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June 06, 2020, 10:27:26 PM

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Swedish Pagans?
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Shout at the devil!
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*Pats Claws* We are happy you are.
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Sorry but still here hiding
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Magor: Books for the Book God!
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It had to be done.
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Author Topic: On the prowl  (Read 110 times)


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On the prowl
« on: April 29, 2020, 05:00:21 PM »
Silver lining dropped him off alone. Ruby stayed in the Crossroads to watch over Throatrender and Grimtide didn't need back up for this hunt. He watched the Cloud Serpent fly up, then circle the area in case he needed a quick getaway. He checked his gear further and moved off into the woods of Ashenvale...

Moving silently was ever a natural thing to him, but in recent times was a lot harder due to his lost foot. He'd attached the spindly limb with druidic runes again as this was his most stealthy option at the moment. He had made a small offering to the spirits of the Wilds as well as Air and Earth to help him in this hunt and so far he'd been completely undetected. 
Grimtide knew full well he was deep in enemy territory here, and the night elves were likely to be hostile should they discover him. That's why he was moving through the thicker brush and staying low, crawling where he had to. He sniffed the air, looking for that telltale musky scent...

Dressing in dark armour during the day wasn't his smartest camouflage but his reptile skin cloak at least helped him blend in a bit more. And during the day his chances of ambush were smaller. Finding tracks also wasn't too hard. A pack had moved through here not long ago. Tracks and scat were plentiful. Getting his blade in position for a quickdraw he set of after them, looking behind him to see small gusts of wind erasing his own tracks. Seems the elements were at least prepared to aid him that far...

There were at least 7 individuals in the pack. So far he'd found tufts of fur of that many individuals, including a dark furred one, which was lucky. Studying the tracks he realized one of them was limping. Trying to not use one of its hindlimbs at all. There was a faint hint of rot to its tracks. A dying animal. If it wasn't the dark furred one he might try putting it out of its misery...

From his vantage point amidst the woods Grimtide looked out at the pack. This might be an issue.. The dark furred one was indeed the dying one. Must have been impressive in its time, the former alpha. Left outside the pack structure now, slinking along in its wake as the new alpha asserted command. But even in pain and weakened it was a big beast. Meaty shoulders and a thick neck. Could he take it alone though...

As stealthy as he could, he moved in closer to the wounded beast. He quietly drew his sword, lined up his strike, and moved in.
Straight into the jaws of the beast. It reared up as he charged and swept a clawed paw at him, which Grimtide narrowly blocked. The dance thus began..

A low strike at the belly was turned aside by its jaws, slashing open the lip. It retaliated by lunged bodily into Grimtide, shoulder barging the orc off his feet. His blade got locked between its teeth as he parried a bite to the throat. pushing back with all his strength he managed to get to his knees, at which the wolf retreated before lunging again. Grimtide rolled under the attack, slashing his sword. Coming to a halt, the wolf slumped down. Blood leaking from its throat. Then it went down hard.
Panting, Grimtide struggled to his feet and approached the big beast. He pulled out a knife and knelt next to the wolf.
"Great hunter, I thank you for your sacrifice. Rest now, knowing that your fight has ended. Your strength will become mine. Your flesh will sustain me. Rest now, my friend. I shall carry on in your stead. The Black Fur shall show you the way."
The knife flashed and the wolf's heart stopped.

After skinning the creature and packing the meat into packages to be delivered to the butchers of the crossroads, he whistled for Silver Lining.
Time to head back to the Crossroads. And the next big challenge ahead of him.

"If you could pour pain into a mold of an orc and then cut off its foot to piss it off, you’d get Srelok." Gulrok Ragehowl