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Applications / Application: Mar'nosh Bloodcleave
July 06, 2015, 04:18:23 PM
Ingame name: Marnosh. RP Name: Mar'nosh Bloodcleave.
Class: Warrior (Blademaster IC)
Level: 36 and currently leveling! Should hit 90 soon!

Roleplaying Experience: Pretty experienced, have RP'ed for about a year and a half. Can help new RP'ers with TRP3 and GHI! Also knows alot of Orcish lore.

Mar'nosh Bloodcleave was born in Hallvalor, Nagrand. At a young age he showed great promise in the sense of fighting with a blade, and was soon took under the wing of the Blademasters. He was trained for years upon years until his mentor passed away. The time of his mentors passing was during the second war. Mar'nosh left Hallvalor to fight alongside the then demon corrupted Horde. He fought with fury on the battlefield and was brought to a revered status among some of the warriors. At the end of the war, Mar'nosh was placed in the Durnholde internment camps and saw Thrall's rise to warchief as a sign from the ancestors. When he saw what had become of his clan, he quickly swore allegiance to the New Horde. He fought for Thrall all the way until Garrosh became warchief, and he promptly stepped down from his position and slowly saw the Horde crumble in on itself. He joined the Darkspear rebellion and fought against Garrosh's forces alongside the heroes of the Horde and Alliance. After Garrosh's downfall, Mar'nosh was left without an occupation. He now resides in Orgrimmar, helping to train the next generation of Blademasters and to uphold the honor of his kind.