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The website has never looked better!
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I think Rashka.exe has stopped working.
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Such shouty people in here, gosh.
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Remember to shout your lungs out every once in a while!!
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Shouting here to make sure everyone knows that I'm still here!
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I too am testing the shoutbox for non-nefarious reasons.
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This is me testing the shoutbox, because shouting is a great stress relief and it would be a shame if it doesn't work.
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Ice cream for all
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New Banners!

Started by Kozgugore, December 17, 2014, 03:31:40 AM

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Thanks to the magnificent work of our very own Sadok, we now have a set of fully updated banners in lieu of the latest expansion pack and the new character models! You might find that one old banner has still managed to sneak its way in there, namely the retro-styled Red Blade banner featuring Githya, Kraag and Grugna. As of writing this message, they were unable to show up for their photographic pose in-game, so we hope to include them in a newer banner at a later time yet!

Still, because we're all suckers for old memorabilia, here's a place to immortalize our old banners so new and old members alike may have a taste of what manner of orcs graced the top of our website previously!

Loyalty: Random orc, Kozgugore, Gruulg

Matriarch: Random orc, Akesha, Kargur

Cunning: Random orc, Morgeth, Nergul

Heritage: Kraag, Githya, Grugna
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


And here's the full new banners for your perusal, so you don't have to spam refresh too often! Bear in mind that if you may have to clear your cache to see the new banners, and that they're flexible based on resolution -- so you may see more or less of the banner dependent on screen-size.


Featuring [L-R]: Srelok Grimtide, Rhonya Steelheart, Sadok Sharptongue, Kogra Windwatcher, Grek'thar Earthstorm


Featuring [L-R]: Vanara Ashveil, Therak Duskstalker, Kozgugore Feraleye, Kyrazha Throatrender, Kaigron Ripclaw


Featuring [L-R]: Logush Heartseeker, Gridish Rimeweaver, Rargnasha Bloodmark, Krogon Devilstep, Mokhtar Axenheart

Thanks to everyone who agreed to be photographed for these banners! We'd have loved to have fit every last single orc on there, but it was already quite the squeeze upgrading from three orcs per banner to five!


Sneaky photobombing Shrewd doesn't get a mention?!

At any rate, they look great, particularly with some of the new facial expressions showcased on them! For those that didn't get included: Have no fear! Perhaps those that stay around and active long enough might just get a reward yet! (Did I ever mention we have a new trailer coming up?)
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


After only a handful of months, I'm proud to reveal the last of our redone front-page banners, featuring legendary figures from the Orcs of the Red Blade mythology!

To see the new banner alongside the other three revamped banners, you may have to clear cached images and files on your web-browser!


Featuring [L-R]: Grugna Longhand, Githya Redblade, Kraag the Wolfking, Magoth, Akesh the Poisoner, Grenth Stonebrow

Grugna Longhand
"Made the first female Chieftain aged fourteen, Grugna Longhand was determined not to repeat the mistakes made by her bloodthirsty father Hukraz. During her lengthy reign, the Matriarch would would pursue a policy of peace and never carried a weapon herself."

Githya Redblade
"Before the Red Blade tribe, before Clan Redblade, there was Githya Redblade. A fierce marauder with boundless courage, his Redblade Warband caused havoc across the wastes of ancient Draenor."

Kraag the Wolfking
"The first Chieftain of Clan Redblade, Kraag sought to live up to his father's legacy yet carved one arguably greater. In honor of the union between the First Wolfking and Magoth the Great Worg, Red Blades would begin to wear wolfmasks."

Akesh the Poisoner
"Akesh was reviled for assassinating Grenth Stonebrow and delivering Clan Redblade into the fold of the Old Horde. His armor laced with toxic venoms, arakkoa feathers and the skulls of full-grown and even young orcs, he has fully given over to the Blood Fury within."

Grenth Stonebrow
"Prepared for peace but ready for war, the principled Grenth Stonebrow was known as the Last of the Wolfkings. Ready to do the right thing no matter what, his small clan found itself quickly beset by enemies."



Featuring [L-R]: Captain Crybaby, The Clap, Boatswain Boogie, Cannoneer Cluck-Cluck, Token Mag'har, Cookie, High Overlord Saurfang


In order to keep the tradition alive, we finally have some proper banner back up on the website now! I hope to keep the banners regularly updated this time around, with a spot on the banner being a special, little reward for continued activity and/or contribution over the past few months! Granted, not everyone might make it to the banner, but if too many people turn out to be active at a time, I'll be sure to add an extra one!


Featuring [L-R]: Kozugore Feraleye, Sinami Swifthowl, Kai'gron Ripclaw, Vraxxar Wildmark


Featuring [L-R]: Nosh'marak Ironclaw, Karnna Blackfeather, Kargnar Bloodpaw, Okiba Halftusk


Featuring [L-R]: Trakmar Beastbane, Kogra Windwatcher, Rhonya Steelheart, Razaron Madeye


Featuring [L-R]: Githya Redblade, Kraag the Wolfking, Grugna Longhand, Magoth
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade