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Off Topic / Reminiscing!
August 01, 2019, 11:29:42 AM
Hello, you.

I highly doubt that a lot of people remember me, but I still wanted to stop by and actually write something for once. I think it's about 11-12 years since I forst joined Orcs of the Red blade, and it's humbling and so very warming to see it still alive. Reading through your stuff and looking at this forum makes me remember and miss all the fun times that were once had.

You're all great  :-*
Contact Us / Re: Ten Years Strong: Memories
March 16, 2017, 09:41:00 PM
Red Blade Records / Morgeth Feralheart
June 08, 2015, 09:56:23 PM

Name: Morgeth Feralheart
Alias: Taint, Highness, Snarler
Rank: Former High blade Varog'gor

Age: Late teens, early twenties.
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: Unknown
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Family: Kozgugore Feraleye (mate), Kraag (son), Katashka (daughter), Muzg (son), Mazguul Sharpeye (blood-sister), Nazkhur Iceblood (blood-sister, deceased).
Known Friends: -
Known Enemies: The Burning Legion

Morgeth's an overall small orc, being both short and somewhat more slender than your average female. Her oval face sports a pair of pale blue eyes and sharp, youthful features, spared from many of the atrocities of war, which causes her to appear even younger than she actually is. The sun has tanned her skin into a darker green and she carries a large tail of black hair atop her otherwise shaved head.  She is usually found carrying an armour issued for the warlock of the Horde during the Northrend campaign, but the one item consistent with her changing outfits is a large necklace that is made out of bone.

Morgeth's an orc of ever changing personality. She has a knack for the lesser crimes, and often acts young and brash, giving the term "loud mouth" a face to be recognised by. Some might dub her insane, whilst others would simply call the young orc a passionate soul. The latter does ring true, because Morgeth loves wholeheartedly and devotes herself fully to whatever purpose she deeems worthy. True to her nature, as dictated by the fel, she is however prone to paranoia and a lust for power. Deeply insecure, and unsure of her place in the world, Morgeth sports a fiery temper and will fight, surely to death, for that which she considers to be hers.

Spoiler: The Desert • show

Morgeth's first memories are those of bitter survival. Her fragmented recollection of her childhood has led her to draw her own conclusions. She firmly believes herself to having been abandoned by her parents, who left her to die in the vastness of a desert landscape. The harshness of the environment shaped the orc child into a remorseless creature, driven only by her need to eat and drink. In the end, Morgeth was more beast than orc, and cowardly scavenged from whatever the larger predators left behind. She became filled with envy over the strength and tenacity of these creatures, and hated the softness of her own flesh.
The orc was kept reasonably sane by the fact that despite not remembering any ties to her people, she dreamt about them. In due time, however, even those dreams became an object of resentment and hatred for Morgeth. Believing herself unwanted, to the degree that her parents had in fact left her to die, she eventually grew to think that the dreams were only there to taunt her and remind her of what she could never have. One day, she denounced her connections to whatever spirits may whisper to her during her lonely nights, and decided to embrace the harsh reality as it was. From that night to this day, Morgeth's dreams are only of the kind that haunts her.
Severing the ties to the essence of her heritage left Morgeth vulnerable to more things than death. The void that consumed her being, causing her to degenerate even further into a bestial state of mind, ached to be filled with something; strength and power. Such a wish can be dangerous at any time and place, and the deserts proved no different. It was the fel that granted Morgeth her final wish, and even though it is uncertain how and when she invited it in, she has been heard claiming that she gave everything to have its power.

Despite forging a connection with the fel, Morgeth remained a pitiful creature in the midst of the deserts. Her powers were unreliable, and her body had become so frail and emaciated that even calling upon them threatened to kill her. The young orc's diseased mind was driven to the brink of insanity, when she suddenly stumbled upon a small goblin caravan. This would become an event most crucial in the shaping of this orc's path back to her people.

Spoiler: The Road • show

Too weak to kill, and perhaps slightly intriguied, Morgeth became a somewhat reluctant traveling companion to the goblins. In exchange for her aid with physical labour, the orc child was promised to be taken to an actual settlement of her own kind. The existence of Orgrimmar was finally revealed to her. Against all odds, Morgeth befriended an elderly goblin female who was part of the caravan. The goblin helped the young orc learn more of her kin, and even took it upon herself to tutor Morgeth in the orcish tongue. To this day, Morgeth still talks with a strange accent, inherited from these times. It was also during her initial meeting with the goblins that Morgeth gave herself a name, after realising that "orc" was only a mean through which to describe her entire race, and not her true identity.

As the caravan drew closer to Orgrimmar, the goblin female succumbed to a fit of guilt, and confessed to Morgeth that there was no intention to bring her the entire way to Orgrimmar, but that she would instead be taken by boat to Booty Bay to be sold at a slave market. The goblin urged Morgeth to flee while she still could, and was kind enough to point her in the direction of the city they had initially set out to reach. Hastily and distraught, the young orc was sent out on her own again, but she was determined to reach Orgrimmar. Perhaps because she, in the depths of her own mind, dared hope that her family would be there to embrace her. Just as those dreams of old had promised.

Spoiler: Orgrimmar • show

From when she first laid eyes on the orcish city, it took Morgeth a week to dare to actually enter it. The cold nights of Durotar offered her a new set of enemies, and being chased by quillboar was the final push this orc needed to finally enter what could potentially be her new home. Having been raised i the wilds, Morgeth was somewhat foreign to the idea of coin and trading services. Her brief encounter with the goblins had taught her some, but nothing could have prepared her for the cultural chaos that is Orgrimmar. Amidst the haggling trolls, goblins and orcs, the young orc was gripped with fear.

Cowering in the masses, Morgeth kept herself hidden in an entirely new fashion. She paid no heed to social rules, and that which pushed her down a road of crime and ill behaviour was not greed, but hunger. It seemed only natural to her to do whatever she could to survive, regardless of the predators surrounding her. She could already sense it, however, that even amongst those that were supposed to be like her, she was already different. Morgeth's emaciated frame did make her stand out from the crowd, as did the tattered clothes the goblins had left her with. Not to mentions her hands, which had been branded by her deal made with the fel. Instead of denying the blood given curse she shared with her peers, Morgeth had embraced it fully, which would come back to haunt her for the rest of her life.

Spoiler: Orphanage • show

Morgeth never bothered with counting the years of her life; the one time that mattered was how long it would be to the next drink or meal. She was, however, around twelve years old when she first came into contact with Orgrimmar's orphanage. Two grunts had found the orc child stealing, and with the obviousness of lacking parents shoved into her face once more, Morgeth was handed over to Matron Battlewail. Her stay there would prove anything but peaceful.
The social hierarchy that existed within the orphanage amongst the older children did not suit Morgeth well. She understood little to nothing of how to care for the smaller children, whilst she frequently found herself getting into fights with those of her own size. At a certain age, the young orcs would be forced to leave the orphanage. Many of them would then enlist to become grunts of Orgrimmar, safeguarding the city they had grown up in themselves. For some, however, exiting the orphanage meant something else. Those few orcs were attracted to the Drag and the cleft of Shadow, where dark deeds brewed like a troll stew. There they would become infamous thieves, mercenaries, whores and whatever titles one can gain in the gutter.

The marks upon Morgeth's skin was one of the many reasons why she got herself into so many fights, and it sparked curiosity in matron Battlewail, who eventually sent for a shaman to speak with the young orc. It was this elderly shaman who first spoke to Morgeth about the fel, and the kind of orcs that dwelled in the bowels of Orgrimmar; the cleft. Some of the other children, having eavesdropped on the conversation, made quick work of mocking the small, strange female for her affiliation with that which had threatened to doom their race not long ago. Some particularly vindictive individuals of the older orphans went as far as to threaten with death.

Still keen on survival, Morgeth saw little choice but to run away. She fled the orphanage, and retreated where she could - at the very least - find some of her supposed peers. Perhaps it was down there she truly belonged, amongst thieves and whores. The Cleft called out to her.

Spoiler: Survival of the lowest • show

The seedy underworld of Orgrimmar held secrets aplenty, especially for a young orc looking for any means to stay alive. Morgeth's descent down into the den of the warlocks did not go unnoticed. She became a brief object of interest of a few of the older warlocks, who were keen to see what could possibly have been taught to an orphan who - to their knowledge - had not been tutored by a fellow warlock. Some opted that she be killed, due to her undisciplined nature. In the end, however, Morgeth was dismissed and became of no further interest to the circle of warlocks. She was a rat in their midst.

And like a rat, she then lived. Again succumbing to the simple actions of theft, Morgeth kept herself alive, but just barely. Surrounding herself with the worst of the worst, be it warlocks, whores, murderers and thieves, it takes a rat to make it out in one piece. Scavenging of whatever others left behind, occasionally snatching from the market, and avoiding becoming a victim herself, became Morgeth's way of life. She made her home by sleeping in the narrow nooks between the huts in the Cleft, many times managing to escape harm by pushing her emaciated body into cramped areas where few could follow. But no matter the escape route, there was no way for Morgeth to avoid what was coming. As her cursed, erratic powers began to manifest once more, whispers stirred in the dark. Whispers about a criminal gang working their way to the very core of Orgrimmar. Word spread about the coming of the Sixty Thieves.

Spoiler: The Gang • show

In truth, it took a long time before Morgeth took any real notice of the Sixty thieves, and this simply because she managed to avoid them for so long. Soon enough, their dominion over the Drag's criminal activity was undisputed, and Morgeth found herself cornered, both physically and mentally. The Sixty represented a superior predator, because with their sheer numbers and intelligence, they were not only allowed to survive, but to do so well. They bribed the grunts into silence, and suffered no anguish to the stray figures skulking about. Eventually the young orc was drawn to the fact that she might be a part of all this, would the Sixty only see some promise in her. Devoted to this, Morgeth made an attempt at furthering her skills with the fel, but this time in a more academic manner. Having gathered the necessary silver, she was finally able to convince one of the Cleft's warlocks to give her a lesson.

And so, the day came when Morgeth approached the Sixty Thieves, and gained entry into their ranks. This mostly due to the fact that one more thief would not hurt, rather than her expertise in any area. As a thief, Morgeth slowly acquired some allies, even if most of her initial relations in the thieves were tentative and a bit clumsily handled on her part. The few orcs Morgeth met in the Sixty Thieves were all convinced that honour had long since died. With such conviction Morgeth's childhood fantasies finally perished entirely. Even the heroes of her imagination could not survive.

Spoiler: Taint • show

When joining the thieves, anyone was forced to pick a new name for themselves, forsaking their prior identity. Whilst this might have been a challenge to some, it was not for Morgeth. In an attempt to cast away the horrors of the past, she adopted the new psuoedonym. In the gutters of Orgrimmar, Taint was born. The thieves did not shun the young orc for being a warlock, and in a way Morgeth's new name let her embrace her curse and her taint. It was pity, and perhaps a misplaced sense of kinship, that made the acting enforcer of the thieves take notice of her. Calling himself Crude, the older orc took Morgeth under his wing and attempted to teach her the more subtle ways of survival. The relationship eventually took a romantic turn, but was conflicted from the very start. Crude took pride in planning ahead, whilst Morgeth could not break the habit of living on a day to day basis.

Whilst Morgeth may have been a grand survivor, Taint was a useless thief. At this level of thievery, one had to do more than rely on speed and a lithe body. A favourite method of the Sixty was to gang up upon unknowing travelers in the Drag, as was the case the day they encountered an orc warrior by the name of Gnash. Caught by the warrior's blade, Morgeth was nearly disembowelled. She was not alone in frequently getting hurt, however, as most of the gang were somehow prone to get into trouble. Crude's sinister plots caught up with him, and in a fit of desperation, he faked his own murder. This event left Morgeth in turmoil, believing herself to have failed protecting the one person who had ever made any attempt at taking care of her. Numbing the pain of such a loss, the young orc found solace in the friendship in a pair of new thieves, being the male orcs calling themselves Trill and Gash.

The three would spend a lot of time together, and whilst their thieving conquests were more successful than usual, it would eventually have to come to an end. It was during an act of revenge against the orc Gnash, who's actions still were fresh in the memories of most thieves, that both Trill and Gash were nearly killed by the warrior and his friend Greggar Ironfoot. Morgeth tried to aid in tending the two back to health, but the event left Gash blind and in time he left the thieves, never being able to surpass his handicap. Trill and Morgeth, however, grew closer. When Crude eventually revealed himself to be alive, Morgeth grew furious, and thought herself betrayed. Her descent into madness was perfected by her attempting to murder Crude, which promptly ended their relationship, and left her open to Trill's advances.
Beginning to think of the thieves as a family of sort, Morgeth became plagued with the inadequacy of her powers. Wishing to protect those around her, she began to delve deeper into the teachings of the Cleft. She was encouraged by Trill, who claimed that he would need protection. But to embrace the fel proved dangerous, because with every sliver of power gained, Morgeth's sanity seemed to wane. She began to bleed profoundly from her nose and mouth, and her nights were consumed by nightmares. Eventually she did not sleep at all.

Spoiler: Red Dogs and Thieves • show

The only force not willing to be bribed into looking the other way when it came to the thieves, was the well known Red blade tribe. Even though the two opposing groups had a shaky truce, which stated that the thieves would never steal from other orcs, they held little love for each other. Morgeth was initially curious of the tribe, said to consist only of orcs. Stories of old, and perhaps with some faint hope for herself, fuelled that curiosity. Despite being told to keep her distance, she sought contact with the tribe, and was approached by one of its members, a male by the name of Mhokdor Spinesnapper. The orc was an old warlord, used to getting his will done, and when Morgeth proved difficult, she was punished accordingly. This left the warlock with a bitter taste in her mouth, and was the initial blow that would eventually lead her to regard the Red Blades as nothing but a pack of honourless dogs.

Over time, the animosity between the thieves and the orcs grew. The Red blade's chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye had returned to lead his orcs down the desired path. The thieves took notice of his renewed efforts, and even Morgeth did not fail to notice the new presence amidst those that threatened her dysfunctional family. She could do little, however, before things took a turn for the worse.

Spoiler: A king's mistake • show

Since the day Morgeth first joined the Thieves, the gang had been ruled by a bandit King. The title itself was passed to the thief ruthless enough to claim it, and during Morgeth's time in the Sixty, the one who held it was a forsaken man known by the name of Boom. Boom's insanity was well known, both within the thieves and beyond. The bandit king had unnerving habits, amongst which one was his fascination with eyes. On plenty of of occasions, he would rip out the eye of an enemy, perhaps even some friends. The eyes were later placed in large glass jars, which the king kept with himself. Regardless of his insanity, Boom was still the unquestionable leader of the Sixty, and nobody would challenge him for his title, until he did something so dire that it could not be ignored.

Together with two other thieves, King Boom paid a visit to Orgrimmar's orphanage. When they left, the orphanage was set ablaze, and when the flames cleared five of the children were dead, and several left badly injured. Rumour soon spread of who was responsible for the fiendish deed, and the city of Orgrimmar was teeming with fear and anger. Perhaps surprisingly, those feelings where shared by a number of thieves as well. Several did not agree with what the King had done, and amongst those was Morgeth herself. Whilst she held no love for those orphans who had tormented in the past, Morgeth saw little use in murdering children. Fearing a counter-attack from the city guards, or perhaps the famous Red blades, Morgeth and several of her friends fled to the far corners of the world. There they would fuel each others discontent, and what began as disgruntled whispers, slowly grew into a plot to overthrow the King that had wronged them so.

Filled with an almost sincere care for her fellow thieves, Morgeth assumed a prominent role in the plotting against the King. Whilst the elven thief named Ghost hungered for the title of king for himself, the young warlock cared little for such sentiments of power. She craved revenge, and who better to claim it than those that thought themselves to honourable?

Spoiler: Your Highness • show
Not sharing her plan with any of the thieves, Morgeth took it upon herself to, one night in Garadar, approach Kozgugore Feraleye. With him being chieftain of the Red blade tribe, Morgeth argued that he, if anyone, would feel anger over what the king had done. The warlock became convinced that if she only offered the king out on a platter, knowing few thieves would help him, that the Red blades would surely be able to take care of him. Regardless of such a conviction, it was a truly nervous, young orc that approached the chieftain. Perhaps sensing her insecurities, the older orc refused her offer.

This marked the beginning of several meetings between the two, and with every meeting the flavour became more and more bitter. They would argue, and when Morgeth finally spoke up on her opinions of the red blade orcs, the chieftain made it clear to her that she would either leave him be, or she would die. This struck a nerve with the young orc, who was torn between either viewing the older chieftain as one of her childhood heroes, or as a pompous bigot. Kozgugore dubbed her "Highness", being a bitter reminder of her ties to the thieves and their king, as well as a remark upon her argumentative, demanding nature.
Angered over how the chieftain viewed her, Morgeth retreated to her fellow thieves, only to find them stuck in the same situation as before. She slowly grew to realise how, despite any efforts made by her, they would always end up getting themselves into trouble. She was reminded by Kozgugore's prediction of how she would die alone, without any family to properly care for her passing or her pyre, because such was the fate of an outcast thief.

The chieftain did end up giving Morgeth a proper fire, but it was not her body that burned, but her home. Together with his orcs, the chieftain finally decided to exact revenge on the thieves, burning their hideout to the ground and banishing them from Orgrimmar. Unlike with most of her friends, this action did not spark any hatred within Morgeth. Instead she almost dared view the Red blades' action as just, which led to even more doubt, not only of herself, but the situation she had put herself into.

Spoiler: For love • show
Eventually Morgeth was driven to a point where she knew that she would have to change. Something within her compelled her to turn away from her days of thievery and make a last push towards doing something honourable with her life. Perhaps she could sense the coming of her own death, and in the looming prospects of such a thing, she was reminded of how the chieftain had said that she would die forgotten and alone. This resulted in her somewhat hasty decision to join the Horde in its fighting in Shadowmoon valley. There Morgeth was thrown into the fray, raised above the rank of peon only due to her affinity for fel magic. Had the Horde been less desperate she would perhaps have met her demise then and there, put down at kor'kron's mercy, but again the young warlock was allowed to live. She corresponded with Red blade chieftain during these events, telling him about the realisations that dawned upon her as she fought. Eventually Morgeth's uselessness in the field led to her accompaning one of the few messengers back to Orgrimmar.

It was in Durotar, on the hill overlooking Razor Hill, that she finally met the chieftain again, and burned her thief's tabard. But whilst the smoke of the garment spiralled towards the sky, Morgeth would not forget her friends in the thieves, and for a very long time, they would be the people she considered her closest family. One can always argue that it was the inspiration of honour and glory that drove Morgeth to take her initial, wobbly steps out of the gutter. Truth is, the reason behind it was so much simpler. Kozgugore Feraleye did, after all, represent everything her childhood dreams had told her about orcs. He was strong, older, experienced and had a strong sense of honour. He commanded his orcs with confidence, and whatever spark of admiration Morgeth had initially felt now burned like a raging fire inside of her. The young orc's infatuation was in no way innocent, but instead bordered on sheer obsession. She went to such lengths as to disguise herself, letting their frequent meetings persist under the guise of someone else, even if revealing herself would surely result in her imminent death. Whatever curses she might have spoken, or which ears having listened to her pleas, Morgeth's chase did finally pay off. Not only did the chieftain swear by blood to protect her from the thieves, even when she had revealed herself to be his hated "Highness", but she was soon able to squeeze more passionate promises from him as well.

Spoiler: A world painted red • show
Kozgugore kept true to his blood given word, and protected Morgeth from the thieves. Eventually, he did so much more than that. When it became clear that Morgeth was with child, she was introduced to one of the tribe's shamans, an orc named Norviskrall. Because whilst Morgeth had managed to get pregnant, her previous life - being one of starvation and fel magic - made it impossible for her to carry the child enough for it to survive. Desperate for a solution, Morgeth pleaded with Norviskrall to aid her. Whilst Kozgugore's ties to the child were kept secret, Norviskrall conducted a ritual through which he was able to communicate with a spirit. The spirit turned out to be no other than Kraag the Wolfking, an ancestor of the Red blade tribe. His blessing secured the life of the unborn child, and it was in honour of him that Morgeth and Kozgugore later named their firstborn Kraag.

With Morgeth pregnant, and the tribe slowly growing to accept her presence, Kozgugore finally made his choice official. He would take the young warlock as his mate, and despite some eyebrows being raised at such a thing, the two set out on the ritual mating hunt. They made vows in blood to each other, and Morgeth had finally gained the family she had always been longing for. It seemed only natural for her to eventually join the tribe as well, but Morgeth took her time. She knew that it would be hard for the orcs to fully accept her, given her history as a thief and a warlock, and she did not want to gain their rivalry by appearing to be favoured by the chieftain himself. After some months Morgeth put such concerns aside, and entered the Red blade tribe as a new blood. This marked the dawn of a new life for the young orc, having finally escaped the destructive path of her previous life.

Spoiler: Cold blood • show
Morgeth did not had long to settle into her new role of being not only a mate, but a mother to be, and a somewhat honourable orc. Whilst trying to refrain from the highly addictive use of fel magic, she was quickly drawn into the events that originated from the scourge in the north. Having gotten used to a life in the shadow, Morgeth felt the harsh clash of reality when she was confronted with the raging war that followed. She accompanied Kozgugore and the warchief Thrall during the Battle for the Undercity, and followed her tribe to Northrend where she battled the scourge. Such fighting, however, made it hard for her to keep abstinent from the use of the fel. Through her continuing use Morgeth grew more powerful, something that led her to take further lessons in control from the warlocks in the Cleft of shadow. Both to the chieftain's great dismay. It was during this time that Morgeth met two female orc that she began to regard as especially important. First was Mazguul Sharpeye, a budding shaman of a maternal nature that came to be regarded as one of the tribe's wisest members. Despite her previous encounters with shamans, thinking them stuck up and full of themselves, Morgeth could not stop herself from becoming very fond of Mazguul. She'd protect the other female, and was in turn rewarded with a precious friend. Eventually the two became sisters, sworn to each other in blood, a bond that is of great importance to Morgeth. Aside from Mazguul, Morgeth also met another female by the name of Nazkhur Iceblood, who had died during battle and been raised as a death knight by the infamous Lich King. Nazkhur was early on eager to prove her mettle, and made it clear to both Morgeth and Kozgugore that they were to be protected and safeguarded by her. Despite her tough exterior, Nazkhur was an orc full of humour and honour, and Morgeth tied bonds of sisterhood to her as well.

The strength lent to her by her sisters would soon prove vital to Morgeth, as chieftain Kozgugore suddenly went missing for a number of months. As the chieftain dealt with the demons of his past, Morgeth's entire world was shattered. She was with child, and could first hand witness the decline of her orcish tribe as they struggled to maintain a brave visage, despite the lack of Kozgugore's leadership. Despite her knack for despair, Morgeth would not give up on Kozgugore. Instead she wasted all of her resources, and some of the tribe's own as well, to hire professional scouts to look for Kozgugore. When all her coin had been wasted, she set out herself, often accompanied by Mazguul, as the two searched for the lost chieftain. Kozgugore was found many weeks later, when several members of the tribe had begun to assume him dead. He was soon back to his full health, and resumed his undisputed leadership of the tribe. It was then that Morgeth finally gave birth to her firstborn son, who came to carry the name Kraag.

Spoiler: Growth • show
A year passed during which Morgeth's aspiration towards having her own family was made even more a reality. Kraag was joined by two siblings: the twins Katashka and Muzg. It was, however, not a time without losses. During the months in the cold north the sister Nazkhur Iceblood met her own demise, leaving Morgeth to mourn the first orc she had invited to be a true kin.

Gaining favour with the tribe, undoubtedly fuelled by her relations with the chieftain, Morgeth climbed the hierarchical ladder of the tribe. It was not without difficulty, seeing as how her affinity for fel magic left her vulnerable for the classic blade and shield, but the young orc grew more familiar with her own trade. She would, with time, become considered somewhat competent in her use of vile magic, which inspired disgust in some and fear in others. Morgeth chose to saw this as a sign of respect and enjoyed it thoroughly. She would eventually become known as the High Blade Varog'gor, a position that brought her close to the Chieftain in ways other than the furs of his bed, and with this Morgeth was finally acquainted with the responsibility of leadership. She ruled her fellow orcs by employing a skill set of fear, humour and force, which brought on conflict, but in time she was considered a respectable member of the top hierarchy.

Spoiler: The Shattering of the known world • show
Deathwing came, and the world crumbled in his wake. Orcs went missing, and Morgeth was one of those orcs. She and Kraag were caught in the camp of Taurajo as the world broken down around them. The ordeal left Morgeth on the run, along with a tauren named Ituaneh, and whilst the tauren met her fate by quilboar blade, Morgeth was found days later in a poor state, having almost lost a leg. The ordeal frightened the orc, and made her all the more keen to search for more ways to wield more power. She would again explore the limits of her fel given ways, causing tense relations with not only Kozgugore, but her sister Mazguul as well. The latter, however, was in time lost to her own ways, and Mazguul seemed more spirit than orc, until she disappeared entirely. Morgeth mourned the loss of her sister, and would spend a lot of time chasing after her, but sadly finding nothing.

Hellscream's power grew with his rise to become the Horde's warchief, and Morgeth approved of the mag'har, as he employed methods that differentiated from Thrall's. Hellscream was not afraid to make use of the Horde's warlocks, and with the discovery of Pandaria this gave Morgeth an opportunity to join with the army and actually do a half decent job at it. In truth, she aspired to he a "true" member of the Horde, giving Kozgugore further reason to appreciate her and eradicating any doubt that she was a worthy orc, which she believed was an aspiration often sullied by the presence of overly zealous shaman. Morgeth was, however, positioned on one of the many ships that crashed upon the cliffs of the strange island, leaving meagre supplies and a less than impressed first impression of the current leadership of her particular battalion. Thus Morgeth welcomed the tribe to Pandaria's shores, and devoted herself further to its cause rather than the original agenda put forth by the warchief.

As Kozgugore was called back to Orgrimmar at Garrosh's behest and finally revealed to be captured and awaiting execution, Morgeth was faced with a difficult choice. She could run after her mate and appeal to the mercy of the warchief, which might as well earn her the brand of traitor. Instead the warlock chose to assume control of the tribe, seizing it with force and threatening anyone opposing her with exile. A few chose to stray from the tribe, but others stayed with the young self appointed Matriarch. Their faith was rewarded, as it turned out Morgeth had announced herself the new Red blade leader, and in so denouncing Kozgugore, only to be able to set forth a plan to spring the chieftain free from his unjust imprisonment. The plan was a success and Morgeth shared in the happy reunion, restoring Kozgugore's place as chieftain as soon as she was able.

It was shortly after these events that Morgeth, without a trace, disappeared. She left friend and family behind, leaving no clue as to where she went. Most think her dead, and others speculate about darker, more sinister things.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Speaks with a heavy accent.
  • Holds the spirits in very low regard.
  • Carries the skull of one of her blood-sisters with her.
  • Was branded by the fel, leaving strange markings upon her hands.
  • Can eat just about anything.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Was once a thief, going under the name of "Taint".
  • Has killed other orcs outside of war, both in acts of survival and because it was convenient to her.
  • Has eaten the flesh of her kin.

Other Information:


  • Perdition â€" Morgeth's fate during the shattering.
  • Descent - A glimpse of insanity

Spoiler: Gallery (click to enlarge pictures) • show

^Classic Morgeth (by Karniz)

^Much mystery. (by Lilium)

^Kozgugore and Morgeth. (by Karniz)
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February 26, 2013, 09:43:08 AM
I apologise for my absence. Personal stuff happened, etc. I can still be reached via pm here. Take care.
The Campfire / The Red blade Matriarch
December 23, 2012, 04:21:21 AM
”Feraleye is lost. He has committed treason and awaits execution.”

Morgeth's eyes closed as she tossed the letter aside. The news it had brought were already old; she had known for days of Kozgugore's capture. Perhaps they had expected her to return to Orgrimmar, to grieve and plead for his immediate release in honour of their bond. Instead she had seized control of Kozgugore's tribe and named herself matriarch. She had threatened the others with mutilation, exile and death, had they been of any mind to try and take the position of leadership from her. Even so, she knew that a rule of fear would not last for long.

She had surrounded herself with the strong, the wise and the vile, and had made sure that they would support her in this new role. This was not a time for tears, but for assertiveness, and hers was a will of steel. The shoes were too big to fill, however, by a long shot. Others would perceive her as weak, no doubt; a child attempting to reach for position and acclaim better suited for veterans.

They would be right to do so, because she was no true leader. But as much as they could ridicule her attempts at creating order through her own means, they would be fools to underestimate her. Because in all of this, she knew that she would go so far as to kill to remain in control of the tribe. Victory seemed to always carry a price of blood with it, and she was no stranger to those methods.

Warlock, thief and now matriarch. The Horde would find no grief with her, but see only the resolve of leadership. She had long since forsaken the weakness of Thrall's guidance, and grown to appreciate Hellscream's approach. He had opened the doors of his army to warlocks; allowed them to gain their own honour. She repaid the warchief with devotion, and all would know that Kozgugore's capture made this no different.

They had asked her if there was any message she would like to have delivered to her imprisoned chieftain and she had given them one:

”Tell 'im tha' th'tribe be mine.”
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September 11, 2012, 12:24:00 AM
Morg fights dirty in close combat. Aims for the throat, the genitals and the eyes. She's not as much as a powerhouse as she's reckless and driven by emotion.
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September 09, 2012, 11:21:56 PM


A call to arms for the warlocks and mages of the Horde

Long those of you in Orgrimmar have you been forced to sit idle in the shadows of the cleft; recluses with no claim of authority of your own. You have been allowed to practice spells amongst yourselves, but suspiciouns of your craft have put a limit on your knowledge. You have been watched, estimated and valued.

Now the warchief has deemed you worthy to stand alongside your brothers and sisters with pride. Cast off the mantle of unbecoming shame; bring honour and glory to the Horde, and through that to yourselves as well.

Enlist for official position within the Horde's forces today, and show us the extent of your power. It shall be put to good use.

Join us, brothers and sisters.

Shraknath Goreclaw, Kor'kron commander.
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September 02, 2012, 11:00:57 PM
TRP2 fix can now also be found on Curse :)
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September 02, 2012, 10:58:21 PM

A message written on large placks, notice boards and as flyers is sent throughout out almost every settlement on Kalimdor, and likewise reaching Eastern kingdoms as well. The message is unsigned, because it obviously doesn't need a signature, its meaning clear enough:

Attention all able-bodied members of
the Horde! Warchief Garrosh Hellscream has
issued a CALL TO ARMS for all citizens!
Male and female adults! You will
train to fight the Alliance in a WAR
In which we shall be TRIUMPHANT!
Children and others who cannot bear
arms - you will assist in crafting weapons
and tending to the needs of the WARRIORS!
Anyone found shirking his or her duty will
be ARRESTED for TREASON by the Kor'kron

((Borrowed from the book "Tides of War", written by Christie Golden))
Game Related / TRP2 Fix
September 02, 2012, 12:25:35 PM
This is from defiasRP Forums. It's basically a fix for TRP 2. The creator of TRP has decided to not continue with the addon, but the boyfriend of "Simaria" on the defiasRP-forums has decided to update it so that it works for MoP.

Here's the link for the download:

"To install, Drag the content of the TotalRP2 folder into your WoW addons directory which is found in the following wow directory:
\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\

It should look something like this once you're done:
The Campfire / A cultist's plight
September 02, 2012, 04:51:34 AM

In the beginning was shadow eternal.
Hate blazed forth, and FIRE was born.
Wounds scabbed, and so begat EARTH.
Cries of anguish birthed howling WIND.
Wherein the skies wept seas of TEARS.
We live in the shadow.
The world we know.
Built of rage, hurt, anguish and sorrow.

- Excerpt from Apocrypha


The hand was already in motion, cutting through the air. It was as if she could already feel the pain from it, right before it actually hit her cheek. An ominous crack was heard as Zhor'arasha's father's hand crashed into her face, sending her stumbling backwards until her back hit one of the stone walls of the small room. Her own fingers were immediately raised, checking if he had managed to finally break her jaw again. Despite a small clicking noise, she found that her bones remained intact. He, of course, wasn't paying attention to that.

”You are to stay behind”, he muttered, as if stating something not particularly out of the ordinary. ”These orcs have been closing in on us for months, and now they are practically at our gates. I will need for you to hold them back.” The hand that had struck out at her now wafted through the air, whilst the older, male orc began to walk around the room. ”I will not have them ruin all this work, and make it for naught.”

She didn't voice any doubts, knowing they would be useless. But they still mulled inside her mind. The older orc, perhaps sensing this, turned towards her with a more diplomatic tone of voice. ”I will leave others with you as well, of course. They will serve under your command, and their powers will be set to bring strength to yours.” He closed in on her, placing heavy hands upon her shoulders, squeezing his fingers around the cloth of her purple robe. ”You will keep the dogs at bay”, he reassured her.

Unbeknownst to him, she had listened in on previous reports. She knew of the numbers of these orcs, of their reputation and even of some of their particular members. A single orc, a handful of vessels, to keep them at bay? She would be a delay, at best. ”Is there no one else?”, she blurted, knowing full well how such words would displease him. His response didn't delay, delivered in a violent snort and a push at her shoulders to again shove her back against the wall. ”Is it not within my right to call on you as I wish, daughter? Have I failed you somehow, slacked in your training, to make you doubt that I would put you where you are needed most?”

She stared back at him, fearless before his anger, but not fearless to the notion of disobeying him. To turn from purpose, from the order of which her life had been arranged, would be against her very nature. Torture, pain and suffering were fleeting, and could be put out of mind, but if purpose would be the same, then her existence would be for naught. Her own hands lifted, briefly squeezing his wrists in a sign of reassurance. ”Of course it is your right, father. I was wrong to question. When will you leave?”

His hands left her shoulders as soon as his demands were seemingly met, and as Zhor'arasha's father walked across the room, towards the exit, he threw a last glance at his daughter. ”Immediately. You'd do well to don your battle gear, child. I imagine you are in for one fel of a fight.”


((Something written together for the cultist character I created for one of our events and who got captured during it too. Might write some more eventually!))
Odds & Ends / The voice of Hellscream (IC-Propaganda)
August 26, 2012, 04:33:51 PM


"Lok'tar ogar! Victory or death - it is these words that bind me to the Horde.
For they are the most sacred and fundamental of truths to any warrior of the Horde.
I give my flesh and blood freely to the Warchief. I am the instrument of my Warchief's desire.
I am a weapon of my Warchief's command.
From this moment until the end of days I live and die - For the Horde!"

Brothers and sisters of the Horde, heed the call of your warchief.

The time to idly sit, to prattle with needless negotiation, is long since gone. It is time for the Horde to push aside trivial differences, and join with purpose to reclaim a glory lost, one stolen from us by past weakness.

The Horde banner welcomes all to join in our efforts as brothers and sisters. You will receive training, you will become stronger and you will contribute with body and mind to bring force to the plans made by our Warchief. You are his will, you are his weapon.

Cast away any shame that comes with your craft. The Horde knows to appreciate talents beyond the ordinary. Skulk no more in shadow, but rise above the actions of the past and prove yourself more. The shame of old is no more. Ahead of us lies glorious conquest!

And for those who have ventured into this vast world, seeking personal gain or to satisfy a need not for the betterment of the Horde, I say this: Return home. Do not forsake the duty to the Horde, which should stand above all others, but join by your Warchief's side at this time of change.

The blood of our enemies, the sweetness of conquest and glory will be our reward.
We need nothing else.
We are the Horde.

- Shraknath Goreclaw, Kor'kron commander.


((A first initiative towards giving a political feel of the state of the Horde. I plan to continue writing these as the storyline progresses. Shraknath Goreclaw is my NPC commander. If you wish to give him items to write about, or any other ideas, then just PM me. I hope it's enjoyable to read and serves some purpose. Also, just to make it clear, I do not think I can decide what Garrosh thinks or does. I hope that this'll just be viewed as a general thing, and not that I'm trying to make up his opinions for him.))
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August 04, 2012, 05:18:18 PM
Loved the story <3 It's always fascinating to read new stuff about Koz. And I particularly loved the day dreaming about becoming ogre king XD