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Author Topic: [Notice] Heirlooms  (Read 1150 times)


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[Notice] Heirlooms
« on: September 24, 2019, 10:19:00 PM »

To all Red blade Clan members:

Tonight, in a ritual gathering, Rhonya Steelheart declared that she had received visions in her dreams from the ancestors. these ancestors spoke of the need for wilders to be found for two of the famed Spirit-blood steel weapons of the clan.

Gul'Nathor, the Dark focus, Dagger of cunning.

and ...

Barack'Nathor, the Battle focus, Sword of strength.

With a slice of her palm, speaking the right words, Steelheart conjured two ancestral spirits that set down the challenges that Orcs must face in order to acquire them, if they feel themselves worthy. Let it be stated, that any orc may seek them, but they may only use them once they have sworn their oath of blood.

First to come to us was Githya Redblade! He spoke that the one who wishes to wield Barack'Nathor must take the ash from a fire he created to paint their face. With their skin marked they must seek and defeat a great and worthy foe of their choosing. Once this is done, they must proclaim to the ancestors their deed. If they are found worthy, they will then have visions in their dreams directing them to rivals also on this trial within the clan, they must be defeated in honorable duels. When the final duel is fought in this tournament, the winner will have a vision and be guided back to the sword and finally worthy to claim it. These duels will need a referee, and Githya decreed an oath breaker should act as such, so they see true strength in their shame.

Second to come to us when called was Dragnash the Devourer, the first Varog'gor of the clan of old. He told us that those wishing to claim Gul'Nathor must also claim ash from the fire he created. The trial they would face would one that would dwarf a challenge of the Wyvern in both scope and intrigue. The ash from the spirit fire would be used with ink... smeared upon parchment a riddle or puzzle will come to the writer in the form of written words. When they think know the answer to the clue, they must write it upon parchment with the ash blotched ink again. If the answer is true the words will flash blue, if the answer is false the words will flash red. Be warned though, only one answer may be given a day, be it right or wrong. Upon a correct answer, a new puzzle or riddle will be shown. When at last all six challenges are done... the parchment will burst into flame and the winner will be free to collect their prize. But heed a second warning! Those who partake must know who to trust, for they are free to watch, steal, borrow, trade, snitch and spy upon their rivals in the race to succeed. Your rivals are indeed your rivals.

Until the weapons new Wielders are decided, Rhonya Steelheart shall keep the weapons safe. None beyond her may see or lay hands upon them.

Hey folks, so those are the challenges IC. As of now point any questions to me on Discord, progression in both should be arranged or 'answered' (if doing Dragnash's challenge) on Discord to me in PM's. Not in public. Furthermore, don’t be restricted in travel, mobs, terrain or in game events in your pursuits of glory or results, time restrictions on your travel don’t apply, nor should you worry too much about NPC’s stopping you from finding particular ‘answers’. If you have ANY questions throw me a PM and I'll direct you as best I can.  Oh, and the ‘tournament’ for the blade of strength in /roll brawls with weapons and magic, not to the death! Managed by challonge.

As for the weapons? Their powers are not limitless, but they do still make for potent physical weapons beyond their natural shamanistic focus origins. You’re also free to use what models you see fit in using them.
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