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Author Topic: The Path of Cunning  (Read 2679 times)


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The Path of Cunning
« on: June 23, 2019, 10:09:33 AM »

  ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Red Blade Culture  ¤  Great Spirits  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  FAQ  ¤ 

When Sharguul revealed himself to the clan he spoke of the dangers that lurked in this world and the next, dangers that he could not see or understand. In Akashok’s name he called for the Path of Cunning to be reinstated into the clans foundations. Together they would learn of these threats and protect not only the Redblade clan, but his father’s pack from any harm. Sharguul the Unborn, imposing his Dark Fang and Blackfur on to the Path of Cunning. The Path of Cunning now preaches three virtues, Devotion, Protection and Subtlety.

Devotion: Those who follow the Path of Cunning must be devoted to Sharguul and his teachings in protecting the clan at all costs. It’s often referred to as the Word of Sharguul, a divine purpose that the orcs must follow blindly. In doing so they will receive Sharguul’s blessing and his undying loyalty.

Protection: The stalwart protectors from the shadows, a follower of the Path of Cunning must always safeguard his clan and pack. Unlike those in the Path of Strength, the Path of Cunning protects the clan from outside threats by gathering information or even laying counterintelligence. Enemies of the clan have known to suddenly disappear without a trace.

Subtlety: ‘Subtle like Sharguul’ a phrase now common amongst the orcs in the Redblade clan. Like the shadows in a dark room, they are there but not seen. Never rushed, hidden, waiting for their unsuspecting prey. Then when the time is right, the orcs strike. Be subtle, be like Sharguul.

Cunning, deception and subterfuge; the Dark Knives, or Gul'thauk in archaic orcish, are most at home in the shadows. The Gul'thauk's duties are numerous. Though orcs typically place great value in honour and honesty, subterfuge is sometimes a necessary evil to get things done. In concert with the Varog'Gor, the Gul'thauk discreetly ensure the tribe's safety through scouting, gathering intelligence and research. Whether poring through ancient tomes or interrogating the enemy, the Gul'thauk must use all their cunning to win the day both on and off the battlefield.

The Gul’thauk must also show their devotion and faith in Sharguul, a Gul’thauk should never lose sight of the Path of Cunning’s new divine purpose. Daily chores revolving around the wolf of death are commonplace amongst those in the Path of Cunning. Like the Nag’Ogar and Gosh’kar, the Gul’thauk is spilt in to four ranks, each rank is a improvement on the other. Eventually through experience they may become a Shadow, the highest rank available in the Path of Cunning.

Progression as a Gul'thauk:

The first step as a Gul’thauk is as an Acolyte, this is where the orcs will learn the fundamentals of what it means to go down the Path of Cunning. Acolytes will be introduced to the great wolf spirit Sharguul, discovering faith in this heavily religious side of the clan. The Varog’Gor will test this new found faith to see if they speak the truth, Sacrament of Death and even a Sacrament of the Unborn will be needed to advance to Stalker. Those that throw away Sharguul’s teachings will be exiled and will have to seek refuge in another path. Only those with the strongest devotion to the cause will remain.

“He came to me, his fur and fangs the blackest of black. His eyes like a winter ice, glowing white. I followed the great wolf and noticed his paws left a shadow imprint in the ground. He walked between worlds, guiding the lost towards the after-life. I have now passed on thanks to his aid. He deserves your devotion my love, I will be here waiting for you on the other side! We shall see each other again, thank you Sharguul!”
Lover's letter

Those who have proved devout will have advanced to a Stalker, this is where the Gul’thauk truly becomes the Dark Knives. The Varog’Gor will now train the Gul’thauk to become Sha’rosh, a Heart of Shadow. They will actively engage in showcasing their skills in deception, subterfuge and tracking. “Three must fall!” is a common quote heard amongst the orcs when referring to the Stalker, none outside of the Path of Cunning truly understand what this means.

”I saw it! It came at night all in black! People say that I’m lying or making it up! Like a shadow he killed the noble, there was nothing I could do! Why won’t anyone believe me!? I didn’t kill that noble! Get me out of this prison! Aaah!”
A witness

The faithful Enforcers, to have achieved this rank you would have had to prove yourself time and time again. Enforcers are the veterans in the Gul’thauk and the Varog’Gor know they can rely on the Enforcers to keep order in the clan. The Enforcers are known to investigate the faithful and eliminate heresy among the orcs, ratting out the non-believers in the clan. The Gul’thauk training now goes down a more philosophical route, how far can the Enforcer bend the code? Would they sacrifice all else for the clan and the pack? How far would they push the boundaries to protect those they loved? The impossible questions would need to be answered if they wish to advance to Shadow.
”That Enforcer makes me proud to be an orc, he died with honour protecting his clan, his family. He had the heart of a giant! It was like watching the old Red Guards of legend. We live because of him, one orc died on the battlefield to save many. That is how it should be!”
Orc survivor

The Shadow are the Gul’thauk excellence, they are feared by orcs because of their reputation. They are among the deadliest of killers and their devotion to Sharguul holds no bounds. The Shadow has gone above all else, mastering the three virtues, Devotion, Protection and Subtlety. They are the pinnacles of the Path of Cunning and the Varog’Gor trusts them to perform the most dangerous of tasks. Their training however isn’t over, legends speak of a final task the Varog’Gor will give. Rumours say the final task can’t be completed in life?

”If you ever see a Shadow in the corner of your eye, some say you can see Sharguul, walking with them in life..."
A scholar's insight

The Varog'Gor are known as some of the finest that the clan has to offer. Old orcish for Wolf Claws, the Varog'Gor are the eyes and ears of the Chieftain, remaining a constant vigil over not only his safety, but also the clan's. In addition to the clan's safety, they also ensure that the clan's customs, laws and codes are upheld by each of its orcs. In the event of a conflict within, it is the Varog'Gor who ensure law and order is maintained. The same goes for external threats, however. Be it bigger threats or the more subtle ones, the Varog'Gor are always on the lookout for the things that may threaten the pack's security.

Due to their dedication to the clan and its Chief, Varog'Gors are expected to put everything aside in favor of both. In exchange, they earn the respect from those inferior to them, serving as an example for others to strive for. To help them with their duties, Sharguul, son of Akashok restored the Path of Cunning to the clan, entrusting the Varog’Gor to lead it in his name. There is no direct path in becoming a Varog’Gor and only those worthy enough are chosen by the Chieftain, the Nag'Ogar, Gosh'kar and Gul’thauk are all eligible in joining the Varog'Gor.
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Re: The Path of Cunning
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 10:09:47 AM »
Assignments, Rites and Sacraments

Sacrament of Death - The Sacrament of Death is a ceremony that blesses the fallen on their journey to the after life, the Acolytes will learn all about death by preparing a deceased body, crafting a pyre and performing the Sacrament of Death ceremony. This task should remain with all Gul'thauk throughout their tenure in the Path of Cunning as it's one of the most important sacraments in the path.

Sacrament of the Unborn - The Sacrament of the Unborn is the final step a Acolyte has to complete before becoming a Stalker. The sacrament will test the faith of the most devout follower, the Acolyte will have to remember all the lessons they have learnt during the Path of Cunning as Sharguul will be waiting. The Unborn will pass judgement and determine if the Acolyte’s heart is true.

Three Must Fall - Not much is known about this phrase, but the Stalker will know. It’s a assignment that a Varog’Gor will hand to a Gul’thauk, only when it is completed will they be able to Learn from a Legend.

Learn from a Legend - The Varog’Gor will ask for the aid of a experienced Gosh’kar and with their help they will all enter the spirit realm. There they will meet Drag'nash the Devourer, the first Varog’Gor as the Stalker is tested. Only by completing Drag’nash’s task will the Gul’thauk be promoted to the rank of Enforcer.

(There are more assignments and Sacraments but they are clouded in secrecy, be sure to check this page later.)
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