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Red Blade Records / Krumoth Fistfang
August 16, 2019, 02:15:04 AM

Name: Krumoth Fistfang
Alias: None
Rank: New Blood

Age: Reaching elderly age; early 50s
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic neutral; chaotic good in public

Family: Gozak (father, deceased), Karta (mother, deceased), Gorkka (mate, deceased)
Known Friends: Kulgha Wolfheart, Kargnar Bloodpaw
Known Enemies: None so far

Spoiler: show
Short for an Orc. Even though he's way after his years of prime, he keeps the good form. His body is athletic and doesn't show any signs of his age. Only his hair, which is half grey. Usually, he can be seen wearing thin fur, leather and cloth instead of armor. Two necklaces are always hanging on his neck. One with a set of small Orcish tusks and one with the three Red Blade bone marks. A few bone piercings are on the upper parts of his arms. If you look further down, you'll see a bracelet, which he always has on his wrist, with two insignias; of the Horde (which is in bad condition) and of the Bleeding Hollow Clan. His right middle finger is missing, but it doesn't stop him from having nine long nails shaped into claws.

Spoiler: show
Cheeky and sassy are his most notable personality traits, although he has his moments. One can say that he has split personality, because the "other personality" shows how smart he is. He likes to show his wisdom and life experience, as well as call others "children" as he does so. This Orc clearly thinks of all possible outcomes before making a decision. He's been through much and that makes him immune to any kind of surprises. Always prepared for everything, always ready to do anything. One can disagree with his actions and methods, but he does what he has to to achieve his goal or execute an order. Krumoth values freedom above everything else, even honor. He's also more loyal than honorable. He loves arguments and commenting everything, be it for fun, to provoke someone or just to point something out. Loves to be grumpy and complain about everything.

History without details:
Spoiler: show
•Born and raised as a Bleeding Hollow
•Drank the blood
•Came through the Dark Portal during the first war
•Took part in the second war
•Was imprisoned in the internment camp
•Joined Thrall and travelled with him to Kalimdor
•Took part in the third war
•Became a Kor'kron
•Started studying shadow magic
•Has been a vagabond for five years
•Joined Red Blade Clan

Things you may know about this character:
Spoiler: show
•Came through the dark portal and fought in all three wars
•Studied shadow magic
•Will take any narcotic he gets. He loves them
•Is able to fly on a Wyvern
•Is always bored

Things you may not know about this character:
Spoiler: show
•Still studies shadow magic to this day, but had five year long break
•Fought under Hellscream's command in siege of Orgrimmar and is proud of it
•Lost his mate during siege of Orgrimmar and decided to flee on his own, only with the body of his dead mate
•Values only freedom. Not honor, like most Orcs
•Actually has a slightly split personality
•Is a racist. Respects and tolerates only Orcs, Tauren and Trolls
•Used to be Kor'kron Shadowmage. He tortured enemies of Garrosh's Horde in order to get information and quite enjoyed it, because he was successful

The Campfire / Intrusion
August 12, 2019, 01:38:57 AM
Darkness, fear and doubt came first. Voices; mostly shouting came second. Countless times he heard, certainly Orcs, certainly of many clans, shouting in anger, determination, excitement and most importantly, bloodlust. Once he heard that cursed name, he realised what is going on. It was the moment when the darkness began to disappear. It was the moment he felt his body. He was holding something in his hand? Barely two seconds later, he, once his sight returned, looked down at his hand. Green liquid now appeared in his mouth, then throat. The cup was empty and all of his previous emotions removed. Terrible physical and mental pain didn't last long and turned to unimaginable bloodlust and determination. He looked in the left direction and saw his clan, Bleeding Hollow Clan. Now-a-greenskin Krumoth turned to the left side and took only one step.

This moment, he hit something. Once he reached with his hand to check what is going on, he felt bars. Then, all he was seeing, slowly started to disappear. Shadowy bars shot out of the ground and formed a cage around him. Barely visible Bleeding Hollow Clan was wiped by the shadow, only to turn into future event. He saw Orcs, many. As many as the cages around him, with the said Orcs inside them. Internment camp will always be one of the most hated memories by this Orc, who values freedom above everything else, even honor. He heard a male, Human voice on his right side. Once he saw a middle-aged Human shouting at the imprisoned himself, he felt pain on the back of his head. One second and everything became blurry, then dark once again.

Sight was regained, although the darkness did not disappear entirely. The ongoing situation was about darkness. Dark magic was inflicting incredible pain to Trollish mind. Shadowmage Krumoth Voidclaw; Troll, a rebel, following Vol'jin; and Krumoth's superior were the only ones in this room. Amount of words getting out of Troll's mouth was increasing. Smirk on both of the Orcs' faces was growing bigger. For a moment though.

Everything turned dark once again. For a moment, he thought the first memory will come back, but there was something different. He heard clashing blades, as well as other races. Trolls mainly. Control over the body and sight were regained. He, once again felt something in his hands, but this time it was a body. His mate, with a sword in her chest, was laying on his arms, dead. Mixed feelings; anger and despair were growing stronger with each second. He turned his gaze a bit to the left and saw a dead Human. A Human that killed Krumoth's mate and a moment after was killed by the Bleeding Hollow Orc. He was looking at him for a short moment, before shadow burst out of the Alliance soldier's eyes and mouth, only to make everything dark.

He woke up, with furs all around his body and his usual clothing missing. The small bonfire made by himself earlier was slowly dying out. A quick look around and he saw Alterac and Red Blades in the camp. This sight clearly helped him deal with his mental state in the current situation, although sweat running down his forehead, unimaginably fast heartbeat and unusually fast breathing made it difficult to mutter
"I... must... regain control"
Off Topic / RL photos of yourself!
June 14, 2019, 12:26:46 AM
RL Photos!

We tried to find the old topic like that, but we failed, so I'm making a new one. Show us yer RL face, Orcsies! I'll go first and I hope I won't be the last one xP Here's a photo of me with my Garrosh girlfriend! (I don't think she would want her photo go anywhere besides her phone *shrugs*)

And you can even spot a Legion bracelet on my wrist! *cackles*
Red Blade Records / Kran Goresong
May 05, 2019, 04:19:45 AM

Name: Kran Goresong
Alias: "Winebringer", "Bootpooper", "Flowerpicker"
Rank: Nag'ogar

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Mag'har Orc (MU)
Clan: (Formerly) Warsong, Red Blade
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Family: Drakora Steeltalon (life-mate, alive), Neralah (step-daughter, alive), Kalith (step-daughter, alive), Draz Tusktaker (father, deceased), Darag Fingercrusher (uncle, unknown), Karhla Bloodfang (blood-sister, alive)
Known Friends: Gra'fiki, Karhla Bloodfang, Kargnar Bloodpaw, Kulgha Wolfheart Naroga Worgstride, Thunk, Gul'rok Ragehowl, Zi'tani Steelstorm, Nakobu
Known Enemies: His past, Unknown killer of his father

Spoiler: show

Strong, muscular and ugly Orc. His look says that he keeps training every day, keeping himself as sharp as possible. He isn't massive Orc though. He is somewhere between being slim and average. No fat is visible on his body, only muscles. He's not the one of the tallest, as he's only 214cm tall, so just average. His entire body is covered in scars and tattoos. Those two sometimes are even on each other. Also those two are things that make his face ugly. Three large scars are on his face, not even mentioning A LOT of smaller ones. All of them are disfiguring his face. There's an addition though. Face tattoos. Kran has many of them. The most notable are twin axes tattooed under his eyes (each for each eye, both facing the nose), large Horde logo on the temple of his head, Mag'har logo on the right side of his jaw and another Horde logo, this time on the left side of said jaw. If you look at this Orc's back of head, you will again see a logo. Large (the biggest of all) Warsong logo, right in the middle of his head. What now? Piercings! Yes! Goresong has a lot of them. Like Garrosh. Three rings in his brows. One on left brow, two on the right one. Two rings for each ear, at the bottom. There's also one on the upper part of his right ear. His favorite one is the septum ring in his nose though. Rings, rigns, so many rings... He also has one on his not-broken tusk! Ah yes, he also has his left tusk broken. His eyes are amber if that even interests anyone or matters. Goresong has that typical "Savage Warsong" armor. He has leather boots with steel on his toes. Leggings are made of the same material as boots, excluding the material on toes. If you look higher, you will see no chestplate! Only thing on Kran's beautiful chest is part of his leather weapon harness, to which I'll get later. Again, if you look a bit more higher, you will see only one shoulderplate! But it has spikes. Kran is a walking Orgrimmar. Yes. Now onto the weapon harness! As stated before, it's parts are on his chest, but most of it is obviously on his back, right? You can see large Red Blade logo in the middle of it. Those lucky Orcs, who will ever get a chance to see inside of this harness, will see names of clan members written on it. Now to the things you sheathe in the harness... Kran's weapons are obviously twin axes. They are made of steel and wood, but somehow they are not that easy to destroy because they were blessed by the element of fire! Mark of the said element is visible on both, Kran's neck and axes' blades. I almost forgot. Hair, yes. It looks like Kran has three small mohawks but the truth is that he has twelve small dreads very close to each other. His beard is normal, hanging down because of gravity.

Spoiler: show

Friendly, violent, calm, brutal. Quite the differences, no? Well, the good sides of Kran are mostly "active" when he's with his friends or family. He shows his violent, brutal and savage side when he's in fight or the danger is approaching. He's been trying to get rid of recklesness and impulsivness for quite some time now and you know what? You can already see the efects, if you paid and pay attention! Kran became way calmer and is more careful. He started to think before doing anything. No one knows why but as he started to change his character, he also became less silly and soft. If he goes like that he'll be the most serious and tough Orc on Azeroth... Jokes aside. Kran's changing.

Spoiler: show

This Orc is eager to tell his history, although it's boring and "usual". He was born in Garadar. He was trained to become a Warrior like his father. Oh yes, his father was Warsong, so he raised Kran as a Warsong. He's been taking part in his favorite sport, Ogre hunting, for nine years. Since he was elven years old, to leaving Outland. On one of the first Ogre huntings, Kran after slaying a few Ogres with his father and a few others, didn't manage to get out of the way of one falling Ogre. The beast? creature? fell on Kran, which fell on the ground, doing something to his head. Poor Goresong has had massive headache for about two weeks. There were theories in Garadar that young Kran became weird after this accident. He doesn't believe it however and claims he's normal, besides the fact that a few Orcs in the clan already told him that he's "special". He's just Krannin'. Ah, history, yes, getting back to that. At the age of twenty, he joined Garrosh Hellscream, leaving his homeland and joining the Horde. A few years later, when Garrosh took the title of Warchief, Kran joined the army, which is considered by him one of the greatest times in his life. He had so much fun there - he keeps saying. He climbed up through ranks very quickly, becoming Senior Sergeant. He was sent to Ashenvale and Stonetalon Mountains at his beginnings. Then, when the war began, he was sent to Pandaria, with forces under Nazgrim's command. He spent there around a year. He started to disagree with Hellscream's new expectations and wanted to leave the army. An accident saved his arse, as he was badly injured and after being healed there, he was sent to Kalimdor. He left the army and joined the rebellion. He took part in the siege of Orgrimmar and after it, he just sat in the said city. He's been living there peacefully for around 5 years, earning coin in taverns by cheating in games or selling alcohol he makes himself, kind of. When the war with Alliance began once again, but this time under Sylvanas Windrunner's command, he decided to seek out the Red Blade Clan, which was mentioned in taverns so many times, that searching for them was very tempting and made him move his arse out of the Orgrimmar.

Things you may know about this character:
Spoiler: show

-Kran's goals are to protect those who may protect him, to keep the clan safe and live by the clan's oath until his last breath.
-Kran wants to become a Rrosh'tul
-Kran intends to become a follower of Vrull
-Kran made a deal with element of fire
-Kran is a terrible fighter, unless he has twin axes. Then he's one of the best.
-Kran wants to die an honorable death at the age of 50. If he dies faster, but still honorable death, he will be happy anyway.
-Kran loves dried beef and strong ale.
-Kran wants to be such good step-father for Drakora's pups, that he will be able to call himself just their father one day.

Things you may not know about this character:
Spoiler: show

-Kran is very scared of heights.
-Kran killed his best friend in the past.
-Kran's favorite ale is the Dwarven ale.
-Kran never tells the entire history about changing from army to rebellion. He honestly wanted to stay with Garrosh, but he knew what's going to happen.
-Kran went into 2 month slaughter after Garrosh's fall, to reclaim his honor, by killing every worthy foe he saw. Warsong honor.
-Kran killed his father, when he told him that he killed his mother a few years earlier.
-Kran's nemesis is killer of his father, so he is his own nemesis. He keeps telling himself that the killer is unknown and it was necessary.
-Kran has mental problems, which are coming back to him from time to time (only a few know of it)

Memorable Quotes:
Spoiler: show
 "Let our enemies see what Strength and Honor in battle means to us! Let our enemies feel the burning flames on our blades! Let them feel it, when we cut through their flesh! Blood and Thunder!" -Kran's motivating speech after losing many brothers in arms in Pandaria

Other Information:
Spoiler: show
 Krannin' is the only way of life