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Author Topic: The Trial  (Read 1516 times)


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The Trial
« on: September 15, 2019, 04:38:32 PM »
The Trial of Arkail Blastblade

A gavel bangs loudly echoing though a hall, the sound of teleportation zings though the air robed figures appearing from each portal and taking their seats. Two robed guards prod and poke a shackled figure as they lead him into the centre of the hall.
A thin tall human eyes glowing faintly begins to speak in a disinterested yet harsh tone.

“We are gathered here for the Trial of one Arkail Blastblade ‘Scribe’ and Associate Archivist for the Kirin Tor for the crimes of Child endangerment, relic misuse leading to the loss of said legion relic, Lewdness not limited to vulgarity not befitting a member of the Kirin Tor, base trickery and flagrant disregard of Portal and translocation magic policy, fraud, vandalism, professional misconduct, polymorphic assault and assault with archival records”

Arkail remained silent, his eyes fixed in the middle distance.

“Several young novices gone, vanished without a trace where are they? We don’t know, you refuse to say anything. A expedition to the Broken Shore without authorisation, The Shore which still contains pockets of Legion demon TOO this day.  A grimoire relic of the legion taken from the vault, several guards left with concussion with several tomes damaged in the means to do so. Two Polymorphic assaults upon fellow magisters to which one hasn’t fully reformed and may have sustained permant polymorphic injures. Fellow Magister Sheeowyn cannot hold a lecture on the ley line infrastructure of semi permanent planes of existence if his head is that of a sheep!   Does the accused have anything to say in this matter, before sentencing is carried out?”

A child like voice echos in the hall “Sheepowyn Makes you sleep-o-wyn  !!!” Followed by a short stifled laugh

A thundering shout  from the Thin tall man for Order followed by several bangs of his gavel silenced and refocused the room

“We will have order in this hall”

Arkail hadn’t reacted to the disturbance but now cleared his throat and began to speak.

“I have merely found that learning is done better when done in  tandem with real world situations and real physical threat. While i apologise for the assault of the guards that was in no small part due to my condition which the court is well aware of..”   
The old familiar voice creped up arkail’s spine and into the base of his skull. “AAAAAARRRRRRRKKKKILLL”

 Arkail’s face remained composed as he paused for breath and continued speaking. "I merely lead a small outdoor lecture on the dangers of and proper use of fel based magic while abstaining from the actual use of Fel and merely borrowed the Grimore of Xel’nazxtil to show that knowledge is knowledge and that use of that in a proper and constructive way"

“9 novices Lost? “The thin mage interjected. “The youngest barely 8 the oldest, a fellow Orc ilk of yours only 15”

Arkail met the thin mage’s gaze square in the eye, calmly stating
“The kirin tor are not stating that race has anything to do with ones moral value are...”
The gavel bangs again frantically. "absolutely not coolywoddle and nonsense “ The thin mage replied cutting Arkail’s off.

A small murmur rippled though the room, followed by more frantic gavel banging
The thin mage shouted for order.
“Sentencing is to be carried you are to be judged by a group of your fellows and peers”

A small zing of teleportation magic echoed in the hall, a small gathering of wide grining children each holding a hand on a large grimore appeared in the corner. lead by a young orc standing in a wide gait a hand on each hip. He cocked his head back a laughed like a teenager who had read too many heroic stories would do and released a bolt of fel energy that soared its way across the room towards Arkail’s magical restraints they melted as the bolt struck. The young boy leaped to the center using the grimore as a weapon ducking under a guards attempt to grab him and planting a upward strike between the guards legs the spine of the book connecting with force followed by a backhanded swipe across the guard’s face with the books iron bound cover causing the guard to spin and fall to the floor.

Arkail sighed with mirth rubbing his wrists.
"Sarsis this isn’t what i meant when i said that knowledge is the best weapon to wield"
 Around the room the 9 young novices jumped and leap causing chaos two or three clinging the to backs of magisters whacking their mounts with books and little bolts  of arcane energy
The gavel banged frantically as order was shouted to established shouts for Arkail and his novices to be caught and restrained.

“Archivist Blastblade” Sarsis explained “Probably best sir if you make your escape, don’t think you’d be welcome here sir nope not at all. We got this i am out of here, these kirin tor aint for me nope, not all no sir'ree  gonna keep the book, like the way it makes me feel,but had to get the nippers home was fun!”

Arkail gave the young orc a long look and sighed. “ just be careful with it remember the lessons and discipline, patience and abstaining all magic is corrupting but knowledge is not”
Sarsis gave him a wink and youthful roar of laughter, a hand on each hip as Arkail summoned a portal a vanished though it.  Sarsis stood proudly smiling at the chaos he had caused as the children one by one where restrained and caught. He hugged the book close to his chest, falling back as he vanished too.