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Raza-Round Trip

Started by Razaron, March 24, 2020, 02:44:15 AM

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Raza-Round Trip
23rd March 2020

The orcs of the Red Blade continued their journey to Garadar, for once they refused the easy, quick and not always reliable way, that being portal magic. For now they made their camp at Thrallmar, a orc base founded by Nazgrel and named after the former Warchief, Thrall. A horn blew, it’s sound reverberated around the Thrallmar buildings and broken hellish earth. It was Razaron Madeye, he was calling to the clan from the stables, he explained to the orcs that arrived that he needed their aid in dispelling three sigils he had made before the sundering. He didn’t know if they still existed but if they did, the reward would be an item of great importance! Tagrok automatically assumed his prize was going to be alcohol but Madeye shook his head, this was something unique!

As the orcs left the safety of Thrallmar the landscape of the Hellfire Peninsula revealed itself to them once more, this domain used to be called the Tanaan Jungle, now it was a dusty broken hellhole. Years ago the Bleeding Hollow clan called this place home, it was a complete shadow of it’s former self! The winds from the Twisting Nether blew at the orcs a top their furry wolves, they didn’t know where they were going, Madeye didn’t really know where he was going either, he had a hunch and that hunch was leading them to all three sigils. The Red Blade clan rode past many broken siege weapons, they hadn’t been used in years but there everlasting presence reminded the orcs of the battles that once unfolded here.

Razaron decided the best way to the first sigil was to take the clan across the bridge of at the Hellfire Citadel, the fortress had seen better days but it’s presence still dominated the peninsula. As they crossed steel framed bridge the orcs looked down at the Path of Glory, somber thoughts filled the orcs minds about what took place decades before. Suddenly they were caught off guard, fel orcs that were withered and phantom like attacked them but it was short lived! Urzoga and Karnna had the presence of mind to scout out the citadel and ambushed the ambushers! The fel orcs were defeated before they even got to attack, strangely their bodies disappearing in to dust, what were they? Madeye didn’t wait to hang around and ask questions, they quickly made their way off the Hellfire Citadel.

They had reached the other side of the valley and Honor Hold glimpsed in to view, the Alliance had made a fort here during the second war, they called themselves the Sons of Lothar. To this day some of the Sons of Lothar still called this home but Madeye knew this land and the hold was built on a old vault that contained the first sigil. They skirted around a hill that had a tower on top and spotted a mine shaft. He knew it was in there but there was a problem, a big problem, two guards whose lofty size would’ve of made a Kul Tiran feel thin. Both of these guards guarded the entrance to the mine and there was much debate about how to deal with them. Nakobu and Skint worried the clan could cause a diplomatic incident if they showed lethal force, the fourth war had only just ended and if they killed them and were found, it would stir up problems for the Horde. It was decided they’d just knock the guards out, Karnna was first and with ease gave the one guard a clubbing to the back of the head. Zi’tani however used the elements to her advantage and also knocked out the other guard, everyone rushed over and they tied the guards up in the mine out of sight!

The mine had seen much better days, the earth crumbled to the floor, it was a miracle it was still intact. There were no miners working inside and eventually they were lead to a opening, Madeye sprinted forwards declaring this was it! The first sigil was in the floor but to break it he’d need the help of the orcs, he separated them in to two groups and gave each group key words to say. Madeye began chanting in a strange language, some may have caught on it was of blood magic dialect. As the ritual continued colours poured out of Madeye, each group had to say their words at the right colours or the ritual would fizzle out. Luckily the orcs were very good with their colours and with a Hoo, Lii, Vuk, the ritual was completed and the first sigil had been removed! Madeye hastily rushed them out of the mine and out of sight of the alliance forces as they traveled urgently to the next sigil.

The Red Blade clan had arrived at the corrupted Pools of Aggonar, the pit lords humongous carcass was still very visible. Long ago the pools were a holy place that was sacred to the Draenei, now they had been warped and twisted by the blood of Aggonar. They debated how to cross the fel infected mess, Nakobu was clearly struggling with sickness but with the help of Skint, together they gave the orcs a blessing that made them levitate off the ground. This was enough to get past all blistering oozes that hid inside the pools. Madeye stopped before a monstrous fel structure, informing the orcs that once there was a cave here that led to the most hallowed ritual site of the Bleeding Hollow clan, and that ritual site contained the Vault of Eyes. Razaron had placed his second sigil here, he climbed the structure and found the sigil spot, but he didn’t let the other orcs know. First he wanted to test the orcs in obedience, he lied to them, informing them he needed them all to run around in circles and that would cause friction to the structure that would allow him to locate the sigil. In actual fact Madeye had already found it and he just wanted to see the orcs run around like lemmings. After a few moments the second had be dispelled and the orcs moved on to the third and final sigil.

They traveled west and Draenei structures came in to view, Razaron shook his head and pointed to the east of the buildings. There was a small rising path alongside the hill, that’s where they were headed. As they climbed the path a Mag’har came in to view, Madeye ordered the orcs off their wolves and proceeded to tell them to be respectful. The last sigil was in the Mag’har grounds that was once the location of the a Bleeding Hollow village called Zeth’Gol. Razaron continued stating they’d need to find clues to where the last sigil was located, he then proceeded to order Gul’rok to speak to the Mag’har elder that stood before them, the elder was named Nasrak and greeted the orcs happily. Gul’rok had quite the silver tongue and it wasn’t long before the Red Blade clan were allowed in to the grounds under a condition that they didn’t enter the Mag’har Post. This however didn’t stop Karnna who successfully sneaked her way inside, past the guards and picked a locked chest. The chest contained two scrolls, the first had some rather raw drawings of a naked orc, the second however spoke of a corruption in the land beyond the northern most building.

As Karnna was sneaking about, Zasa, Zi’tani and Skint all spoke to two Stones of Prophecy. The stones gave further clues that the location was to the north and then north-east and that the location was where the one called the Insane killed a Ry’lak in their first Om’riggor. This was obviously Razaron and he had already known that was the spot, he deliberately placed the sigil there! But years after the sundering of Draenor the world had been mangled and destroyed in all sorts of chaotic ways, it was impossible to tell where it now was. Ordok had made a friend at the center of the grounds, he was dueling with a Mag’har brute and after a long display of combat prowess the brute, out of sheer chance let on about a corrupted path that lead to no where. With all the clues combined the Red Blade clan ventured past the northern most building, going north to north-east that ended in a path leading to no where! Madeye informed them that this was it and proceeded to speak in the same language as before, chanting to dispel the sigil and within a few seconds the sound of the final sigil being removed echoed around the area. The last sigil has conjured a chest in front of Madeye, he had finally got his prize! He rushed over to open it and when he did he reached inside and picked up two objects and held them aloft. In one hand was a staff and in the other was a jar with a eye in it! Razaron explained these items had sentimental value to him, the staff being a good stick and the jar with a eye in it being his fathers own eye.

Some orcs felt the urge to push the Varog’Gor in to the endless void where the Devouring Sea use to be, but Kogra agreed that having a good staff was important. Razaron finally led the clan back to Elder Nasrak, telling him of the corruption they had cleansed in their lands. Elder Nasrak didn’t know it was Madeye’s sigil but he thanked them and offered them all furs for the night, which the clan accepted gratefully. It had been a Raza-round trip alright!