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Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
May 31, 2021, 07:45:58 PM
Hi guys! A bit of a follow up to our correspondance.

I tried to contact you in the game right away. I whispered each member I found on the AA list 9-10pm server time, but the system threw back my messages with "No player named XY is playing at the moment". A day later I wrote you an in-game mail but no response so far. I even scanned the map and cruised around in Kalimdor and Outland (haha), with no success.

Please let me know what to do, or if I did anything wrong. Thank you.
Applications / Re: Application: Dharra
May 22, 2021, 07:15:10 PM
Thank you for the swift and exhaustive reply! :O

Yeah, this age thing is something I understand, but it's very difficult to wrap my head around it, hence the weird description. Sorry for the confusion!

This is very exciting! I'll try to get a hold of someone soon. Thank you once again!
Applications / Application: Dharra
May 22, 2021, 02:21:44 AM
I'm aware that it is not officially required to post an application here anymore, but since I'm new to in-game RP and generally shy, I would like to get some feedback on my character before taking this further. I wouldn't like to mess up anyone's experience nor waste the guild's time with a bad or undesirable concept.

Name: Dharra (Dharrah on AD)
Level: 53 (Still struggling to find the motivation to reach max lvl, but getting there.)

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
I have been playing for a couple of years, in various fandoms and platforms BUT I'm new to ingame RP. My friends gave me a bit of an addon and socializing tutorial and I have participated in a couple of events, that's all.

Known issues: It's a bit difficult to follow things when there are a lot of people around (even with Listener) and I'm generally slow, as I'm used to being able to take my time and just type away long, long paragraphs... Another thing is that my ideas usually come faster than my free time to read lore, which got me in trouble A LOT. I'm working on this now though! I read the most important orcish history and cultural notes both on wowpedia and the clan specific things here as well, so now I'm definitely more confident than during my previous trials.

And finally, please write a short story and/or (IC) introduction about your character:

"We are leaving" grunted the hunter and placed his enormous hand on his little sister's shoulder, who was still staring at the marching orcs in the distance. So few left against the overwhelming threat... they had no chance. "It is Hellscream's order." Her reply was just a harsh movement that tore her shoulder away from his hand. "I said we are leaving. They won't be able to keep the gate up for long."

"Go if you want to. I'm staying" she said in an uncharacteristically somber tone. Her cheerful and optimistic demeanor was gone for good, and this made the hunter even more desperate. Not turning her gaze away from her adored Warchief, she fixed her gear, called her wolf Frostbite, and began to walk in the opposite direction of the gate that led the Mag'har to their survival.

"I said WE ARE GOING!" The hunter stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder once more. Dharra responded quickly: she spun and launched her fist at Draghar's jaw.

A brawl of despair began between the siblings, while the small pack of wolves they called their family started to circle around. Draghar tried to grapple his sister, attempting to immobilise her, but she fought with teeth and claw against him, so it wasn't an easy task. She empowered her attacks with fire and ice, wounding her brother at multiple places, who was still trying not to cause any harm.

"You coward!"

"It's an order! We have to leave!"

"Mother and father would stay!"

"They are dead! They would want you to live!"

"You have no right to tell me what to do!"

"I won't watch you die for a lost cause! I made a promise...!"

"I don't care!"

Eventually, as a last resort, the hunter grabbed the orcess and headbutted her hard enough for her to lose consciousness. Frostbite was ready to jump at the man, but his wolves, among them the alpha of their little pack, disciplined the animal.

"I'm sorry, Pup" he muttered to his sister as he took the girl's belongings from the ground. With his sister and their entire life on his shoulders, the hunter saluted to the orcs in the distance, then turned to join the rest of the refugees through the portal.


She was born and brought up on AU Draenor after Gul'dan's defeat. She is one of that last generation that reached adulthood (by human standards), and one of those last shamans who went through the entire training and every traditional ritual.

When the orcs had to leave Draenor, the siblings were enlisted to the army in the war against the Alliance, but the chaotic nature of the elements on Azeroth proved difficult to control for the inexperienced shaman, posing a threat to both factions in combat, and so, by her brother's will and through connections, she left the army and joined the Earthen Ring for further training.

...but one can only learn so much by staying isolated. The wounds she received in her homeland are still fresh, she cannot stand the smell of the Draenei. While staying losely affiliated with them, she left their areas of operation to seek a sense of belonging and an environment that allows her to practice and cultivate traditions. She left without informing her brother.

(Important note: I'm not sure about the Earthen Ring bit, since wowpedia says it's a group of the most powerful shamans, but I don't know where else she would be directed when facing this particular problem with the elements, so I thought, given the Mag'har orcs situation, this might work. I accept if you disagree and I'm open for suggestions!)

My vision:
An intense, inexperienced, but deeply spiritual wisewoman-in-training who always has a smile to offer to allies while her blood is being boiled by the hatred against those who ruined her homeland. At the moment she can only perform tasks that allow a longer time to attune to the elements, such as healing and cleansing, which is becoming her specialty, while she needs to be re-trained for combat.

Thank you for reading! :)