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Tides of Madness

Started by Razaron, October 13, 2019, 02:19:33 PM

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Part 1: King of the Hill (13th October 2019)
Part 2: Mogu Knows All (20th October 2019)

Campaign Map

News of the end of the Fourth War is common knowledge amongst the orcs, the Red Blade clan are travelling back to dusty lands of the Barrens to aid in whatever way they can. What could possibly go wrong in the journey aboard The Sea Cucumber?

Be prepared as your sanity will be tested to the limits as we hit the Tides of Madness!



Part 1: King of the Hill
13th October 2019

The Kosh’harg was a distant memory as the orcs traveled home to Kalimdor. News of Orgrimmar being sieged and the Warchief’s betrayal was common knowledge amongst the clan now. The Sea Cucumber was docked on the east coast of the Swamp of Sorrows, this old ship had never, ever let the clan down! Some of the locals from Orgrimmar had been paid to sail the ship for the Red Blade clan, they greeted the orcs and without much hesitation the orcs began their long journey back home.

Their journey started well with great weather, but that didn’t last. On the second night the clouds started to turn black, the orcs feared the worst. Suddenly a loud clap of thunder rumbled through the sky as the heavens opened! Rain started to pour violently down splattering hard against the wooden ship, they had entered a storm! Relentlessly the orcs battled to keep the ship afloat and pointing in the right direction, lighting crackled through the clouds before one streaked downwardly hitting the ships deck causing a flash fire to spread! The buckets of water the orcs were throwing overboard were now being thrown towards the fire, with the help of their quick actions and the continuous downpour, the fire was put out.

The Red Blade clan in all the excitement started to feel lightheaded, could it of been the weather and stress? Dark visions played through their minds, friends and family twisted by evil they never knew existed! Be it fatigue, stress or the dark influence over the crews mind, it’s was all too much for them. They all lost consciousness aboard the Sea Cucumber, would this be the end for them all?

Whilst the orcs were unconscious the Sea Cucumber had unceremoniously crashed in to a collection of small islands. The ship had suffered severe damage to the side of the hull and would need repairing before she would sail again. Locals of the the island boarded the ship intrigued to see their new visitors, these monkey like humanoids are known to Azeroth as Hozen. They are inquisitive but immature, quickly they stole all the orcs weapons and tied them by their hands with rope. The orcs awoke dazed and confused, this wasn’t helped by hundreds of Hozen jumping over each other forming a ring around them. Amongst the Hozen one stood out, he wore a crown atop his head decorated with bananas. The Hozen introduced himself as ‘The Banana King’ as he ordered the his tribe to make the orcs move. In a instant the Hozen surrounded the orcs, poking at them continuously with crude spears.

As the orcs were led through the Hozen village they were spat at and even had banana skins thrown at them. The Banana King led the Red Blade clan to a cooking pot on the beach, he eyed them all up. His finger wiggled before finally he pointed at Razaron Madeye, he was lead up some small ramps to the top of the cooking pot. Madeye struggled but it was no use, he was about to become a Bleeding Hollow delicacy. A strange sensation came over the orcs after seeing Razaron’s predicament, oddly they started to look at one another with hunger? All that plump orcish meat! What on earth was going on? What could cause them to feel this way? The sensation passed but it had clearly affected some orcs more then others.

The Banana King carries on with journey around the village leaving Razaron to his fate at the cooking pot. Walking up through the muddy paths they finally reached the throne room. This consisted of a half a broken ship lodged in to the hill, the orcs were placed in a pile before his majesty with the Hozen surrounding them. The orcs looked around as the eyes of all the Hozen fell upon the orcs but their monkey eyes had all turned red. Their bodies then started to twist forming dark and sinister shapes. Seconds later and all the Hozen were back to their normal selves, something evil was affecting the minds of the Red Blade clan but for now they would have to deal with the threats in front of them. The Banana King carried on clearly unaware of the orcs visions, he explained to them that they would now make a deal but first he would test their strength. He turned around and tossed a banana skin over his shoulder which landed on Nakobu’s head. How embarrassing for the young orc! Nakobu would now have to duel the Banana King!

The duel was pretty one sided as Nakobu was struggling to cope with all that had taken place on the island. With a large thud of the Banana’s Kings rear the duel was over, the Banana King had won! He saw in the orcs strength, explaining that if they helped his tribe off the island they would repair the Sea Cucumber. The Banana King scratched his behind, spitting in his palm before offering Kargnar his hand. Kargnar reluctantly shook his hand accepting the deal. The Banana King’s Hozen tribe and the Red Blade clan were now officially allies! Razaron Madeye would appear unscathed, he wasn’t Hozen fodder as they had all thought. The Hozen smelt the wine on his body and saw a chef in him, what strange creatures would think Razaron was a chef! The Banana King led the orcs back to their ship but warned them of the dangers on the northern islands, madness had spread across those lands. Why the Hozen were not affected by these strange occurrences would remain a mystery, but for now the orcs would call this island home.



Part 2: Mogu Knows All
20th October 2019

The orcs of the Red Blade have had a troubled week on these islands of madness. The Banana King had ordered his hozen to repair the Sea Cucumber and repaired it nearly had. But the evil that lurked on the island still remained and for them to make it safely back to Kalimidor they would have to confront it!

After a discussion on what to do, Varog’Gor Vraxxar Wildmark ordered the Banana King to lead the clan across to the northern islands. Along the way they walked past the royal hozen guards protecting a cave entrance, the guards wore fancy hozen attire with bananas decorated in to their armor. The Banana King told the orcs that they were guarding the royal banana supply. The orcs led by the Banana King crossed the shallow waters to the opposite islands as a small Panderen fishing village came in to view, though it was not all that it seemed. The pandaren completely ignored the orcs, this wasn’t them being rude. The Red Blade clan could sense the dark magic that had infested their minds, Tagrok went ahead and inspected one of the pandaren. Perhaps he got a little too close as in unison the pandaren stopped what they were doing and turned their heads to him. All of them, every single pandaren, the entire colony were now staring at Tagrok. Tagrok wisely stepped back, his hands on his weapon just in case. The Banana King urged the clan forwards, the pandaren weren’t the evil on this island, they were victims.

As the orcs crossed through the shallow waters to the next island the water turned red. The fresh salty sea disappeared and the smell of blood filled their nostrils, more illusions were played on the clan. These constant mind games were taking their toll on them, thankfully the water changed back as the orcs proceeded onward. Corpses, hundred of corpses of a bask of crocolisk lay everywhere! The blood from these bodies trickles down in to the sea. Was this another illusion? It was not. The dark magic that had taken hold of the island had no limits. One surviving crocolisk had torn another crocolisk apart in front of the orcs, he would easily be three times the size of a normal one. The strangers on the beach had not gone unnoticed by the giant croc, he slowly starts to walk towards the clan. The crocolisk started to charge Krumoth, snapping at his legs with his huge bite. Krumoth quickly evaded the his razor sharp teeth and climbed on to the back of the beast, wounded the creature in the process. Those that were standing behind or beside the beast were thrown backwards by his humongous tail, but this wasn’t the only thing the orcs would have to deal with. The blood of the crocolisks on the beach formed mawfiend abominations, twisted conjurations from the dark magic on the island! The mawfiend dark material combined together shortly, forming one giant mawfiend. It shot up in the air and drops down between the Banana King, Tagrok and Za’karah as a blood bomb injuring many. The mawfiend had separate on impact returning to their original forms, as they did orcs charged, weapon and spell tearing the monstrosities apart! Krumoth was still riding the giant crocolisk making the wound on his back larger, Urzoga firing her bow shooting a flurry of arrows into his scaly skin but Skint had seen enough. She stomped over to the beast and with strength she did not know existed, booted the crocolisk in the face! The hit was so hard that the beasts eye flew out and rolled down the beach, the Banana King saw his opitunity and yoink! Quickly scooped up the eye, we would never know what would happen to the crocolisks eye.

The crocolisk was made short work off after a eye opening attack by Skint. With the battle on the beach won the orcs dusted themselves off and carried on with their search when they stumbled upon a statue of a mogu head. The mogu head bellowed asking who was there, this was no normal statue. The mogu statue revealed he had been there for centuries and was pleased for the brief bit of company talking to the orcs, he also let the orcs know that he knew where the evil on the island was. How this statue with no body knew was a mystery but the orcs played along, he would tell them if they answered three questions correctly. The first question asked was obvious, Deathwing of the black dragonflight had caused the recent cataclysm to the world. The orcs answered correctly but the mogu head disagreed, he believed the faerie dragons had caused the cataclysm. It would appear this Mogu Head was a little damaged, the orcs decided to think outside the box with their future answers. When the mogu head asked who was the paladin that fell and became the Lich King, they answered Hogger and the mogu head agreed. Likewise when they asked who gifted the orcs the demon blood, the orcs picked Droof. Again the mogu head agreed, stating that this orc often gave terrible gifts. Lastly the mogu head asked what race was Illidan Stormrage, obviously the Red Blade clan chose a murloc. They were correct and according the statue, Illidan Stormrage was his scales.

The mogu head told the orcs of what he knew, he sensed the evil of the islands was housed in the royal banana supply, that’s where they would find what they sort. The Banana King went bananas, chasing back over to the hozen village in search of answers, the orcs followed suite. On arrival the royal hozen guards were face down in the sand, the shadowy magic leaking into the air off their bodies. The culprits were there, one a old god minion with tentacles shooting out of his humanoid looking body. The other was a spirit wolf, they were speaking to one another when the wolf walked away and disappeared. The old god minion looked up at the orcs and approached them, he stated the wolf spirit was right, they were strong. He introduced himself, Dilposs was his name and that the orcs had been sent off course to this island as a test. He continued and acknowledged that they had past the first test but he would return again, then the Red Blade clan and all the greater spirits they revered would serve his master. Karnna Blackfeather had heard enough, she used her own shadow magic and teleported behind Dilposs and raised her dagger to his squid like throat. Dilposs form changed in to shadow as he floated away, he wasn’t interested in a fight. He told the orcs that they would learn obedience as a black shroud of magic consumed his entire body before dissipating away. His dark magic removing him from this plane of existence and just like that the island started to return to it’s normal self.

The wild life, the Panderan and orcs had regained their sanity but oddly the hozen were never affected by the old god’s influence. Shao-pao Shorepaw, the panderan leader arrived to greet his saviours. He thanked them for their aid but asked if they could be shipped off the island as well? The hozen were already going to sail back with the orcs with the deal they had agreed a week before. There was some hostility about the idea of the panderan sailing back with them, most notably from Karnna Blackfeather, but Vraxxar stepped in and promised them a safe trip to Kalimdor. As the orcs and panderan walked through the village many of the hozen were pointing at their heads shouting big brain! They had obviously realised of their own mental resilience. The Banana King ushered everyone on to the boat and with that he signalled for his strange contraception to start. The hozen began to hum in tandem as the strange contraception was let loose! A tree acting as a counter weight was let free as a giant boot mechanism swung back and from the force of it booted the ship off the shore and in to the ocean, thankfully the hozen’s repairs had kept it afloat.

The orcs reached Ratchet safely as the hozen shot off in to the Barrens, what had the orcs inflicted on the world? Crossroads would be home for them for the next few weeks as they tried to get their heads around the new dangers that not only affected them and their greater spirits, but the world as they knew it.