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Game Related / Ootah's Macros
April 25, 2012, 11:01:22 PM
For you Grogona :), most of my macro's are for a clean UI, let me show you why:

anyway here are some of my macro's I like the most:

Switch Battle Stance / Defensive Stance

/cast battle stance
/equip ruthless gladiator's decapitator

/cast defensive stance
/equip ruthless gladiator's right render
/equip ruthless gladiator's shield wall

Basic stuff, since I like to micro manage most actions myself I only need these because I have all my keys memorized.

Burst Macro

/cast [modifier] inner rage ; deadly calm
/cast [modifier] recklessness ; 14
/cast [modifier] sweeping strikes
/cast [modifier] blood fury

This works well, you press the macro without the modifier popping bottom trinket (Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Victory) and deadly calm. Wait till deadly calm fades and press the same key now with the modifier popping inner rage, recklessness, sweeping strikes (some prefer to leave this one out) and your orc racial. Works best if you have Mortal Strike and Overpower macro'd with Heroic Strike, see below:

Mortal Strike / Overpower

/cast [modifier] piercing howl ; mortal strike
/cast [modifier] ; heroic strike

/cast [modifier] demoralizing shout ; overpower
/cast [modifier] ; heroic strike

This way every time I use Mortal Strike or Overpower and have spare rage I will automatically do Heroic Strike. The shouts are merely for my own convenience because I am used to controlling my shouts with Shift 1 till 4, you can replace it with a skill you prefer.


/cast [modifier] enraged regeneration ; berserker rage
/cast [modifier] rallying cry

When you have enough rage press the button for Berserker Rage, immediately press it again for enraged regeneration and rallying cry.

Throw Macro

/cast [modifier] shattering throw ; heroic throw
/cast throw

Without modifier you use heroic throw, while modifier held you swap for shattering throw, when either is on CD you use throw (replace by /cast shoot if you have a gun / bow / x-bow).

Anyway like I said before these macro's are basic stuff, and the way I prefer to play. I hope they help!
The Campfire / Ootah's poem
April 24, 2012, 10:25:03 PM
The Halfling

Ala’magosh honored reader, I bless what is you and yours,
this tale goes about a Halfling, a heroine, this tale be a true Lokvad’nod.
Born by a human, repelled by a human, hear how she roars,
her skin so green, but her appearance so odd.

"Gol’kosh!" roared her father while he struck down her sibling,
sending her spirit back into Oshu’gun, Nagrand.
He left her alone, her heart aching,
so she killed her own father, with his axe in her hand.

As she spend her years in the Orgrimmar dungeon, that Grombolar,
she got scoffed by the inmates, calling her Dae’mon.
She one day was released, still wearing her crown of briar,
wandering aimlessly, until she met that one faction.

They hunt together as the great Lo’Gosh,
scream “Kagh!” and run together as the Mag’har.
She did not know this lifestyle as hers was quite posh,
she decided to introduce herself, it sounded bizarre.

Now she runs with them, as one of the pack,
"Bin mog g'thazag cha!" she yells as she raises her shield.
Her new life has begun, for her no playback,
with pride the banner of Orcs of the Red Blade she yield.