retreat deep within herself. It felt as if a thousand thorns where poking at her conciousnes, trying to pierce a hole and flood her mind.
Now you still. Me catch you!
Sparky started chargin while óqhara could only watch. She scoured her own mind frantically while holding back this dogs mental assault, searching for any power she could use to evade him. He was getting closer. Thirty feet....Twenty feet.....Ten feet....
Suddnely something caught her notice. At the heart of her mind was a little glowing sphere, like and orb of power. It shone so bright she grabbed onto it as a last hope for survival, like and anchor to her life. Sparky's jaws where only a few inches from her face when she tapped into that power, and a shock-wave  of power blasted out from her.
Funny green orc human burning. That's no fair! Sparky burn easily!
He scratched his sizzled nose and looked at her accusingly.
She looked down, and sure enough, she was burning, enveloped in a golden flame.
She had found her powers.
She laughed and looked up at Sparky, but her smile faded as He lunged again.
Apparently igniting herself wasn't intimidating enough.
She screamed, and a vortex of golden flames erupted form her mouth, enveloping the dog. He stopped mid-air, suspended in the air as he rapidly burned to cinders.
When only his face was left burning, he snarled at her and said
I curse you, green orc woman. May all plants hate you!
And then Sparky was no more.
Ã"qhara looked down at the steaming pile of ashes for a while, when the rose, assumed a humanoid shape and solidified. Soon Angu stood in front of her, his face sad now.
"Sparky will grow back" he uttered sadly, as if that was the only thing that mattered. "But it will take a while"
He was silent for a while as she stared at him, but then he looked up angrily.
"What are you waiting for, take it!"
She frowned.
"So....no more fighting?"
He shrugged and looked at the ashes again.
"I might be a spirit, but i still do have a sense of honor. You have gone trough great lenghts to get that flower, and i sense you really need it. You passed the test. Now take the flower and go."
She walked quitely up to the flowery part of the glade and waded trough the sea of blossoms. They where really beautiful.
Suddenly and unseen force turned her head to look at a white lilly which gleamed in the moonlight. She frowned. It was already night.
Kal'lir's voice entered her mind.
That one
She bent down, and picked it up gingerly.
Trough that flower she could feel and immense amount of caring and love, as if Angu had put his whole life into these. She looked at the forlorn spirit and saw him in a new light.
"Huh" She muttered to himself. "So he does have a soft side after all." And then, without even a goodbye he looked at her, and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly she was outside of the plains again, the wind blowing excitetdly trough the grass, making it bend and wave.
Kal'lir appeared before her and looked at the flower greedily.
"Hand it over" She said.
óqhara looked at the spirit with loathing, seeing her greediness now as she knew Angu better. She knew Kal'lir knew how much Angu cared for these, she must know.
How could she!? She was about to say something like "go pick your flowers somewhere else" when an idea started growing in her head.
"Please, directions first?"
Either the spirit was in such a hurry to get the flower, or plain stupid, because suddenly óqharas mind was flooded with a picture of exactly where the nearest orc settlement was. Then she spoke.
"Uh, no"
The spirit rolled it's eyes boredly
"Yes yes,very funny. Now hand it over"
Kal'lir growled at her and said trough gritted teeth:
"I could crush like a bug under my foot. I could.."
Her hands started making for Ã"qhara's throat as she said it, but Ã"qhara found the sphere within herself again, and ignited herself again.
The spirit withdrew with a sound like water sizzling on hot stones.
"What devilry is this? Give me the flower!!"
Ã"qhara just laughed and started walking away, confident that the spirit would do nothing as long as she kept the flame up. For some reason the flower didn't catch the flame if she didn't want to, and she kept walking, like a burning lantern igniting the dark night, like a light piercing the dark.

The next day the settlement could already be seen, and she started running, for the first time in days, her heart was at peace. Near the gates somebody screamed.
She stopped.
"What bussines have you here?" A orc clad in red armor asked from a guard tower.
óqhara readied herself for a fight and tapped into the orb of power, but answered politely.
"I am here to join whatever tribe you belong to, i have none of my own. not anymore."
The orc turned around and shouted something to someone but she couldn't hear it. He turned around and smiled at her, and she relaxed.
"Well" He said. "Welcome to Clan Reblade. What's you name?"


I liked them! And wanting to write is never bad ;) Though, some feedback! There is no need to enter after every sentence :) It makes a story very hard to read if every sentence is on a new line. Sometimes with things being said its more clear, but with actions, it's not really needed :)
And something that might make things easier to follow, is that you can post all the parts in one topic too, just make a new post for every story! It makes it easier as well to find back if someone wants to re-read it (Though you linked them too) But that's at least what I mostly do with stories that consist of multiple parts.
Just my two cents! You have a nice writing style.
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."


Took me a while to sift through all of your stories thus far, but they have been an interesting read to say the least! Albeit quite peculiar for a Warcraft universe. I daresay it almost has a sort of... Alice in Wonderland sort of feel to it. Almost psychedelic in a way. Anyway, was nice to have a bit of additional insight, and some new stories to check out on these forums!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


 :) Thanks! Oh, and Rhonya, advice is taken :D
Oh and Koz, if you wonder why there's so much spirits and stuff everywhere, that might be because im a big fan of Rick Riordan, so that should explain it, been putting spirits a little evrywhere lately :D (And yes,i actually did watch alice on wonderland like 2 weeks ago :D ) But all in all thanks a lot, it means a lot that you said you like it, and i hope you can  bear with me writing more of these weird texts in the future too. And if nothin else it put a bit of spice into azeroth. I actually took it very well when you said it's peculiar in this universe, because that means it is to some extent at least original, which for a writer is very important.

*Over enthusiastic guy is enthusiastic*
Love :)