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Application: Rehzu

Started by Rehzu, July 26, 2019, 08:03:37 PM

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Name: Rehzu Firewind

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
I've actively RP'd on Argent Dawn on and off for a few years now, getting involved in smaller guilds at a first and then bigger war band guilds such as the Bloodied Spear. I haven't been active in the last two or so years due to my PC dying, but I'm eager to get back into the swing of it. I have also DM'd a D&D campaign and am happy to run events in a similar vein if it is needed.

And finally, please write a short story and/or (IC) introduction about your character:
It was strange how the native people of this land had a name for a place devoid of anything interesting, a place where the wandering scavengers barely survived on the rotting carcasses in the sand. Tanaris, they named it. The heat didn't bother the Blackrock Orc, it hadn't within the final years of the fortress of Gorgrond as the Lightforged had attempted to test their resolve and enslave them to the lights service. But she wasn't here to marvel at the desolate landscape or to look in horror to giant unkempt insect nests that chirped and clacked in the distance. 

Ryziz had given her a task and if she wanted to keep that Goblins business going and get a share of the gold it would no doubt make, she would need to trudge in these sands for another few hours. A deposit of a strange metal birth to the surface in recent times had stained the region to the south, daring to bleed precariously into the region known as Uldum. Ryziz didn’t care about the dangers of the innocents or the horrors that may come to pass should be it left, more so if it was a weapon. Rehzu still had honour however, despite the actions of her clan in Draenor she would help the greedy goblin retrieve her prize and assist the dangers of the area.

It wasn’t long before she felt the proximity and saw the expanse of those vile silithids skittering near the source of it. A small rupture in the sand gave way to a pocket of Azerite, some of the silithid harvesters closest had their terrible claws glistening with the blood. She took her steps carefully, one at a time, before kneeling down to remove the speargun from her back. She took aim to one particularly lax silithid swarmer, and fired the bolt directly into its carapace with a delightful crack. Rehzu barely had time to switch to Slagmaw, the Firewind family blade, before the real fun began as the beasts swarmed. To any onlooker the fight would have been folly by the orc who began it, though they would be surprised as the Blackrock fought with each careful strike after another only to stand atop a carcass of a broken colossus.


Evening Rehzu!

Glad to see someone who's been a part of AD for a while. Haven't heard the Bloodied Spear in a good while; but from what I remember they were a good bunch! I really liked the short story, it brought some light to what your character is doing on Azeroth and what she did before on Draenor, which seems to be all in order! :)

Feel free to send a message to one of our officers/contacts ingame to get yourself interviewed and invited, and hopefully I'll see you around in RP! :D
"Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Let the Alliance hear your cries for battle! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"