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June 06, 2020, 10:53:28 PM

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Author Topic: Clans Half Garns  (Read 124 times)


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Clans Half Garns
« on: April 30, 2020, 02:41:19 PM »
The Clans Worgs

The Worgs of the Red Blade were brought back to Azeroth from Dreanor by Our Chieftain, the Wolfking, five of the original Half Garns are still here with us as part of the pack.

Since kulgha took over the position of stable master for the clan, she has taken really good care of the Wolfkings half Garns, exercising them regularly, grooming, training them. Although she feeds them daily she takes them on hunts to keep their natural instincts alive and to keep them from being domesticated. When it is time for the worgs to breed, she choses one or two strongest of the pairs and separates them, to let them breed, keeping the garn blood strong, while also making sure the clan does not have to many pups at a time"

Any orc wanting or needing a worg , want to learn to ride or have pups you wish taught or wanting a pup or any other information about the clans Half Garns come talk to Kulgha, early morning and late evening shes always found with the worgs.


Jet                           Very Large powerful Alpha Male around seven years old can be moody and doesn't like stranger at the pens, seems he's responsible for a lot of the pregnancies.

Howler                   A rather noisy talkative male, hence his name he tends to howl at everything and everyone making his presence known, around six years old
Ripmaw                 A very Boisterous worg needs a firm hand on times, loves his food and often seen trying to steal the others food getting him into fights with the other worgs around four years old  ( Bamm has this worg at the moment )

Shadow                Strong Male worg, his fur is a mix of greys and blacks giving a shadowy effect hence his name, seems to always be challenging Jet for Alpha, though quiet friendly around the orcs around six years old.

Fang                      This male has two very large fangs, strong and playful with a good temperament, around five years old

Swiftpaw              As his name suggests a very fast wolf, darkish grey in colour, with one black paw, as with most of the clans worgs he has a good temperament. Around five years old. 

Snarler                  As with all the clan worgs another strong powerful one, but he doesn't seem to like male, always snarling at them if they come to the pens or pass him , yet a gentle giant around females around three years old.

Females :

Midnight                Is the eldest of the worgs, at eight years old, she is the mate of Jets Alpha female and most pups born to the pack are thiers, she is gentle and calm, and very  patient  its this worg Kulgha teaches the clans pups to ride on and any orc who cant ride her fur is a blueish black hence her name.

Star                         One of the younger females at three years old, but like her mother Midnight is a calm worg, good around the clans young one, also used to teach them to ride, at the moment she pregnant due in around four weeks.

Shadowdancer       Is a young female of around four years old , she grey fur is really thick, long and soft and shimmers as she runs. She doesn't like strangers much and has been known to nip at those she doesn't know if Kulghas not around.

Luna                        Another daughters of Midnights but unlike her mother tends not to like the clans young ones, when ones have come to the pens to either visit or have lessons she tends to growl at them and wander off away this worg is around four years old and is also pregnant due in around six weeks.

Stardust                 Another of the clans mature worgs at around six years old she is large for a female and powerful anyone wanting to ride her will need to be a confident  strong rider.


Thunder                 A young adolesent male around eight months old friendly playful pup who loves to annoy the other worgs with his playfulness .

Mist                        A shy gentle pup at around six months old who still stays mainly with her mother Shadowdancer, she to has long soft fur like her mother who ever takes her on will have to have patience as she needs a lot of grooming

There are also four out of the five pups born to Blackmaw and Darkfang left , these worgs considering thier age are very large taking after thier mother, and who ever takes them will have to be strict in training them at only four months old they already larger than Thunder and mist.


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Re: Clans Half Garns
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2020, 03:55:27 PM »
Rashka has an original half-garn we brought back, and I believe Groshnok does too. Ping us on Discord if you need info!
Rashka Facebreaker - Alpha Nag'Ogar