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Full Circle

Started by Rhonya, November 17, 2019, 12:24:10 AM

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All I saw were tiny bright dots. Little pinpricks of light on a black surface, nothing else besides a small, bright little cork with a feather on it.
Suddenly the darkness rippled, distorting the image of the stars reflected in the dark water. I reeled up my line and pulled up the dark shape of a squirming fish.
Without any further ado I smacked the fish with a rock on the head and put it on a small pile of already dead fish next to me, before putting another worm on the hook and returning the line into the water.
As it settled again, the reflections returned. I stared at them, before looking up, peering ahead into the trees.
Nightly sounds I hadn’t heard in a long time surrounded me. Some birds, small bugs. The yowling of a large cat further away. Home, in a way still. This place would never really leave me. The good times, and the bad, all memories in my head now. So much had happened since I left here years ago, but now they all came back to me.

A hand reaching out for me. I was clinging on, barely. The noise, deafening, water surging below me, rocks falling down around me. The world had fallen from under me. The rock I was holding was slipping… my hands were slipping, my nails breaking because I was gripping on so tight. Three fingers wrapped themselves around my wrist and pulled me up, into the safety of two strong, slightly fur covered arms.

I looked back at the hut. It was still standing, surprisingly so. Maybe it was too close to Grom’gol for any Trolls comfort, so they left it alone. I was glad for it, it was good being back here.

Morning. I opened my eyes, sitting up and was greeted by something very furry and orange in my face, nearly knocking me back on the floor. Lians massive head bumped itself against my own, a deep rumbling coming from his chest. Laughter sounded from outside and someone walked in, slightly stooped over with a plate in his hand. Green hair surrounding his head, full of twigs and feathers. He handed me the plate with baked eggs and mushrooms. “’Ea’as!” he exclaimed in a cheerful tone, pressing the plate in my hands.

The place had looked abandoned when Tagrok, Tahara and I had reached it. No traces of anyone, no scents. He hadn’t come by in a long time, or I’d have known. It saddened me. I’d wanted to give him the news. But I hadn’t been able to find him at all the past years. I hoped he was somewhere safe and happy, or that at least he died in a good way, if he was dead. I owed him so much.

Running. Running so fast through the jungle, breathing hard. He was so close, I wasn’t going to make it-.. And out of nowhere, a green blast flew straight past my cheek and hit my attacker in the face behind me. He went down with a scream as the green light spread over him and somehow smothered the red haired Troll. I fell on my hands and knees, exhausted, right before the Troll who had just saved my life, once again. He laid a gentle hand on my shoulder while the screams of the dying troll faded behind me.

So many memories. Not all with him alone. But also with Trakmar, others of the clan. And now we were here once more, though only three of us now. I’d promised Tahara I’d show her where I had grown up. And now the clan was back in their homelands, I had decided now was a good time to keep to that promise and travel away for a little while.
Even if it was also due to another reason, for which I had brought Tagrok. It wouldn’t be easy for him, I knew that… Nor for me.
I scratched at the bandage Tahara had put around my leg, sighing softly. I was still nauseous too. But I had to scout, I had to look and find, prepare…

Reeling in my empty line, I stood up and gathered the fish in my arms. The smell didn’t do much for my appetite, but Tahara had wanted fish for dinner, so she’d have them. I placed them near the hut and started a small fire before gutting and cleaning the fish. Tagrok was scouting. Tahara was unpacking and preparing her bed in the hut.
I still had some time for myself.

Something small and furry pressed itself against my leg. A paw that looked way too big to go with the body it belonged to moved to snatch up some of the fish innards.
“’Ello, Vesa.” My hand reached to stroke the dark orange tiger fur while he stole a piece of fish and ran off with it. He’d grown a lot already since we had rescued him.
Funny how we’d come full circle. Back here, with a small tiger cub. Just no Qa’ajn. But a different kind of family now, which was also good.

After preparing the fish, I laid them on the rock table and snuck away, bow in hand. Tahara would find the fish eventually.
Time to hunt.
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."