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February 25, 2021, 05:48:27 PM

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2020 Nov 19 23:14:09
Ice cream for all
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Happy Anniversary!!! It's party timeeee!
2020 Sep 24 11:39:42
Oh god. The warlock found the shoutbox!
2020 Sep 23 15:42:21
THE SHOUTBOX. Omg. This was like proto-Discord.
2020 Aug 23 08:36:02
*Grabs a camera to record what happens*
2020 Aug 22 15:24:43
*prods shoutbox*
2020 Jun 16 09:34:12
2020 Jun 05 12:32:27
Swedish Pagans?
2020 Jun 01 08:45:09
You're invoking the wrong gods in this place!
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Shout at the devil!
2020 May 27 12:16:36
2020 May 17 17:42:06
More shouting! also...how is everyone!
2020 May 07 23:24:03
*Pats Claws* We are happy you are.
2020 May 07 18:26:57
Sorry but still here hiding
2020 May 04 14:08:37
Magor: Books for the Book God!
2020 May 04 14:08:22
Sharguul: Death for the Death God!
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Vrull: Blood for the Blood God!
2020 May 04 14:07:49
2020 May 02 14:53:52
It had to be done.
2020 May 02 14:53:27
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Author Topic: A plan of action  (Read 42 times)


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A plan of action
« on: February 10, 2021, 06:35:41 PM »
The following is scribbled down in black ink inside Draz'hul's personal notebook.

Step 1: Aquire knowledge.

This realm holds many a creature whom are closely familiar with necromancy and spirits, perhaps they could be of use. Perhaps they have written tomes on it as well. Might aid in the ritual to free the spirit, or help with locating the staff.

Step 2: Aquire power.
Crude but neccesary. Can't pinpoint the staff with regular scrying. In need of more power or powerful spells, either works. Could sollicit help from the clan but might risk too many questions concerning the nature of my search and actions.

Step 3: locate and retrieve the staff.
Self explanatory.

Step 4: Free the spirit.
If the plan works out there'd be enough magical power and knowledge to safely extract the spirit from the staff, thus releasing it from it's prison. Help might be needed, may lead to being scrutinized by the clan.

Step 5: Free him.
A reluctant step, even with my own emotions set aside. Subject has vowed to kill me and hurt Bashul, several times. Proclaimed to kill Bashul before he was trapped. Will be troublesome, subject is hostile and can't count on clan support due to the nature of it's capture, even if capturing it was a accidental result of purging Bashul's lantern.

  • Clears conscience but might incur severe punishments for breaking of clan rules.
  • Might incur resentment with Bashul towards myself, I fear this the most.
  • Hostile spirit might try and enact revenge towards me, I deem this unavoidable.
  • Might get exiled as punishment, a fair and harsh punishment I hope to avoid.

Final thoughts:

I promised my parents to find Ralka and reunite her with them, therefore I have to do whatever it takes to do so. Freeing Gun'garom can prove dangerous, he might try to posses Bashul once more, a fate I'd rather spare her from by keeping him chained in the orb. Though, with the proper ritual that can be prevented. Regardless, I have decided to free his insidious spirit and face my highly probable punishment. I should talk to Bashul about all of this, difficult as it may be.