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Author Topic: Barbaryk Barefang  (Read 678 times)


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Barbaryk Barefang
« on: November 03, 2019, 02:17:41 PM »
Name: Barbaryk Barefang
Alias: Ryk
Rank: New Blood

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Mag'har
Clan: Laughing Skull
Class: Predator (Shaman with a bow)
Alignment: Chaotic good

Family: Ghatotkach Grimsong(father, deceased), Ahila Poisontongue(Mother) Vinayak( ghost guardian)
Known Friends:
Known Enemies:

Body covered with ritual markings with leather armor adorned with different skulls and spikes(hidden daggers). Wears a Laughing skull helmet. Apart from his eyes, everything else looks like an average orc. Despite being a Laughing skull, he has almost zero wound or cut mark. Most of the time he carries a weird looking carapace-bow. Weird that nobody ever remembered him without his mask.

Hard to tell because  although he appears as quirky and somewhat idiot, something in his voice hints otherwise. He is quick to change sides when things are rough and has no shame to be called traitor or something else because he knows at the end of the day survival matters the most. He does not like to stay in the Power circle but prefers to be the shadow of the center.

Spoiler: show

His history is mostly unknown except the version he tells people which summarizes as follows:
Barbaryk's father, Ghatotkach was a promising Shadowmoon shaman. But he had to flee his homeland because he was against Iron horde's doctrine. In search of aid he travelled to Frostwolves but  got captured by Laughing skulls. Soon he and his captor, Ahila of the Poisontongue fell in love. The Poisontongues vouched for him and he was given refuge. He fought alongside Laughing skulls and earned his place. Ahila and Ghatotkach married and had Barbaryk. Although the war was won, Ghatotkach was never at ease because of the treatment he received from his shadowmoon family. He decided to do the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard his son even after his death. So after Barbaryk's omriggor, they travelled to the throne of the elements. They performed several rituals and fasted for days to seek blessings of the elements and ancestors. Then, on the darkest night, Ghatotkach performed a long lost ritual to bind his soul to his son and renounced  his claim on afterlife. This is the ultimate sacrifice a parent can do for his child. After that, they returned home. Someday later, Ghatotkach passed away and Barbaryk discovered the real truth of the ritual  they performed in Nagrand. His father's soul reappeared as a spectral guardian to him donning the name 'Vinayak'.
Barbaryk got his title 'Barefang' after successfully completing his omriggor. He was given the name because he killed a giant wasp with nothing but his bare teeth.
During peacetime, he was sent to draenei school as part of the cultural convergence between draeneis and mag'hars. He learned spells, draenei technologies and formed a solid idea about light.
He was conscripted into draenei-mag'har war due to his knowledge and also because Grommash demanded the Laughing skulls, the most volatile clan to prove their loyalty. He hated how mag'hars were becoming like iron horde again and the draeneis were transforming into zealots. But it was a war he had to take part to prove both himself and his clan. The ongoing war with people he knew made him more and more depressed to such a point that he even concocted a plan to assassinate Grommash to stop the war. But the intervention from Azeroth gave him a window of opportunity.

Things you may know about this character:
He is from Laughing Skull clan.
He is good with ranged weapons, but also carries daggers if needed.
He has great interest in engineering and geology.

He has a contract with Brightpurse Incorporated as explorer and tracker. The company helped his family to build a beast farm where he tames and trains animals for himself and customers who likes to have pets without the hassle of taming or training. He also takes bounty offers except those involve slaves or children. He also sponsors a portion of his income to the orphanage of Orgrimmar.

Things you may not know about this character:
Spoiler: show

All knowledge about him is probably fake as nobody has seen his family since Mag'har came to Azeroth.
He is well aware of shamanistic rituals and practices.
His carapace-bow has a hidden poison sack with coating facility.
He hates Grommash and once thought of assassinating him, but he could never reach to him. He did killed a certain blackrock orc during a scouting mission in  Talador.
His  quirky and idiotic attitude is actually a veil. He is brutal than most other orcs when time comes.

Memorable Quotes:
 "In the end, it is survival that matters"
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