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Kyrazha Throatrender

Started by Rhonya, April 24, 2015, 01:13:01 AM

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Name: Kyrazha Throatrender
Alias: Kyra, Cat
Rank: Varog'gor

Age: Late 20's.
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Clan: Laughing Skull
Class: Hunter

Family: Trakmar Beastbane (Mate), Altan and Zoran (Sons), Iswer, Karg'mara (Daughters) Tagrok Valorwind (Bloodbrother), Tahara Beastgrin (Bloodsister.)
Known Friends: Srelok, Sinami, Therak.
Known Enemies: Thunderlord Orcs, Luk Vileclaw.


Kyrazha looks to be rather wild and savage. Her armor isn't in the best state either, hanging in rags and parts from her body. She doesn't seem to care, though. Her red hair is a mess of long red dreadlocks, some braided together, sometimes also worn in a ponytail. Little trinkets are woven through the dreads. Some small items that look typically trollish in origin hang from her belt, she very rarely carries her Laughing Skull mask with her, but if she has it along, it's on her belt. A ring can be visible going through her nose, and also one through her lower lip in the middle.
She even has an accent, which some might recognize to be trollish.
Scars are visible on various places on her skin, most visible in her face. On the right side are four long clawmarks visible on her cheek. Her skin is a greyish color, with a hint of green shining through.

She always wears a necklace with one long canine tooth on it.
Also rarely seen without the big, black and brown wolf fur she carries as mask and cloak. It covers her head, down to her back entirely. She guards it ferociously and it seems almost sacred to her in a way.


Kyrazha is usually a very cheerful and happy orc. She greets everyone, treats everyone kind apart from those she’s learned not to trust or those she really dislikes. Small things make her very happy, though sometimes due to her upbringing she doesn’t really know how to react to things properly. In eyes of many she’s just an odd figure, silly and a little simpleminded perhaps. Kyra herself knows very well she comes over as this though, and actually uses it to her advantage. If she wants, she can be very serious and actually cruel. Often she has to keep herself back from doing something stupid or making a mistake in her anger. She has a fairly short fuse and won’t hesitate to attack someone if she’s really pissed off. Most in her element is when she’s hunting in the wilds, spending time on her own. She loves being with the clan, but she very clearly still needs her solitude at times, or she’ll become unhappy.


Kyrazha hasn’t known her origins for a very long time. Since she can remember, she’s been with her ‘pap’, Qa’ajn, a Troll. He always told her that he found her as a baby in the Stranglethorn Jungle, alone and no other orcs nearby . He took her in as his own daughter, taught her the ways of the Trolls and the Loa. He also taught her the little bit of Orcish he knew, but Kyrazha has had to teach herself that over the years, spying and listening to the orcs that eventually made camps in the jungle. She got a tiger cub when she was young, Lian, who she’s kept around for a very long time.
The harsh life in the jungle and the constant danger of being killed by the Trolls made her decide to go travel around the world. Qa’ajn already did this, but usually she refused to go with him, not wanting to leave her precious jungle. One time however she decided it was time to learn more about her own race. She didn’t belong with the Trolls, they hated her and the orcs in the camps wouldn’t look at her, they mostly thought she was a Troll as well with the way she dressed and moved through the bush.

During her travels she got word of a rebellion, far away. Curious, she made her way over and soon found herself in the forests of Ashenvale. However, she was actually afraid to come closer to the camp. There were many orcs around, but also other races and the campfires were often crowded, something she wasn’t comfortable with. She kept to the side of the camp, avoiding all questions, but that only made her a suspicious target by members of the tribe, and eventually she got thrown out of camp when she tried to show their security was lacking, by shooting an arrow close to Therak Duskstalker, who was wounded at the time.
Trakmar was one of the few who approached her outside of the camp as she kept her distance now, and managed to get her a talk with Rargnasha, who allowed her back into camp after he found out what she’d done and with what reason.

Kyra remained with the rebellion and the tribe, but was reluctant to actually join them, not too sure if she liked the closeness they had, because it was all so unfamiliar and strange to her. She took a liking to Trakmar which later grew out into something more. However, she never joined the battle inside Orgrimmar, staying outside of the gates, refusing to come in.
After the rebellion Kyrazha finally took up the rank of newblood and got a little more involved with the other orcs of the tribe. She started to feel less insecure about herself and her accent, actually learning from the others how to behave more orcish. In time the tribe traveled to Northrend things started to change. Due to some fortunate and more unfortunate events Trakmar and Kyrazha broke up, she left him for Sadok. This would give much, much more trouble later on.
Kyrazha got very close to Sadok in a very short time, something she’d never imagined happening with an orc like him. He convinced her to take a step further in the tribe and ask to be trained for one of the higher ranks, which she did. Within a few months she was Gul’thauk of the tribe after some ups and downs.
Sadok actually became Kyra’s pillar in the tribe, her support and the reason she’s still there. By now they have two sons together and a daughter, and Kyra feels she’s gotten a lot closer with other orcs in the tribe aswell, finally having somewhat of a place to stay and belong, even though she’s still a little the odd one out.
Sadok eventually left her in the middle of the battle of Tanaan, confessing his love for Rhonya instead, and nearly dying for lying to her and the spirits. Kyrazha refused to take him back when he asked her to, not wanting to be second choice.
She's found out that she's actually much happier without trying to understand Sadok and talk to him, something he always wanted, but Kyrazha isn't much of a talker.

During that time Kyrazha also made a name for herself as Gul'thauk of the tribe, joining in the secretive and shadowy ranks of those working behind the scenes with the darker magics, the less approved of ways of combat. She made it up to Alpha Gul'thauk, training the younger ones with the Varog'gor of that time, Therak Duskstalker.
When the tribe went into hiatus she was officially approved by the Chieftain to become one of his Varog'gor herself. Though this would have to wait a little...

The return of the clan and their newfound spirits brought her back into the fray with them, and back under the Chieftain for her training.

During the past years Kyra has been slowly more gravitating back towards Trakmar, eventually after a conversation together they decided to continue as mates once more. Kyrazha knows she can trust him and respects him, but still gives him the needed space. And he gives her that in return too.

Eventually she managed to become Varog'gor, finishing her training under the watchful eye of Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye and making her oaths to him together with Vraxxar Wildmark, Razaron Madeye and Kaigron. It is a big responsibility to shoulder, but she does it gladly, even though she knows she'll have to give up everything she has in a heartbeat, should it ever come to that. Her first priority from now on will be the safety of the Chieftain, always.
This isn't made any easier by the fact that she now also cares for a daughter.

Trakmar and Kyrazha asked the clan spirits for aid, for a boon. To be able to have a child together, the last thing that was missing between them. Akashok and Akala heard their plea and gave them a ritual to perform together at a certain place and time, and they did.
Nine months later, Karg'mara was born.

She's also found a new family in the form of Tahara and Tagrok. Never having had any bloodsiblings before, the idea was strange to her, but it felt right. And still does. They know that her duties as Varog'gor come before them, but they accepted this, to Kyrazha's surprise.
Her position is stable, her family a big support and for now, all is well.. If there wasn't this always looming dark cloud of Trakmar getting older and weaker...

Varog'gor Kyrazha Throatrender:

Things you may know about this character:

-Kyrazha her accent often makes it very hard to understand her and especially names become a little weird.
- She left her tiger Lian in Stranglethorn after it was announced the tribe would go on a possible suicide mission through the Dark Portal.
-Sadok taught Kyra how to read and write. She still sucks at it though.
- Kyrazha has no idea how to read maps. Often she's already lead groups in the wrong direction because she was holding it upside down.
- Even though she made it to Varog'gor, Kyra refuses usually to be a group Alpha, just because she's uncomfortable with leading others. She prefers to do such things on her own. At this point she uses it as a reason for others to learn while she keeps an eye out from the back.
- Since an incident with fire in Northrend, which was used to cauterize the wound on the left side of her face, Kyra has an irrational fear of fire. Not a campfire, but fire being wielded close to her with magic.

Things you may not know about this character:

Spoiler: show
- Kyrazha goes into extreme panic attacks if she’s stuck somewhere and there is no way to get out. Be that chained stuck or just stuck in a building. She’ll flip completely.
- She's never alone. There is always someone with her, unseen... or something. She talks to her softly at times, naming the thing 'Striker'.
- She has three children with Sadok, but doesn't care for them herself.
- Kyra was actually pregnant of Trakmar when she got together with Sadok, but when out in Stranglethorn fell on her stomach and miscarried from an already dead cub. Sadok blamed himself, and Trakmar blamed Sadok as well. Kyrazha has only told very, very few people about this.
- She used to be cannibalistic. Especially enjoying elf ears.
- Kyra can speak normal Orcish without an accent easily, she just doesn't, normally.
- Kyra is a very cruel torturer. She'll simply bite and claw the ones she'll want answers from. The last one she tortured asked her for a kiss, thinking her a weak female. She bit his lips off.

Memorable Quotes:

“I dun get it.” Whenever.. she doesn’t get it! Of course.

Pinup of Kyrazha and Tahara!
Spoiler: show

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."



((Given this a little update! :D ))
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."


"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."