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[ESO] Order of the Red Blade

Started by Sadok, January 22, 2018, 10:50:00 PM

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Announcing ORDER OF THE RED BLADE, OotRB's ESO affiliate!

The Elder Scrolls: Online is an F2P MMO set in the world of Skyrim, Morrowind and more. Do you want to try something new in addition to WoW, but don't want to make new friends? Are you an established player looking for a close-knit community? We offer a casual social experience and hope to eventually begin group dungeons, PvP and RP.

We have no activity requirements -- indeed, we appreciate that WoW and that pesky real-life are your primary commitments. But if you own ESO or plan to give it a try, we hope that OotRB's familiar names and faces will help you take your first or your next step in the world of Tamriel. You can join up to five guilds at once, including trading, RP and raiding guilds, so OotRB membership won't preclude you making new friends either!

Our initial goal is ten members so we can unlock tabard design and guild bank storage. We'd appreciate your help in getting us there if you have ESO installed on your computer, even if you have no current plans to play.

We play on ESO's EU PC/Mac megaserver. Simply message @scnovikov or any other online member in-game for an invite, or ask in our dedicated Discord sub-channel or this very thread. Thanks!


We have five members now in our ESO affiliate! Myself, Kargnar, Vraxxar, Regorn and Arkail. All fine people.

Five more and we unlock the power of sexy tabards and guild bank powah.

Wornag (Kronnor)

Hmm I think I'll buy it too (but I will wait a bit to see which edition to buy to get the most of the game).

Edit: Are you all orcs or different races?


Quote from: Kronnor on January 23, 2018, 07:30:12 PM
Hmm I think I'll buy it too (but I will wait a bit to see which edition to buy to get the most of the game).

Edit: Are you all orcs or different races?

The RP concept isn't hammered down yet but I want it to be flexible and inclusive, so probably a mercenary group with all races and factions among it. You can do pretty much anything in ESO in terms of quest and group content irrespective of faction and there's no communication barrier.

Wornag (Kronnor)

Hmm I know each class has a different playstyle based on what weapons you use. I was wondering if a Nightblade could work with sword and shield? Or axe and shield. Not as a tank, more as a damage dealer, but having the ability to block (or bash) with the shield.


There is no class, weapon armor combination that cannot work. The only thing different between classes is the 3 class skill lines. As for the rest play as you want to


If you want a cloth wearing magic sword and board sneak you make a cloth wearing Magic sword and board sneak. If you want a mage in full plate and with a large 2 handed weaponas secondary weapon  you can do that


I'd just like to remind everyone that we're just one member away from unlocking important features for the guild, including tabards and guild bank storage.

At this stage we'd be looking for anyone with a copy of ESO to help us out, even if they have no current intention to play. It would be much appreciated! Thanks.


I have a copy, it takes a few days to download from here though xD
"Trueblood, Gosh'kar, Brewmaster, The Jade Orc, Transcendent"


Quote from: Hellbrew on February 02, 2018, 04:37:02 AM
I have a copy, it takes a few days to download from here though xD
We'd certainly appreciate it. :)


The download is finally finished, and I will be online today! I will post my handle soon.
"Trueblood, Gosh'kar, Brewmaster, The Jade Orc, Transcendent"


The mighty Hellbrew! Our 10th member and saviour!


Hi! We now have our tenth member, the inestimable Hellbrew, and can now move forward with our proper launch strategy.

Guild heraldry! We now have a sexy guild tabard inspired by the WoW OotRB design, and every member has been mailed 2,000 gold (the price of one tabard) and instructions for how to purchase it. Wear it, love it, become one with it. The design is simple right now, as befitting a fledgling mercenary band.

Guild bank! We now have a 500 space depository for recipes, crafting materials and useful items, and everyone can both deposit and withdraw from it. I'll be adding 75+ recipes this evening (I totally did not accidentally put them in the wrong guild's bank). I'd request that if you withdraw from the g-bank, that you donate the vendor price of whatever item you remove -- this is usually a very minimal amount. Any funds donated will go towards future guild purchases, such as an IC guild base.

Roleplay! I'll be hosting a brainstorm session on the guild's in-character backstory sometime likely within the next week. The details of said brainstorm are still TBA, but may involve a small voice chat with selected members and a larger text discussion with all feedback accepted and welcome. When we officially begin our guild's storyline, events will likely be done on a casual, commitment-free basis once weekly -- it'll be an exciting chance to write the first chapter for your character and the guild itself.

Update 17! On Monday, the new patch drops: it features an outfit system (transmog), special rewards for every level earned (ranging from mounts, pets and bag space upgrades to Crown Crates and exclusive furniture), and for subscribed members two new dungeons. All of the game's base content is free to play for anyone that's bought the game, and there's a ton to do from questing and exploration to PvP and PvE.

Thanks and enjoy!


You're welcome guys and sorry it took awhile :D

I will definitely get my hands on that sexy tabard, as well as some recepis (particularly brews ;)
"Trueblood, Gosh'kar, Brewmaster, The Jade Orc, Transcendent"