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Author Topic: Awakening  (Read 1602 times)


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« on: June 20, 2019, 03:45:05 PM »

Arkail came too,  his good eye blinking in confusion, how long had he been gone? Curled up in his now tattered robes, his Kirin Tor tabard and raised collar and cloak filthy. He was in Orgrimmar in the drag?  Arkail scrambled to his feet, unsteady and weak, hunger wracked his frail body.


The whisper shot up his spine to the base of his skull, paralysing him in place briefly before releasing him causing him to fall to his knees, then to the floor. seizures shook him, his fingers bent & contorted, his mouth clenched shut, legs kicking... darkness and whispers descended and engulfed him... 

The seizure had \passed and Arkail gasped for air
How long had he been gone?

“Whats all this then?” a unfamiliar voice enquired “ 'nother weak wretch not fit to lift 'n axe ehh?”

A booted  kick to Arkail's ribs landed before he could answer, driving the air from his lungs.
Arkail glancing up saw the voice's owner a large maghar grey skinned eyes aflame like red coals, a blackrock.
The Maghar sent a second kick towards Arkail, instinctively teleported  across the dark marketplace of the Drag, causing the plate booted kick to miss striking a wall. Arkail rose to his feet staggering  and clutching his ribs. The Maghar cursed & roared

 “Weak trickery, lil wretch!?!”

Charging down upon Arkail, the Maghar's fists balled up ready to strike. Arkail teleported again just before the Maghar connected a strike, causing him to collide with a empty closed market stall.
Arkail breathed hard as the Maghar emerged from the ruined stall, drawing his weapon charging again, cursing and roaring.
Arkail fumbled frantically though his ruined pockets finding two runed stones, if he was a spiritual orc he would have thanked them. One in each hand, he preformed a series of gestures series as the Maghar charged, a small portal appeared at its feet the Maghar vanished a perplexed look upon his face as he did. Reappearing about 4 meters above where he had vanished, the perpetual motion transferred to the fall, hitting the ground with a crunch as his plate armour compressed ever so slightly.
Unconscious groans emitnating from the fallen Maghar his face buried in the dirt floor of the Drag
Arkail stumbled he preformed a series of gestures with the two runed stones & vanished,
reappearing in his quarters of purple and gold. Back in Dalaran

Arkail blinking his good eye as he was greeted with a familar voice

“Ah  Archivist  Arkail you've returned? Charming choice of attire, may perhaps you should chnge before your lecture at eight,? No? Hmmm regardless breakfast is there for you“
It was Mergenfauker, his dorm mate & research partner, a smug arrogant but typical  Kirin Tor forsaken mage.

Arkail didnt respond, but agreed, he changed, ate and left for the lecture. He approached the front of the hall and began to speak to those assembled

“A good use for transmutation magic is teleportation. The most basic teleportation spell is blink, and it remains among the most useful. Blink can be used to quickly escape a foe - or save a mage who has accidentally fallen off a cliff. Do not attempt to use blink to escape falling to your death unless absolutely necessary. This is the kind of trick you can only fail once.
Make absolutely certain you know your destination before attempting to teleport. There's a reason we have very specific spells to teleport to certain locations - attempts to cast a teleportation "on the fly" often result in one very dead mage inside a wall, chair, or another mage. And I don't mean in a fun way....”

Arkail lecture continued for hours accompanied by the sound of faint snores of the bored apprentices
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Re: Awakening
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2019, 11:15:01 AM »
Awesome stuff Ark!

Keep 'em coming!  :o
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